D1-10.12: Arrive in Beijing, visit Temple of Heaven Park

D2-10.13: Revisit Tiananmen Square, depart from Beijing to Beidaihe, stay at Lumushai Villa

D3-10.14: Visit Beidaihe Pigeon Nest Park, Qinhuang Palace, and taste seafood feast

D4-10.15: Stay at Anlan Hotel in Anaya, roaming in the cultural and creative community of Anaya

D5-10.16: Continue to enjoy the slow life on the coast of Aranya, return to Beijing by train, and drive to Gubei Water Town

D6-10.17: Wander in Gubei Water Town, climb Simatai Great Wall, enjoy the gorgeous night view of Water Town

D7-10.18: return journey

In the golden autumn of October, the weather in the north is gradually getting cooler, and Beijing has entered the most beautiful season of the year. The autumn is high and crisp, the sky is high and the clouds are light, the maple leaves are turning red, and the ginkgo leaves are turning yellow. , The warmth of ironing. A friend invited me to visit a senior care community in Beijing and a residential community in Beidaihe. It happened that I also wanted to visit Aranya Community and Gubei Water Town. We hit it off and got together in Beijing to start our long-awaited journey.

October 12

In the afternoon, we all flew to Beijing Airport from different cities. We didn’t have time to rest, so our friends took us to the Temple of Heaven. Although I have been to the capital countless times, I seldom have the time to walk into all kinds of magnificent royal buildings in the capital. The Temple of Heaven Park is one of them. Since it is rare to have such an opportunity, let's worship it once!

The Temple of Heaven was first built in the eighteenth year of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty (1420). The park area is four times that of the Forbidden City. The outer altar has towering ancient trees, the inner altar is full of ancient buildings, the south has the Circular Mound Altar, and the north has the Altar of Praying for Grain. It is solemn, magnificent and magnificent. It is magnificent, showing the supreme dignity of the ancient emperors. It is the special altar for the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties to pray for rain and pray for a good harvest. World Heritage.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest is the landmark building of the Temple of Heaven, and it is also the earliest building of the Temple of Heaven. The emperors of all dynasties held sacrifice ceremonies here every year, praying for good weather and good harvests. Standing on the three-story white marble platform, it feels like the heaven and the earth are integrated. The high gilded dome on the top seems to tell people that this is the closest place to the sky. If Tiananmen Square has become a symbol of China, then the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is Beijing. An ancient landmark of the immortal city. The Echo Wall is the outer wall of the Emperor’s Vault in the Temple of Heaven where the emperor’s sacrificing cards are stored. The top of the wall is covered with blue glazed tiles. The curvature of the wall is very regular, and the wall is extremely smooth and tidy. When a person speaks to the north against the wall, the sound waves will continue to refract along the wall and travel to the other end.

October 13

It was another sunny autumn day. After many years, I once again stood in the heart of the motherland——Tiananmen Square. Today’s Tiananmen Square is no longer as it was many years ago. Accessible, the Jinshui Bridge is one-way traffic, and once crossed, you cannot return directly to the square. It is still full of flowers, it is still solemn and solemn, and it is still a holy place that attracts the attention of the people of the whole country. It is a place that can instantly ignite the patriotic enthusiasm of every Chinese. It gathers the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Great Hall of the People, the Heroes Monument, the National Museum, and the National Grand Theater. For the first time, it is the first time to formally enter the Memorial Hall from the north gate to pay homage to Chairman Mao's remains. The atmosphere of the scene is awe-inspiring.

Coming out of the south gate is Zhengyang Gate, which has a history of more than 600 years. It is the Zhengnan Gate of Beijing Inner City in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Regarded as a symbol of old Beijing, it is also inlaid with a bronze alloy disc marking the zero-kilometer point of the Chinese highway. It is solemn and majestic. There are four copper characters from east to west, north, south, and inside the copper characters are Suzaku, Qinglong, Baihu, and Xuanwu, the four ancient Chinese gods and beasts The pattern, and the wheels with radial banners represent the Chinese road network extending in all directions with the capital as the center.

October 14

Speaking of Beidaihe, it has been a tourist and summer resort since ancient times. Leaders of many countries have come here to recuperate. Western countries have built 719 villas here, and there are still more than 130 of them that are still well preserved. , plain walls, high platforms, and bright corridors", with unique shapes and unique styles, it gathers architectural styles from all over the world, and is known as the World Architecture Expo Park.

