15:30 Stroll around the front door, and then go to the fresh food hypermarket (50 meters northeast of the intersection of Xixiaoshi Street and Jinyuchi Middle Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing) to buy rations. Because there are parents with them, it is difficult to adjust, and they prefer to cook by themselves.

Evening: At 18:00, go to Donglaishun Dashilan Restaurant (No. 7 Qianmen Dashilan Street, Xicheng District, Beijing) for dinner. At this point, I have to mention Donglaishun. I originally wanted to try its Four Seasons Minfu Roast Duck, but unfortunately, several of them were sold out (Siji Minfu is considered a friendly and affordable restaurant. Quanjude needs no introduction. There is also a Dadong restaurant that seems to have a high evaluation. It also belongs to the most luxurious roast duck restaurant in Beijing). In the end, I had to find Donglaishun, which was the first restaurant I found when I first arrived in Beijing. I ordered a 188 yuan two catties of sheep scorpion, and another order of clear soup pot bottom, two beef, cabbage, mushrooms and other ingredients. , with a total cost of 786 yuan, the overall feeling is flashy, the portion is not enough, and it is just a false name. Live in Beijing Jinlin Apartment Qianmen Sunshine Duplex Four-Bedroom Apartment (No. 18, Zhushikou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing) (B&B: 1497 yuan/night).

DAY2 (Monday), February 11, 2019:

Morning: Walk to Tiananmen Square at 6:00 to watch the flag-raising ceremony. Although it is cold winter and tourism is relatively off-season, there are so many people going to Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-raising ceremony that I am caught off guard. It takes about 40 minutes to queue up for the security check, okay? It is easy to pass through the security check and find that the place where the flag is raised in the square has been packed with crowds (I also asked the local staff by the way, there are not too many people in the off-season now, and it is estimated that there will be more people in the peak season), so you have to squeeze into the crowd with a selfie stick and use your mobile phone It is not easy to see the whole process. But the scene was still very spectacular. If you want to take a good position to watch the flag-raising ceremony, it is recommended to enter the venue 2 hours in advance. By the way, the flag-raising time is set according to the sunrise time, friends who go there need to do their homework.

PS: If you are going to visit the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, it is estimated that you need to go out at 6:00 in the morning. The reasons are: first, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is closed every Monday; second, it is open every Tuesday to Sunday From 8:00 to 12:00 every day, many teams started queuing up before 7:00, and soon the inner three floors and the outer three floors were surrounded. 8:30 Walk to the Great Hall of the People (West Chang'an Street, Xicheng District, Beijing) (tickets 30 yuan/person), and then go to the security check at the gate of the great hall. Remember that water, drinks, and lighters are not allowed here. The scene is spectacular and majestic!

Noon: Lunch at Mianai Noodle Shop (1st Floor, Building 11, No. 1, Zhengyang Market, West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing). When I was hungry while walking, I found a restaurant to fill my stomach. The Japanese taste is generally average, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Afternoon: Visit relatives in Beijing.

Evening: Dinner at Qixingyuan Roast Duck Restaurant (Building 2000-5, Zhubang, Ciyun Temple, Balizhuang Street, Beijing). I don’t know if this store is not a relative’s dinner party in Beijing. The roast duck is great—the crispy duck skin, duck meat, and duck bones are all delicious. It’s not worse than those so-called Internet celebrity shops. In the wild, in the middle hidden in the city, in the big hidden in the court", foodies need to find it by themselves instead of following the trend; and the locals also gave a lot of suggestions, which greatly affected the future travel arrangements: such as Badaling Great Wall and Mu Compared with the Tianyu Great Wall, the former is higher in altitude. As the saying goes, "If you don't reach the Great Wall, you are not a hero", it refers to the Badaling Great Wall; the steeper slope is the latter; the former has been fully developed, and the latter is relatively original; and Locals in Beijing will choose to go to Mutianyu, where there are fewer tourists. If you want to taste sheep and scorpions, you can recommend Xiezi Mansion... Back to the hotel at 21:00, take bus No. 57 from the bus station of Sihui Junction Station (direction to Dichang Xincun) — Take the 17-stop Guojielou bus stop (1 hour and 7 minutes) (a total of 3 yuan/person), and live in Beijing Jinlin Apartment Qianmen Sunshine Duplex Four-Bedroom Apartment (B&B: 1057 yuan/night).

