Preparations before departure

1. Book round-trip air tickets: Considering financial issues, we two Huizhou girls booked the Huizhou Pingtan-Beijing Nanyuan airport on Ctrip half a month in advance. The round-trip tax is about 1500 (excluding meals), you can compare Other travel websites, because Shenzhen and Guangzhou airports all fly to Capital International Airport, are 100-200 yuan more expensive than Nanyuan Airport. From November, Pingtan Airport will add flights to Capital International Airport, you can pay attention. However, the big airport is more troublesome, and there are many people queuing for a long time.

2. Book a B&B: I booked a room through the Airbnb software. It costs about 1,000 yuan for five nights, and some places near the subway entrance are slightly more expensive.

3. Prepare a travel plan: pay attention to Beijing attractions on the Internet in advance and plan a route.

4. Pay attention to the weather: Because we went to Beijing at the end of October, it was late autumn in Beijing, there was windy weather, and the temperature difference between morning and evening was large, so we brought down jackets, cotton clothes, hats, etc.

5. A little cash: Some places in Beijing only accept cash. Each of us brought more than 300 RMB.

6. Download the travel app: Beijing Metro only accepts cash. You can download it in the mobile application market: "Yitongxing". After completing the real-name registration system, you can directly purchase subway tickets in advance on the APP, and then go directly to the subway station to collect tickets (online ticket collection office ).

7. If you don’t take the bus or subway in Beijing, it is recommended to take a taxi. They are all Beijing locals, and the prices are transparent.

Then wait for the plane to take off and arrive in Beijing at about 10 pm.

Accommodation: I stayed in a hotel near the Bird’s Nest—Beijing Junhe Hotel

Comments: The room is very clean and the service is very good. I have been in contact with both the day shift and the night shift at the front desk, which is awesome! The bed and pillows were so comfortable! Sound insulation is also good! The central air conditioner has a lot of air conditioning and hot water! Free fruit, coffee and snacks at the front desk! The surrounding hotels are considered cost-effective, and there are parking spaces, which is very convenient!

The first day of the itinerary-- Forbidden City, Nanluoguxiang, Bird's Nest, Water Cube

Because there is a special car in the homestay to go to the subway entrance, so we get up at 7 in the morning and start at 8. I ate some breakfast near the subway entrance - Qingfeng Baozipu, a total of 24 yuan.

It may be that we are not used to eating. We feel that the buns are tasteless. The millet porridge here is also unseasoned. Generally speaking, dumplings are edible.

. Forbidden City

Transportation: To go to the Forbidden City, take Metro Line 1 to "Tiananmen East" or "Tiananmen West", get off at Metro Line 2 "Qianmen", and it is within walking distance. In addition, there are many bus lines to reach (Tiananmen East Station, Tiananmen West Station, Qianmen Station)
Two subway lines are recommended: Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Tiananmen East Station, take Exit B to Nanchizi Street, and walk 1.2 kilometers to the entrance of Donghuamen (when we went, we just arrived at Donghuamen, The security guard said to enter through the Meridian Gate, and then took a detour before entering the ticket gate of the Forbidden City.)

Tickets: Beijing Forbidden City Ticket Prices
The peak season is from April 1st to October 31st every year, and each ticket is RMB 60 (excluding the Treasure Hall and the Clock Hall)
Every year from November 1st to March 31st of the next year is the off-season, and each ticket is RMB 40 (excluding the Treasure Hall and the Clock Hall)
Treasure Hall: (that is, entering the Ningshou Palace area, including the Opera Hall and Stone Drum Hall) Visit tickets: RMB 10 each
Watch Museum: (that is, enter the Fengxian Temple area) Visit tickets: RMB 10 each
Children under 1.2 meters in height can visit for free with guardians
How to book tickets: You can buy tickets on the spot (too many people, not recommended), or buy directly on the "Forbidden City Museum" official website one day in advance
Note: The museum is closed on Mondays, so don't go; be sure to bring your original ID card.

