I once read a saying that Jiangxi seems to be one of the most non-existent provinces in the country.
But precisely because there is no sense of existence, Jiangxi retains a lot of beautiful scenery and a lot of flavors that gradually disappear with industrialization.

This time I came to Chongyi in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, to see the county town established by Wang Yangming, to see the forests here, the terraced fields here, and escape from the city. What I didn't expect was that this little-known county town brought a lot of surprises.


Day1: Guangzhou ✈️--Chongyi--Shangbao Terraced Fields
Day2: Shangbao Terraced Fields-- Wenchang Pagoda
Day3: Yangmingshan - Yangming Garden Hotel
Day4: Yangming Museum - Guangzhou

traffic control

1. Chongyi is a county under Ganzhou, so if you take high-speed rail, plane and other means of transportation, you need to use Ganzhou as a transfer station. After arriving in Ganzhou, there will be a shuttle bus directly to the Chongyi Tourist Distribution Center, which can be reached in about 1.5 hours at high speed.
2. Or you can choose self-driving or semi-self-driving. You can rent a car very conveniently at the airport or high-speed rail station. If you drive all the way, it will take about 6 hours to drive from Guangzhou to Chongyi County. The road conditions of Daguang Expressway are very good
3. There is a direct shuttle bus from Chongyi to Shangbao, about an hour's drive away


1. Remember to bring all your documents with you. If you want to drive, remember to bring your driver's license.
2. Now Jiangxi has also entered the season of spring and summer, and the temperature is quite warm and comfortable. You can wear single clothes during the day, and prepare a thin coat at night
3. There are many places on the itinerary that require walking, so it is very important to wear comfortable and convenient walking shoes
4. You can bring a little mosquito repellent
5. The taste of Jiangxi is too spicy. If you can't eat spicy food, remember to remind the chef.

Day1: Guangzhou ✈️--Chongyi--Shangbao Terraced Fields

For this itinerary, I chose the semi-self-driving method. From Guangzhou to Ganzhou, it takes about 7 hours by train. The morning train arrives at noon.
After getting off the car, pick up the car, then go straight to Chongyi County and then to Shangbao. The whole process went very smoothly, and arrived at Chongyi County at 4:30 in the afternoon.
Ganzhou has a high-speed direct access to Chongyi County, and you can see the tourist distribution center of Chongyi when you leave the high-speed. The journey officially begins here.

It takes about 1 hour to drive from Chongyi County to Shangbao. The road conditions are good, but there are many mountain roads, so remember to be safe.
It was already late when we arrived at Shangbao, so we fast forwarded directly to the dinner session.

Mu Zi Pai B&B

In the evening, I live directly in the B&B in Shangbao.
I originally thought that the conditions of the Shangbao homestay in the mountains could only be unsatisfactory, but I didn't expect the homestay here to be very exquisite.

The rooms here were originally local old folk houses, but after renovation, those yellow mud houses have retained their original features, but the rooms have been decorated and are very delicate.

I chose to stay at Muzi Pai B&B. It used to be a loess house on the mountainside, but after renovation, the simplified loess house has a different charm.

Moreover, the interior of the homestay is very delicately repaired. Whether it is a coffee table or a large bathtub, it can bring excellent enjoyment to the journey.


Dinner in the evening is at Muzi Pai Homestay.

D2 Shangbao Terraced Fields--Wenchang Tower

The Shangbao terraced fields have always been the place where the Hakka people lived and farmed. Therefore, various natural ingredients are also produced here.
And the food here is very special, with both Hakka flavors and Jiangxi flavors, and the layers are very rich.
The next day I slept until I woke up naturally. The air in the terraced fields of Shangbao is quite fresh, so the sleep here also has a particularly sweet taste.
After waking up, I tasted the local characteristic breakfast. I had enough time to take a look at the beautiful scenery of the Shangbao Terraced Fields and taste the wisdom and charm of the ancient farming culture.

In front of the gate of Shangbao terraced fields, there is a huge waterwheel. In Chinese farming culture, the waterwheel has always been an indispensable tool. With the waterwheel, even the fields on the hills and the fields far away from the water can be irrigated.

In front of the terraced fields, the big waterwheel has a simple taste, forming a beautiful pastoral picture.

