No ancient capital is as rough and tender as Beijing. The broken walls and ruins of the old city have contained Lin Haiyin's old events in the south of the city, and they are also full of human touch in Lao She's works. People who love Beijing have never loved its "tallness". Even if the weather, traffic, and house prices are not satisfactory, those cultural and artistic belts that grow next to the historic sites are the charming places that keep this city alive.

  The transportation in Beijing is actually not a headache, the subway or bus are very convenient. After arriving in Beijing, you can apply for a municipal transportation card at the subway station (deposit 20, which will be refunded when you return the card), and take the bus with a 50% discount. The subway can save you the time of queuing up to buy tickets, and you can also use taxis. If you need to stay in Beijing for about five or six days, you can directly recharge about 80 yuan.

  If you don’t consider taking the bus during your itinerary, you don’t need to apply for this card. You can download the “Yitongxing” APP on your mobile phone, and you can directly swipe your mobile phone to take the subway.

  A navigation app is a must, and I prefer Baidu Maps after testing. The people in Beijing are very enthusiastic, especially grandmas, who will give you clear instructions if you ask for directions with a quick mouth. A Beijing movie sounds very comfortable.


  1. If you go out before 6:00, it is recommended to experience the bus in Beijing. The car will also be equipped with a safety officer who will remind the elderly to stand still and help them carry trolley cases or large and heavy items.

  2. Beijing public transport is billed by section, 2 yuan within 10 kilometers, and then every 1 yuan for 5 kilometers, and you can enjoy a 50% discount by swiping a card. Remember to swipe your card when you get on and off the bus (if you don’t swipe your card when you get off the bus, the farthest mileage of the whole station will be deducted and there is no discount for the fare when you take the bus again).

  3. For a 3-door car, get on the middle door and get off at the front and rear doors (just the opposite of Wuxi).

  4. The first subway starts operating around 5:10. When traveling, remember to avoid the two peak commuting hours of 7:30-9:30 and 17:00-19:00, which are very crowded.

  Day 1

  old beijing chai

  The lunch time is very crowded, you can find a seat first and then scan the QR code to order to avoid long queues. The disadvantage is that the sauce beef can only be ordered at 2 taels, half a catty, or a catty. You can queue up at 9 yuan/tael, and the starting point is 2 taels.

  The food delivery is very fast after placing an order on WeChat. The essence here is the stewed beef soup. The old beef noodle soup (not including beef) is 12 yuan. Although there are beef noodles on the menu, it is not recommended to order it. It is better to order it directly. The correct posture is to order old soup and vegetarian noodles, and another dish of sauced beef. The noodles are round and chewy. Compared with those in Wuxi and Suzhou, they are more chewy. The soup is very dark, and it will be salty when you drink it empty mouth. The meat is full of fragrance, and the shredded cabbage is very refreshing. .

  Chai's cold noodles are 16 yuan, which are specially available in summer, and there are two types of spicy and non-spicy. The noodle is refreshing, shredded cucumber, xinmei, chopped green onion and sesame sauce are all the same. It tastes sweet but the sesame sauce is not strong enough, a little watery, which is not bad.

  I also asked the waiter to order two bowls of noodles, soup, and soup. This meal is very satisfying and beautiful.

Zeng Sheng Kui Snack Bar

  This store is very famous. It has been open since 1928. It is only for a bite of tofu brain and sugar oil cake. When we arrived at the store at 5:30, there were 3 people in front of the store. By 6:10, we finished eating and the team was already quite good. long. Their dine-in and take-out windows are divided into two queues, but only one person is in the queue, so they have to wait at one end and the other, and they are still in a queue in essence. This store is very cheap, you can have a good breakfast for 5 yuan per person.

  The ones in the window were all cold. Seeing so many Mending meat pies, I canceled my plan to eat Mending sesame seed cakes.

  Their soy milk has a high alcohol content. When I passed the alley early in the morning and found a pile of bean dregs on the ground, I decided to order the soy milk here. Sure enough, I was not disappointed, with a strong bean fragrance.

Tiananmen Square

  Walk along Chang'an Street for 5 minutes to pass the security check and arrive at the Tiananmen Gate Tower. At 7:20 in the morning, the sky is clear. The opening time of the Forbidden City has not yet arrived, so we went through the underground passage and went to the other side to see the National Museum of China, the Great Hall of the People, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and the Monument to the People's Heroes.

