(I can’t add Faye Wong’s Me and My Motherland. MP3, please make up your own mind) Preface I like to join in the fun since I was a child, but after I grow up, it still hasn’t changed. This time, my mother’s mother’s 70th birthday, I’m with my friends again I went to Beijing to join in the fun. In addition to going to various palaces and halls in Beijing, I recalled the tragic memory of only climbing two beacon towers when I was a child, so this time I must go to the suburbs to climb the Great Wall once again to appreciate its majesty again. For a foreigner, if it wasn’t for a local friend who told me that there are many Great Walls in Beijing, which are distributed in Miyun, Yanqing, Changping and Huairou in Beijing, I would really naively think that there are only Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall. It is also relatively famous, it is the most visited place by tourists, and it is also the most convenient section of the Great Wall for day trips and free travel for guests. And I chose the Simatai Great Wall this time. It is located in Miyun District of Beijing. It is the only ancient architectural site in my country that has not been decorated and retains the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty. The most intact Simatai Great Wall, you can also experience the unique local folk customs at the foot of the Great Wall. It is also the red leaf season. The red leaves in Gubei Water Town are already half red, and they are very beautiful. Please enjoy my record next Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall 3 days 2 nights travel notes.

Gubei Water Town is located in Gubeikou, and because the whole town runs through rivers and lakes, like a Jiangnan Water Town, it is named Gubei Water Town. The reason why I noticed this place is very simple, because I was addicted to watching the second season of "Signal of Heartbeat", the place where guest Zhang Tian and Zhao Qijun dated. tail.

In addition, I came to Beijing to enjoy the red leaves in autumn last year. I was fascinated by the beauty. Although there are red leaves in many places, I just think that the red leaves in Beijing are different from the red leaves in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, so I must see the best ones this year. I would like to share the scenery of the red leaves with all netizens. Although the travel notes are slow to write, the Moments are updated in real time. I have already declared myself the champion of the National Day Moments Photography Contest. You can add me "yayissa" to view my sharing in real time.

The water town is divided into several areas, each with a different theme. The best way to visit Gubei Water Town is to walk. When the breath of autumn slowly envelopes the river and alleys of the water town, the town under the red leaves Presenting a charming side, the red leaves covering the exterior walls of the building are indistinguishable from the original style of the town. One scene at a time, a corner inadvertently, or an exterior wall will bring me a surprising visual experience.

One of the must-experiences: If you are tired from walking on the scull boat, you may choose to take the scull boat on the reverse return journey. The terrain of Gubei Water Town is long and it is completely built along the tributary of this Yuanyang Lake. Browsing by water can be said to be taking the middle line. In addition to the benefits of avoiding crowds, you can also see beautiful scenery that cannot be encountered by walking on the shore.

The second must experience: Water Dance Show Every night, the most lively place is the Water Dance Show. As the rhythm of the music changes, the projection appears on the outer wall of the palace, and the fountain pool in front also follows the music. Dance, dance to the most beautiful moment of Gubei Water Town at night.

The third must-have experience: If you don’t ride the Great Wall, you are not a hero. Regarding how to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the foot of the Great Wall in Water Town, many tourists don’t know that there is also a mountain bike rental route. In fact, it’s near the shuttle station next to Wangjing Tower, but There is a time point open every day. Remember not to wear a skirt like me on the day of the appointment, otherwise it will not be very convenient to ride. I chose the simple route of Yuanyang Lake. I walked along the lake to see the lake view and the Simatai Great Wall in the distance. It is also good.

The fourth must experience: Soak in hot springs to enjoy the beautiful scenery, choose mountains and forests to bathe, and enjoy soups in four seasons. Take a bath in the picturesque soup pool and watch the sky. You can see the garden from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The outdoor soup pool is full of water vapor. When the lights are on at night, looking at the Great Wall in the warm hot spring water makes the whole town feel like a dream.