Farming Folk Culture Park

In Chinese farming culture, there are different jobs in each season. So there are twenty-four solar terms.

In Neng Leng Homestay Cultural Park, you can see the farming culture of different seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter. From the sowing and planting of rice seedlings in spring to the harvest in autumn, each different season and different folk customs are displayed through realistic scenes or scrolls.

The most special thing is autumn. In addition to seeing the harvest of the rice fields, you can also see the wedding customs of the Hakka people. The bright red dragon and phoenix wedding dress, which represents festiveness, and the three turns and three rings that were once indispensable in the wedding are full of the tradition and flavor of the homestay.

You can also wear the big red wedding dress here and feel the happiness of a Hakka bride.

When I came here, although the flowering period of the rapeseed has passed a little bit, here, the rapeseed that has not faded is dotted in various buildings, full of the taste of spring.

terraced fields

Along the mountains of Shangbao, there are terraced fields here.

In ancient times, because the mountains were many and the environment was harsh, the wise ancient people came up with terraced fields-reclamation along the cliffs, layered on top of each other, to facilitate planting and irrigation.

The terraced fields of Shangbao have a huge area. The ancestors of the Hakka people cultivated countless terraced fields here.
The Shangbao terraced fields are very spectacular. It was spring when I came here. Many places on the terraced fields have just planted green seedlings. The mountains are green and lush, with the taste of spring and the beauty and moving of spring.

Along the way up the foot of the mountain, you can see terraced fields of different shapes in the mountains along the way, forming different special scenery in the mountains of different shapes.

Guifan Homestay Swimming Pool

In the Shangbao Terraced Fields, there are observation decks at various positions with excellent views to see the scenery under your feet.

If it is the most special, Guifan B&B must be one of them.

Guifan B&B has built a huge swimming pool here, which is really surprising in the place of Shangbao Terraced Fields.

The swimming pool is an irregular shape, and the tiles at the bottom of the swimming pool are pasted with Van Gogh's famous paintings, which is very special. Here you can overlook the beautiful scenery of the terraced fields and feel the cool breeze by the pool, which is a kind of leisure time in Shangbao.

gossip field

Gossip has a very special status in ancient Chinese culture. In a sense, gossip in Taoism includes everything in the universe. The Bagua Field of Shangbao Terraced Fields is located at the highest point here.

Although we talk about the top of the mountain, the topography of the mountain here is quite gentle. It is very spectacular to watch the terraces extend from the top of the mountain, and there is no end in sight at a glance.

At the top of the mountain, a viewing platform is also set up. From the viewing platform, overlooking the green and lush terraced fields, you can feel the wisdom and hard work of the ancient Hakka people. This is a miracle created by hands in the mountains.

Going down in Bagua Tian, ​​walking slowly, you can see all kinds of quiet pastoral scenery. The rice fields and wooden houses in the fields, and the small ponds in the fields all constitute a special scenery.

The straw art festival was also held here, and the scarecrows were made into various interesting shapes, whether it was a mouse welcoming relatives or various cute cartoon characters, making them with interesting straws made them more interesting.


1. The Shangbao Terraced Fields are very large. If you don't want to walk by yourself, it will be more convenient to take a battery car up the mountain
2. It takes about one day to visit the Shangbao Terraces
3. Whether it is a restaurant or accommodation on the mountain, it is very convenient

In the evening of the second day, go directly back to Chongyi to continue the next trip, from Shangbao to Chongyi, it can be reached in one hour.

Wenchang Tower

It was still early after dinner, and I didn't want to go to bed early, so I simply came to Wenchang Tower at the foot of Yangming Mountain to see the night view of Chongyi.

When I came here, the gate of Wenchang Tower was closed and I could not climb to the top of the tower. But the bright lights on the tower are also particularly moving.

Under the Wenchang Pagoda, you can see the night view of the entire Chongyi County. The quiet Chongyi County has a night view that surprised me. The various buildings in Chongyi will be covered with golden lights at night, bright and bright.

It also made the night in Chongyi County more prosperous and lively.

Day3: Yangmingshan - Yangming Garden Hotel

On the second day when I came to Chongyi, I decided to spend a lot of time on the most famous Yangmingshan National Forest Park here.