Recommended route: Meridian Gate - Shoukang Gate - Compassionate Ning Palace - Imperial Garden - Hall of Preserving Harmony - Hall of Supreme Harmony - Gate of Supreme Harmony - Donghua Gate
There are several lines in the Palace Museum. Because there are too many people, there are tour groups everywhere, and it is the first time I go there. I am a little confused, so I came here in a hurry that day, and I don’t know which line I took. ,Ha ha! If you really want to understand the culture of the Forbidden City, it is recommended to come several times and take different routes each time.

The Forbidden City finally came out at Donghua Gate. It is recommended to go to Jingshan Park, which is just behind Donghua Gate, very close. Tickets are RMB 2. When you climb to the top of the mountain, you can have a panoramic view of the Forbidden City. It happened to be facing the light that day, so I couldn't see the actual panorama clearly.


After we got down from Jingshan Park, we followed the navigation, thinking that we could go all the way to Nanluoguxiang. Who knew that was too naive, there was still a long distance, so we chose to take the bus there, haha.
Transportation: Bus No. 107, No. 124, get off at Baocha Hutong Station, and arrive at the north exit of Nanluoguxiang
Take bus No. 13, No. 60, or No. 118 and get off at Luoguxiang Station, and arrive at the south entrance of Nanluoguxiang
Take Metro Line 6 and get off at Nanluoguxiang Station
Nanluoguxiang can be said to be a snack street, which hides many authentic Beijing snacks. Such as Wenyu Cheese Shop.

First of all, I want to talk about the Internet celebrity soufflé. I didn’t plan to buy it at first, but I saw a lot of people queuing up at the door. In addition, I watched Hong Kong dramas before, and I always wanted to try it. Who knows who will regret it. The top and bottom layers are bread. , the middle is completely foamy, no wonder it takes a few minutes to finish eating, we feel super unpalatable at the first bite, but we can’t waste it, after all, it costs 25 oceans, and it’s a bit nauseating at the end, is it because we’re not used to it? ? It is recommended that a few friends try a copy, so as not to regret it.
I used to talk about the old Beijing miscellaneous sauce noodles, but this time I finally ate it, but I don’t think it’s as delicious as our Heyuan rice noodles in Guangdong... The noodles are thick and hard. Seeing others eating them with relish, I found that maybe we are not suitable for living in Beijing.
The only thing that is more gratifying is this Wenyu cheese (No. 49, Nanluoguxiang). We ordered one each, red bean double-skin milk and mixed fruit cheese. It is recommended to eat mixed fruit cheese. It really has a milky fragrance. Unfortunately, we bought it in advance and ate it after a few hours, and it has already melted. , What a waste.
It was almost 4 pm in Nanluoguxiang, and then we took the bus for 1 hour to Tiantan Park. Who knew that the ticket sales had stopped, so we could no longer go in to see it.
Temple of Heaven Transportation: South Gate of Temple of Heaven: No. 36, 120, 122
West Gate of Temple of Heaven: No. 2, 20, 120
North Gate of Temple of Heaven: No. 6, 34, 35, 36, 106, 111
East Gate of the Temple of Heaven: No. 6, 25, 34, 35, 36, 39, 41, 43, 60, 610, 684, 685, 723, 814
Take Metro Line 5 to Temple of Heaven East Gate Station
Temple of Heaven ticket price:
Peak season (April 1-October 31) 15 yuan, combined ticket 34 yuan (including tickets and the garden in the garden)
Off-season (November 1-March 31 of the following year) 10 yuan, combined ticket 28 yuan
Attraction ticket combined ticket 20 yuan (including the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest and Echoing Wall), entrance ticket of Shenyue Department 10 yuan

Water Cube and Bird's Nest

Transportation: Take Metro Line 8 and get off at Olympic Sports Center Station or Olympic Park Station, which direction is marked in the subway
You don't need to buy a ticket to enter the Olympic Park, you just need to go through the security check. We all took pictures in the square. The Water Cube is opposite the Bird’s Nest. We didn’t go inside the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube to visit.
Tickets for the Bird's Nest: 50 yuan for the tour ticket, 80 yuan for the air corridor, 100 yuan per person for the light show, 30 minutes per session, it is said that the cost performance is not high
Water Cube tickets: 30 yuan