Must experience five: the night view of the church on the top of the mountain. The beauty of the church on the top of the mountain is not only the beauty of itself, but the beauty of climbing all the way up is better than that of the church. There is a small platform on the top of the mountain, and there are several Internet celebrity photo spots. It is recommended to climb up the mountain, because the scenery on the mountain is better, and then take the shuttle bus down the mountain at the top of the mountain.

In addition to these personally recommended must-try content, there are many unique shops and cultural content in the town, such as Sima Xiaoshao, which is the experience of shochu in Miyun Sanshao; Shuttle through the dyeing workshop full of dyed cloth; eat a super strong Milk ice cream; try the special Gubei baked pear; browse specialty shops and so on.

Simatai Great Wall This time, I want to go to the Simatai Great Wall because the starry sky is dotted with the Great Wall at night, and the Simatai Great Wall against the night view of Gubei Water Town is unique, and there is no other scenic spot that can replace it. The Simatai Great Wall is divided into the east section and the west section. Now the ticket sales are open to the public and you can take the cable car up to the east section; the west section has not been officially opened yet, but you will know how I took pictures at the west section of the Simatai Great Wall. of.

After taking the cable car up the eastern section, you still need to walk a long way to get to the Great Wall. Although you don’t need to climb much, the road is full of potholes. You must pay attention to safety when walking at night. This reminds me of the Great Wall back then. How did the builders climb up the mountain to build the Great Wall from such a difficult place.

The most amazing thing about the eastern section of Simatai Great Wall is its "dangerousness". The Great Wall looks like a giant dragon crouching on the cliffs, stretching from east to west. Within a kilometer, there are 14 enemy towers densely covered. Especially on the side of the steep mountain peak, there is a sky ladder with an inclination of 85 degrees. There are 900-meter abyss on both sides, where you can only crawl through on all fours, which is frightening. Because I went to the Great Wall at night, I have some regrets. Many areas are closed. This is also for the sake of safety. The Great Wall at night only opens an area of ​​​​the Beacon Tower. In autumn, it is 7-8 in the evening. It is easy to get foggy, and the scenery will not be so good at that time, so it is recommended to watch the night view and prepare to go to the Great Wall at 5 o'clock, and then you can come down when it gets dark at 7 o'clock.

But in fact, the real Simatai Great Wall is more than simple climbing. Have you ever thought about having a picnic on the Great Wall? Do yoga? The Simatai Great Wall in the western section is not yet open to the public, and there will not be a large number of tourists flocking to it, but it is open to make appointments for yoga experience and picnic experience.

The yoga teacher is a teacher from India. You can communicate with the teacher according to your yoga level. Yoga needs a quiet environment to complete, so be sure to keep quiet. It is also the first time for me to experience this kind of yoga place. While basking in the morning sun, feeling the breeze on my face, listening to the joyful movement of the insects, I take a deep breath until my body is completely relaxed. After doing this yoga, I feel completely reborn .

The hotel will prepare all the utensils and food needed for breakfast. The staple food, fruit, drink or milk will be brought to the Great Wall by yourself. The Simatai Great Wall in the west section is not as difficult as the one in the east section. There will be a shuttle bus to the nearby area, and you can reach it by walking the steps in less than 5 minutes.

Tips: Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment. After a picnic on the Great Wall, you need to clean up all the garbage and take it down the mountain. Activity time: Yoga 9/20-11/25, 8:00-9:00, ¥100/person Picnic 9/2-10/31, 9:30-10:00, 15:30-16:00, ¥ 280/Double meal meal Miyun Sanyaki Roasted Meat Restaurant We came to the most famous Roasted Meat Restaurant in Shuizhen. Simply put, this Roasted Meat is bread sandwiched with pork belly and some vegetables. It looks very simple, but it takes one bite. You will find that the original entrance is so dense. It is the first time to eat pork belly that melts in your mouth. What kind of fairy experience is it? , Remember to order the Arctic Ocean when you come to Beijing for dinner.

The Wangjinglou flavor restaurant, the most beautiful Great Wall view restaurant, is on the other side of the Wangjinglou Hotel. It is divided into indoor and outdoor. If the weather is good, you must choose to sit outdoors. Whenever the night scene lights of the scenic spot are turned on around 5:30, this is also One day to enjoy the most beautiful night view of the Great Wall, so I know why it was dark when I climbed the Great Wall, because I was attracted by the food and beautiful scenery here for too long, which delayed the time to go to the Great Wall.