  Forbidden City

  At 8:10, I entered the Forbidden City through the Duanmen with the large troops. It was neither a holiday nor a weekend, so I quickly arrived inside. At 8:31, I was already standing in front of the Taihe Gate. If you travel during the peak season of holidays, you can arrive at Donghuamen first, and then walk to Meridian Gate, which can save about an hour of queuing for security checks at Tiananmen Square.

  My Forbidden City tour route is: Meridian Gate - Jinshui Bridge - Xihe Gate - Duanhong Bridge - Eighteen Huaihuai - Taihe Gate - Hall of Supreme Harmony - Hall of Central Harmony - Hall of Preserving Harmony - Jianting - Yanxi Palace - Chengqian Palace - Yonghe Palace-Tongshun Zhai-Royal Garden-Wanchun Pavilion-Zaozao Hall-Duixiu Mountain-Chuxiu Palace-Tihe Palace-Yikun Palace-Taiji Hall-Compassion Palace-Shoukang Palace-Compassion Garden-Linxi Pavilion - Military Aircraft Office - Yongshou Palace - Qianqing Gate - Big Stone Carving - Qianqing Palace - Jiaotai Palace - Kunning Palace - Imperial Garden - Tianyi Gate - Qin'an Palace - Jifu Gate - Shenwu Gate

  The Forbidden City The Forbidden City is the first of the five largest palaces in the world. Twenty-four emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties lived here. It's a pity that the Forbidden City is only 76% open at present, and the meaning is still unfinished.

  Stroll from 8:30 to leave at 15:30, except for some that are under repair and closed, such as Yangxing Hall, Huangji Hall, etc., basically walked once. There was a little shower in the middle, and I rested in the shade for about an hour, and spent the rest of the time walking non-stop, watching the exhibitions in various palaces. With vermilion palace walls and bright yellow roofs, stepping into the Forbidden City seems to have returned to the era of monarchs and ministers.

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Zhengyang Gate

Xiyuanju Old Beijing Hot Pork (Qianmen)

  Instant-boiled mutton is a necessity for Beijingers, and it’s what I’m talking about for a while. There are two schools of hot-boiled mutton across the country, one is Qingshui pie represented by Beijing copper pot hot-boiled mutton, and the other is a variety of soup-based pies. Beijing’s mutton mutton, as a native of Beijing, today I would like to recommend an authentic Beijing mutton that Beijingers will eat.

  Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat~

  When it comes to Beijing shabu-shabu, there are two good standards: good meat and good dipping sauce

  The location is on the 2nd floor of No. 2 A, Qianmen Street, the 2nd floor of Qianmen Subway Station (2nd floor of KFC).

It is also full every day in hot weather. If it is cold, you need to queue up. Often ranked to 50+

  Xiyuanju old Beijing shabu-shabu taste: When it comes to old Beijing shabu-shabu, it is different from other hot pots. It has to be a copper pot. The meat must be hand-cut, and then there are venetian dishes. The dishes are only cabbage vermicelli, served with sesame sauce Small material, this is the basic needs of real Beijingers who don't like cumbersome winter. Hand-cut meat pays attention to the appearance, the color should be red and white, fat and thin, not all thin, only a little fat is delicious. The time to wash it in must be grasped. If it is short, it will not be cooked. If it is long, it will be old. It is just 10 seconds. Put the sesame sauce on it and put it in your mouth to bite.

Xiyuanju Old Beijing Instant Pot

  Xiyuanju Old Beijing Boiled Pork is really tender, with a crispy and soft taste. The mutton has no smell, but the mutton taste is also slightly weak. According to the store's suggestion, if you wash it for 12 seconds, it will be a little more tender like a girl's skin, and it will be more reassuring to eat it if it is cooked, and it will still be fresh and tender. [Homemade Fresh Lamb] The best night, the meat color is bright red, the entrance is crisp and tender, the mutton taste is very positive, I feel that it is not inferior to Nanmen. Friends who have never caught a cold for fresh-cut brains also ate a lot and spoke highly of it

  The meat of Xiyuanju Lao Beijing's own Baitian sheep is the most tender, and the sheep's brain has the most fat, and the taste is soft and fragrant but not greasy.

  And this old Beijing waiter told us that mutton mutton is very different from hot pot. Lamb mutton tastes more special than hot pot. The sauce alone is very particular. The secret sesame sauce is made from 31 kinds of seasonings.