The second day of the itinerary-- Tiananmen Square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall Tiananmen Square

In fact, on the first night of the itinerary, after visiting the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest, it was already 10 pm, and we made a crazy decision: stay up late at Tiananmen Square and wait for the flag-raising ceremony at 6 am. This is really another fool’s behavior after the countdown to the New Year’s Eve in Guangzhou, haha...God knows that the temperature in Beijing in the early morning is only 4-6 degrees (I regretted why I didn’t find a golden arch to warm up).
Transportation: Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Tiananmen East Station. If you forget which exit it is, you can check the signs inside the subway. Before entering Tiananmen Square, you have to go through the security check, and you don't need a ticket.
It was after 11 o'clock that night, and we realized that it was too early. We first sat down in a well-lit windshield place diagonally opposite Tiananmen Square, and planned to survive the long night like this. There were not many pedestrians. After all, it was getting late at night. Because I didn’t plan this trick when I went out at the beginning, and my mobile phone was almost out of battery, ahhh... Later, a kind-hearted policeman happened to pass by, and asked us why we were sitting here in such a cold, and offered to help us consult the hotel. Worrying about our safety and our physical capacity. yes! The people of Beijing are not only warm and hospitable, but also kind-hearted. I am very grateful to have met such a good big brother.
Later, we set off for Tiananmen Square as it approached 5 o'clock, planning to find a good location, but who knew we were wrong again, haha...there are more people who are earlier than you, more people than you would think. Before entering Tiananmen Square, you have to go through the security check and line up next to the National Museum. At about 5 o'clock in the morning, the security guard will open the protective fence to let you in. At this time, you must show your strength and sprint for 100 meters Run as fast as you can to the guardrail, otherwise you won't be able to see Brother Bing at all, haha... and you won't be able to catch a glimpse of his face either.

After the flag-raising ceremony, Tiananmen Square will be open for tourists to watch. I don’t know if the Tiananmen Gate can go up, but we haven’t seen tourists go up anyway.

Right in front of Tiananmen Square is the Monument to the People's Heroes.

On the left hand side of Tiananmen Square is the National Museum, I heard that you can go in and see it; on the right hand side is the Great Hall of the People.

Chairman Mao Memorial Hall

Diagonally opposite Tiananmen Square, please note that you must store your bags before entering. You can only carry mobile phones, ID cards and finances. Other items cannot be taken in. There is a charge for storing bags. I don’t know whether to order according to the size. Yuan / person. The bag storage is on the other side of the road. If you don’t know, you can ask Brother Bing (super gentle). In addition, there are no tickets here, but you have to rely on your ID card to enter, and you must consciously accept the security check. You cannot bring dangerous items in, including cameras, water glasses, drinks, and backpacks. The dress must be neat and tidy, no vests and slippers are allowed in, and remember that you must not make loud noises, strictly speaking, you cannot speak.

Due to severe lack of sleep the night before, I even wanted to sleep while walking. So we went back early to catch up on sleep.

The third day of the itinerary - Old Summer Palace, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Summer Palace

We woke up at 6:30 in the morning to wash up, arrived at the subway entrance at about 8:00, and then found a breakfast shop for breakfast.

Old Summer Palace

The Old Summer Palace is located to the north of Peking University and to the west of Tsinghua University.
Transportation: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Yuanmingyuan Station, and look at the signs for which exit to go.
Tickets: RMB 25 (there are some staff who set up tents at the door, I remember that they are from Ctrip, you can scan the QR code to buy tickets, which can be 2 yuan cheaper, and you can buy one with a number, which is the same as the one at the ticket window) This is 25 yuan Tickets already include adult tickets for the Old Summer Palace + tickets for the ruins + tickets for the panoramic model
There are many small local tour guides at the entrance of Yuanmingyuan. I forgot how much it is per person. They will take you around and explain the main scenic spots of Yuanmingyuan all the way. You can choose whether you want it or not.

