I plan to take advantage of the fact that the student ID card is not expired and the tickets can be half priced, and I can stagger the tourist peak, so I decided to go to Beijing alone. Considering the price of air tickets and accommodation as well as the schedule, I decided to start on the 30th.

1. The Palace Museum is closed on Monday, and many scenic spots will also be closed on Monday. In order to stagger the peak on New Year’s Day, choose to go to the Palace Museum on Tuesday

2. On Laba Festival, there will be a porridge event in Lama Temple

Other attractions are arranged according to the approximate time spent on each attraction the night before, so I did not do too many strategies in the early stage, and only made a few strategies for places to eat. Facts have also proved that planning is not as good as change

1️⃣ Many scenic spots in Beijing have WeChat public accounts, where you can buy tickets and detailed opening hours. 🌟Opening hours must be prepared in advance. Many museums are closed on Mondays 🌟

2️⃣Must-haves: power banks, hats🧢 scarves🧣 gloves🧤 comfortable shoes👟 student ID card appropriate amount of cash mobile app-Yitongxing+Gaode Map

3️⃣In the off-season, many scenic spots cannot be entered at four o'clock, so you can go to three scenic spots at most from 8:30 to 4:00 a.m., and the transportation to various scenic spots in Beijing is very convenient. Just take the subway and ride a bicycle, and the bus wait time Long time 12.30 Chengdu ✈️ Tianjin Tianjin 🚄 Beijing

The air ticket will be a lot more cost-effective, but it will take about two hours more time. 💰 Air ticket 459 High-speed rail 54.5

You can use the Yitongxing App to scan the code to enter the station in the Beijing subway, but you cannot scan the bus. The bus has other apps. You have to swipe the QR code to get on and off the bus in Beijing, and the fare is calculated according to the distance.

Check in at the hostel at one o'clock. (The location of the accommodation depends on your own itinerary. I chose Beijing Climbing International Youth Hostel, which is close to Andli North Street Subway Station. The price is reasonable (if the room card is lost, it only costs 50 😂), and the accommodation environment is okay. Recommend🌟🌟🌟 )

⭕Lunch – Yaoji Fried Liver Drum Tower

A small portion of fried liver is 9 yuan, and donkey rolling is 10 yuan. It is best to order steamed buns with fried liver. The donkey rolling is cold, fried liver will get greasy if you eat too much, it contains garlic, fat intestines and the like, not much ingredients, recommended🌟🌟🌟

Yaoji Fried Liver Restaurant Drum Tower Bell Tower Shichahai

Next to Yaoji Fried Liver is the Drum Tower and Bell Tower, there is nothing to see. Beijing is very windy and cold, even if there is sun, the hands of taking pictures will freeze for a second. Friends who are going to Beijing in winter, scarves, gloves and hats are really a must

beijing bell tower

Bell and Drum Tower

Yandai Xiejie is near the Drum Tower, which is a commercial street, passing through here to Shichahai. The wind was really strong, so I didn't make too many stops and planned to go to Beihai Park.

Yandai Xiejie

Jingshan Park

I originally planned to go to the south gate of Beihai Park and walk from south to north, so that it is close to the place to stay. As a result, I passed the east gate of Jingshan Park.
💰Ticket half price 1 yuan, you can use WeChat Alipay

My approximate route is like this. I wandered around and didn't reach the two pavilions of Guanmiao Pavilion.

Tip: Just go to the highest point in Jingshan Park to take pictures of the Forbidden City. It is recommended that you go to 🌟🌟 when the museum is closed on Monday to avoid the peak flow of people

💢 When I went up the mountain, I met two security guards who told me that the wind was not strong as I went up the mountain, I believed it. Then go up and it's windier, okay? ?

