Mr. Lao She once said: "You must live in the north in autumn. I don't know what heaven looks like, but judging from my life experience, autumn in the north is heaven." There are many ways to enjoy the autumn scenery, such as aerial photography, taking a full cruise, going deep into the alleys, riding a bicycle, etc. I hope this guide will bring better help to everyone’s travel.

Appreciate the autumn scenery along the way from Yuanyang Lake Wharf to Yangui Wharf

The beauty of Gubei Water Town lies in the "water". Taking a boat on the Tanghe River with a canopy boat and admiring the red leaves along the way is one of the ways to enjoy the autumn colors of Gubei Water Town. The scenery here makes people feel a kind of tranquil beauty! A northern water town style with small bridges and flowing water.

The blue bricks and tiles on the bank are dotted with red, green, and yellow leaves, which are natural. Most of the houses are riverside inns. Open the windows every morning to welcome the first ray of warm sunshine.


1. Cruise ship ticket office: Yangui Wharf, Riyue Island Wharf, Yuanyanghu Wharf

2. Each boat is limited to 6 people

4. Ticket price: full journey (Yuanyang Lake Wharf-Yangui Wharf), shared boat 120 yuan/person/one way, chartered boat 600 yuan/boat/one way; half-way (Yuanyang Lake Wharf-Sun Moon Island Wharf, Yangui Wharf- Riyue Island Wharf), shared boat 80 yuan/person/one way, chartered boat 400 yuan/trip/one way

The red leaf town under the Great Wall, courtyards, alleys, enjoy a time travel between "red leaf scenery"

"The aroma of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley", looking at the beautiful autumn scenery in front of you, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, presenting a peaceful and leisurely place... Winehouse alleys,

The alleys of Dyefang, Dabao Bar, Yinghua Academy, the alleys of Yang Wudi Temple, the alleys around the Escort Bureau, the exterior walls of the Eight Banners Guild Hall, and the exterior walls of Wuzhen Club are all good places for sightseeing and photography.

Red leaves grow all over the wall. Under the sunlight, the light and shadow are distinct, quietly telling the deep beauty of Chinese aesthetics! The alleys covered with moss and red leaves present a unique autumn Zen atmosphere. In addition to feeling the changing seasons of vegetation, there is also a Chinese-style aesthetic appeal that makes people addicted to it.

When riding, you can concentrate on enjoying the scenery along the way with your eyes. In the autumn of life, the most beautiful color is freedom. Put down your camera, mobile phone and heavy backpack for now... Just feel it!


1. Autumn activity time September 20th - November 25th (9:00 and 14:00 every day)

2. Price: Cycling Station - Simatai Great Wall, 100 yuan/person; Cycling Station - Yuanyang Lake, 40 yuan/person

3. The cycling station has storage cabinets, professional riding equipment, and instructors

Unforgettable air flight with special approval to see the charming autumn colors at a glance

Looking down from the air, you can see the autumn scene of "sun and moon shining together", and suddenly understand why it is called Riyue Island Square, and there are row upon row of alleys in the square! There are layers of red leaves... The red leaves are the most lush on both sides of the winding Tanghe waterway. It is recommended to focus on it during the tour.

High mountains, flowing water, and small towns are so harmonious, perhaps only in the north. I prefer Gubei Water Town in the twilight. The setting sun shines on the houses, and everything presents a golden color, as if entering a more charming world.

Tips: It is strictly forbidden to carry drones in Gubei Water Town, and they will be stored on their behalf if they are found during the security check. Unless there is media cooperation in the scenic spot, you also need to sign an aerial photography agreement before you can use aerial photography in the scenic spot, and you must affix a green label, remember!

Wandering around Gubei Water Town, those places not to be missed

Gubei Water Town, "six districts and three valleys", are Laoying District, Republic of China Street District, Water Street Style District, Wolongbao Folk Culture District, Tanghe Ancient Village District, B&B and Dining District, and Houchuan Chan Valley, Eden Valley, Cloud It takes at least two or three days to walk around Fengcui Valley.

Founded in 1900, Yongshun Dyeing Factory is a small museum with color and taste

Such a colorful picture of drying cloth can only be seen in the south. The exhibition hall displays the ancient Chinese cloth dyeing technology, machinery and equipment and the dyes used in dyeing cloth. It can be used as a good education base and traditional craft experience base. Let the world understand the exquisite cloth dyeing technology in ancient China.

Yongshun dyeing workshop was established in the twenty-sixth year of Guangxu (1900). The founder was Zhang Jukui, a native of Gubeikou. Plant dyes of various colors, and mastering its refining technology, can dye many kinds of bright colors. Because of its uniform dyeing and bright and lasting color, it is famous in Gubei as the "Yongshun dyeing grass and wood color" dyeing workshop.