The dishes here can be said to be very delicate, no matter in terms of taste or color, it is a kind of enjoyment. I recommend eating white-cut lamb, beef with black truffle soy sauce rice, sea cucumber, sauced duck, wakame, crab powder tofu These.

The most popular Guguan Hot Pot If you ask me which restaurant has the hottest business in Gubei Water Town, then I will definitely tell you that it is Guguan Hot Pot. The popularity of this restaurant is the same as the temperature of the hot pot. Go early, otherwise you need to queue up. There are big pots and small hot pots for each person. It is not very hygienic to eat too many big pots, so each of us ordered a small hot pot with different flavors. We recommend the mushroom soup pot; The specialty here is the Beijing sesame sauce in the self-service seasoning. There are two types. I don’t understand it very well. Anyway, I got one. When it comes to must-order dishes, it should be: mutton, fish fillets, prawns, and sweet and sour. It smells like garlic!

Accommodation There are many accommodations in Gubei Water Town, including high-end hotels, mid-range hotels, and homestays; they cover almost the needs of all groups of people. All check-in is handled at the entrance. Our hotel can also arrange luggage check-in directly Go to the room; knock on the blackboard, not all hotels include Gubei Water Town tickets, some are all-inclusive, and some are provided in the form of discounted tickets. I suggest you stay for one night in Gubei Water Town, don’t look at it Watching the night view of the Great Wall and small town performances at night is equivalent to coming here for nothing, traveling thousands of miles to the suburbs of Beijing, and returning in a hurry is not a one-day trip to Beijing, right?

The exotic Tibetan-style Huotang boutique hotel is located in the deep and quiet Lan Valley in Gubei Water Town, Beijing, backed by the Simatai Great Wall, facing the branch of Yanshan Mountain, and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. It took five years from the design to the completion of Huotang Hotel. Many Tibetan patterns and symbols can be found in the details, which are mysterious and exotic. The orange firelight, the decoration used on the walls echo the Silk Road culture, and the old furniture and precious collections with strong Tibetan culture can be said to be the finishing touch in the space.

The most beautiful thing is that you can see the beautiful scenery of the Simatai Great Wall when you open the balcony door of the room during the day or on the Tulou building. In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of each room, there is a large copper bathtub with a view. When the sun shines into the room, take a bath, drink a cup of coffee, and look out the window at the Great Wall and mountains, as if you have merged with nature.

When it's a little cool at night, set up a bonfire in the circular patio in the middle of the earth building, while playing a little song (there are bluetooth speakers in the hotel room that can be used), three or five friends sit around and talk freely, warming up the body and heart.

Huotang has not opened its own restaurant yet, so you can go to Mucheng Hotel next door for breakfast. The style of this hotel is different from Huotang, and it is more Nordic style. It is suitable for guests who like modern style. Breakfast is on the basement floor (sunken style Landscape), you can order according to the variety you want to eat, unlimited.

Transportation in the scenic area: After booking the hotel, you can take the shuttle bus for free. I don’t know if other hotels have the treatment of taking the scenic shuttle bus for free. The Huotang Hotel I stayed in can take multiple rides for free with the room card. From the tourist center to Shanshui City; then go to Hangu Villa and transfer to a shuttle bus to go directly to Huotang Hotel.

交通自驾:京承高速24号司马台出口下高速后,右侧匝道向左行驶约2分钟抵达 古北水镇 。公交:乘坐地铁2号线到东直门,在东直门外公交站(东直门外斜街和 香河 园南街交界处,942、855公交场内)换乘 北京 - 古北水镇 专线直达车到达 古北水镇 ,预计120分钟直达 古北水镇 。票价:48元/人/单程,上车购票(提前半小时开始购票至坐满)。具体班次和其他交通方式,可以参照 古北水镇 公众号发布的路线。