  Xiyuanju old Beijing boiled meat is also very particular about the way of eating after the dipping ingredients are ready. Not only is there a precise time limit when boiling the meat, but also the dipping ingredients are also particular. After the fresh mutton is cooked, it Dip some sesame sauce with the temperature. Every bite is satisfying~

Xiyuanju Old Beijing Instant Pot

  Xiyuanju old Beijing shabu-shabu, after simmering the meat, the soup base becomes more flavorful. Can't wait to slide a whole plate of shrimp into the pot~ This shrimp slip is made of real ingredients, you can eat fresh shrimp, and the taste is springy.

  day 2

  Badaling Great Wall

  There are several Great Walls in Beijing, and the most famous one is the Badaling Great Wall. If there is no accompanying elderly, the Jiankou Great Wall is a place I like very much. Whether it is from the perspective of photography or the steep terrain, I am yearning for it. If you don’t go to Badaling, I also recommend you to go to Mutianyu. There will be slightly fewer people and the scenery is also very good.

  There are not many people from North 1 to North 8, because it is not a weekend or a holiday, and the weather is very cool this day, so it is easy to climb up. There are ravines and ravines, beacon towers stand upright, and the eyes are full of green mountains.

Badaling Great Wall

  The scenery on the north ninth to north eleventh floors of the Badaling Great Wall is more beautiful than the crowded and noisy scene in front, but at the same time, there are also difficult climbing areas close to 90 degrees straight up and down that need to be overcome.

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall Drum Tower Mantou Shop

  This main store is very close to Nanluoguxiang, and there is no long queue as reported on the Internet. They are all handmade water-alkaline steamed buns, which are relatively solid, and they are layered, and they are very tasty when biting. Chewy, half can be full.

  Bean buns are 2.5 yuan per piece. The stuffing is made of red beans, and you can still see the soft bean shells. It is delicate and sweet, and very fragrant. I really like this stuffing. As for the skin of the buns, we use our words here To put it bluntly, it is the "dead face" that has not been raised, and it is a bit choking.

  Whole-wheat steamed buns are 1.2 yuan/piece, very simple, but a small amount of wheat bran is added to the dough, which is also heavy and slightly dry. Compared with the honest goods in the north, I still love Yangzhou steamed stuffed buns.

  If there is a long queue at this restaurant, you can walk a few more steps to the branch on Andingmennei Street, which will be much better.

  3rd day

  Crow's Lee Kee

  Ya'er Liji has 4 stores in Houhai, one every tens of meters, and has a great reputation. Arrived at 6:20 in the morning, there were not many people in line, and it started to stream after 10 minutes. I tried their soy milk and millet porridge, and they were both clear and watery. The sugar cake was cold for a period of time, warm, tough but not crispy, not much brown sugar, and it was several grades worse than Zeng Shengkui.

  Liji Gold Medal Biscuits cost 1 yuan per piece. The pretzel biscuits are the most famous here. There is no limit to the purchase amount at the takeaway window, but the dine-in limit is limited, so many people line up at the takeaway and bring them into the store to eat. Semi-leavened noodles, sesame sauce, pepper, and salt are added to the noodle sauce. The temperature is enough so that the skin is crispy and has distinct layers. Northern biscuits are relatively extensive. Although they are only the size of the palm of your hand, they can keep you from being hungry for a long time. You can try it.


  The entire Shicha Seaview District is divided into Qianhai, Houhai and Xihai. Day and night are completely different pictures. I have seen the hustle and bustle of Houhai Bar Street at night, and I have also experienced the tranquility of Qianhai in the morning. Walking along the way, I also visited the surrounding alleys. Lotus Market, Jinding Bridge, Yinding Bridge, Ya'er Hutong, Ganlu Hutong, Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling, Wild Duck Island, Yangfang Hutong, Liuyin Street, Prince Gong's Mansion, Xiaoxiangfeng Hutong, Former Residence of Guo Moruo.

Beihai Park

  It began to rain lightly in the morning, and it’s not a bad thing to stroll around the park leisurely. It’s just that we estimated the weather in Beijing. It was still 30 degrees the day before, and it suddenly dropped to 20 degrees this day, which was chilly. The tour route from north to north, Jingxinzhai, Nine Dragons Wall, Xitian Brahma, Wulong Pavilion, Xiaoxitian and the most famous White Pagoda, all went there without taking a boat.

  "Let us swing our oars, and the boat pushes away the waves." This familiar nursery rhyme pushes away the blue waves in Beihai Park.

  There are three existing Nine Dragon Walls in China, one in the Forbidden City, one in Datong, Shanxi, and the third in Beihai Park. This is the only existing double-sided "Nine Dragons" wall of colored glazed bricks in my country. It is said that a total of 635 dragons, large and small, are inlaid.