2. Color printing experience on the second floor, 70 yuan per session.

Yinghua College, with a strong scholarly fragrance

It is a high-walled and deep courtyard, a royal academy. It is recommended that you allow more time to visit. There are lecture halls, corridors, pools, book lending offices, etc. inside. Yinghua Academy was built in the eighth year of Ming Hongwu (1375). It is a rather impressive "Royal Academy". It was specially established by the imperial court for the children of military and political officials here to study the Four Books and Five Classics and obtain fame.


2. Suggested tour time: more than 40 minutes

There are many activities in Riyue Island Square

In the spacious public area, there is a Miyun Grand Theater, and there is a list of performing arts in the scenic spot in the "Playing Guide". There are folk acrobatics and juggling performances, opera parades, cross talk/Allegro, Cuban interactive dance/band performances, etc. in the square regularly, and sometimes There will be spontaneous activities by the masses, such as jumping a big rope with multiple people, and everyone can participate.

There are several good restaurants and snacks around the square, such as Jianlou Steakhouse, Qijia Beef Miscellaneous Shop, Tanghe Halal Restaurant, Jiangjun Yang Noodle Restaurant, etc. The aroma of roasted sweet potatoes and grilled squid often wafts around the square, attracting many people to line up to buy, and The cold drinks in mobile vending carts seem to have become online celebrity check-in shops.

Experience the Eight Banners Culture in the Eight Banners Guild Hall

Gubei Xiongguan, as the throat fortress of the capital, was the station of the Zhenghuang Banner of the Qing Dynasty hundreds of years ago. In the Eight Banners Guild Hall, you can visit and learn about Manchu folk customs, military garrison, major battles and daily life, etc., and experience traditional games such as archery and throwing pots.


1. The visit is free, and there are Eight Banners clothing rentals at the door, and you can take pictures of ancient costumes

2. The red leaves on the outer wall of the hall are very beautiful, and there is a very beautiful alley on the east side, which is especially suitable for taking portraits.

Duan Family Courtyard, soaking in hot springs, viewing Simatai Great Wall, looking up at the sky full of stars

As the saying goes, soaking in hot springs in autumn can moisten the lungs and intestines. In this dry autumn, take a dip in the hot springs and wash away the dust all the way. At the same time, you can savor the relaxation of the pores all over your body under the warmth of the spring water, which can relieve your fatigue and moisturize your dry skin.

There are indoor hot springs and outdoor hot springs. Personally, I prefer to have outdoor hot springs. I don’t feel bored. I lie in the pool and look up. I can see the Simatai Great Wall and the red leaves in the mountains. At night, I can see the starry sky.


1. Guests staying at the hotel can experience unlimited times throughout the day, and the price of a single hot spring is 298 yuan per person

2. It is recommended to soak in the hot spring at night, the scenery is more beautiful

Church on the Hill/Cafe in the Cloud

The hilltop church is built on a hill in the center of the water town. It is a Roman Catholic church. It can be visited for free and can accommodate about 100 people. The square is the best place to enjoy the panoramic view of Gubei Water Town!

Cloud Café, the indoor area is small, and the aroma of coffee is full after entering. The hand-brewed coffee here is very good, it is recommended to try. The outdoor platform is a good place to take a panoramic view of the water town. It is cooler at night in autumn. It is recommended to add a coat to watch the night view.

Night Tour Simatai Great Wall

Climbing the Simatai Great Wall at night is a completely different feeling from the daytime. Take the cable car up the mountain, and walk for 10 minutes to reach the Great Wall. The lights on the Great Wall are full of lights, and you can see the night view of Gubei Water Town. It seems that you can touch the stars and the moon when you raise your hand. The autumn wind blows gently, which is very cool.


1. Simatai Great Wall ticket: 40 yuan/person

2. Simatai Great Wall ticket + cableway one-way: 110 yuan/person; Simatai Great Wall ticket + cableway round-trip: 180 yuan/person

UAV formation performance

As night falls, watching the cool Kongming Lantern drone formation performance on Riyue Island Square is the most anticipated! Different seasons and different activities will make a variety of dynamic 3D drone formation performances, which is very cool!

Combining drones with traditional culture and perfectly combining cultural creativity with technological innovation is an innovation! It better promotes the traditional culture and adds to the charm and warmth of the Gubei Water Town scenic spot.

The water shadow show is the highlight of Gubei Water Town, not to be missed

In front of Wangjing Building on Wangjing Street, there are several water shadow shows every day. You can ask the staff for the specific performance time of the day. The performance uses the newly developed "virtual reality" water dance control system to fully match the water dance movements with the rhythm control of the music. Under the starry night sky, accompanied by melodious music, with the majestic and beautiful Great Wall as its back, people can feel the softness of the water wholeheartedly, just like a magic show.