It was late autumn when we went, and there were yellow scenes everywhere. Maybe you rarely see it in the south, but you can see it everywhere in Beiping.
There is a place in Yuanmingyuan, I forgot where it is, almost all the way is yellow, very suitable for taking pictures.

The Old Summer Palace was a famous royal garden in the Qing Dynasty. It was not only a place for emperors to rest and play, but also a place for their ministers to meet foreign envoys and deal with daily affairs. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, he adjusted the garden landscape in the Old Summer Palace and built the Changchun Garden and the Qichun Garden. These three gardens are collectively referred to as the Three Yuanming Gardens. The Old Summer Palace not only has northern buildings, but also some places of interest in the south of the Yangtze River, such as the Lion Forest in Suzhou and the ten scenic spots of West Lake in Hangzhou, all of which have been imitated. In addition, there are some European-style buildings in the Changchun Garden, commonly known as Western Buildings.

There is a Haiyan hall in the Yuanmingyuan, which stores the bronze statues of the animal heads of the twelve zodiac animals. Of course, this is just a replica. After all, there are snake heads, chicken heads, dog heads, and sheep heads that are still missing.
Because it is the year of the rooster, I only took the bronze statue of the rooster head, haha...

Tsinghua University

Transportation: 1. Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Yuanmingyuan Station, exit C, and walk about 300 meters to the west gate of Tsinghua University.
2. Bus: Lines passing the west gate of Tsinghua University: Special 4, Special 6, Express 105, Express 205, 319, 320, 331, 365, 375, 498, 562, 601, 614, 626, 656, 681, 683, 690 , 696, 697, 699, 717, 982.

This is the west gate of Tsinghua University, and many people gather around the gate. It just so happened that the day we went was Friday, and the university is closed from Monday to Friday, so it seems that we can only go in on weekends. I heard that you could go in at will before, but now you can’t. If you want to go in and visit, you have to make an appointment in advance on the applet.
When we took pictures at the entrance of Tsinghua University, we also met an uncle from Northeast China. It turned out that he was also a free traveler, and then we went to Peking University together.

Before, I planned to rent a bicycle at Tsinghua University, and then travel around every corner of Tsinghua University with admiration. It seems that it will be ruined...

On-campus transportation: (This is also found on the Internet. If there is any change, please ask the security uncle)
There is a place to rent bicycles at the south gate of Tsinghua University, 2 yuan/hour; there are also bicycles for rent at the guard room at the west gate of Tsinghua University (but all we see are rows of dusty shared bicycles at the entrance). The running time of the campus transportation bus is 7:10-18:00 on weekdays, and 8:00-18:00 on weekends and legal holidays. The starting location: West School Gate.
On-campus meals:
There are more than a dozen canteens in Tsinghua University, each with different flavors, and the quality of food in the canteens is good. There is a saying that "eat in Tsinghua". It is said that they are all experienced masters and very dedicated. If you also want to have a meal at Tsinghua University, you can apply for a temporary meal card at the service center in the larger dining hall (a deposit of 20 yuan is required)

Beijing University

Transportation: 1. Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Peking University East Gate Station, and look at the signs for which exit to go.
2. Bus: Take No. 332, 394, 718, 718 Express, 732, 808, Yuntong 106, Yuntong 114 and get off at Peking University Station (Peking University West Gate Station)

Because we saw that Peking University is a bit close to Tsinghua University in the navigation, we chose to walk at first, but who knew that we believed in the wrong navigation, and finally chose a taxi. Along the way, the taxi driver told us that the traffic control near Peking University is very strict, parking is restricted everywhere, and there are special police and soldiers everywhere. It turns out that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is going to visit Peking University in these two days.

Brother Bing is really everywhere, look at this young lady who secretly took pictures of Brother Bing, haha...

so! Peking University can only take photos at the gate of the school as a souvenir, and can't get in at all, woo woo...

summer palace

Transportation: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Beigongmen Station, exit D, and walk for a while.
Tickets: 20 yuan in low season, 30 yuan in peak season (simple big ticket)
Combined ticket (including tickets, Foxiang Pavilion, Virtue and Garden, Suzhou Street, Wenchang Courtyard) 50 yuan in off-season, 60 yuan in peak season
It is recommended that if you go early, you can buy a joint ticket, which is more cost-effective. We went too late, and only bought a ticket to go in and experience it, haha...