Wang Fatzi Donkey Meat Fire (Gulou Branch)

  How much I like the donkey meat fire here, but I ate it two nights in a row. The hot and sour cabbage heart and five-spice tofu shreds are large, and the crispy melon is very juicy. Served with thick and delicious millet porridge, it will soothe the stomach.

  There are two types of donkey fire: high-quality and ordinary. The high-quality is pure lean meat with tendons, and the ordinary is half fat and half fat. The heat of the freshly rolled and baked fire is very important. The second night is more crunchy and delicious than the first night. The stewed donkey meat slices are accompanied by green peppers. The meat is delicate and crispy, and the donkey broth is added. It is very good to eat while it is hot.

day 4

  Niujie Halal Snack City

  People from the south of the Yangtze River and people from the north must have a certain difference in diet. Because I took my mother with me, I didn't touch offal or fried food. Therefore, soy milk, fried liver, fried belly, stewed, fried cakes, burnt rings, sausages, skewers, and sugar ears are not evaluated. My mother loves to eat snacks, especially pasta, so she ate a lot of biscuits, fire, steamed buns, and steamed buns. For eating, I am still quite happy to spend my time.

  There is a must-go Niu Street in Beijing, where there are many restaurants and snack bars, large and small. The most famous one is Jubaoyuan, but locals seldom go there to eat. There are also Hongji Snack Bar, Cheese Wei, and Niujie Halal Supermarket on the first floor. There are Yibao lotus leaf rice cakes, Baiji rice cakes, and sheep scorpions. Lao Chengyi, etc., but compared to the famous Niujie, I suggest that you turn a corner and go to the input alley. I like the products more.

  This is the largest Muslim gathering place in the city, so there are many real beef and mutton and halal snacks. There is also the best beef and mutton wholesale market in Beijing-Niujie Halal Beef and Mutton Market. If you know how to cook beef and mutton, you can buy some fresh ones as early as possible.

Grandpa's Steamed Bun Stand

  At the intersection of Jiaozi Hutong and Input Hutong, I came across a steamed stuffed bun stand of an old man. At 6:25, there were five or six people in line, and everyone bought 10 or 20 steamed buns. There is only one kind of beef and scallion stuffing for the buns, piled in a basket, a simple tricycle, and a table next to it, with vinegar and chili oil. The people who bought it looked like residents nearby, and some people bought it and ate it right away. , a mouthful of buns dipped in chili oil, mouth watering.

  Seeing this battle, we followed suit. There were only two steel coins on us, just enough to buy one.

  The bag is out of order, to be honest, it’s not as good-looking as my mother’s bag, the leather seems to be pulled together randomly. The buns are not big, some places are thin and soaked in gravy, and some places are thick enough to bite the filling.

  The seasoning of the meat filling is a bit salty, but the filling is really good. My mother likes it very much. I think it is better if it is lighter. It is worth trying. I came back and checked, and it turns out that it is really famous. It is said that the old man has been selling it for 20 years. He starts to work around 4 o'clock in the morning and closes the stall before 9 o'clock every morning. Get up early if you want to try it. Have some change ready, cash only.

Man Kee Biscuits

  The shops in the input alley are quite small, and it is easy to miss if you are not paying attention. The small shops are next to each other. This shop is next to the Niujie Halal Beef and Mutton Market, and at first sight it seems to be a sesame seed shop, so I am very happy to try it. After all, it only makes sesame seed cakes, and it probably won’t taste bad. There are two flavors of biscuits, salt and pepper and sesame sauce, both of which are 1 yuan each, buy 5 and get 1 free. I was thinking about how many to buy, two people came, and one of them picked up 100 and left, yes you read that right, 100.

  Sesame sauce biscuits may be more popular with locals, anyway, most of the people who come to buy this taste. I tried both.

  If you want to make sesame seed cakes well, you need to use semi-leavened noodles. In addition to sesame paste, pepper, and salt, you should also put an appropriate amount of cumin in the fried sauce. Best baked first. The layering of the sesame seed cakes is not bad, the shell is crispy, and the flavor of sesame paste and fennel is lacking, but it is better than 1 yuan for a very high cost performance, and it can still be recommended.

  Looking at the mediocre pretzels, they are fragrant and crispy baked in the oven. When you bite into the crust, there is a crunchy sound. The multi-layered cross-section inside is soft and strong, with wheat and sesame aromas, and a slight salty taste , three or two bites are enough to solve it, and the feeling of satiety is also very strong.