Autumn in Beidaihe is permeated with a bleak atmosphere. There are almost no pedestrians on the seaside boulevard. Most of the B&Bs, hotels and nursing homes are closed. Even the restaurants of various colors are mostly dead. Beidaihe has no crowds, no steaming heat, Only silence and leisure remain.

Pigeon Nest Park has a small area and is famous for Yingjiaoyan. Yingjiaoyan is a giant rock reef, standing on the cliff by the sea. It is more than 2.5 billion years old. The seaside has many crevices due to weathering and fossils, and pigeons often gather on the rocks and inhabit the crevices at night, so it is also called pigeon nest. Chairman Mao once wrote an immortal chapter here with passion - "The Wave Washes the Sand" Beidaihe": "The bleak autumn wind is here again, and the world has changed." Now, only the pigeons on the square are still cute and like to get close to people. As for the Qinhuang Palace passing by, it is an antique building complex, which is unremarkable, but it is noon. The seafood big coffee is jaw-dropping, it is very spectacular served in a pot, and the variety is particularly rich, but it is not easy to cook and heat.

Compared with the big and small parks in Beidaihe, I prefer to take a stroll in the nursing home. The Lumuzhai villa in the courtyard is simple, elegant and mysterious. Every old villa is like a three-dimensional painting, a wordless poem, and a solidified movement. The angels bathed in the sun seem to be telling us the history of this place, and the surrounding green ancient trees seem to be showing off the past glory of the place... The welcome pine opens its hands to welcome visitors from all over the world. It was built more than a hundred years ago. The eight-column dome-painted gazebo is still well-preserved, with a gorgeous shape, and the unique double pavilions and the golden-yellow ginkgo standing beside them silently form an interesting contrast. My favorite is to sit around the rocking chairs on the villa promenade under the warm autumn sun Here, enjoy a pot of good tea, talk about our past, present and future, smell the rosin, look for squirrels, and of course, praise the food in the nursing home. Every dish is excellent, and every meal is seafood Taotie, as expected of a master.

October 15th - October 16th

Today we are entering the second half of the journey, and our main event has just begun. The rest of the itinerary is up to us, and we can do whatever we want and be at ease. Two Didi vehicles carried five beauties and headed straight to an independent coastal community in the south of Beidaihe River. It has a very poetic name—Aranya, which comes from the Sanskrit word aranya, which means "a secluded place, a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle. land". After getting on the bus, you need to call the hotel to inform the car number. When you enter the gate of the community, you will automatically lift the lever to let it go. After entering the community, it is like traveling through time and space. There is an unreal dreamy feeling. This is an extremely successful man-made coast. "Utopia", far away from the hustle and bustle, crowding and pollution, is so beautiful that it makes people intoxicated.

Anlan Hotel is located in the core of the community. Each room has a large terrace. There will be a lot of snacks and drinks when you check in. When we checked in, we were just in time for the national premiere of the movie "Dune" in Aranya. The cultural circle is coming Many people, after checking in, can receive free electronic tickets for the auditorium and library on the Aranya App with their check-in information. The hotel has shuttle buses to every corner of Aranya, you can call for a taxi, or you can call for a stop at will, a very considerate free service. I really like the owner's canteen in Aranya. It has developed 6 canteens. Except for the second canteen which is not open to tourists during the peak season, the other canteens are fully open. The dishes in each canteen have many similarities, but they have their own characteristics. Choose It's cost-effective, rich and frugal, and the third canteen is next door to the hotel. Almost every meal we have in Aranya is settled here.

Some people think that Aranya can be regarded as the Seto Inland Sea of ​​China, and some people think that Aranya is to Beijing what Moganshan is to Shanghai. A seaside community with a humanistic atmosphere, here is the loneliest seaside library in the world, the most beautiful white auditorium, the UCCA Dune Art Museum that looks like a mysterious cave, a lively large dining hall, exquisite coffee houses, fashionable There are grocery stores, small bourgeois seafood supermarkets, modern cinemas and theaters, green spaces and children’s play areas everywhere. Some people take a walk, some walk their dogs, some drink, some read books, and some are in a daze by the sea... Literature and art are everywhere here, quiet and lonely The core of poetry, poems and the distance pokes everyone's heart. It feels that people here are enjoying life without thinking about life. Everything has an ideal beauty of "facing the sea".