Because on this day, the wind in Beiping is really too strong, it seems to be 4-5. There is Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace, which is the largest lake in the royal gardens of the Qing Dynasty. We walked around the lake for almost half of the distance, and it was too cold. , and then went back close to 5 o'clock. We really don’t have much time to visit the Summer Palace. The main attractions, such as Suzhou Street, Longevity Hill, Foxiang Pavilion, Wenchang Courtyard, etc., we don’t have time to go. We can only look forward to visiting again next time...

Then we were ready to go back to the B&B to rest. We picked up a shared bicycle and rode to Bagou Subway Station for only one yuan.

In the evening, we randomly found a Lanzhou ramen restaurant at the subway entrance and had dinner. I feel that the food here in Beijing is super large. It's too much to eat, it's too wasteful.

The fourth day of the itinerary-- Badaling Great Wall

Transportation: Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Jishuitan, Exit B, go to Deshengmen Station and take bus No. 877. There are many blue signs on the ground and walls along the way, saying that you must go straight to the Badaling Great Wall , take the 919 or 877 bus. This time is full of people with the same destination as you, so don't worry. On the other side of the road, there are many green buses with No. 877 written on them. This bus goes directly at high speed and does not stop halfway. The whole journey fare is 12 yuan and takes about an hour. When we went there, we should have taken a fake 877 that was temporarily rerouted from the 919 route, and suddenly announced the station on the way. One of the passengers thought he had been cheated, asked to get off the bus immediately, and even had a conflict with the flight attendant. Fortunately, after some explanation, nothing happened. In the end, this bus also took us to the bottom of the Great Wall smoothly, but the place where we got off to buy tickets was not at the entrance of the Great Wall, but the place where we bought the small pulley ticket. The small pulley means that both the upper city and the lower city take that This kind of pulley does not need to climb the Great Wall by yourself, and the cost is about 200 yuan. If you think you have enough physical strength, you can just buy a hiking ticket, and you don’t need to buy this kind of package ticket. 35 yuan in low season and 40 yuan in peak season.

The line of the No. 877 bus is super long, and they all go down to the bottom of the bridge. Fortunately, the speed is very fast, and you can get on the bus in about 10 minutes. During the queuing process, many people will ask if you want to take the express train/carpool, etc. At this time, you must not take it, because these people will take you to the Shuiguan Great Wall, not the Badaling Great Wall you want to go to. As long as you remember to follow the crowd, ask the tourists or security around you if you don’t understand, so as not to be deceived.
In addition, there are many shops and loudspeakers around Tiananmen that advertise a one-day tour of Badaling. Don’t believe him at this time.

The Badaling Great Wall is divided into two parts, the north and the south. If you come early, you can go to the South Great Wall first, and then go to the North Great Wall, because the hero monument is on the North Great Wall. There are a total of 12 towers in the North Great Wall, among which the North Eight Towers is the place that Chairman Mao mentioned that "you are not a good man if you don't reach the Great Wall". If you are not very tired, you can consider climbing the last four towers, because The more you go to the back, the more dangerous the terrain is, and there are fewer and fewer people. After climbing to the 12th floor of the north, walk back a little and you can see the signpost for the downtown. We only climbed the North Great Wall, about 2 hours.

After coming down from the Great Wall, it was more than two o’clock in the afternoon, so we hurried to the bus station and took bus No. 877 back to the urban area (the last bus of No. 877 is 10:30-17:00 in summer and 11:00-16:30 in winter)
I read other guides on the Internet saying that there is a bus station where you can take the Great Wall’s free shuttle bus to the ticket office at the foot of the Great Wall at the landmark of the Great Wall, but I have never seen it.
A lot of people on the Internet say, "If you don't go to the Great Wall, you are not a good man. It's a pity to go to the Great Wall." The cultural treasures left by people, how did they move so many large stones to the top of the mountain one by one in the absence of large machines in ancient times.

