In the early autumn, I trekked thousands of miles and came to the imperial capital of my great heaven with passion all the way to celebrate the birthday of my motherland! ——Please applaud me, thank you!

  One sentence sums up this 11th trip: "Walking makes me physically and mentally exhausted, and crowding makes me physically and mentally exhausted." If I talk too much, I will cry. . .

  There are more texts in the first half, let’s take a look at some pictures of the town buildings

Finally, a portrait finale

cause and effect

  Every long journey is not all because of longing, and every journey is not all with joy.

  This paragraph has been revised more than ten times, written and deleted, deleted and written, just to read it lightly, and to write it down, and more importantly, to avoid repeating the mistakes of careless words. . .

  Sometimes people are so weird, they do what they know they shouldn't do, they insist on saying what they know they shouldn't say, and they slam their heads into a wall even though they know there's a wall in front of them.

  A sentence is dedicated to all children's shoes who have committed secondary school and regarded themselves as the heroines in workplace dramas

  - "We were all vulnerable once and we will be invulnerable"

  10 things to experience in Beijing

  1. Climb the Great Wall

  2. Check-in of landmark buildings (Forbidden City, Prince Gong's Mansion, Summer Palace, Yuanmingyuan, Bird's Nest, Water Cube, etc.)

  3. Go to art galleries, museums, etc. to cultivate artistic sentiments. After all, the capital, the famous paintings and antiques here are unmatched by museums in other cities

  4. Famous universities (Tsinghua University, Peking University, come and torture me to death)

  5. Go to Beiying Zhongxi to see the current handsome men and beautiful women, and the future stars

  6. Wander around Beijing Hutongs to experience old Beijing style

  7. Beijing’s autumn scenery can’t be missed, the Ginkgo Avenue in Ditan Park, the Ginkgo Forest in Zhanggezhuang, the Ginkgo Forest in Xiaojing Village, and the Ginkgo Avenue in Diaoyutai (Why do you have to go? Because there are so many people! Only by spreading the net can you find few people) There are many places to shoot portraits, but there is one place that can be used to shoot other places, so you don’t need to go to the last point.)

  8. Taste the most authentic old Beijing mutton ~ Xiyuanju old Beijing mutton, and visit Dashilan by the way. Experience the feeling of old Beijing.

  9. Go to the Grand Theater to watch a play in the evening (later, I read the performance list on the official website of the National Theatre. National Day, why should the theme be highlighted? I mentioned the red drama, so unfortunately, we didn’t check in. Alas, it’s just me Political awareness, no mistakes to blame)

  10. Experience specialty stores: bars in Beijing, literary coffee shops, and literary bookstores (actually, they are all for taking pictures, hehehehehe, I didn’t check in for the last one, so I can only answer: probably because I was infected by the scenic spots and atmosphere of Genzhengmiaohong Yes, petty bourgeoisie aside)

Climb Mutianyu Great Wall Beyond Physical Ability

  This time I chose the Mutianyu Great Wall. Although the traffic to and fro is a bit complicated, but because of this, there are few people! Badaling has convenient transportation, and it is also the most well-known Great Wall, but it is crowded with people. If you don’t want to go through twists and turns, go to Badaling;

  I think I'm super lucky~~~ To go to Mutianyu, I need to go to the expressway. I chose Mutianyu purely because of the small number of people and the convenient transportation. I am also very glad that there was no traffic jam. So, sometimes I think too much and my hands are tied, and I miss a lot of beautiful scenery. If I thought that there might be traffic jams on the expressway, I probably wouldn't choose Mutianyu.

  I went early, took pictures of various things, and the number of people began to increase after the shooting was almost done. Although it was cold and rainy that day, after all, on the National Day, some people on the Great Wall held umbrellas, some wore raincoats, and some directly wrapped themselves in thick clothes. There are more and more people, and at 9 o'clock, it is no longer possible to take pictures without people.

  After climbing the Great Wall in the morning, take a bus back to the city in the afternoon. If you live on the edge of the Great Wall, I suggest walking directly to the bus stop, about 20-30 minutes, because it is a downhill road, so you are not tired, and the asphalt road is in good condition, almost no cars come up, the scenery along the way is really beautiful, you can Stop and go and take pictures.

