This summer, Dora went to Beijing to participate in a summer camp, and reluctantly brought two oil bottles with her parents. Dora was sweating profusely on the Temple of Heaven, scolding Fang Qiu in front of the camera, and the rest of the parents ate and slept, slept and played, I am really embarrassed to say it.

It has been more than 20 years since Dora's father went to Beijing last time. This time he revisited the old place, and the biggest impression of the imperial capital is that he has no impression. Back then, I remembered that Badaling was far away, Tiananmen was huge, and Beijing was very hot. Maybe this time for Dora, there won't be too much left after a few years, but for us, every day she spends in the summer camp is gratifying, with qualitative and visible progress. Sleep in a small bed by yourself, wash your hair and take a shower by yourself, eat a buffet with your friends by yourself, leave the sight of your parents and go to a strange stage by yourself...Reading thousands of books lays a solid foundation and is knowledgeable and sensible , is the bottom line, and what broadens the horizon is the horizon, astronomy and geography, and the upper limit.

Beijing itinerary:

day1: Arrive at South Railway Station by high-speed rail, take Metro Line 14 to Shangezhuang, and take a taxi to the hotel.

Day2: Opening Ceremony of Summer Camp Temple of Heaven, Logistical Support for Family 1 and Family 2.

day3: Duola went to class, and the family members went for a walk in the city after the family class.

day4: Dora gave a photogenic speech, family 1 and family 2 wandered around the city (Lama Temple).

day5: Closing ceremony, Dora and her family moved to the urban area, stayed in the hotel, and went shopping.

day6: Dora took her family to explore the Forbidden City.

day7: Take a taxi to the subway station, and take the high-speed rail at South Station to go home.

Transportation in Beijing:

The previous four nights were spent in the hot spring hotel arranged by the summer camp. In a suburb of the North Sixth Ring Road, it takes 20 minutes by taxi and nearly an hour to take the subway to enter the city. imagination. I lived near Guangqumen for the next two days. Although I had to wait about ten minutes for a taxi, the distance was not far, and I could afford to walk to the subway station. Beijing’s well-connected subway stations are still very convenient. You can download the mobile app and bind the payment method, and you can travel all the way, and it only costs a few yuan to sit in the dead end, which is very cost-effective.

Food in Beijing:

Before I went, I asked my friends in Beijing about various delicacies, such as roast duck, barbecue, hot pot, I ate them all, and I also tried fried noodles. But what Dora misses the most is the salad at the summer camp buffet. Every time my friend makes a pot of chicken, she makes a pot of colorful vegetables.

The weather in Beijing:

This trip was lucky and the weather was beautiful. It was said that it was raining every day before I went, and it started to clear up after arriving. Except for a little rain on the day of the Forbidden City tour, the rest was either cloudy or cloudy, which is very good.

Next, start posting pictures and writing words in the upgraded version of Moments:


After a long journey, it was late at night when we arrived at the hotel.

Probably the last batch to sign in.

Received various passports and cards.

There are many with the number D287.


I got up early the next day and went to the Temple of Heaven to attend the opening ceremony. The children had their own bus. From this moment on, they had already started to act alone and cultivate their self-care ability.

The task of accompanying family members is to wave the red flag.

Entrance to Temple of Heaven Park

The weather is really nice, Imperial Blue

There are many tourists, and there are also many local uncles and aunts. There are also various discounts for annual cards and monthly cards.

Red walls and green tiles, towering ancient trees

Landmarks seen from afar

there are so many people

Pray for good weather in the coming year

The kids line up

"Youth is strong, China is strong"...

family members walking around

summer camp takes a corner

A side hall of the Temple of Heaven

Another entrance to the Temple of Heaven

The traffic jam in Beijing is so terrible, the traffic in Beijing is really terrible. Looking at the map of Gaode, it is so popular.


Family members go to class, and Dora also goes to class.

The training room is in the conference center of the hotel.

A little far, a little old, but the environment is very good

Various lounge chairs

This sentence is very impressive, and I share with you

play after class

Family 1 still decided to take a 3-hour drive to see the night view of the city center.

The most central street in China


Guotai Minan

How much is the house price per square meter in this place?

Turn a corner, Wangfujing ahead

many tourists

A place where history meets fashion

It's a pity that Duola didn't come, otherwise I would go in and take a stroll

Countdown to the Winter Olympics

Panorama of Wangfujing


catholic church

This is the real Wangfujing landmark


Dora on stage...