This is an interaction of sound and light, using the most advanced projection technology, which makes this Wangjing Tower full of magic, changing various colors and shapes from time to time, flickering! People were amazed and praised one after another, and they used their mobile phones to record this wonderful moment.

Gubei Water Town at night, from an aerial perspective

Gubei Water Town is surrounded by mountains, the sunset will be very early, and the lights at night will be brighter earlier. It is recommended to go to a higher place earlier to wait for the sunset light and the bright night view of the town, and overlook it from this aerial photography angle. Night scenes are rare, and I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to capture them and share them with everyone.

In addition to the hilltop church, the best place to overlook the beautiful scenery of Gubei Water Town is the Yuantong Tower. Yuantong Pagoda Temple is located on the mountainside on the west side of Gubei Water Town. It is very eye-catching and has become one of the landmark buildings of Gubei Water Town. It is even more spectacular at night.

Gubei Water Town boutique hotel, great value for money

Thirteen Sisters Women's Theme Hot Spring Hotel

Is the Shisanmei Girls Theme Hot Spring Hotel under Gubei Water Town only for girls? Yes! However, it was in the past. Now accepting public reservations. This themed hot spring hotel is located on Wangjing Street, next to Wangjing Street Snack Street and Music Fountain. Each room is equipped with different specifications, the same exquisite hot spring pool and sauna room, or open-air bath, or indoor hot spring, high-end private environment.

The front door is not very big, and the moment you step into Datang, it opens up! The decoration style and the warm yellow theme make people feel like the spring breeze is blowing on the face, with warmth. If I were a girl, I would fall in love with this place at first sight, and I would like to stay for a few more days to feel it.

The room type I live in is a deluxe double bed room with an area of about 75 square meters. It has a sauna room and an outdoor open-air hot spring pool. The theme is "celebrity culture" and private hot spring experience, as expected! First of all, we may need to understand what a "lady" is, and then clarify the positioning of this theme hotel. Celebrity means a famous beauty or a lady from a famous family. Further explaining that Celebrity is a title that originated in ancient times and became popular in the 1930s. Social beauty.

The elegant environment and private space are very suitable for couples or girlfriends. There are maple trees planted next to the outdoor small bubble pool. When you live in it, it is slightly red. When you imagine it turns red, how beautiful it will be! Soaking in hot springs at night, drinking red wine, counting the stars... so romantic!


1. The room price is around 1500-3000 yuan, slightly fluctuating during holidays

2. For such a great outdoor hot spring pool, you can also bring some essential oils you like.

Firepit Hotel

Located in the deep and quiet Lan Valley, backed by the Simatai Great Wall, facing the branch of Yanshan Mountain, and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery, the Huotang Boutique Hotel combines Tibetan style with modern, just like a walking cultural museum.

The style of the room, the combination of various fashion elements, the details are a kind of quality beauty! In the transparent and spacious room, the large copper bathtub next to the window is very eye-catching. The soft warm yellow light and the soft and skin-friendly bedding can ensure that you can sleep until you wake up naturally. On the small outdoor balcony, you can spend a whole day in a daze with a cup of tea and feel the charm of nature.

There is a huge patio in the middle of the firepit, which is a kind of earthen building, creating a space artistic conception of "top light". There are 4 floors, walking in the circular corridor, you can hear the sound of your feet. A circular seat is designed on the first floor, and a bonfire in the middle is lit every night. The hotel guests sit together, feel the warmth like relatives, and enjoy the purity and tranquility at that moment.

Above the head is a huge circular roof line, and the eastern section of the Simatai Great Wall can be seen on the fourth floor.

Entering the hotel, you can see the traditional Tibetan patterns dotted on the door, the corridors and some public spaces have a "convex" hollow design, the stone fireplace reflects the orange fire, and the decoration on the wall echoes the silk Road culture, old furniture and precious collections with strong Tibetan culture can be said to be the finishing touch in the space. If you have been to Tibet, some hotels and even Tibetan homes are very beautifully decorated.

Tips: The room price is around 2,000 yuan.

Huotang Tent Camp

There are more surprises outside the Huotang Hotel. There is a terrace area that has been used as a tent camp. The price is cheap, and the bathroom is shared. The tent is only used as a bedroom, and the configuration of a standard room.

Nowadays, wishing a tent seems to be a very childlike thing. Compared with the hotels and hotels that I often live in, I prefer to choose a tent. On the mountain, it is another way to get into this small confined space and integrate with the natural environment. A romantic life experience.

Tips: The room price is around 500 yuan.

Niancheng Hotel

First of all, are you ready to play with a room of more than 90 square meters? That's right, the room here is this big. Having seen the traditional style of the fire pond, the white main color here highlights a sense of modernity. When I first saw it, I was moved by her "white"!

