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The whole journey lasted nine days, with a mileage of 2,350 kilometers and a cost of 10,620 yuan.


The first stop: the last secret place in the south of the Yangtze River - Xanadu Yangjiatang Village

It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled far by car.

Go out at 8:30, do a nucleic acid test, go to eat noodles, buy water and coffee, and finally set off at 9:30.

More than 400 kilometers, arrived at the first stop at 4:30 in the afternoon, caught up with the last ray of sunshine, and saw the most famous "Golden Potala Palace" in Yangjiatang Village for a few minutes (the golden effect of the sun shining on the yellow mud outer wall) , and then the sun hides behind the thicker and thicker clouds.

In Yangjiatang, which is not three feet flat, more than 20 Qing Dynasty residential buildings with civil structures extend upwards along the hillside. The height difference between the upper and lower houses in the whole village is about 2 to 3 meters, showing a huge building facade in the field of vision. , is a typical stepped ancient village in Songyang County. There are two thousand-year-old camphor trees at the entrance of the village, which are called "husband and wife trees".

The homestay renovated from a century-old house has a duplex design and carefully selected supplies, which is a bit amazing. After all, we have never lived in a house that is cool when you enter the yard.


Before leaving, look for the culture of Yangjiatang Village

"Xiangxian culture is a product of Chinese farming culture. It is an important link to guide and inherit Chinese civilization for a hundred years. It has a wide and far-reaching influence in the vast rural areas. As a spiritual symbol of the region, Xiangxian culture has become the foundation of exploration in the new era. A new approach to the rural context, a new carrier to interpret the local culture, and inject new impetus into the development of the new countryside.” —— Excerpted from the preface of Song’s Ancestral Hall

Songyang Old Street is really a store that supports a street [Breaking tears into laughter]

Jiuniang large intestine noodles, it sounds like a heavy taste.

The second stop: Ancient Weir Painting Village in Songyang

The wide water surface at the gate is a tributary of the Oujiang River. It is called "Daxi" on the map, a very simple name. This used to be an important business distribution center, picking up mountain goods and sending them to Wenzhou.

On the two banks of Daxi, one side is the ancient weir, where there is Tongji Weir, a national key cultural relic protection unit built in 505 AD, and the other side is the painting town, which is named after the gathering place where artists sketched and photographed.

The thousand-year-old camphor tree group is also a highlight, the oldest being 1,500 years old.

Tongji Weir, a national key cultural relic protection unit, is one of the five major water conservancy irrigation projects in ancient China. It has been more than 1,500 years old and still exerts a huge irrigation efficiency. It is still benefiting the people in the Bihu Plain. It is called the living Tongji weir. It's a pity that there has been no rain for too long, and I didn't see any famous buildings today, which are not as spectacular as Dujiangyan.

Recently, there has been a severe water shortage here. For the past month, the precipitation has been artificial rainfall, and the 50-year flood just happened in June. If there is technology in the future, it will be perfect if the flood and drought can be evenly balanced, and the same place will do.

At seven o'clock in the evening, the rose-colored sunset in Huaxiang


The painting town at six o'clock in the morning

It doesn't rain every day, and it's 38°C every day. It's disgusting to not give a good weather to let the sun standard standard show its face.

The third stop: Heyang ancient dwellings in Jinyun County

It was built at the end of the Five Dynasties and is an ancient dwelling in the Yuan Dynasty with a history of more than one thousand years. 94% of the villagers in Heyang are surnamed Zhu. There are beautiful mountains and rivers here, and the folk customs are simple and unsophisticated. Up to now, people still live together, farming, studying and passing on family traditions. It is a rare living fossil of ancient villages in the south of the Yangtze River. Mainly Hui style architecture.

Bashimen, Shi Xihan, and Qiqiqian all have their own stories. There are many large and small ancestral halls, and tickets are bought to visit the ancestral halls.

Occasionally, I met a group of children who were sketching. There was a parent who served all the children, big and small, with fans, umbrellas, water, lunch boxes, and painting tools. I chatted with a parent for a while. It's been a year, every ten days, and the art test is not the goal. It is not easy for parents and children.

Both Jinyun Tushuang Noodles and Jinyun Shaobing are eaten here. They are delicious. The noodles are smooth, soft and refreshing, but they are not rotten noodles. Two poached eggs and a bowl of noodles cost 15. The sesame seed cakes are freshly made and baked, with the flavor of dried plums and vegetables, crisp on the outside and waxy on the inside.


The fourth stop: Yanxia Shitou Village, Jinyun County

Barely two-lane, winding up the mountain road, one can tell at a glance that the village was built in 1402 to avoid war.

Using local materials, big stones are used to build walls, small stones are used to plug the gaps, and finally the yellow mud slips through the gaps. Now the wages are very high, so even though the government recommends a unified architectural style, old houses in disrepair will not be restored in this way. It is a reality to paste a layer of stone on the outer layer to make it look like. Some even use imitation stone stickers on the outer wall

Picture 6, it is said that it is wild pepper, which is very, very fragrant. If you touch it, you will have a lingering fragrance in your hand, which will last for a long time.