The weather is not very good (but the sky is actually quite blue), and the Forbidden City is not good-looking, not to mention the mobile phone I use. So I adjusted the color later to make the Forbidden City clearer🤓

Even if the wind is strong, there are still many people who come to take pictures of the Forbidden City. Have to wait for some time to stand in the middle to shoot

Brick Factory No. 69 Jajang Noodles

It gets dark around 5 o'clock in Beijing, so I went to find the No. 69 Zhajiang Noodles recommended by everyone in the guide, 💰 a bowl of 20
I have been stirring for a long time without breaking the sauce. To be honest, it's not very delicious. Maybe it's the first time I've eaten this kind of noodles, and I haven't finished it until the noodles are cold. Can’t eat without chili 😂

Brick Factory No. 69 Jajang Noodles 12.31 Palace Museum

Tip 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟The guides say that the Forbidden City is the three main halls where no one takes pictures early or late. To be honest, the Forbidden City is really crowded even in the off-season. It is best to be the first person to rush into the gate (the gate opens at 8:30 )

1️⃣I took the wrong subway and spent some time in front of Tiananmen Square. At 8:38, I entered the Meridian Gate. At this time, many people have entered the Jinshui Bridge (pictured), and there are still a large wave of tour groups waiting for ticket inspection.
2️⃣ When I returned to the three halls at about 4:00 in the afternoon, I found that there were also many tour groups entering the Forbidden City at this time. ‼ ️So go to the Forbidden City early‼ ️Unless like those who carry the cannon wait until the field is cleared

Because my major is architecture, my plan for this day is to be in the Forbidden City, because I may not have the opportunity to visit the Forbidden City in the future, and then I will go to Prince Gong’s Mansion when I have time, but I find that I can’t finish visiting the Forbidden City in one day😑

👆🏻This is my route, but in the end I still didn't go to the Wenhua Palace and the corner tower. ⭕ After all, it really takes time to see the exhibitions in the Forbidden City.

‼ ️I rented an explainer for 20 yuan, but to be honest, it is not very smart and not very easy to use (this is not easy to describe, I need to experience it myself, I even called the customer service phone for help😂)
Tips: Let’s go and listen to other people’s explanations, or buy a tour guide service on Ctrip

Meridian Gate Tashilhunpo Monastery Exhibition

👇🏻Multi-picture warning😉I will follow my route to show the palaces with exhibitions.

Meridian Gate now has an exhibition of Tashilhunpo Monastery

Meridian Gate

Meridian Gate

Meridian Gate

Furniture Hall Martial Arts Hall

‼ ️‼️ ️The Hall of Martial Heroes is currently inaccessible due to maintenance, although the official account says there is an exhibition inside, it may be opened in the future

Compassion Palace Compassion Palace Garden Shoukang Palace

1️⃣The Compassionate Palace is now a sculpture hall, with exhibitions of bronze, stone carvings, pottery, etc.
2️⃣Next to the Palace of Compassion and Peace is the Shoukang Palace, showing the scenes of the Queen Mother’s daily life

The Archaeological Site of the East Campus of the Garden of Compassion Ninggong

Compassion Palace

Shoukang Palace West Sixth Palace

Xianfu Palace, Changchun Palace, and Yongshou Palace cannot be entered among the West Six Palaces, but the rest can be entered

Qianqing Palace Jiaotai Hall Kunning Palace Imperial Garden

Everyone is crowded to take pictures of the plaques inside the main hall in front of the open room of the main hall, so be patient and wait for others to go and squeeze in, otherwise the taller ones will have an advantage😁

Qing Palace

Jiaotai Hall

⭕ Inside the Kunning Palace, there is the empress's wedding bed🛏️, everyone is crowded and lying on the window to watch👀

Kunning Palace

⭕ Behind the Kunning Palace is the Imperial Garden. If you haven’t entered it, you can wait until the last time you leave the palace before entering it.

Palace Museum-Imperial Garden East Six Palaces

The Jingyang Palace in the East Sixth Palace cannot be entered, but the rest can be entered

Jingren Palace

Bell Palace

⭕ There is an exhibition of guqin in Zhongcui Palace, and you can find the detailed introduction on the official account of the Palace Museum

Chengqian Palace

⭕ There is a bronze exhibition in Chengqian Palace

Yanxi Palace

⭕ Yanxi Palace has the ruins of the Crystal Palace, and other buildings are now research institutes. So Yanxi Palace only has this site to see

Ningshou Palace Treasure Hall

After visiting the East Six Palaces, it was almost three o'clock. I was afraid that I would not have time to look at the Clock and Treasure Hall, so I hurried to the Treasure Hall, and finally went to the Three Great Halls.