The north and south districts face each other across a stream, forming a unified presence in the valley, while maintaining the traditional expectations of the space: calm, restrained, with a comfortable proportion. On the whole, under its plain white appearance, the shape of the "blank" geometric design is like a double bass, echoing in the deep valley. While pursuing the beauty, it also creates more possibilities for travel, just waiting for you to go to it with your heart feel.

The color tone in the room is still mainly white, and there will also be some bright colors embellished. The lines are very strong and very harmonious! White is the color of the north. On the land wrapped in ice and snow, the sojourner life gradually wakes up and matures, giving people a good omen of the birth of life.

Tips: The room price is around 1700-2000 yuan.

A lot of delicious food, cure your difficult choice

Breakfast at Thirteen Sisters Hotel

Maybe it’s because I’ve been to Japan a lot, and I’m always very satisfied with the set meal arrangement. A tasteful hotel chef will also take care of the taste of each guest, with balanced nutrition. Thirteen sister’s breakfast is divided into Chinese style and Western style. , each breakfast meal is quite rich!

Tips: Single order breakfast is 168 yuan/person, hotel accommodation includes breakfast.

Simatai Great Wall Picnic

Sitting in the red leaf town at the foot of the Great Wall, there is another event that can’t be met in autumn, which is the Great Wall picnic. I believe this will be the most memorable experience in your whole life eating food.

The location is located in the west section of the Simatai Great Wall, so reservations are required in advance! The hotel will provide a full set of picnic equipment and delicious meals. When the sightseeing car drives to the foot of the Great Wall, you need to carry the baskets and cutlery bags full of food to the Great Wall by yourself. It only takes 10 minutes to board the Great Wall, which is suitable for picnics, and you will not feel very tired.


2. Charges: 280 yuan/set (two persons)

Guguan Hot Pot

After the cold dew, the autumn colors are dyed. In addition to adding clothes when going out, hot pot at night is also indispensable. If you come to Gubei Water Town to find autumn, you should go to Guguan Hot Pot Restaurant to have a delicious meal. Your body will warm up and you can climb the Great Wall at night. , you won’t feel cold anymore.

The reason why this hot pot restaurant is so famous is also because of its quality, many repeat customers, the restaurant environment has the characteristics of a farmhouse, there are private rooms upstairs, and the chef's care can be seen in every dish. The dishes are clean without any oil stains. The shape of the plate is also very particular, and the taste of beef and mutton is very fragrant.


1. Address: Next to Gubei Zhiguang Wharf

2. Per capita consumption: about 100 yuan

William Edgar Boutique Hotel Chinese Restaurant

This is a boutique hotel. The Chinese and Western restaurants here are open to the public. The Chinese restaurant mainly serves Huaiyang cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and local dishes. The Gubei grilled fish head is a classic dish. The fish is from the Miyun Reservoir. The meat is plump and very fragrant.

Taste it in person, the taste of these dishes is very good, scallop kung fu soup (for 1 bit), fresh mushroom beef cubes, crispy crispy roast, palace fried prawn balls, roasted pork ribs with dried bamboo shoots, jadeite super grilled eel, etc. .


1. Address: Inside the William Edgar Boutique Hotel

2. Per capita consumption: about 130 yuan

BBQ restaurant

Miyun Roasted Pork, an online celebrity dish. Everyone knows that there are three treasures in Miyun: Shaobing, roast meat, and Shaojiu. This is Roasted Pork. The big piece of pork belly is soft and crispy, fat but not greasy. The fluffy biscuit smells delicious. Put the meat into the biscuit with special sauce, vegetables, etc., bite it down, the aftertaste is endless!


1. Address: Tanghe Guzhai District, 20 meters south of Yanmen Inn

2. Per capita consumption: about 68 yuan

Gubei Water Town Traffic Information

Self-driving route from Beijing

After getting off at Simatai Exit No. 24 of Jingcheng Expressway, take the ramp on the right and drive to the left for about 2 minutes.

Railway route from Beijing

Take Metro Line 13 and get off at Huoying Station, walk about 323 meters to Huangtudian Station on the "Huaimi Line" and take the "Huaimi Line" train (bound to Huairou North), get off at Gubeikou Station, Take the Gubei Water Town Line at Beikou Station to arrive at Gubei Water Town.

Direct train route from Beijing

Take Metro Line 2 to Dongzhimen, and transfer to the Beijing-Gubei Water Town direct bus at the Dongzhimen Outer Bus Station (junction of Dongzhimen Outer Xie Street and Xiangheyuan South Street, 942 and 855 buses) to Gubei Water Town. It is estimated that it will take 120 minutes to reach Gubei Water Town directly.

Bus routes from Beijing

Take bus No. 980 from Dongzhimen, get off at Miyun West Bridge Station, transfer to bus No. 51, get off at Simatai Village Station, and walk to Gubei Water Town.