In May, a season of surging life and competing for beauty, the spring of Green Island in western Liaoning has just arrived. Surrounded by clouds and mists, dense mountains, strange peaks and strange rocks, beautiful rhododendrons are all over the mountains and fields, and jingzi as white as snow covers the valleys. This is the Daheishan Forest Park.

Daheishan Scenic Spot is located in Beipiao City, Liaoning Province. It is now an AAAA-level scenic spot. It is a sightseeing and leisure tourist attraction featuring strange peaks and rocks, Beiguo forest, azalea and apricot fruit, ice waterfall hot springs and Tibetan Buddhism.

"Liaoxi Green Island, the source of life" is the inscription of the famous scientist Mr. Lu Jiaxi, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. The core area of ​​Daheishan covers an area of ​​29.4 square kilometers, with a forest coverage rate of 93%. There are many strange peaks in the park, each with its own characteristics. "Six natural images in one, a mountain-type forest park dominated by natural landscapes.

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[About the itinerary]

DAY1: Zhengzhou - Beipiao City - Daheishan Scenic Area
DAY2: Scenic Spot Service Center - Sightseeing Car - Journey to the West Wonderland Scenic Spot (Chinese Filial Piety) - Huiyuan Temple
DAY3: Scenic Spot Service Center - Cableway - Qunfeng Jingxiu Scenic Area (anti-corrosion wood plank road, glass plank road) - return

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1. Try to bring as little cash as possible, and keep valuables safe. Nowadays, technology is very advanced, and mobile payment is very convenient. Therefore, try to choose as little cash as possible when traveling abroad. At the same time, when traveling, try not to leave valuables such as cameras and computers, and keep them properly.

2. Ticket category: Determine the travel time, choose the means of transportation in advance, whether it is a plane or a train, it is best to download a travel app, so that booking tickets is more convenient.

3. Digital category: SLR cameras, mobile phones, laptops, mobile hard disks, chargers, mobile power supplies, power strips.

4. Be optimistic about the weather when you go out. It is best to choose a sunny day and bring suitable clothes according to the weather. Sportswear is best, and ladies should avoid high heels.

5. Girls have their own Hanfu and can wear beautiful Hanfu. The scenic area is very suitable for taking pictures.

6. If you are traveling by car, plan the route in advance;

[About traffic]

1. Self-driving: Beipiao City is 322 kilometers away from Shenyang, 182.5 kilometers away from Jinzhou City, and 555.3 kilometers away from Beijing. Changshen Expressway G25 runs through the whole area of ​​Beipiao, and the exit of Beipiao is 37.1 kilometers away from the scenic spot. Chaoyang Airport is 77.1 kilometers away from the scenic spot.
2. Beipiao South Railway Station has trains leading to Dandong, Beijing, Chengde, Shenyang, Shanhaiguan, Dalian, and Chifeng. The Beijing-Shenyang high-speed railway is planned to open to traffic in 2019.
3. Bus: Beipiao downtown is 30 kilometers away from the scenic spot
1. Beipiao Bus Terminal: Get off at Luchang Station at Daheishan (6:30, 9:30, 11:10, 11:30, 13:00, 16:20);
2. The special line from Beipiao City to Daheishan;
3. Take a taxi, the starting price is 5 yuan/3 kilometers.

[Journey to the Wonderland of the West: Entering the Fairyland by Mistake]

After arriving at the service center of the scenic spot, we chose to take a sightseeing car to travel through the mountains, as if walking in the embrace of nature, all the fatigue disappeared immediately. The mountain wind blows slowly, blows on the face, invades the skin, refreshing. As the scenery outside the car window is constantly changing, I am amazed from time to time, and the good scenery makes my mood particularly cheerful.

If God can give me another chance,
I will say three words to that girl:
"I love you."
If you have to add a time limit to this love,
I hope it is... ten thousand years!
I believe that the classic confession of Supreme Treasure in "A Chinese Journey to the West" has touched the hearts of countless people. The eternity in love is "love you for ten thousand years". However, when I came to Daheishan Journey to the West Wonderland scenic spot, I not only felt that 10,000 years was too short. Climbing to the top of the mountain and looking down at the foot, you can see abrupt peaks, jagged rocks, rolling hills and mountains.