It's all in the little raindrops...

single photo

doing well

summer camp family portrait

Two flowers bloom, each representing a branch

The family duo went to Lama Temple


Ahead is the destination, this is the palace where Yongzheng and Qianlong lived, a blessed place

Now it has become a holy place of blessing for Tibetan Buddhism.

Do as the Romans do, and receive a short incense stick for free


Every temple has many stories

Many praying people hold lotus flowers in their hands, praying for career, love, health and success

The specialty here is incense ash bracelets, which are made by mixing incense ash offered by devout men and women. There are two kinds of porcelain and glass, and there are many colors and different meanings.

This is all civil and military

This is the team that consecrated the bracelets

Follow the crowd

My wife bought me two strings...

After coming out, I went to Dawanju next door. The third brother in Beijing said that the noodles here are good.

when served

After mixing


Knife Pie


Summer camp is over, check out and leave

hotel interior

hotel bar

hotel exterior

The garden billboard is still there

Have a roast duck for lunch

Before I had time to take pictures, the roast duck was robbed by my baby, so let’s have a side dish

Passing by big pants after dinner

Far Looking Big Pants


Everyone said to go to Sanlitun to buy delicious ice cream

As a result, the original online celebrity shop was closed, so let’s get one from the opposite Erhong

Be careful for fear of falling

Nanmen Shua Meat for dinner

bar counter


Panorama of dishes

Old Beijing characteristic copper pot

Dora and my friends can't stop eating


Have breakfast and go to the Forbidden City

Snack chain store with a relatively loud brand

Order a little bit of each, try something new

Have you ever eaten a pie bigger than your head?

After breakfast, I went to Tiananmen Square, and I was shocked by the majestic scene as soon as I came out. Dora took pictures by herself

See if this majestic scene has been recorded

Can you help to P drop the tourists behind?

How much I want to see it, how much I want to see it more... (first grade text)

Our years are quiet because of your weight to move forward

Celebrating Centennial

Take a photo with Tiananmen

Following the crowd through Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City Museum is approaching

The Forbidden City that I think about day and night

Tickets for the Forbidden City must be reserved through the official website, and you can grab them on your mobile phone at 8:30 p.m. ten days in advance.

I originally wanted to watch the flag raising, but I have to get up at 2 o'clock and have to stand for 2 hours. I really can't bear it, so let's salute and express my heart here.

Just saluting, the uncles of the escort came back from training with neat steps

One minute on stage, ten years off stage, three nines in winter and three days in summer, watching their light green military uniforms soaked into dark green with sweat, I gave Doraji a big lesson at the right time.

Receive the ticket and arrive at the ticket gate under the Meridian Gate

Rent an interpreter and a small map. I listen to Wang Gang's version, and Dora listens to the children's version.

Through the long and narrow passage, the sky of history is in front of you

There are fewer people than outside

Take pictures while listening to the explanation

Start a day's journey of measuring the imperial city with your feet.

The children passing by shouted loudly: happy opportunity, great happy opportunity

Every brick in this square tells its own story

Step through the door and enter the emperor's office area

At the beginning, Duola said that every room should be visited, but the encouragement only lasted for half an hour

ancient clock

The crane that heralds good luck

There is a huge square in front of each palace

Ahead, Emperor's Office

Currently under renovation, the main hall cannot be entered, only to look outside

All the main halls cannot be entered, so we can only take pictures outside

As a layman, I feel that every palace is similar. Only after listening to the explanation and reading the introduction can I know the story and meaning behind it.

By this time Dora was dying.

Many tour groups also rest here. There are many resting stools and places to eat in the entire Forbidden City, and the price is not expensive, very close to the people.

Dora and her mother became energetic as soon as they saw the specialty store, and bought a lot of bookmarks and souvenirs

From Shenwumen to the Forbidden City, walked for a full 5 hours

In the distance should be Jingshan Park, which is said to overlook the panorama of the Forbidden City.

After coming out of the Forbidden City, there will be a tourist bus transfer to the subway station or other scenic spots. Dola took us to Nanluoguxiang, where the sugar blowers blow a pony to eat.

In fact, there is too much commercial atmosphere here.

The barbecue recommended by the third brother in Beijing is in an alley, where many authentic Beijingers eat.

spread a layer

Spread another layer and eat


Today is the day to go home, but Duola said that we all have bracelets, and she wants them too, so I took the time to go to Lama Temple before going home.

When queuing up, a young lady who purchased from the back said enviously, "You made a lot of money with this order."

The ticket gate for the bullet train going home.

The Beijing chapter is over, the next one is Nanjing, Chongqing or Xi'an...