DAY3 (Tuesday), February 12, 2019:

Morning: Walk through Tiananmen Square at 8:30 to the entrance of the Meridian Gate of the Palace Museum (No. 4 Jingshanqian Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing) (tickets are 40 yuan per person in off-season, and guides are 20 yuan per person). The Forbidden City is the royal palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties in China, formerly known as the Forbidden City; it is the center where the feudal emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties ruled the country. As I write here, I need to mention a few points for attention: First, the Forbidden City is closed on Mondays, so don’t visit on that day, it’s a waste of time; Second, tickets need to be reserved online in advance, and the flow of people is limited.

This tour route: Meridian Gate - Gate of Supreme Harmony - Hall of Supreme Harmony - Hall of Central Harmony - Hall of Preserving Harmony - Garden of Compassionate Ning - Palace of Compassionate Ning - Shoukang Palace - Gate of Qianqing - Palace of Qianqing - Jiaotai Palace - Palace of Kunning - West Sixth Palace - Imperial Garden - Shenwumen (recommended to play for 3 hours). The Palace Museum is the focus of this trip, and luck is good. First, there are temple fairs in the palace; second, when there are snowflakes in the sky, it even puts a silver dress on the red wall. However, perhaps due to the closure of the museum on Monday, or perhaps due to the above two reasons, the number of visitors reached nearly 80,000 (later it was also proved that that day was the day with the largest number of visitors in a week), starting from stepping on the Waijinshui Bridge to At the end of the Meridian Gate, this road was pushed in by the crowd. Having talked to this point, I would like to explain that the sung "beheading at the Meridian Gate" in the play is definitely just a line, and every winter solstice eve, the place where "Qiuhou asks to be beheaded" is near Caishikou outside Xuanwumen.

After entering the Meridian Gate, you have to step over the Inner Jinshui Bridge, and you will arrive at the three halls of Taihemen, also commonly known as the Outer Dynasty. The three halls of Taihe, Zhonghe, and Baohe are the center. Generally speaking, the feudal emperors exercise their rights and hold grand ceremonies. The place, especially the Hall of Supreme Harmony, also known as the "Golden Luan Hall", is a symbol of royal power. I can't help but admire the wisdom of the ancients, who can build such a serious, solemn, majestic and magnificent architectural group. There is also a special place in the three main halls - no trees are planted, for three reasons: first, if trees are planted in the hall, the shade will be pleasant and the birds will sing, it will destroy the majestic atmosphere of the court; second, the ancient Chinese emperors It belongs to "soil" in the five elements, and "wood" overcomes "soil", so there is no "wood". The foundations of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony, and Hall of Preserving Harmony are the characters "earth" facing south; third, beware of assassins entering and hurting the emperor and ministers.

Walking along the Nei Ting Wai West Road, you will arrive at the Ci Ning Garden. It is the place where empress dowagers and concubines of the Ming and Qing dynasties worship Buddha and have a rest. It is known as the "women's world" in the harem. Shoukang Palace is the palace where the empress dowagers lived in the Qing Dynasty. The Compassionate Palace was the residence of imperial concubines in the Ming Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, Empress Xiaozhuangwen and Empress Xiaoshengxian lived here successively. Why do most of the empress dowagers of the Qing Dynasty live here? It is said that the Compassionate Palace was not peaceful, and only the above-mentioned two generations of queen mothers could hold it, so the Shoukang Palace was built. Compared with the memory of visiting the old place as a child, this area is newly opened and opened to the outside world.

Going forward, you will reach the Qianqing Gate. Behind this gate is the inner court. The inner court is centered on Qianqing Palace, Jiaotai Hall, and Kunning Palace. There are East Sixth Palace and West Sixth Palace on the east and west wings. It is also the place where the emperor and empress lived.