Aranya auditorium, with white walls, backed by the blue sea, sharp-edged structure, the roof and the whole body are integrated, carrying all the romance and longing, full of ritual sense, it is like a stand standing by the sea The pure white piano is also like a uniquely shaped music box. The bells on the roof jingle with the wind, playing an ensemble with the rolling waves from time to time. You can enter the auditorium by making an appointment in advance. The front is a large glass and fair-faced concrete terrace frame, which is very suitable for Stand in it and watch the ebb and flow of the tide, close your eyes and let yourself go, and listen to the deepest voice in your heart (photographing is prohibited inside the auditorium, and the pictures are borrowed from the Internet).

Whether it is the magnificence at sunrise or the tranquility under the starry sky, you can discover the different beauty of the auditorium at different times and from different angles. I like it most in the early morning, when there are no people on the quiet beach, and the auditorium is lit in orange. The warm light, in the blue time before sunrise, gives people a kind of cold and deep beauty. I really want to stop and stare for a long time, wait for the sunrise, and talk to the sea, but the seaside is still a little cold in late autumn and early winter. people.

On the same coastline as the auditorium is the Lonely Library, standing alone on the empty sandy beach, as if at the end of the world. From a distance, it seems to be a huge rock that has been forgotten by people, accepting the baptism of the sea wind and waves, Lonely and silent, even if the sun shines, there are only shadows for company. There are no driveways or shortcuts here. It takes hundreds of meters to get there by walking on the sand step by step. The shape is square and square without gorgeous decorations. It even retains the true color of cement, and the minimalist style is unobstructed. It's a pity that the library is not open to the public, and the interior space is not large. The bright floor-to-ceiling windows can clearly see the layout of the interior through the glass. If it is open, people can choose what they like. Seat by the window, read quietly to the sea, and enjoy this rare time (photos inside the library are borrowed from the Internet).

The UCCA Dune Art Museum was named the most anticipated art museum in 2019 by Lonely Planet. From a distance, it looks like mysterious caves hidden in the swirling dunes. Although the exhibition is being dismantled, I still want to go in and have a look. Entering the cave is like being in a white dream. Each exhibition hall has different orientations and windows of different sizes. The well-designed skylight ensures that the exhibition hall can feel the light at different times of the day. The entrance of the cave near the sea uses floor-to-ceiling glass to create an arc-shaped frame. The scenery is like placing the art museum between the sea and the sky. You can quietly feel the transformation of light and shadow and the flow of wind and sand. There is a sense of beauty that blends art and nature. The museum has the same purpose (the drone pictures and exhibition pictures of the museum are borrowed from the Internet).

Opposite the Dune Art Museum is the Dionysus Theatre. The beige semi-circular ancient Greek-style theater and the semi-enclosed auditorium on the open-air stage make the whole theater present an open attitude. Compared with the ancient Roman Colosseum, it can only It can be regarded as a MINI pocket edition, but the shooting is still superb.

Although I did not go to the Aranya Art Center this time due to time constraints, its architectural style is still desirable. The dark building facade and concrete wall bricks with different textures are like a tough rock, but it will "blue and quiet in summer, The two wonders of nature are included in the building. The light shines through the patio. Standing under the giant wind chimes, you can clearly hear the sound of the wind. Here, the whispers can also arouse strong resonance ( Photos of the Art Center are borrowed from the Internet).

Pushing open the door of the old warehouse, the impressive sentence reads "You go to your future, I will go back to my past", which is healing and kind. This is a grocery store selling retro small items, and a museum that has traveled through the old times; Seaside Bazaar is a bourgeoisie-style seafood supermarket. After the self-service seafood is weighed, you can eat fresh seafood dishes for a processing fee of 10 yuan per table, feel the fireworks in the seaside town, and enjoy the happiness brought by rich taste buds; 1402 Internet celebrities The coffee house, the brown concrete box extending from the street facade of the red brick building, stimulated our curiosity to explore... Aranya, a complex of beautifully designed and artistic buildings, there are many buildings every year Plays, exhibitions, salons, forums and other activities are held here, creating many giant bubbles with the illusion of a better life for tired urbanites. Knowing that all these things are fake, but every second inside will still make you feel happy. Feeling comfortable and enjoying, it is no wonder that now there is a house in the Aranya community, which is almost a symbol of the middle class in the Beijing circle.