🤓📍Ningshou Palace, where Emperor Qianlong abdicated for the elderly, Huangji Hall (1st Room), Le Shoutang (2nd Room), and Yihexuan (3rd Room) are now treasure halls

‼ ️It is recommended that you buy tickets in advance so that you can directly swipe your ID card to enter

Forbidden City Nine Dragon Wall

Emperor Palace

💢 The exhibition of phoenix crowns in the Treasure Hall has the most people. No matter which small door enters, there are a lot of people. Although everyone is queuing up to see one by one, they all stand around one exhibit for a long time.😑💢

When listening to the explanation, it is very important to listen to others: this kind of exhibition is usually the first and last exhibit. 👆🏻The roof is the first exhibit

There are too many people, the Forbidden City is below zero outside, but it is very hot inside! I decided to go to another exhibition

👇🏻I forgot what the following exhibition is. There are slightly fewer people in it, and the exhibits are indeed exquisite, which makes people have to marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship of the ancients.

After reading this, I went back to the place where the phoenix crown was exhibited, but there were still a lot of people, so I just left after looking at a few exhibits.

It was already 3:20 at this time, and I had no time to look at the Zhenfei Well and other buildings behind it only after visiting Changyin Pavilion.

Fengxian Temple - Clock Museum

Navigating all the way to the watch hall, and not long after entering the watch hall, the door was closed and no one was allowed to enter. Fortunately, many people bought tickets and couldn’t get in,‼ ️So everyone has to buy tickets in advance‼ ️ Then go to the Treasure Hall and Watch Hall early. It's a pity that I didn't meet Mr. Wang Jin from "I am repairing cultural relics in the Forbidden City" for a demonstration

Three halls

It was almost four o'clock, and at this time, some staff members had already started to clear the venue. Immediately ran back to the three halls, but there were still many tourists coming in one after another.

⭕ Taking photos in the Forbidden City is a good choice, especially if you go to the East Sixth Palace and West Sixth Palace, there are slightly fewer people. I saw a lot of Thai tourists wearing clothes that should be Hanfu and taking pictures😁

Hall of Supreme Harmony

Hall of Harmony

Palace of Preserving Harmony Imperial Garden Shenwu Gate

To leave the Forbidden City, you will pass through the Imperial Garden, but it will be cleared, so there will be many people

There is a travel agency next to Shenwumen to promote one-day tours to major attractions in Beijing. Friends who are interested can go and have a look, but it is best not to go, it should not be as cost-effective as online

There is also a coffee in the corner of the Forbidden City when you come out of Shenwumen, but unfortunately I forgot to go there💢💢

Palace Museum - Imperial Garden


Shenwumen Ju'er Family

Navigate to the recommended Braised Pork Rice in Ju’er’s House in Nanluoguxiang (there is a bus stop at the gate of Shenwumen), 💰38/serving

You can add rice and meat! ! That's the equivalent of eating two servings. I ate a few small cakes in the Forbidden City in one day, very hungry! So this set meal is very cost-effective 😂 The taste is also good

1.1 Prince Kung's Mansion Beihai Park

💢 1️⃣The new year begins, and when I was about to go out, I found out that my room card was lost! I lost it when I was packing up in the Forbidden City. Call the Forbidden City. They don’t have a lost and found office. They can only help you find large items if they are lost. If no one takes them to the broadcasting room for small things like ID cards, you usually find them. less than. So keep your valuables safe!

This is what I mean when the plan cannot keep up with the changes😶

The delay in finding the room card was half past nine. I am gratified that the snow boots and hat I bought have arrived, so I can go for a runaway with peace of mind. The boots I wore to the Forbidden City hurt my ankles after a day. You must wear comfortable shoes when you travel!