To the north of Kunning Palace is the Imperial Garden. This mysterious and beautiful place is often mentioned in TV dramas, but it actually makes people feel a little lost, not as stunning as imagined, and slightly less coquettish than the beauty of Jiangnan gardens. After leaving the Imperial Garden, you will reach the Shenwu Gate, then you will leave the Forbidden City, and this is the end of the trip. Due to the incompleteness of my guide, during the tour, I visited the Chuxiu Palace, which was once the residence of the Empress Dowager Cixi and the last queen Guo Buluo Wanrong, but missed the legendary Yanxi Palace.

Afternoon: Go to Nanluoguxiang at 13:30, take No. 124 from the Forbidden City bus station (to the south of Datun)—take 4 stops at Di’anmenwai bus station (23 minutes) (total 2 yuan/person), go to the guard at 14:15 Guosi Snack Bar (No. 180, Di'anmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing) for lunch. There are a lot of people in this store, you need to wait for a seat, but it is indeed a good choice. 15:00 Return to the B&B, take Line 6 from Nanluoguxiang Subway Station (direction to Lucheng)—take 1 station to Dongsi Subway Station and transfer to Line 5 (direction to Songjiazhuang)—take 4 stations to Ciqikou Subway Station and transfer to Line 7 (towards Songjiazhuang) Beijing West Railway Station direction)—take 2 stations to Zhushikou Subway Station (Southeast Exit C) (53 minutes) (total 4 yuan/person)

Evening: Go to Wangfujing Pedestrian Street at 18:00, take Line 7 from Zhushikou Subway Station (Southeast Exit C) (direction to Coking Plant)—take 2 stations to Ciqikou Subway Station and transfer to Line 5 (direction to Tiantongyuan North)—take 2 stations to Dongdan Transfer to Line 1 at the subway station (in the direction of Apple Orchard)—take 1 station to Wangfujing Subway Station (C2 Exit) (40 minutes) (total 3 yuan/person), and stroll to Wangfujing Snack Street, which is very lively, recommended snack: donkey Rolling, pork belly with Liji sauce, all super delicious... Return to the hotel at 21:00, take No. 11 from Wangfujing Road North Bus Station (direction to Songjiazhuang Junction) - take 4 stops at Zhushikou South Bus Station (31 minutes) (total 2 yuan/person), living in Beijing Jinlin Apartment Qianmen Sunshine Duplex Four-Bedroom Apartment (B&B: 1057 yuan/night).

DAY4 (Wednesday), February 13, 2019:

Daytime: 8:30 Book a chartered car on Ctrip (5 economic seats, 599 yuan/car) to Mutianyu Great Wall for a day trip (ticket 45 yuan/person, uphill shuttle bus 15 yuan/person) (about 4 hours). The driver was very enthusiastic, and chatted with our "heroic foursome" all the way to the foot of the Great Wall. It was 9:45, and then a small episode happened, starting a small wonderful journey, from the small village to the mountain behind No. 4 enemy building , Follow the marked marks to climb up, there is a feeling of jungle adventure. If you don’t want to climb the Great Wall on foot, you can take the cable car directly to No. 14 enemy building (one-way fare 100 yuan/person, round-trip fare 120 yuan/person). The mountains are indeed magnificent. I am so excited: I will climb to the top today! Then began the journey to the top...Climb to the 14th watchtower, and look into the distance, one mountain is still taller, and the 20th watchtower at the peak is still far away, the Great Wall is getting steeper and steeper, the road It's so long and far away, I really can't climb anymore, so I have to stop here.

Afternoon: At 13:30, go to the traditional Chinese Lanzhou beef noodle restaurant (Building 1, Yard 2, Jinyuchi Middle Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing) for lunch. This store has to be praised, the taste is good, the quantity is honest, the price is not expensive, it is worth eating.