There must be some paintings in the painting town, right? In the morning, I went to an art exhibition that no one visited and a creative block where no galleries were open.

"He often recalled the beauty of his native land in Paris, and took pleasure in reciting verses from Dante's Divine Comedy."

"Her friends called her 'Coco Nut' because of her long light brown hair and beautiful milky skin. But all that fascinated Modigliani was her strange eyes, which Modigliani would Tell her: "Your eyes are the bluest I've ever seen."

"Seductive, dissolute, impetuous, but extremely talented, these are some of the distinctive characteristics of Amedeo Modigliani" --- from the introduction of the artist in the exhibition.

What a picture of a neurotic artist

Bingxiancao and Bingliangfu, Liandu's summer specialty snacks, taste similar to Chongqing's ice powder, add mint water and sesame sugar, QQ is cool, take a sip, with the grainy texture of sugar and the aroma of sesame.

The gate of Guyan Painting Township Art School

The fifth stop, Quanzhou

Beautiful red frangipani, crystal clear, crispy and tender soil bamboo shoots jelly, ningjiujiu glutinous sea oyster fried, ginger duck with rich ginger fragrance, non-motorized vehicles driving randomly on the road, accompanied by people who seem to be ready to go to war soon The Taiwan Strait crisis was my first impression of Quanzhou.

From Lishui to Quanzhou, there is no serious restaurant in the service area of ​​the whole expressway, and it is the first time to eat instant noodles in the service area [Breaking tears into laughter]. So when you come out to play, you must have a full breakfast, and then you can have a good meal, it will be perfect

The group of 22-kilometer tunnels is also drunk [Breaking tears into laughter] while climbing through the tunnels, the highest altitude is 670 meters. One tunnel after another, occasionally seeing the sky light of more than ten meters, went in again.


At six o'clock in the morning, I used enough anti-mosquito spray and went to visit the big garden of the hotel. The temperature was not high and the humidity was extremely high. Half an hour later, the SLR lens still had water vapor.

I heard that there are many temples in Quanzhou. I didn’t expect that the first one I saw was in the hotel. There is an ancient Taoyuan temple in the garden. This season, bodhi seeds are falling all over the ground.

The plants in the southern country are tall and dense, and the five-colored plums can grow as big as oleanders. Some trees have "hanged ghosts", so they dare not go to the side except the main road, for fear of snakes.

Lagerstroemia indica

orchid grass

Water Ghost Banana

Eating in Quanzhou, there are too many delicious foods, but my stomach is still too small. Even though I have gained two kilograms, it is useless to walk 29,886 steps.

Quanzhou cuisine has a light taste and many snacks and desserts, which is very suitable for our appetite.

Quanzhou, an ancient city of world heritage - Museum of World Religions, large and small religious places are scattered all over the ancient city, mainly in Licheng District, in the streets and alleys, it may be on the corner of the street, it may be at the entrance of the vegetable market, it may be in a residential building, or in the Next to the main road, it is alive and integrated with public life.

Guanyue Temple is very popular, you can do divination and fortune-telling, and you can add fuel by QR code.

Kaiyuan Temple, to see the East and West Twin Pagodas and Master Hongyi Memorial Hall

Qingliang Temple, Islamic Church, my daughter and I did not meet the dress requirements, we were not allowed to enter, and we were not allowed to show off our shoulders or knees.

There is a white orchid tree at the entrance of the Tongfo Temple, as tall as the camphor in Suzhou. In the dark night, it is the aroma that makes me notice it.

Christian and Catholic churches are usually closed.


Continue to Quanzhou. The number of steps is 24343.

Rice Noodle Paste Pig Blood Soup, Confucian Temple, Qingjing Temple, Gucuo Teahouse, Linji Mung Bean Cake, Zengji Rice Noodle Paste, Tianhou Palace, Dejimen Ruins, Li Zhi’s Former Residence, Deji Bridge Ruins, Quanzhou Museum, West Lake Park, Fangcao Garden Nucleic acid making, dinner at Puxian Courtyard, puppet bookstore.

Tea. When traveling, we drink tea every day. In Lishui, we bring our own tea sets and tea leaves. When we arrive in Quanzhou, there are Kung Fu tea sets and a pack of Tieguanyin in the hotel. We drink it before going out every day, and drink it when we come back at night. Today, we found an ancient teahouse at noon. Drink, two hours, three bags of tea, with three small plates of homemade bayberry, tangerine peel, olive, salted peanuts, what you drink is refreshing and comfortable. Just in time for the shower, sitting on the porch of the patio, watching the heavy rain turn into fine rain and mist through the dense green roof, is really wonderful.