Reluctantly leaving Aranya, we took the train back to Beijing, rented a car at Beijing Railway Station and drove by ourselves, and headed straight to Gubei Water Town under the dark night. The night in Gubei Water Town was extremely cold, and we took the Jingcheng Expressway to the exit of Simatai Great Wall. , I arrived at the parking lot of Gubei Water Town in two minutes. Self-driving cars can only park here. Immediately after contacting the hotel, a car will be sent to the parking lot to pick us up, and we will drive directly to the apartment hotel outside the scenic spot. This is the most scenic spot entrance on foot. It's only five minutes away. Unfortunately, several stores near the entrance of the scenic spot look like black shops, whether it's the Northwest Noodles and Roujiamo in the Xiaoxixi Northwest Snack Collection, or the pancake fruit with soy milk in the Korean fried chicken shop, or even It’s the mineral water and instant noodles in the Domituo convenience store. The price is ridiculously expensive and unpalatable. The clerk’s attitude is arrogant. There are also many black car drivers at the door of the hotel trying to forcibly solicit customers. It makes tourists feel bad. I hope the relevant regulatory authorities will pay attention to it. , don't let this little black sheep tarnish the image of Gubei Water Town.

October 17

The Gubeikou area is known as the key to the capital. Gubei Water Town is backed by the most beautiful and most dangerous Simatai Great Wall in China, and sits on the gentle and quiet Yuanyang Lake Reservoir. The most beautiful red leaf sanctuary in the suburbs, a popular landmark in autumn, different from the red leaves all over the mountains and plains in scenic spots such as Xiangshan, Hongluo Temple, and Pofengling, the red leaves in Gubei Water Town have a unique combination of plants and architecture, scenery and humanities. , the various houses in the town, the winding water system, and the Simatai Great Wall in the distance, the progressive changes of the close-up, middle-view, and long-range views echo each other and integrate into one, attracting many teams to organize Treasure hunting in ancient towns and real-scene costume script killing activities. In recent years, a grand red leaf festival will be held every autumn.

As the autumn wind passes by, the red leaves of Gubei Water Town gradually cover the streets and alleys, and the walls are covered with what we commonly call "creepers" (scientific name "Dijin"). After the long summer sunshine, the green creepers are brewing. An autumn in full bloom, it shows the appearance of autumn earlier than maple leaves and ginkgo. It grows all over the walls in the ancient town of blue bricks and gray tiles. There are red leaves in the eyes, showing a dazzling red, almost ostentatious. Stretching and swaying, the gray and white buildings in the water town become lively and gorgeous, with a special autumn charm. The most beautiful scenery is hidden in the alley, and the red leaves stretch leisurely along the path. Walking in it is like walking in a painting, between red and green It is golden, and the two walls are sandwiched with rich colors of autumn, waiting for the arrival of people, especially when the sun covers the entire path, when the light passes through the entire street, the light and shadow are interlaced, and the sky between the branches and leaves is unique to the north. The azure blue is instantly pleasing to the eye. Walking around the town, being in the middle, walking into the long and deep alley, brushing past the mottled stone wall, looking into the courtyard covered with red leaves, watching the red leaves spread over the ridge line to the distance, and finally feel what it is to go to a real The appointment of red leaves.

If a place is infiltrated with water, it will also have aura. The same is true for Gubei Water Town. The water in the town starts from Yuanyang Lake at the foot of the Great Wall. The water color presents a charming emerald green, and the waterway winds deep into the town. In the depths, through stone bridges, green trees and red leaves line up on both sides. Under the sunshine of autumn, the dark green and deep red are set against each other, which makes people feel ripples from the bottom of their hearts. In the small town, you can also catch all kinds of childlike decorations at any time, including exquisite kites, funny giraffes, cute goldfish, various squirrel-themed cartoon wall paintings, and cats climbing up and down...

The famous Yongshun dyeing workshop was founded in 1900. It is famous for its uniform dyeing and bright and lasting color. It is hidden in an ancient street in Gubei Water Town. The bright stone road leads everyone to this once famous workshop. Walking through the path full of autumn and entering this small courtyard, I was immediately shocked by the scene in front of me. The tall poles were covered with long floral cloths, and the colorful floral cloths danced in the breeze. There are beautiful arcs, tourists shuttle in the gorgeous fabrics to capture the most beautiful themselves, children are laughing and playing in the colorful fabrics, climbed to the second-floor terrace to overlook the whole yard, the sun is pouring on the fabrics, The mountain shadows in the distance, the gray walls and red leaves around, the beauty of that moment is enough to make people remember.