On this beautiful Dahei Mountain, strange peaks and rocks have stood here for more than ten thousand years. The strange stones here are vivid, the images of the four disciples and the gods and demons in Journey to the West are vivid, and the teeth and claws dance with the demons, which is extremely vivid. In the passage of time, they still interpret what is called eternity.

[Barrier-free walking trail around the mountain "Chinese filial piety"]

Walking in, the first thing you see is a flat walking path, which is known as the "Chinese filial piety" barrier-free trail around the mountain. For the convenience of tourists, the scenic spot has specially designed a barrier-free passage with no steps and a gentle slope, with a total length of 4,500 meters.

Wheelchair rental services are provided at the beginning and end of the trail. On the way, I met many elderly people who were pushed up the mountain in wheelchairs, as well as toddlers. The whole family enjoyed themselves happily. There is nothing more heart-warming than these scenes. Thinking that I can bring my parents with me anytime, blowing the wind in the mountains and breathing fresh air.

We walked on this flat road, and the stones hidden in the jungle were displayed one by one along the path, some were as big as giants, and some were as small as apes. These stones have different shapes and are full of wit. If you taste it carefully, you will definitely come up with a fairy tale, and being in it is like a fairyland, it is really beautiful.

With humanized design, wheelchair service is provided free of charge, so that tourists can rest assured. Strolling through filial piety, enjoying the scenery of the mountains in the north, you don't need to travel thousands of miles to Huangshan, and the scenery of Daheishan is even more beautiful. It is said that Huangshan does not look at Yue when you return, but I say that you will not regret returning to Daheishan. Going through filial piety and gaining life enlightenment, this is the blessing of cultivation.

[Wave from here, the full moon is full of rhododendron red]

A breeze is blowing, the fragrance is tangy, and the pink petals that greet the eyes, and the small green buds are all over the mountains and the forests.

China is a treasure trove of Rhododendron resources in the world. It is said that there are as many as seven or eight cities that use Rhododendron as the provincial flower and city flower. This shows people's great love for Rhododendron. It is listed in China's top ten famous flowers and is known as "the beauty of flowers".

The azalea slope on the north side of the main peak of Dahei Mountain is the highest and largest azalea sea in northern China. Every year from mid-to-late April to early May, the azaleas are in full bloom and turn into a pink sea.

The rhododendrons are clustered one after another, and those blooming flowers look like burning flames from a distance. As long as you see this scene, you will immediately feel your blood rushing and full of passion.

Bai Juyi once praised and said: "I hold two branches in my hand, and it doesn't seem to exist in the world when I look closely. Among the flowers, this thing is a Xi Shi, and the whip, peony and peony are all mothers."
There are three or four cone-shaped flowers on each branch, surrounded by branches and branches, with luxuriant flowers and leaves, beautiful and colorful.

Some lower their heads, like a shy little girl; some are open among the green leaves, which looks more eye-catching; arrogant.

Being in the sea of ​​flowers, the cozy and warm feeling fully shows the long-standing feeling of cherishing flowers.

Our eyes focused on the flowers, marveled, and blurred again. I hope that everyone can see the magnificence of rhododendrons and feel the joy of viewing flowers together.

[Tibetan Buddhism is very popular]

After visiting the Wonderland of Journey to the West, we came to Huiyuan Temple at the foot of the mountain. This is a Tibetan Buddhist temple with strong incense, attracting pilgrims from all directions. There have been many tourists for hundreds of years, and it is known as the number one scenic spot in southern Liaoning.

Every morning, the long bells come from the ancient temple and reverberate in the mountains. Day after day, year after year, it wakes up the sleeping pines, the birds and mountain springs in the forest, and the mountains at the foot of the mountain. Down to the ancient city...

Come to the square beside the temple, on a golden lotus seat, there are three Buddha statues.

On the opposite side are eight bowl-covered pagodas. All surrounded by prayer flags.

The exquisite carved beams and painted buildings are from the hands of pure Qinghai religious painters, which can be called classics. It adds magnificence and solemnity to the temple.

The color combination of brick red and golden yellow is a unique combination of Tibetan Buddhist temples. At the same time, it also has the feeling of matching royal classics, which makes people feel the solemnity of Buddhism and the solemnity of Buddhism!