transportation. On the first day, I found that driving in Quanzhou requires a high degree of concentration, because electric vehicles are everywhere, and you can also drive on motorway, and even turn in front of your car while looking at your mobile phone. There will be electric cars on the sidewalk, and there will be electric cars on the pedestrian street, not to mention the small streets and alleys, the kind that can scare people to death when the horn suddenly sounds in the back. Then, no matter what kind of car, as long as it has a horn, it will press it, and it will never be soft.

travel. Quanzhou can be said to be an extremely tourist-friendly city. As a whole, Licheng District in the old city is like a large scenic spot. There are small buses similar to the battery cars in the scenic spot. There are also several major brands of shared electric vehicles and public bicycles to choose from. It is not far to walk, and the scenic spots are quite concentrated. All attractions do not need tickets, except Qingjing Temple (3 yuan). It is said that Qingyuan Mountain is 70, we did not go, it is a bit far. Attractions all have a QR code "Quanzhou Audio Guide", scan it, and you can choose voice or text.

Quanzhou people. He is the friendliest urban person I have ever met. No matter where I meet, he is very enthusiastic, willing to chat, and willing to introduce Quanzhou. The driver of the small bus seems to be also a tour guide, answering every question.

architecture. The carp-like orange and carp scale-like patterns are the features of the exterior walls. "Out of bricks and into stones", "white stone foundation, red brick walls, ridged roof", "flying swallows with their tails on the roof", "swallows' tails back to the ridge"

Quanzhou Museum. It's really so-so, the tour route is not clear, there is almost no cultural creation, and it's a bit hot.

Former residence of Li Zhi. "Li lunatic", the concept of equality is the core of Li Zhi's thinking, which is manifested in the equality of men and women, equality of nations, equality of saints and fools, and equality of all things. Its unconventional spirit of daring to be the first in the world is still of enlightenment to this day. I have studied history in high school, which can be regarded as a test site, and I found his ideas very interesting early on.

Temple of Literature. The overall layout is to sit north and face south, "left (east) learning right (west) temple". The unusual architectural specifications of the Dacheng Hall reflect the economic and cultural prosperity that maritime trade brought to Quanzhou.

Quanzhou Tianhou Temple. It turns out that the main god Mazu also has 24 auxiliary gods, and his knowledge has increased.

Qingjing Mosque is the oldest existing Islamic temple founded by Arab Muslims in China. Apart from the Qingjing Mosque, the mosques along the southeast coast of China have all been Sinicized into standard Chinese hall-style buildings. Ming Chengzu Zhu Dai's proclamation "Yongle Shangyu" issued to protect Islamic temples is one of the few texts that can be understood here.

Deji Bridge Ruins


Aqing Snack Bar, Dongxing Meat Dumplings, Fuzhou Visiting Friends to Taste New Fujian Cuisine, Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, Xiapu Xiaohao Beach Hill for Sunset Shooting.

Fuzhou belongs to eastern Fujian, while Quanzhou and Xiamen are both southern Fujian, with different languages ​​and special diets. I think of the dispute between southern Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu. Fuzhou is also known as "Rongcheng". The car drives through the streets, and the shade blocks out the sun, which is really beautiful.

The consequence of not doing homework is to put down the luggage, ask the housekeeper, hurry up and slow down for 25 kilometers, and then climb to the viewing platform on the top of the mountain more than 100 meters high, catching up with the tail of the sunset.


Xiapu Rongfeng Forest, Wenzhou Visiting Friends Drinking and Eating Seafood

A photographer who has been taking pictures for several years, accidentally photographed the old farmer and old cow walking out in the morning fog under the banyan tree, and won a grand prize. So this scene became a business, driving a small scenic spot, a performance team and several surrounding homestays. Slapping is almost impossible

The first time to Wenzhou,

The names of the dishes are quite interesting, such as raw pot vegetables, roast goose, flower balls, fish jelly, white balls, fish cakes... Some of them don't know what the dishes are just by looking at the names.


Hemudu Ruins Park, service area on the north bank of Hangzhou Bay Bridge.

In the Hemudu Ruins Park, the ancestors of Hemudu improved the source of domestic water by digging wells for water. This well is the earliest wooden well discovered in China so far, which vividly shows the origin of the word "well".

There was a small exhibition on the revolution in agricultural technology, which was a bit interesting. In the first three times, China failed to catch up, but in the fourth digital agriculture, China can. I still like to watch advanced things, just as I like to watch science fiction.

The world's largest tractor "BIGBUD"

Currently the largest tractor in the world is the Big Bud 747, which is very capable and can cultivate 6 acres of land per minute! It is also the most expensive tractor and there is only one in the world. This tractor was customized by two brothers who spent 300,000 US dollars in 1977. They own 400,000 acres of land and are super farmers in California, USA.

The Shuimo New Year Cake and Red Bean Paste Square Cake in the North Shore service area, this is the first time I have eaten this kind of New Year Cake just out of the pan. It is hot and glutinous, full of rice fragrance. The bean paste square cake is also good, the kind that is not too sweet.

It took nine days to finish the whole journey, with a mileage of 2,350 kilometers and a cost of 10,620 yuan.