Evening: Go to Xidan Business District at 18:00, take Line 7 from Zhushikou Subway Station (Southeast Exit C) (towards Beijing West Railway Station)—take 2 stops to Caishikou Subway Station and transfer to Line 4 (towards Anheqiao North)—take 2 Stop at Xidan Subway Station (North Exit B of Line 1) (31 minutes) (total 3 yuan/person), recommended drink: Nayuki’s tea... Return to the B&B at 21:00, take Line 4 from Xidan Subway Station (North Exit B) (Tiangongyuan direction) - take 2 stations to Caishikou Subway Station and transfer to Line 7 (direction to Coking Plant) - take 2 stations to Zhushikou Subway Station (Southeast Exit C) (33 minutes) (total 3 yuan/person), live in Beijing Jinlin Sunshine duplex four-bedroom apartment at the front door (B&B: 1057 yuan/night).

DAY5 (Thursday), February 14, 2019:

Enter Peking University, this is the highest university in China, the place that many students yearn for! …Turning to the right, you can see the Weiming Lake, and the scenery around the lake is very good. The Yan Garden at Peking University has a long history. It was originally the Spoon Garden of Mi Wanzhong in the Ming Dynasty, also known as the Rice Garden. Emperor Qianlong renovated the Spoon Garden by Weiming Lake in the south of Yuanmingyuan, named Chunxi Garden. Later, it was rewarded to Heshen, a senior scholar. He Shen built Shuchun Garden here. Because Heshen's family property is as rich as an enemy, Shuchun Garden is very luxuriously built, and it is known as the first private garden in Beijing.

Noon: At 11:00, take Daxing Line of Line 4 from Dongmen North Subway Station of Peking University (to the north of Anheqiao)—take 2 stops at Xiyuan Subway Station (10 minutes) (total 3 yuan/person), Yoshinoya (Haidian, Beijing) 1-2 floors, Longhu Xingyue Plaza, No. 206, Yiheyuan Road, District) for lunch.

Afternoon: Walk to the Summer Palace at 12:30 (No. 19, Xinjian Gongmen Road, Haidian District, Beijing) (tickets are 20 yuan/person in off-season) (recommended to play for 3-4 hours). The Summer Palace was the most important political and diplomatic activity center outside the Forbidden City for the supreme ruler of the late Qing Dynasty. Coincidentally, the sky is beautiful, and snow is falling again, hehe... a snow scene is coming. Arriving at the East Palace Gate, you will see the Hall of Renshou where the court ministers met, the rooms of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the bedroom, the grand stage, and the courtyard. There are small lanterns hanging on every ancient tree in this area, which is a good atmosphere for the New Year.

As the crowds left, I left the place where the emperors of the Qing Dynasty engaged in political activities and daily life. I think the most impressive part of the Summer Palace is the promenade at the southern foot of Longevity Mountain, facing the frozen Kunming Lake, and the north of Longevity Mountain. , starting from the Yueyue Gate in the east and ending at Shizhang Pavilion in the west, is the longest corridor in Chinese gardens.

Because it was snowing and the road was slippery, the Longevity Mountain could not be climbed, so we had to give up.

This is the Shifang Wharf near Shizhang Pavilion.

At 15:30, take Line 4 from Beigongmen Subway Station (direction to Tiangongyuan)—take 17 stations to Caishikou Subway Station and transfer to Line 7 (direction to Coking Plant)—take 1 stop to Hufangqiao Subway Station (Southeast Exit C) ( 51 minutes) (a total of 5 yuan / person).

Evening: Xiezifu Yangxiezi (No. 4, Hufang Road, Xicheng District, Beijing) ordered a takeaway, which is quite a lot, much more honest than Donglaishun. Live in Beijing Jinlin Apartment Qianmen Sunshine Duplex Four-Bedroom Apartment (B&B: 1497 yuan/night).

DAY6 (Friday), February 15, 2019:

Morning: Go to Nanluoguxiang (Nanluoguxiang Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing) and Shichahai (Qianhai West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing) at 8:30, and take Line 7 from Zhushikou Subway Station (Southeast Exit C) (towards the coking plant) -Take 2 stops from Ciqikou Subway Station and transfer to Line 5 (towards Tiantongyuan North) -Take 4 stops from Dongsi Subway Station and transfer to Line 6 (towards Jin'an Bridge) -Take 1 stop from Nanluoguxiang Subway Station (35 minutes) (total 4 yuan /people). When you come to Nanluoguxiang, you must order snacks: Wenyu cheese, Weilu pot lid, and candied haws.