  Cycling around the night view of Shichahai

  Take a rest at the hotel and have a meal. It is already evening, and Saijuan has not come yet. Considering that she will not have the energy to go out after she arrives, and I am already bored, I packed up and rented a bicycle. Feel the way around and get familiar with the environment.

  Turned to the Bell and Drum Tower, and finally came to Shichahai. There are so many people there. The black people behind the white railing on the other side of the river are densely packed.

  Look at the people in the picture~~~ I have no desire to go in at all.

  Gritting your teeth and climbing the Wanshou Pavilion to grab a seat

  In order to take a panoramic view of the deserted Forbidden City, we went straight to Jingshan Park early in the morning, and rushed into Jingshan with a group of Beijing old men and old ladies doing morning exercises. To take a panoramic view of the Forbidden City, the Wanshou Pavilion in Jingshan Park is the best perspective. We were the first to climb the Wanshou Pavilion. About half of the way up, we were out of breath. One step is to overcome all difficulties and dangers. It was difficult, but the old man in the back was strong and strong, chanting Beijing accent all the way to catch up with us, and successfully promoted to the first place. If it wasn't for grabbing the best seat, I would still climb and rest like climbing the Great Wall. We gritted our teeth and climbed up, and finally reached the summit in fourth place.

  I took pictures of the sunrise in Beijing on the Wanshou Pavilion. Due to the weather, the results were not good. I think it was due to the smog. Although I haven’t seen the gray sky in Beijing these days, all the photos are beautiful. The sky is not good. The photos in this travel note are all post-processed, of course they are beautiful. I got an idea for this photo after reading a photographer’s Weibo, combining multiple exposures with portraits, the effect should be good.

  After taking the panoramic view of the Forbidden City, I personally feel that there is nothing special to visit in Jingshan Park. It is just an ordinary morning exercise park. On the way to climb the Wanshou Pavilion, you will encounter the place where Chongzhen hanged himself. It is a pavilion, so you can stop and have a look.

  Crowds of people visit the scenic spots in the Second Ring Road

  I went to Prince Gong's Mansion first, there were too many people, and I basically didn't take pictures, so I'll just have a look. Prince Gong’s Mansion used to be the residence of Heshen. It is worth mentioning that there is a rockery in the garden. I heard that Heshen stole a "Fu" stele written by Kangxi and hid it in the rockery in the garden. Those who went to see the real work, probably everyone thought the same as us, there are so many people! The inner and outer third floors of the small rockery were crowded with people, and they couldn't see it in the end.

  Why does Prince Kung's Mansion still grow vegetables? Looking at the cucumbers, peppers, and other vegetables in the picture, I am even more envious when I am curious. If I can grow flowers and vegetables in the geomantic land of Beijing, I can brag about it anywhere!

  When Shichahai came out to stroll around the alleys, I thought that such criss-crossing spider web-like wires could only be found in small places in third- and fourth-tier cities. After all, there were no such pictures in my small town for a long time. The small alleys in the capital of the Celestial Dynasty are quite ordinary scenery.

  Such a leisurely picture, I think it is very common to see such a picture in my hometown when I was a child. Now that the city is being planned and demolished everywhere, commercial buildings have sprung up one after another, and the whole city has become a large construction site. Such small single-family houses are no longer seen in other places except in rural areas. Humans always yearn for urbanization when they are backward, and desire to return to a simple environment to live after urbanization. People are so contradictory and dissatisfied.

  The sunshine is so good, I can't help but not to take pictures!

  Lama Temple went out to Beihai. I want to complain about it. The crowds are comparable to the Spring Festival travel. I bought tickets and went in without the desire to go shopping. I took a rest near the entrance. Why was this picture taken like this? Because even in the lake It's a cruise ship full of people~~

  Rotate on the central axis

  Wandering around Tiananmen Square on the central axis at night

  Tiananmen Square - There are people under the Monument to the People's Heroes. Forgive me for taking such pictures.

  Look at the standing posture of the uncles of the People's Liberation Army and the standing posture of the masses. To be honest, you are so well-proportioned, is it because the party forces you not to eat meat?