The rotating prayer tube protects all living beings, and exquisite patterns and classic details can be seen everywhere.

Devoted men and women burn incense and pay homage to the Buddha, adding a unique and beautiful landscape to Daheishan.

[Cable car ride, enjoy the peaks competing]

The total length of the Daheishan sightseeing cableway is 2,200 meters. It is slowly lifted by the cable car, as if floating on a green island, with the breeze blowing on the face, the artistic conception of "the noisy forest becomes quieter, and the singing birds make the mountain more secluded", which makes people feel refreshed.

When descending, it is condescending, overlooking the panoramic view of Dahei Mountain while overlooking the strange peaks and rocks, which is unique and refreshing.

After getting off the cable car, we arrived at the Qunfeng Jingxiu Scenic Area. The feeling of seeing the novels of the mountains is probably the feeling at this moment, and the journey of the wooden plank road started here.

Smelling the fragrance of flowers, listening to the singing of birds, walking along the 5,500-meter-long imitation rotten wood mountain road, the winding boardwalk across the mountains seems to add a lot of spirituality to the rocks and make the peaks show a charming posture. The charm of nature.

This place is called "Tianxia Ground Crack", which is the only gate to appreciate the peaks. From the top, it is just a narrow gap, and from the bottom up, there are several large falling rocks stuck in the gap. It is very unique in the Qunfeng Jingxiu Scenic Area. If you enter here in the hot summer, you will instantly feel extremely cool.

Walking through the cracks between the Tianxia and the ground, it seems to have entered another world. "Looking horizontally, it looks like ridges and peaks, and the heights are different." The jagged rocks have different shapes, some are like people, some are like tigers, some are like cows, some are like horses... There are countless Stalagmites, stone pillars, stone gates, stone sheds, caves, stone houses... The vast and open stone sea is majestic and undulating, just like the rolling waves of the sea.

With the help of the undulating mountains in the distance, zoom in the camera, and carefully look at the nearby mountain peaks. They have different postures, looking up at the distance or bowing their heads and waiting beside them. Here, you will see the "Panda Stone", which looks like a panda that turns its head and looks reluctantly... There is also the "Shengguan Stone", which stands on a mountain not far away, which can be described as "the coffin falls, and the descendants make a fortune." Such a statement will also involve people lingering more.

Here there is a feeling of being far away from the world and being in an ethereal place. Meet the unknown, triggering so much contemplation and reverie.
Daheishan was raised from the sea during the orogenic movement of the Yanshan Mountains, and the early seawater erosion formed a variety of strange peaks and rocks. The strange peaks and rocks have different shapes and are lifelike. "The strange peaks fall upside down and the gods sigh, and the rocks hanging from the top are startled by ghosts and gods." Looking at the strange mountains, dense forests, and gurgling water, you will feel refreshed and forget to return.

[The road to the sky is like a giant python playing in the sea]

You are so scared to death, but you still can't help but want to try it. This wonderful experience of pain and happiness can only be experienced when you stand on the glass plank road.

In recent years, building glass walkways in mountain scenic spots has almost become a trend. Since the advent of the Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Glass Walkway, it has been admired by young people immediately. It is thrilling and thrilling.

We walked for 40 minutes to the location of the Daheishan glass plank road. From a distance at the foot of the mountain, the glass plank road stretches between the peaks, like a transparent ribbon.

Walking on the plank road, experience the dreamy fairyland of walking in the clouds and the thrill of standing in the sky.

Perhaps the scenery of Daheishan is so beautiful. Standing on the glass bridge and looking at the mountains in the distance, I was attracted by the scenery of mountains and mountains reflected in the glass, as if I was in a painting, and I forgot my fear of heights.

The first time I walked into Daheishan, it was so fascinating, I fell in love with it involuntarily! I always believe that people with beautiful scenery in their hearts will be able to read the poetry of life in the leisure of the grass and trees in the world. Don't have to think about who is telling the heart among the shadows of the rhododendrons. I only wish to be in harmony with the mountain scenery, and the clusters of flowers on the branches bloom, and in the harmonious time, I can read the light joy.