When the autumn and winter in the north are cold, there will be no scenery. I didn’t expect that the team building found such a good place by accident! Can steam, sing karaoke, play mahjong, hold meetings; loft, standard room, big bed, living in a high-end sense; there are also distinctive Manchu 28 seats, health hot pot, a lot of hard dishes, and the taste is superb; outdoor Attacking and defending arrows, throwing pots, and archery are also fun to play; there are also beautiful autumn scenery and hiking in the deep mountains... Eating, drinking and having fun is not too good!

Departing from Beijing, passing the Jingcheng Expressway, it took about two and a half hours by car to arrive at the "Xianglinsu" homestay in Xiangzhazi Village, Changshaoying, Huairou, a place next to the mountains, with few people and close to nature. The department's autumn and winter team building tour kicked off.

As soon as you enter the door, you will be greeted by the ancient lobby on the first floor. The floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the room very brightly, and the eyes are drawn by the delicate reliefs on the wall between the winding stairs.

The hanging paintings are full of Qing style, the old wood carvings found everywhere, the bright flags on the hangers, the royal decorations in the cabinet...the stories of the Manchu people are everywhere...

The room type here is very suitable for group building. There are 3 lofts, 2 twin beds, and 3 double beds in total, so it is very cost-effective! We have a group of 30 people, and we live in 3 lofts, each of which can accommodate about 8 people - Chuyun, Jinmo, Huamu; two twin beds - Yinshuang, Wangxiang; one big bed - Shu Jing. Each room is different

Girls without family members live in Chuyun together. This is a parent-child loft. The unique high ceiling design makes the living room on the first floor feel ample space!

The children's play area on the second floor, which is made of wood, is very suitable for bringing children, but in fact, we are a group of girls who live here with a little childlike innocence! Fishing, building blocks, picture books, musical notes and other delicate toys are available.

Half of the boys were assigned to brocade ink. As the name suggests, the deep wood and blue ink color scheme make this loft visually distinguishable from Chuyun, especially the ink painting on the wall and the three-dimensional corner eaves, which are more modest and gentlemanly. the taste of.

The sofa embedded under the stairs on the first floor provides a sense of privacy even if you can nestle in it and watch TV; the two large tatami mats on the second floor satisfy the small wish of long conversations between friends and partners.

The other half stayed in Huamu, which has the same type as the Jinmo room but with different decorations. It pays more attention to the display of small Manchu objects, such as the ornaments in the lattice cabinet, the storage box with brocade satin, the blue and white porcelain pattern on the wall, and the old painted lacquer. The cabinet... Perhaps the owner of the homestay didn't think it was just a place to sleep.

There are two large tatami mats on the second floor of the three lofts. For a group of 30 to 40 people like us, it is no problem to move in. The atmosphere of the whole room is also particularly lively. There is a lot of space for chatting upstairs and playing cards downstairs.

I also visited the rooms where the family and friends lived, they are all very stylish! For example, this Yinshuang, when he opened the door at first glance, occupied the blue color ink on two walls. The unique round frame design not only serves as lighting, but also looks like a bright moon that contrasts with the geese flying far away. It really echoed the phrase "the old man in a lonely boat and hat, fishing alone in the cold river and snow." This poem is really shocking!

Wangxiang is another color tone, elegant plum blossom, fresh blue-green, light incense, rendering the room bright and clear.

They form horns with Yuexi and share a second-floor terrace. If it’s summer, it’s great to chat and drink tea together!

The classical and luxurious Shu Jing has a sense of grandeur and comfort at first sight. The valance bed, yellow-brown curtains and curtains, and the antique gourd-shaped bed lamp...all reveal the aristocratic atmosphere of the Qing Dynasty.

Yuexi, which is dominated by sky blue, lake blue, and deep sea blue, is very quiet and in line with the color of this Zhenglan Banner village. The sun shines into the house from the window, lighting up the blue here little by little, and finally reflected on the picture of fine fish playing with lotus on the opposite wall, adding more poetic interest.

In addition, the details of the sense of use should be greatly praised! The smart toilet that can be heated, the vanity mirror with backlight and quick defogging, the sense of luxury comes with it. The person who received us said that because we are in the deep mountains and there are springs in the village, the reference water in the room is mineral water with excellent water quality, so you can drink it with confidence!

From the first floor to the second floor, there are 3 places for tea tasting and meeting guests, which are enough for a small meeting or a chat. The middle is separated by display cabinets, wooden partitions, and green plants. No embarrassment. The elegant utensils and good tea provided by the tea room for free are also carefully selected by the owner of the homestay!

Serving a cup of tea, I hid on the couch in the small study room, only the light rustling sound of fingertips rubbing the paper was left in the sunshine tea fragrance.