There are more than 200 steps from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. The church stands quietly on the top of the mountain, waiting for the noble purity. This is the best place to overlook the entire water town. The whole church is surrounded by red leaves, and it is solemn. With a little mystery, looking at the autumn scenery of the city from a height, let the rustling autumn wind blow the clothes, the blue sky, the distant mountains and the clear water, the soul is washed and purified by the beautiful scenery in front of you in an instant.

Simatai Great Wall, a branch of Yanshan Mountain, has steep mountains and thousands of ravines. It is said that this is the only Great Wall in China that retains the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty. Most of all, it is the essence of the Great Wall. In 2012, the British "Times" rated the Simatai Great Wall as "the first of the 25 scenic spots in the world that cannot be missed", and was identified as a "world-class treasure" by UNESCO. . This place is absolutely original, with almost no traces of repairs. It is completely broken walls and ruins. It is very difficult to climb, very steep, and many places need to use both hands and feet. It is best to go back and forth by cable car, which cannot be reached At the top of the mountain, it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the cable car station to the beacon tower on the east 8th floor. The larger the number of the beacon tower, the higher the location, and the highest can only go up to the east 10th floor. Climb high and enjoy the autumn with a few friends. The majestic Simatai Great Wall is a unique and beautiful scenery. The ancient city wall has witnessed the long history. Every brick and every stone has been placed with deep emotions by people. This is the only Great Wall in my country that is currently open for night tours. Just imagine, holding the hand of your lover, holding a green lantern, and walking with each other supporting each other on the top of the mountains and ravines On the ancient stone steps, embrace the sunset and the starry sky together, overlooking the lights of thousands of houses in the town.

Try the roasted pears in Gubei Water Town when you are tired from walking. Inside the hot enamel cup lies a large pear that has been roasted to dark brown. When you poke it lightly with a spoon, the thick pear soup will flow out. The skin is thin and sweet, and the flesh is tender. After a long time of baking, it is soft and delicious. After eating the roasted pears, you can take the enamel cup back as a souvenir. For lunch, you can go to the Linhe Restaurant of the Neighbor Inn, and for dinner, you can go to the Linhe Restaurant of the Yongshun Inn. The restaurants in the two small towns are very satisfying. Both the environment and the dishes are very good, and the price is not particularly expensive because of being in the scenic spot. It is still worth recommending.

As night falls, ask about the performance time, and rush to the scene of the heavy-duty UAV Kongming Lantern Show and Wangjinglou Water Dance Light Show. The drone performance on Riyue Island Square (starting at 19:30) is created with high-tech means such as sound, light, electricity, video, and sound. Dreamlike, blooming brilliance in the night sky, nearly a hundred drone formations carrying Kongming lanterns, carrying people's pious and beautiful long-cherished wishes, little sparks slowly rise into the sky, like thousands of stars blooming brightly, and Simatai with twinkling lights in the distance The Great Wall echoes each other, like a golden dragon awakened by lights.

The water dance light show in Wangjing Building (19:20-19:40, 20:00-20:20, 20:40-21:00) uses the newly developed "virtual reality" water dance control system to make the water dance movements It is completely consistent with the rhythm of the music. This is an interaction between sound and light, which makes Wangjing Tower full of magic. It changes various colors and shapes from time to time, flickering, and then a phoenix flying high. , a lion jumping up and down appeared for a while, and an ancient general appeared on the roof for a while. The realistic 3D effect was like a magic show, which opened everyone's eyes. The music fountain was not to be outdone, and the water column followed the music and lights. It kept swinging, spouting dazzling fire from time to time, the perfect fusion of music and lighting, the passionate collision of water and fire, and bursts of exclamation came from the crowd from time to time, and everyone recorded this wonderful moment with their mobile phones. A wonderful visual feast.

After appreciating the two shocking performances, I went to the church alone again, overlooking the night of the town, the warm yellow lights reflected in the criss-crossing river, the light and shadow rippled slightly, and the lights of the town shone brightly. Looking up, the moonlight Bright and clean, the giant dragon that has experienced 500 years of wind and rain lies quietly on the opposite high mountain. The whole water town is quiet and gentle. Standing on the top of the mountain, it seems to be far away from the fireworks in the world. The illusion of flashy dreams makes people feel confused.

The cold autumn wind blew, I tightened my sleeves, and walked along the streets to the exit. The crowd had already dispersed. The ancient town at night was quiet and comfortable, without the hustle and bustle of the day, and restored its original appearance.