I have long heard that there is a children’s playground in Beijing that is full of girls’ hearts. It is as warm as Sanya in spring and summer, and it also has a magical experience that you can’t get enough of. Let’s have fun with my guide today! To be honest, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the baby "rushed" in, and I also rushed after the baby. I was stunned the moment I saw the carousel! OMG! ~This is the castle of my dreams, who is not a little princess! !

This large-scale comprehensive entertainment complex for children called Baoyan Paradise really has a veritable charm. Various small and fresh color castles, various entertainment venues, and the giant slide combination... It can be said that every place is the baby's favorite. At present, Baoyan Paradise has opened a total of two theme pavilions - "Castle Paradise" + "Four Seasons Constant Temperature Water Park", each of which has its own characteristics. Let me introduce them to you one by one.

"Play Items"
I told you earlier that this place is divided into two themes. Relatively speaking, there are more and more interesting facilities in the Castle Paradise. It is recommended that you come here first, because if you are tired and sweaty playing here, you can still Go to the water park to take a bath and rest.

The main facilities and play items in the Castle Paradise include: super combination slide park, decompression naughty castle park, dynamic VR park, building block world, sand pool experience area, trampoline experience area, simulated town (small kitchen, small supermarket, Little Bank, Little Library, Little Post Office, Little Fireman, Little Driver, Princess Dressing Area), Carousel, Parent-child Restaurant, Baby's Birthday Room, Baoma's Nail Room, Baby Lounge, etc.

Bear the brunt of the merry-go-round should be loved by every adult and child. The pony carriage inside is the most popular. After sitting on it, I feel like a proud princess with my baby~ There is also a special rental area next to it, where you can give your beloved little The princess puts on a beautiful gauze dress and really makes herself the princess of this castle.

And for a boy to imagine himself as a great firefighter, it is also absolutely domineering. In fact, role-playing in this simulated town is also the baby's favorite play item. In addition to experiencing various scenarios such as firefighters, chefs, princesses, etc., the reading area, tent area, etc. Babies learn knowledge, experience many things three-dimensionally, and meet interesting children to play with. It can be said that it is very interesting.

And the coolest thing here is of course the Internet celebrity project, which I named "Super Slide". The 45-degree blue ocean ball slide and the 90-degree red vertical slide are definitely loved by adults and children! From the 90-degree slide "whoosh", you can slide to the ground in 4 seconds. There are joyful screams and shouts everywhere, what a lively scene.

As for the decompression of the naughty castle paradise, I think it is the most beautiful place in the film this time, and it is really good to shoot. There are various small slides, climbing nets and light and shadow magic balls distributed in the pink ball pool. After the baby enters, she can completely let herself go. Everything is soft and has no edges and corners. It can be said that the safety factor is super high.

I can finally rest here~

Of course, the Castle Paradise is actually very big, and there is also a dynamic vr park, sand experience, painting and trampoline, etc. Basically, all the entertainment items we can think of that children like can be found here. I feel that parents can rest assured that their children can find their own interests here. After all, all places are colorful and safe. So don't worry at all.

The four seasons constant temperature water park, in fact, this water park is an absolute good place for leisure for me personally. After all, children are afraid of water, so I use this as a hot spring spa hall hahaha. The entire water park can actually be seen from the castle park, and a huge water slide is particularly attractive. Each water area has its own independent and fun places, high-speed water slides, rotating slides, parent-child play areas, low-speed children's swimming areas, low-speed slides, constant temperature spa pools, and steam rooms can be said to be everything!

Children who love to play with water can prepare a variety of fun water toys here. The heights of various pools vary, but overall they are not very deep, so there is no need to worry about safety issues. Just remember to bring a shower cap here

"Service and Safety"
All the service items here are staffed by the staff of the park, and they are really kind and love children. There are also many security inspectors at the water park. It can be said that the whole process is quite safe in my opinion. They will help you solve all kinds of problems in time

Bringing the baby to play, the mother can still do nail art here, this service has to be said to be considerate and thoughtful! And there is a dressing room specially prepared for mothers, which is quite beautiful.

Castle Park has its own parent-child restaurant. This restaurant also has an independent super large party room, which can be used for birthday parties. It can be arranged in various ways, which is really good.

There are quite a few styles of food to choose from in the restaurant, including drinks, burgers, and pasta. However, there are still quite a lot of people at noon on weekends, so it is recommended that you come at the wrong peak!

There is an exclusive location for parking children's vehicles at the door, so it is very convenient for the whole family to come.

All items have independent cabinets, placed in an orderly manner, and are disinfected and cleaned every day.

"shopping experience"
As soon as you enter the door, there are all kinds of exquisite goods and clothing, especially suitable for children to choose.

"Play Tips":

1. Recommended itinerary:
Castle Paradise---Four Seasons Constant Temperature Water Park---Bath---Casual Snacks
2. Paradise ticket price 🎫: 390 for one big and one child on peak days, 290 on weekdays
3. There are parking spaces in the shopping mall, free of charge before 19:00 on weekdays and 20:00 on weekends. Of course, Baoyan Paradise can receive parking coupons
4. You must wear a swimming cap in the water park! Sure!
5. It is recommended to wear thicker socks for the baby. The castle park needs to take off the shoes all the way to play
6. For the slide project, you must remember to bring a long sleeve for the baby to avoid unnecessary abrasions. Of course, Baoyan Paradise also provides it, which is super considerate.
7. When the carousel opens, there will be a lot of people. It is recommended that you wait for the people to disperse before coming to avoid queuing
8. When there are many people on weekends, parents must keep an eye on the baby. From time to time, they will look for the baby on the radio. Haha, it is very fun.
9. The storage bag adopts face recognition, and there will be staff guidance, so there is no need to worry.
10. It is recommended that you plan your time reasonably and eat at off-peak times. Or there are hand signs in the park, and you can choose the restaurant downstairs when there are many people in the restaurant.