2️⃣ Tickets for Prince Kung’s Mansion could not be bought on the official account the day before, and tickets for Prince Kung’s Mansion will be purchased online from 2020‼ ️‼️ ️Note that offline ticket purchases are cancelled, and student ID cards can be purchased at half price😏

Prince Gong's Mansion

It's already 10:20 to reach Prince Gong's Mansion, and follow the route recommended by others. I heard that the theater building inside will be open in summer, but unfortunately it was closed when I went.

"One Prince Kung's Mansion, half of the history of the Qing Dynasty" – it will take a long time to look at the exhibitions inside. The Prince Kung's Mansion is actually not that big, so it took a lot‼ ️ Nearly three hours‼ ️

Beihai Park

After dinner time, I went to KFC near Beihai Park and had a set meal (I don’t have high requirements for food, so I made do with it). This burger 🍔 is pretty good, with shredded chicken inside

1️⃣ Most of the parks in Beijing can buy tickets on the 🔸Changyou Park🔸 official account, but you can’t buy student tickets. I don’t think there are many people queuing up at the door, so I went to line up to buy a combined ticket after eating at two o’clock

2️⃣ The Baita and Tuancheng in the joint ticket need to be checked in before 4 o'clock, but the Tuancheng is not open, it is a pity that I spent money and did not enter😶 💰Ticket student ID 7.5

Next, because I was in a hurry to go to the White Tower, I detoured in Beihai and walked half of the way in the park because I entered from the north gate.

I walked the White Tower backwards, and the stairs were very steep when going down the mountain.
‼ ️‼️ ️ So it is recommended to enter from the south gate or the east gate, and go to the White Tower from the front to save time.

For the rest, look at the schedule and go shopping at will (the red circle on the picture is the entrance and exit),

At this time, Beijing has begun to heat up, so it is not cold. After seeing the White Tower, you can take a leisurely stroll in the park. After watching for a long time, others feed ducks, mandarin ducks and sparrows🐦.

Walking and taking a break to get out of the park at five o'clock, it takes a total of time‼ ️ Nearly 3 hours‼ ️

From the south gate of the park, you can walk to the northwest turret of the Forbidden City to make up for the regret of not seeing the turret the day before.

Corner Tower 1.2 Lama Temple, Temple of Earth, Imperial College, Temple of Heaven

Take the subway in the opposite direction, arrive at Lama Temple at nine o'clock, there are a lot of people in line! ! Queued for nearly an hour to get porridge

Important‼ ️‼️ ️Longhe Temple tickets only accept cash, 💰Ticket 25, student ID 12, you can receive a gift of incense.

When I came out at 11 o'clock after shopping, I found that there was still porridge left. People who just came can get it without waiting for a long time. It may be because of the weekdays. There are not as many people as last year.

‼ ️‼️ ️The exhibition inside is not allowed to take pictures📸

Earth altar

The Temple of Earth is near Lama Temple, 10 minutes by car

💰 Tickets are 1 yuan for student ID, and after shopping in an hour, I will go to the Temple of Heaven in the afternoon, so I didn't spend money to enter the core part of the Temple of Heaven.

Most of them are citizens who come to exercise, and there are not many people. Many buildings are rebuilt. It is not recommended to come to the Temple of Earth

Miao's Po Baozi Shop

⭕ Lunch 🍚Miaojiapo bun shop near Guozijian

The pork bun is 5 yuan, and the tofu brain is 4 yuan. I read other guides that this fried liver is better than Yaoji fried liver. I have never tried it. Other dishes are not expensive

Both tofu nao and buns are good. The buns are very big and have a lot of meat filling. Tofu nao is different from the taste of Sichuan. recommend

Miao's mother-in-law steamed stuffed bun shop Guozijian Confucian Temple

Going to the Temple of Heaven, I didn’t have time to go to the Guozijian and the Confucius Temple, so I walked past the door. These two scenic spots are next to each other, and Guozijian is also close to Lama Temple!