Yangmingshan, formerly known as Yangshan, is a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot. Yangmingshan National Forest Park has won the Guinness World Record for the scenic spot with the highest content of negative oxygen ions. Here, every breath seems extraordinarily sweet.

Yangming Lake

Walking into the gate of Yangmingshan Scenic Area, the first thing you see is Yangming Lake.

Under the green mountains of Yangming Mountain, the water of Yangming Lake is clear. This is the backup water source for drinking water in Chongyi, which shows the clarity of the lake here.

The river flowing down the mountain is very clear, and when it gathers here, it turns into a piece of emerald green embedded in the green mountains, bright and moving.
There is a lake pavilion in the lake. The lake pavilion in the lake is elegant and classic. Walking through the small bridge connected to the pavilion, you can see the clouds and fog on the mountains in the distance, and the waves on the lake. The mood is also very special. comfortable.

Walking along the lake, you can also see a bamboo forest.

Chongyi is one of the hometowns of bamboo in China. All kinds of bamboo grow here, which makes this county beautiful and gives it a different kind of elegance. And in the Bamboo Forest, there are many different types of bamboos. The crisp and green bamboos have different shapes, but the same is the elegance and freshness.

There are also various interesting projects by the lake, such as Shouting Spring, VR Experience Hall, etc. It is also quite a good thing to experience various interesting projects in the landscape show.

Lanxi Valley

Going forward in Yangming Lake is the Lanxi Valley here.

Yangmingshan is a typical temperate rainforest landform, and Lanxi Valley is the winding valley in the rainforest. Walking into the Lanxi Valley, the valley is quiet and there is a sense of tranquility.

On both sides of the Lanxi Valley are all kinds of trees that have grown quietly here for countless hours, and many trees have grown wildly here, forming strange shapes, which is very interesting.

There are mountain streams flowing in the valley, and the mountain streams are crystal clear. If you look carefully, you can see all kinds of small fish swimming and growing here, which adds a breath of life to the Lanxi Valley.

The mountain stream occasionally flows through the gap, splashing water, and the white water spray brings a burst of coolness, refreshing and moving.

Lanxi Valley links the river banks with the design of stone arch bridges. The classical stone arch bridges are named after various words in Wang Yangming's philosophy, which is very interesting.

Longtushui Waterfall, Lanxi Waterfall

At the top of Lanxi Valley, there are Longtushui Waterfall and Lanxi Waterfall. The mountain river flowing down from the top of the mountain rushes down here under the big drop, forming a spectacular waterfall landscape.

The distance between the two waterfalls is only a few hundred meters. Longtushui Waterfall has greater water potential, while Lanxi Waterfall has a wider landscape while the water flow is slow. A beautiful style.

Next to Lanxi Waterfall, there is also an antique corridor. Sitting in the corridor, resting the legs that may be tired from walking, and breathing the sweet air is also a kind of enjoyment here.

writer's village

When I first heard the name, I thought that there were many writers living here, but when I came here, I found that it was quite different from the old village with countless white-bearded writers in my mind.

When I came to the edge of the writer's village, I saw peach blossoms and all kinds of flowers and trees that I couldn't name. In Yangming Mountain, which is dominated by greenery, the pink eyes have a strange feeling of a paradise.

The Writer's Village has a strong pastoral flavor, but if there are various plants such as peach blossoms, it also makes it differently colorful and prosperous.

There is a small restaurant in the writer's village. The decoration of the restaurant is not luxurious, and there are no expensive delicacies, but most of the dishes here use natural ingredients from Yangming Mountain, whether it is slightly Sweet and bitter wild vegetables or fresh and sweet bamboo shoots, these high-quality ingredients grown in the pollution-free mountains all have a unique local taste and fresh and sweet taste. These mountain flavors have a natural taste.

mountain top

Continue to move forward in the writer's village, and you will come to the top of Yangmingshan.

There is still a distance of tens of meters from the parking lot on the top of the mountain to the highest point. An 838-level staircase was built at a distance of tens of meters. Only by walking to the top of the building can you come to the top of the mountain here.

The stairs are a bit steep, and climbing does require a little courage and physical strength. But when you come to the top of the mountain, you will find that climbing more than 800 stairs is quite worthwhile.
The scenery on the top of the mountain is excellent, overlooking the entire Chongyi County.