There is also Mao'er Hutong nearby, which starts from Nanluoguxiang in the east and ends at Di'anmenwai Street in the west.

Many celebrities have lived in this small alley, and it also has many stories: For example, No. 6 is the residence of Dalai, the daughter of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty and the descendant of Princess Jing. Dabeizi originally lived in the mansion of Princess Hejing at No. 7 Zhangzizhong Road. . In 1923, Dalai sold the mansion to Zhang Zongchang, commander-in-chief of the Zhi-Shandong Allied Forces for 150,000 yuan, and then moved to No. 6 Maoer Hutong. Therefore, it is called "Dabeizi Mansion".

No. 35-37 is the pre-marital residence of Wanrong, wife of Emperor Puyi in the late Qing Dynasty. This old house is because in 1922, Guo Bro Wanrong was selected as the queen and married Puyi. After Wanrong was canonized, his father was appointed Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and granted the third class Cheng'en Gong. The house was also upgraded to Cheng'en Gong's Mansion. Expanded as a "residence"...

I accidentally discovered a site, a piece of incomplete beauty.

Noon: 11:30 went to Wonton Hou shop (No. 309 Gulou East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing) for lunch, and ordered a bowl of Yufu Wonton, great! Fried wontons with sour soup, the taste is great.

12:15 Walk to Shichahai, which includes three waters of Qianhai, Houhai and Xihai. Many ancient buildings in the scenic spot occupy an important position in the history of politics and culture. One of the main representatives is Prince Gong's Mansion (17 Qianhai West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing No.), the largest palace in the Qing Dynasty, used to be the residence of Heshen. In 1851, Prince Kung Yixin became the owner of the house, hence the name of Prince Kung’s Mansion. It is a pity that the museum will be closed until March 18, 2019 due to the renovation of its facilities, and it is currently not open to the public.

Afternoon: 13:30 to the Ming City Wall Relics Park (No. 9 Chongwenmen East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing) and Dongjiaomin Lane, take Line 6 from Beihai North Subway Station (towards Lucheng)—take 2 stops at Dongsi Subway Station and transfer to No. 5 Line (Songjiazhuang direction)—take 3 stops at Chongwenmen Subway Station (19 minutes) (a total of 3 yuan/person). Coming to the entrance of the ruins park, it is full of vicissitudes of the times. This 1.5-kilometer wreck carries the history of old China. I originally wanted to visit the southeast corner of the city, but my schedule was disrupted by a phone call. The flight was canceled due to China Eastern Airlines MU5120 Capital Airport (T2) 16:55-Hongqiao Airport (T2) 19:10, and the flight was canceled. , had no choice but to end the trip early and go back to discuss this matter with everyone.

On the way back to the B&B, I passed a quiet and ordinary alley. The western buildings on both sides of the road were in different styles and patchwork. Immediately, I was attracted and looked at the street sign—it turned out to be Dongjiao Minxiang, which is a century-old street. Lane is also the longest alley in old Beijing. In the Yuan Dynasty, it and Xijiaomin Lane were collectively called "Jiangmi Lane", and in the Ming Dynasty it was also called Dongjiang Rice Lane. It used to be the famous embassy area in Beijing. I took a few photos with my camera and left in a hurry.

Evening: Live in Beijing Jinlin Apartment Qianmen Sunshine Duplex Four-Bedroom Apartment (B&B: 1057 yuan/night).

DAY7 (Saturday), February 16, 2019:

Morning: check out at 11:00, transfer to Beijing Capital International Airport by chartered car.

Afternoon: Take a 10-seater pick-up minibus to Beijing Capital International Airport at 12:30 (52 minutes), Eastern Airlines MU5124 Capital Airport (T2) 19:00—Hongqiao Airport (T2) 21:15 (round-trip fare: 1720 yuan/ Adult, 1320 yuan/child).

Post the last picture: I bought a palace from the capital and came back to live in it. It was a worthwhile trip, hahaha...