On the way to the Temple of Heaven, I cycled to Princess Hejing’s Mansion and the former site of Duan Qirui’s government, but I couldn’t get in. The former site of Duan Qirui’s government has now become Renmin University of China.

⭕ I went to Helude and bought candied haws 💰6 yuan. The guide said that this candied haws is very authentic. It is indeed seedless and sweet. You can find it in the map navigation of AutoNavi

Hejing Princess Mansion

Helude Temple of Heaven with Candied Haws

‼ ️🔸The Temple of Heaven Park🔸The official account has detailed opening hours. Attractions such as the Zhai Palace and the Divine Kitchen are only open from Tuesday to Sunday, so the Temple of Heaven is reserved until the Laba Festival.

It was two o'clock when we arrived at the Temple of Heaven, and at four o'clock the Emperor's Vault of Heaven and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests could not be entered, so I didn't have much time left. 💰Ticket student ID 14, Alipay WeChat

Temple of Heaven Park - Zhai Palace

Emperor Vault

Temple of Heaven Park - Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

This is my route👇🏻There is a subway station at the East Gate of the Temple of Heaven‼ ️, so I entered from the east gate, went to other exhibitions first, and finally stayed for an hour to walk the main attractions. Finally, go out through the east gate.

1️⃣ The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest Complex and the Circular Mound stop at 4 o'clock for ticket checking. There is a free explanation in the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, and it happened to be the one at four o'clock. It's about 4:30 to start clearing.

2️⃣ The exhibitions of Zhai Palace, Divine Kitchen, and Sacrifice Pavilion can be entered by exchanging tickets with ID cards, and the exhibition ends at 5 o'clock.

3️⃣ 🌟🌟It is recommended that everyone enter from the south gate, and go to the main attractions first: Circular Mound––Huang Qiongyu––Danbi Bridge––Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests––Huangqian Hall, and then go to the Zhai Palace

4️⃣ Arrange the rest according to your own time. ‼ ️The Kagura Department needs to pay extra to enter

It took me a total of two and a half hours to finish the Temple of Heaven, and now I can't see the rose flowers in "Meeting the Temple of Heaven" in winter.

Jinfang Snacks

I went to Jinfang Snacks along the subway line. I don’t want to introduce too much. There are details. I think I will get tired of eating a few of the recommended butter fried cakes.

1.3 Yuanmingyuan Summer Palace

Today is the scenic spots in Xicheng District of Beijing – the Old Summer Palace and the Summer Palace. 💰 Ticket Coupon Student ID Card 10

⭕ Yuanmingyuan recommends paying attention to the official account, which contains the director's audio introduction to the attractions of Yuanmingyuan. Very well explained!

Yuanmingyuan is too big, so I only go to Qichun Garden and the ruins of Xiyanglou. When I was about to leave the park, I went to the ruins model exhibition hall

‼ ️Enter the garden at 9:50, and listen to the explanation while walking, and share the time‼ ️2 and a half hours👇🏻

I turned around the maze before I found the route to get in. I suggest that you first see how others get in, and then follow the route of others.👇🏻

⭕ Many people come for Haiyan Hall and Dashuifa in Xiyanglou Scenic Area, so it is more time-saving to follow the route of entering from the south gate and exiting from the east gate

Yuanmingyuan Haiyan Hall

Old Summer Palace - Great Water Method

I went out to the east gate and found a nearby Xi’an noodle restaurant. I ordered fried rice with fish-flavored pork shreds.

summer palace

It’s already two o’clock when we arrive at the Summer Palace. There are no joint tickets sold at the entrance of the scenic spot. I’m afraid you won’t be able to visit in time. 1️⃣Foxiang Pavilion 2️⃣ Wenchang Temple tickets can only be bought on the spot. This is very good and won’t cost you money.

💰Tickets for student ID 10, Foxiang Pavilion 5, you can also buy tickets in advance on the official account

It will take a lot of time to complete the Summer Palace

1️⃣ If you don’t want to miss important attractions, you can choose to enter from the Xinjian Palace Gate, go to the Seventeen-Arch Bridge first, and then pass by Wenchang Courtyard.

