Constantly discovering new surprises and discovering novel and interesting lifestyles is one of the reasons why I am always on the road. In this October, when you come to Yanqing, the strong American and Western style makes Beijing have another charming style.

The original town of Orenda Tribe is not a single scenic spot. It integrates leisure and vacation, hotels, food, high-end sports, and physical and mental health. It is an excellent high-end supporting community. According to word of mouth, many hard-working elites in the city came here especially, willingly calling themselves "villagers" and starting their comfortable vacation life here.

In the northern part of China, it is a happy thing to have a water lake. The hustle and bustle and dust are washed away here. Living by the water, the beautiful scenery is like the ripples on the water, slowly unfolding. On the boating lake, the pond is full of koi, and the green hills in the distance are also gentle. The lotus leaves are in the fields, I don't know if there is a destiny, but I saw the lotus flower pavilion here.

During the holidays, the "villagers" who travel all over the world will return to their homes in the original towns of the Orenda tribe, enjoy the quiet and beautiful time, and leave unique memories for this autumn. At this time, the town will also be very lively, street shows appear from time to time, various flashes appear in front of you, there are singing, hot dancing, vigorous young people exude youthful vitality in their gestures, dynamic music drives the atmosphere, There was joy all around. Even in the deep mountains, the artistic atmosphere always surrounds here, and fashion never leaves here.

The Belt and Road Initiative in Orenda under the brush, and the 18th Oil Painting Exhibition of Rural Oil Painters, traveled all over the mountains and rivers of Orenda, and painted all over the beautiful town of Orenda. The small town art center shows the truth in the heart, and draws the beauty and dreams in the heart on the canvas, so that more people can see such beauty. In this oil painting exhibition, what is seen is not technique, but culture and soul, thought and cognition. The countryside is the source of everyone's deep heart. There are too many touches and innocence hidden. After the prosperity fades, what remains is the original intention. No matter what the situation, don't forget these. The dream will never go away, it is just hidden deep in my heart, and at a certain moment, it will burst out.

Everyone has a dream in their hearts, to pursue the bustling world outside like a teenager; to find the carefreeness of the original heart like a child; to find a pure land to recuperate and live like a mountain hermit, and to cultivate a garden to serve flowers and grass. This poetic life seems to have become our unattainable dream. The dream has never dissipated, but no one has mentioned it. Create a heart-touching color in the oil painting garden.

Cultivate sentiment outside the tranquility, choose exquisite handmade in Huayouhui, or make a dried flower by yourself and hang it at home. Who said that the life of the elderly is only square dancing? fun. Art is the baptism of the soul. Many of the exquisite flower works come from the hands of "villagers", and the amazing designs are just the daily tastes of the villagers here.

Add a touch of fun to your residence in the home experience hall. When we look at the world, the world is also looking at us. Living in such a paradise, beauty is everywhere, and a beautiful heart and dexterous hands are bred to weave such works. There are too many sparks to light the small candles in my heart in the colorful shops on Xizhen Commercial Street. The warm light warms my heart in the cool early autumn.

Many activities have been held this time, such as the Sports Talent Challenge, the Touch Art Festival, the Settlement Cultural Market, the Potato Festival, etc. All kinds of wonderful events are staged here, which makes the scenery here full of human touch and aura. Son. In fact, all kinds of entertainment are not about winning or losing, but just a form of conveying happiness. For example, this lovely potato festival is actually a comparison of the size of the strange melons and fruits that everyone grows. Look at these "melon kings", Who will get it?

Orenda tribe's original town is full of well-known check-in places that are popular on the Internet. This Chinese-style Route 66 is one of the key projects. Encounters with footsteps, greedy for the fresh air and natural beauty on both sides of the road, and the morning run starts today. Use this way to wake up your body and mind and start a beautiful day!

Even if the church with simple colors does not have gorgeous patterns, the cross in the sun is dazzling and looks bursting with aura. The minimalist line church is always the most touching, and three regular camera angles are given to you. Walking casually on the path next to the church, the church is inadvertently included in the picture, the mountains in the distance and the grass nearby, a harmonious picture of man and nature. Under the blessing of light and shadow, the church with log color as the main color is solemn and elegant. What wish do you want to make at this time?

The old car coming out of the wall, the bluestone brick wall, the TV with a fat belly, and one scene at a time are also very appropriate to describe here. More than that, pay a little attention, it turns out that somewhere that has been overlooked is a great place to check in photos, everyone has their own style, streets and alleys, I look forward to discovering more surprises in the original town of the Orenda tribe.

Combining the toughness of traditional architecture with the softness of tents, the charm of line art is diverse. The entrance is gorgeous, the exit is magnificent, with an unobstructed good view, the green mountains and blue sky are unobstructed, and when you climb high and look far, you are open-minded, and the whole person is upward, and the impurities are blown away from the body and mind by the breeze, and scattered into the mountains and forests.

Although the hospitable teacher Hutu is 76 years old, he has created such a flowery and confused garden. Who would have thought that Mr. Hutu, who was a professor of nuclear physics, would create such a fairy tale world by self-studying flowers and plants and gardening. The log cabin is hidden in the lush trees, exquisite afternoon tea, a sip of tea, a cup of scented tea, forgetting the usual days, at this moment, like a little princess in the forest.