As a real Manchu-style homestay, the lobby has carefully prepared a lot of Manchu costumes, children's and adults', from flag heads, clothes, to fans, flowerpot bottom shoes, a full set of equipment, for friends who love to play Time travel card!

To the west of Xianglinsu, a 5-kilometer road leads directly to the mountains and forests, a secret place of autumn scenery that can be measured on foot! The road surface is well repaired but still retains the most natural scenery, surrounded by various shades of red, yellow and green.

On the way, you will pass by an unnamed small lake naturally formed by the mountain. The water surface in late autumn is as calm as a mirror. If you come early, you can still see the faint mist. Occasionally, a few big mountain birds will fly across the lake and cause ripples. Stopping by the lake is like meeting the south of the Yangtze River.

The homestay has prepared a lot of bicycles and skateboards, both for adults and children, and we also brought them out for hiking when itching. There are many chestnut trees around. Although it is not known whether the fruit was picked up by people or squirrels stole it home, the trees left behind are extremely beautiful! With several turns, clear textured mountains, and old trees of unknown age, the uncanny workmanship of nature is so naturally displayed in front of you, which is amazing.

Xianglinsu has its own vegetable greenhouse base, which also satisfies our desire for a good harvest haha! Those who carry Chinese cabbage, those who pull beans, and those who pull radishes, my God, they are so fresh and delicious, I can’t help but buy some and take them home!

The delicious red hawthorn fruit is also ripe. The bunches of red fruit carry the rain and sunshine in summer and autumn, and they become full and bright. Just a glance makes my mouth water. I love cooking and eating, and I also like all kinds of food The taste, and finally went home to reveal a hand of sugar snowballs.

After turning far away, you can't fall down near! Not far from the homestay, there are basketball courts and football fields in the village that are flat and few people. In the homestay, there are offensive and defensive arrows and pot-throwing games that evolved from Manchu archery. There are several large yellow rock masses that are well inflated. Two teams, fight each other!

There is also an exclusive expansion base here, with hammocks, ladders, and tire swings. If you can bring your children here in summer, they may not want to leave!

Play around in the afternoon, everyone is hungry in the evening! Xiang Linsu, who started out as a catering company, is not alone in the study of food! The restaurant alone can accommodate a hundred people to dine at the same time, and the mother of the owner of the homestay was also recognized as the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage because of the unique "cypress bacon"! Delicious as you can imagine~

The "Twenty-Eight Seats" evolved from Manchu cuisine. The exquisite eight dishes, eight pots and sixteen dishes are served on the table. Each dish almost comes from a story, and the recipe is also very particular!

The little brother Jiaxing who received us talked about the origin of these dishes in the chat, and the most memorable one is this one - mahogany combed back! It is said that when Manchu Gege got married in the Qing Dynasty, her mother would comb her hair with a mahogany comb, so that her life would be smooth and happy after the proposal. Made in a copper pot, the "mahogany comb back", which is burnt, soft and glutinous, fat but not greasy, is also born accordingly.

Red scissors meat, stewed chicken with mushrooms, bacon and beans, cypress bacon...Because it has its own exclusive supply base, the ingredients are all of high standard! For vegetarians, you must try the special tofu balls and delicious ice grass here, it is a feast for the tongue!

I love the homemade pancakes here the most, and I heard that people often come here for the name! However, Xiaoyu and Yuhan love the boiled corn and sweet potatoes here so much that they are indeed sweeter than those elsewhere. I'm afraid I can't eat all the fancy staple foods!

After dinner, indoor entertaining takes center stage! The reason why I recommend team building partners is not only the loft, but also the well-equipped public space here! A restaurant that can accommodate hundreds of people, multiple meeting spaces, sweat steam room, KTV, meeting room, chess and card room... plus the basement floor, the three-story space of Xianglinsu gives us plenty of ways to relax and entertain.

The karaoke room is comparable to a professional KTV, with professional audio, projection equipment, and sound-absorbing and sound-proof protection. When the flashlight is turned on, the atmosphere instantly rises, and at the same time, there is no need to worry about affecting other people's sleep!

In addition to singing K, projection and long tables can be switched to conference mode with one click; you can also watch a movie quietly.

Next to the KTV is another group of friends' happy world - the chess and card room. Whether it is an electric mahjong table or an ordinary chess and card table, everything is ready here.

The steam room is also located in the basement, and is very popular among health-preserving friends. In the cold autumn and winter, the steam room surrounded by spars is the most suitable place to put down your mobile phone, chat with your friends, and relieve the cold! This is also one of the main reasons for choosing Xianglinsu before, haha!

During these 2 days and 1 night, the time seemed to be filled to the brim. It was not a busy work, nor a monotonous travel. I had a team building with a group of colleagues who usually work hard together. It was very novel and interesting. Very happy~ I have made an appointment with my family to come here for the New Year~