I was afraid that there would be too little time, so I didn't enter Wenchang Hospital. Near Wenchang courtyard is the place where Emperor Guangxu and Empress Dowager Cixi lived. You can listen to what others have to say.

2️⃣ Then follow the promenade to Foxiang Pavilion

Summer Palace - Seventeen Arch Bridge

Foxiang Pavilion

The Foxiang Pavilion is very high and the stairs are very steep. You can overlook Kunming Lake,

⭕ 🌟🌟 If you don't want to follow my route, I suggest you climb up to the Buddha Fragrance Pavilion and go out from the top exit. You don't have to go out from the place you came in, just visit the main attractions that cost money

😑 Suzhou Street is not recommended to go in winter, there is nothing to see
It's already five o'clock when we leave Dongmen Square,‼ ️It took a total of 3 hours‼ ️

1.4 Badaling Great Wall Xishiku Tiananmen Square

In order to go to the Great Wall, I stayed in Beijing for an extra day
After reading a lot of travel notes, I feel that going to the Great Wall takes time and is complicated. I have to fly back to Chengdu on the night of the 4th.

So I booked a one-day tour of the Great Wall on Ctrip, the travel fee is 55 + lunch 30, and I bought the ticket on the official account 💰Student ticket 17.5

Gather at the entrance of the designated subway station at 7:30 (very close to where I live), and the tour guide will introduce you to climb the Great Wall and take the cable car

1️⃣ The cable car is 140 for a round trip and 100 for a one-way trip, so it is cost-effective to take a two-way trip. I was originally going to climb the Great Wall, so there is no need to sit, the whole group is only walking back and forth by myself🤓

The weather is not bad, the wind is not strong when going up, but it is windy when coming down, the hat bought at this time will work 🤓

2️⃣ It took an hour to climb up from the first floor of the north to the eighth floor of the north. The north eighth floor is the so-called hero slope, with a steep slope. There are many sections with steep stairs throughout the whole process, and they are slowly climbed up by pulling the railings.

3️⃣ From the north eighth floor, you can choose to continue to climb the north ninth floor and the back. There is a road to go down to the bear park, and there is a bus stop.
‼ ️There are staff on the north eighth floor, you can ask for the specific route‼ ️

I am a tour group at 11:30 to gather at the drop-off point, and I have to go back the same way.

4️⃣ It took another hour to slowly return the same way, and then I was the first to arrive in the whole group, so if you have the physical strength, you can climb by yourself without the company of the elderly. Besides, on the Great Wall, I saw many elderly people climb up and then go down by themselves. The cable car really unnecessary 😑

There is no time to climb the Great Wall on the other side


The lunch was really not that good, the dishes were either sweet or sour, and there were many cold dishes. You can choose to go to the drop-off point to eat by yourself, but eating with a group saves trouble.

I only chose the itinerary of the Great Wall, and got off at the Subway Station of Line 4 near the Summer Palace at 2:00 pm.

Sisku Church

Follow Line 4 to Xishiku Church and Guangji Temple, a total of one hour.

Tiananmen Square

It was already four o'clock when we arrived at the Tiananmen Square subway station. At four thirty, we found that everyone was surrounded by the national flag. Baidu searched and found that the flag will be lowered at sunset around five o'clock. After waiting for half an hour, I saw the flag lowering ceremony.

Tickets for the Tiananmen Gate Tower can be bought in the park. I did not go to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and the Tiananmen Gate Tower due to time reasons.

After watching the flag lowering, Tiananmen Square began to be cleared. In order to catch the plane, I had to go back to the youth hostel to pick up my luggage.

The six-day trip is over, there are regrets in it, and regrets will prompt you to come to Beijing again in the future. Next time, you must watch the national flag raising in summer

, don’t come alone, it’s quite lonely without anyone to talk with you😑

I didn't write too much about eating strategies, because I didn't do much, you can search other travel notes, I hope my travel notes can be helpful to you🤓🤓