The area of ​​Chongyi County is small, and the mountain top here can just have a panoramic view. The well-arranged buildings in the county are looming in the mist on the top of the mountain, and there is a hazy feeling of being in a fairyland.

Walking on the top of the mountain, there are grotesque rocks here, which is the time when the azaleas are in bud. If you come here in April, you can still see the bright scene of azaleas blooming all over the mountain.


1. Yangmingshan ticket is 20 yuan, you can drive up the mountain by yourself, if you drive by yourself, the ticket is 10 yuan
2. If you don't drive, you can take a battery car in the scenic spot, and the charge is divided into sections, about 50 yuan for the whole journey
3. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to choose to walk for the whole journey
4. The scenic spots are all mountain roads, remember to wear shoes that are convenient for walking

Yangming Garden Hotel

In the evening in Chongyi, I chose to stay at the Yangming Garden Hotel here.

Yangming Garden Hotel is located just opposite the Yangming Museum, which is very convenient. The hotel is completely decorated and built in accordance with the standards of a five-star hotel, and the environment is very comfortable.

The room size here is not small, and the room includes a comfortable sofa and a desk that can handle simple tasks. In your free time, making a pot of tea in the room, staring in a daze, or taking a comfortable afternoon nap is a very good choice.

The hotel also has a comfortable swimming pool. Next to the open-air swimming pool is the river that passes through the county seat. The river is clear, and together with the clean swimming pool, there is a sense of tranquility.


For dinner, taste the local specialties in the Chinese restaurant of the hotel.

Jiangxi cuisine has always been famous for its heavy spicyness, but in the Ganyuexuan Chinese Restaurant of the Garden Hotel, perhaps because many of the chefs here are from Guangzhou, it is spicy and also has a lot of gentle taste.

And these gentle flavors match well with all kinds of natural high-quality ingredients produced locally, which can highlight the original taste of the ingredients.

High-quality ingredients, coupled with the careful cooking of a chef who once worked in a five-star hotel in Guangzhou, all kinds of fresh ingredients are endowed with a richer taste. Whether it is fresh bamboo shoots or various fish from the clear water of Yangming Lake, the fresh taste is highlighted.

Day4: Yangming Museum - Guangzhou Yangming Museum

At the last stop in Chongyi, I chose the Yangming Museum.

If it advances the development of ancient Chinese philosophy, Wang Yangming must be a shining name. Not only has the temper of Ren Xia, he can lead the army to fight, he can also govern the country and the country, and he founded the Yangming School. Wang Yangming, who has always pursued the unity of knowledge and action, has left his own legacy in history, both academically and ideologically. a thick stroke.

And Chongyi is actually the county established by Wang Yangming back then. Wang Yangming's footprints have been left here, and a glorious history has been left here.
Yangming Museum is such a place that records Wang Yangming's life.
When I came here, I thought that a county-level museum would not have much to say, but I didn't expect that the Yangming Museum really surprised me a little.

In front of the museum is a rather wide square with a stone floor, which has also become an activity place for many citizens of Chongyi.
The exterior of the museum uses an antique architectural design, with blue bricks and black tiles, which is very imposing.

Walking into the museum, it records the life trajectory of Wang Yangming. From the beginning of his studies, to his appointment as an official in the middle school, to his military rebellion, and finally to becoming a generation of philosophers, Wang Yangming's legendary life is fully recorded in the museum.

Moreover, the exhibits in the museum are also very interesting. In many places, realistic scenes are used for decoration. The antique layout makes Wang Yangming's life appear so vividly in front of him, whether it is a quiet school career or a golden horse. Conquest, all have a particularly moving taste.


1. The museum is closed on Mondays
2. The museum visits until 17:00 every day, and stops entering at 16:30
3. You need to register your ID card to visit the museum, remember to bring it

write at the end

During the few days in Chongyi, the green mountains and green waters here, and the humanistic customs here have left me with countless good memories.
During the few days in Chongyi, the green mountains and green waters here, and the humanistic customs here have left me with countless good memories.
Sometimes it is a very happy thing to escape from the city. When you come to Ganzhou, you meet the elegance and tranquility here, which is a kind of expectation and harvest when you come here.