1. Don't scratch and doodle. We are Chinese, please take good care of the cultural heritage of our motherland. If you see random portrayals by foreign friends, you should stop them in time.
2. Do not litter, please take it to the city. Sanitation workers have to climb the Great Wall every day to clean up our garbage. It is very hard. In addition, the wind on the Great Wall is very strong, and it is easy to blow everywhere, polluting the environment and affecting the appearance.
3. The Great Wall is relatively steep, it is best to wear sports shoes. Note that the temperature is a few degrees lower than in the urban area. Those who are afraid of the cold can wear more clothes, but they will sweat when they get on it.
4. You can bring your camera, the beauty of the Great Wall is better than painting.
5. Don't run on the Great Wall, or your feet will hurt when you return.

It was past 5 o'clock when we returned to the urban area, and then we went to a Hunan restaurant for a meal.

The fifth day of the itinerary - go home

We flew from Nanyuan Airport to Pingtan Airport at 14:50 in the afternoon, but the plane was delayed for nearly an hour. We met several aunts and uncles who were returning home together at the terminal. It turned out that their departure The time and return time are on the same flight as us, but they are traveling in a group, so it is really a fate. Uncle talked with us a lot, and he also felt that young people just want to go out more. Free travel is better than group travel. Free travel needs to be planned in advance. On the one hand, we have a better understanding of this place. I have an outline in my mind of what to do where I go, but with a group tour, I can only be led by the nose by the tour guide, and I am everywhere, and sometimes I don’t know how the scenic spot came here. Yes, when I was young, I wanted to go out more. I did a lot of things by myself, and the impression would be deeper.


The itinerary is over! I believe that everyone has a special concern, which is about the cost. I sorted it out
Air ticket: Huizhou-Beijing round-trip total 1,500 yuan (different times vary, friends can check the air ticket in advance and book in advance)
Accommodation: A total of 915 yuan for five nights, shared equally between the two of us, 460 yuan per person (maybe we live outside the Fifth Ring Road, so it’s cheaper, I recommend booking a room in the APP Airbnb, the host is super nice, it’s a family-style homestay, has almost everything in it)
Food: spent 460 yuan in total for six days, 230 yuan per person (we almost only ate breakfast and dinner, skipped lunch, and ate less, haha... we are actually very good)
Transportation: A total of 180 yuan for six days, 90 yuan per capita (almost all take the subway bus, the map and bus prices in Beijing are not expensive, very common people)
Tickets for scenic spots: a total of 320 yuan, 160 yuan per capita (Beijing is mainly based on ancient buildings, and the tickets are very humane, unlike those modern amusement parks, which cost hundreds of yuan a ticket)
Therefore, our per capita spending in Beijing is about 2,500 yuan. If you add the round-trip baggage check and the fare from the airport to your home, the maximum will not exceed 2,800 yuan, which is much better than traveling with a group.


If every city has a label, then for me, Beijing is a kind of patriotism! It’s the first time I’ve been to such a far place since I’ve grown up so much. Before the start of the itinerary, I’ve done all the air tickets and accommodation by myself. Although it’s a bit messy and annoying, it’s still very rewarding. Originally, the plan was to go on the National Day. Considering the large number of people, I chose the end of October. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. The scenery is very good, and I saw the autumn in Beiping. Now, go out more and see the wonderful world outside. Of course, it is also a helpless world. You can get to know more people from different fields. Their thinking and thinking will be completely different from ours. Maybe we have been troubled by a certain thing in the past. a question, but perhaps not worth mentioning to them. Broaden your social circle. Even if you don’t meet again in the future, you still remember that you once met such a group of people. It turns out that there are still a group of people in this world that are different from us. "Isn't it a joy to have friends coming from afar" in the future? In the future, I will go to many places to see the beautiful products that nature bestows on human beings, and to see the priceless treasures left to us by our predecessors. I will come to Beijing again if I have the opportunity!

Next stop, to be continued...