Lianshi Shanfang, Xu Yiyue is boundless and beautiful, exquisite and characteristic dwellings. Lianshi Shanfang is a mountain house that is based on stones. It is named Lianshi, which means elegance and tranquility. inherited.

The living concept of the mountain house is to free people's spirit through the opening and closing of the space, the scale of the interior and the stretching of the courtyard pool, so as to have a living experience with a sense of belonging. Located in Lianhuachi Village, Yanqi Town, Huairou District, surrounded by mountains and rivers, the surrounding wild Great Wall, Shentang Valley, Yanqi Lake, Hongluo Temple and other natural scenic spots are also beautiful.

The lights at night are the most beautiful, the stars lingering on the tree are bright and romantic, and you under the tree are rolling eyes and smiling sweetly. When you meet a person with a white head, choose a city to die in old age. May we live up to our affection and time.

Relying on stones, Lianshi Shanfang takes the lost humanistic life as its dream. Under the Great Wall of the valley, it touches the natural ecology, gets rid of the shackles of steel and concrete, and returns to the free life of the unity of nature and man.

There are 21 guest rooms in the mountain house. There are 4 types of room types: big bed room, standard room, parent-child room, and tatami. The other two meeting rooms, restaurant, bar and coffee are all available. Indoor parent-child activities such as tie-dyeing and sachet making are the best places for company team building and home travel.


meeting room

The fresh and small literary style, a small courtyard that is different from most of the rural atmosphere or homestay atmosphere, feels like the amazing youthful years, or the forgotten petty bourgeoisie complex, here, find a different state of mind.

The decoration display in the room is mainly in a simple and warm style, including Japanese log style and Nordic minimalist style. The colors are minimal and refreshing.

The bathroom is equipped with: towels, bath towels, toiletries, shampoo, shower gel, slippers, hair dryer, fully automatic washing machine.

The special dish of our restaurant is braised pork with chestnuts: using Huairou’s special chestnuts, free-range pork from farms, and simmering for 2 hours. The pork is fat but not greasy, and the chestnuts are sweet and soft.

Steamed Sturgeon and Arowana with Black Bean Sauce: Sturgeon is a special product around Beijing that contains a lot of epa.dha. Sturgeon is like a living fossil and is known as the earliest vertebrate animal. The majority of diners present the skills of cooking fresh fish in front of them, and preserve the freshness and nutrition of the fish to the maximum extent.

Stewed rainbow trout with fresh pepper sprouts: pepper sprouts are a special product in the suburbs of Beijing, with unique taste and rich nutrition. Rainbow trout is a local characteristic fish in Huairou. Combining the two and stewing them with local techniques can be described as pleasant fragrance, delicious fish and high nutritional value.

Old Tofu in Stone Pot: Choose old stewed tofu from local spring water. This kind of tofu is soft and tender, has no astringency, no beany smell, and tastes sweet. It is simmered slowly in old soup and produced in a stone pot. The soup is boiling in front of diners. It smells delicious.

Roasted Chestnut Tree Mushroom: A local specialty of Huairou, Chestnut Tree Mushroom is a mushroom grown on a chestnut tree. It tastes delicious and has high nutritional value. It tastes salty, sweet and delicious when cooked in a small fire.

A delicacy is a stomach-warming enjoyment, an indescribable delicacy that will make your taste buds feel soothed by the wonderful taste.

A delicious meal, like a beautiful landscape, can help you resist all the sadness and confusion in the world.