  It is said that the fried chicken drumsticks here are also delicious, but I haven't sold them since I went there. If you are interested, you can try it. You can't afford to buy sesame seed cakes. recommend.

  Shiji Halal Biscuit Pie

  The front door is not big, there is no shop sign, and I found it when I turned back and walked this alley. Fortunately, there were not many people. There are not many things sold in the store, 3 kinds of pies (beef and green onion stuffing 5.5 yuan/piece, beef and leek stuffing 5 yuan/piece, beef fennel stuffing 5 yuan/piece), sesame sesame seed cake 1.2 yuan/piece, millet porridge 1 Yuan.

  Of course, I prefer beef and green onion stuffing. Many people like to pour some vinegar when eating pies, but I like to eat the original flavor. Bite open the dough lightly, the rich beef soup gurgles out, the aroma is tangy, and the thin skin of the dough can hardly be felt after one bite, it is all the satisfaction of beef and green onions. tasty.

  When I left after eating, there happened to be freshly baked sesame biscuits in the store, and my stomach capacity was limited, so I didn't try it. It is a bit bigger than Manji Biscuit, and it smells delicious.

  There are two other kinds of snacks in Beijing—sack bag fire, door nail meat pie. I think it is similar to his beef pie in essence, but the beef pie is definitely stronger in terms of satisfaction.

  Niujie Hung Kee Snack Bar

  Hung Kee Snack Bar is relatively famous in Niujie. There are many kinds of halal snacks. Each window sells different products, so you have to see clearly in line to avoid mistakes. The queue for buying fried cakes and dine-in is the longest, and there is no queue for rice cakes and steamed buns. Looking at the hot steamed stuffed bun, I bought it and tried it.

  Beef buns are 2 yuan/piece. The northern buns are not big in size. The bun skin is soft and the filling is not big. The seasoning is lighter than that of the old man at the entrance of Hutongkou, which is more suitable for my taste. As for the taste, is it amazing? That's not there, it's just an ordinary steamed stuffed bun.

  This restaurant is also famous for toothpick meat and beef cubes. In addition, there are snacks such as pea yellow, donkey rolling, candied fruit, jujube corn bread, and vegetable corn bread. If you are interested, buy it and try it yourself.

summer palace

  The most beautiful and beloved Summer Palace, walk slowly for 6 hours. The vegetation is luxuriant, and the emerald green lake is dotted with lotus leaves. Shu Su. The twists and turns of the West Dike are beautiful, one step at a time, and the weeping willows are like curtains and fog. The peaks of the West Mountains, the shadows of the Yuquan Tower, the blue waves of Kunming, the Seventeen-Arch Bridge, the art gallery... "Where is the Yanshan Mountain to feel free, and the unparalleled Fengyue belongs to Kunming."

summer palace

summer palace

summer palace

summer palace

summer palace

Four Seasons Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant (Wangfujing Dengshikou Branch)

  After a night tour of Wangfujing Street, I walked through a small alley to this Dengshikou branch. When I arrived at the store at 9:00 pm, I waited for about 20 minutes to be seated. The pre-dinner fruit is a sweet lychee.

  The crispy and tender roast duck is 228 yuan/piece, which has increased the price. It was 198 yuan/piece before. The stewed oven-roasted duck with maroon oil and crispy shell is full of fat. The duck skin on the first plate is dipped in white sugar and a bit of oil. , with slightly salty mashed garlic, in fact, I personally don't like these two eating methods very much.

  Skillfully mixed bean sprouts 29 yuan, seasoned sweet, very appetizing and refreshing bean sprouts, with peanuts added.

day 5

  Daoxiang Village

  There are several kinds of Daoxiang Village on the streets of Beijing, including Suzhou and Hebei. Only the one with the Sanhe logo is Beijing Daoxiang Village. Before leaving Beijing, I saw that there was a sale at the station, and they were all packaged in bags. Unlike the store, which can be sold in bulk, the price will be slightly more expensive. Because of the heavy weight, I only brought beef tongue cakes and hawthorn pot helmets.

  I really like this hawthorn pot helmet. The outer layer of crispy pine is full of milk fragrance, the acidity of the hawthorn stuffing in the middle is very playful, and the sweetness is subtle, and finally it is unified in a somewhat soft and waxy paste. The sharpness of the acid sets off the reality of the whole pastry. The point is, it is not greasy at all and tastes very refreshing.