The Psychosomatic Health (Medical) Museum scientifically presents a healthy and harmonious state of life from body to mind. Taking biology, psychology, and society as the origin of psychosomatic health, it integrates and demonstrates multiple healthy lifestyles and various psychosomatic health therapies such as Eastern and Western traditional Chinese medicine, organic diet, and sports rehabilitation. themselves shaking hands.

Not only teaching, but also action. The museum has also set up many experience rooms that can promote the development of mental and physical health. Every breath, every action, completes the serious and responsible life. The elderly no longer just live a retirement life around food and housing, but enjoy life and the happiness that technology brings to us in a better way. Enjoy private one-on-one exclusive services, and more efficiently formulate your exclusive plans for individuals, and have multi-functional private areas such as health care, elderly care, vacation, and leisure.

The Dreamland breakfast in the Xiangshi kitchen is definitely the best gift for those who just run in the morning. The authentic Chinese breakfast warms the stomach and soul of every diner, and enjoys the tranquility in the floating steam and overflowing fragrance breakfast time. Sit down, take out the posture of having morning tea presumptuously, and swallow the goodness in your stomach mouthful.

As a well-known leisure resort in the suburbs of Beijing, how can the food not keep up with the pace? Taste buds, like the mind, need to be treated kindly. During the three-day trip, I ate all over the east, west, north and south in the original town of Orenda Tribe, traveling through China and foreign countries. Relaxation and enjoyment are the eternal topics here. French cuisine has always been a representative of elegance, exploring the charm of food between the knife and fork. The small lanterns all over the sky in the dream club make this place extremely romantic, a curtain of dreams, mottled and flickering lights and shadows. The delicate food served on white tableware, the dishes here are not inferior to any French restaurant I have tasted. Food and wine, encounter with art, this is a feast that belongs to you.

There are many kinds of restaurants in the original town of Orenda Tribe. The Universal Restaurant on the second floor of the West Town Hotel, the Dongjun Hot Pot that whets the appetite, and the Hong Kong-style tea restaurant that you can’t get tired of, you can never repeat every meal. A restaurant that integrates tastes from all over the world has as much sense of taste as vision.

Beijing Zuimei Resort Town, the hometown town of Orenda Tribe lives up to its reputation. It is backed by the remaining veins of Yanshan Mountain and located on the bank of the ancient mystery of ancient cliffs. It is an American-style town full of free and unrestrained atmosphere. Living in the deep mountains, with a unique temperament, the natural oxygen bar is an excellent place for health preservation.

The back garden of the original town of Orenda Tribe in Tianhuang Mountain Scenic Area. It's not late autumn yet, there are already some colorful colors here, and the coloring of nature does not show any traces, and every day brings different surprises. Although it is not majestic and magnificent, it also reveals the small atmosphere of private territory surrounded by peaks. After climbing up the mountain and sweating a little, the whole person feels refreshed.

Walking in the mountains and forests, don't just focus on driving or watching the scenery, slow down and appreciate every place here. There are strange rocks and trees all over the scenic area, and a perennial waterfall flowing in all seasons, which is really beautiful. Under the nourishment of nature, the mind blossoms like the body. Be neither happy nor sad, neither anxious nor impetuous, wait for the arrival of the predestined person, calm your mind, and naturally understand.

The outstanding roads are not limited to Highway 66, and the Gulong Road in front of the town is not to be outdone, and it will come out to compete in the golden autumn and October. Along the winding road is the autumn color that is getting better and better. Self-driving or cycling are both good choices. Backed by the blue sky and green mountains, it is a proper blockbuster, but what makes me more fascinated is its unknown end, where there will be hidden secrets, waiting for me to explore.

The hometown town of the Orenda tribe is right next to us, so we don’t need to travel far and wide. Either alone, or with friends, or with pets, you can always see comfortable and comfortable people here, put down the burden on your body, and pursue what you want in your heart.

[Orenda Tribe Yuanxiang Town] is a community that integrates high-end facilities such as leisure and vacation, hotels, food, high-end sports, and physical and mental health. Some properties here are sold to the outside world, and a few are self-operated. Therefore, some owners will return to the "village" to renovate and live.


1. Reservation notice: The houses in the hometown town of the Orenda tribe are relatively tight, so it is recommended to book in advance;

2. Self-driving route: Exit 65 (Kangzhuang) of Badaling Expressway, follow the direction of Zhangshanying on Kangzhang Road, turn left on Gulong Road, and go straight to Guyaju (navigation: enter Orenda or Guyaju) );

3. One autumn rain and one cold, the temperature in the suburbs is low now, and it will be a little cold in the morning and evening, so a coat is essential;

4. The parking lot is free, and parking spaces are limited on holidays. There are free parking spaces at the front entrance of the town. There is no parking fee at night in Guyaju, and there are charging piles;

5?, Confused Garden afternoon tea needs to be reserved with Huayouhui three days in advance;