  Tiananmen Square is getting late, and the sky in the photo is blue. I forgot to say that it was just in time for the flag-lowering ceremony. Unfortunately, the crowd was so tight that the center of the flagpole expanded outwards in diameter, so I couldn't squeeze in at all.

Let's go, let's go, it's going to be dark soon

  We were hungry, so we made an appointment by phone to eat roast duck at Siji Minfu in nearby Dashilan. We made the appointment too late, and it took 2 hours for our turn, so we wandered around Dashilan in boredom.

I bought a candied haws to satisfy my hunger first, and make a concave shape by the way

Do you want to go in and have a look? don't go in! Because I have seen Hong Kong

  The production process of roast duck is completely transparent, and its kitchen is open, and the whole production process can be seen from the large floor-to-ceiling glass wall. This is the first time I know that Peking duck is extravagant and wasteful. A whole roast duck is nearly 300 yuan, and a half portion costs more than 100 yuan. However, the chef only slices a small part of the skin, and all the rest of the meat is directly thrown into the trash can. ! ! ! I was dumbfounded looking outside the wall, and my heart ached! ! ! It is not uncommon to eat roast duck at first, but it is said that the performance of a company as big as Quanjude is not as good as one-third of that of Juewei duck neck, which is a waste of this brand. Let's eat mutton~

  Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat (Qianmen Store) ~ go for a big meal

  Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat has arranged a variety of gourmet experience plans before coming to Beijing. I am especially greedy for the old Beijing shabu shabu. This restaurant was recommended by the owner of the inn. It is said that the old brand has not changed in quality, and I often go to old Beijing. Went for a walk at night.

  Beijing's traditional hot pot, the soup base is just boiling water, add some scallions, ginger slices and goji berries. Compared with the colorful soup base we usually eat, it is really a clear stream. It seems that the soup base has no effect on the shabu-shabu, but it can taste the most original taste of mutton

  Xiyuanju old Beijing shabu-shabu likes the sesame sauce in the store the most. They say this is the taste of Beijing! Added fermented bean curd, chives, shrimp oil, and coriander foam (you can choose whether to add it according to your personal preference). It is fresh and salty, and the taste is thick and satisfying! Each table is also equipped with a free mobile phone charging cable, which is very convenient.

Xiyuanju Old Beijing Instant Pot

Xiyuanju Old Beijing Instant Pot

Xiyuanju Old Beijing Instant Pot

  Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat mainly focuses on mutton and beef. They have a cooperative ranch in the grassland of Sunit, Inner Mongolia. There are many kinds of mutton that are hand-cut fresh mutton. Each type has a different taste. A small amount of fat. The meat is delicate, with a little oil but not greasy. The homemade Baitian lamb and goat melon strips should be one of the specialties of the store. It is said that they are must-order dishes in Beijing-style shabu-shabu. When they are rinsed in a clear soup pot, the taste is tender and elastic, and the gravy pops out from the gaps in the fibers. The taste is finger-licking aftertaste.

  After coming out of the restaurant, Saijuan no longer has the energy to continue shopping, and I still have a few night scenes to check in, so Saijuan and I split into two groups. She took the packing box and went back to the hotel to rest, while I continued to check in with the camera on my back. .

  Sorry, the political awareness is relatively low, I have forgotten what these buildings are called. . .

Visiting the two gardens under the scorching sun

  Originally, the two gardens and Tsinghua University and Peking University were arranged for 2 days, but because there are too many people in the two gardens, the flow of people must be limited wherever they go. People outside can only enter when the people inside go out. One after another, I want to stop and watch for a while It will be pushed forward by the people behind, like a commodity line produced by flowing water. After watching the two gardens, it is more than half of the morning, and there is still more than half a day before I decide to visit Tsinghua University and Peking University on the spur of the moment.

  The Seventeen-Arch Bridge that the tour group must introduce. When we arrived at the Summer Palace, there were almost no people. When we came back around, it was about 9:30. are people.

The sun is good, the sun is good, let me stop talking nonsense, let me pose for 2 photos

  The Summer Palace is out of the Yuanmingyuan, which is not so good luck, this point is crowded with people, but fortunately, all the places I like are neglected by others

  Come to the ruins, the heavy history, don't forget, self-improvement!

Old Summer Palace

  After dinner in Yuanmingyuan, we rode our bicycles straight to Tsinghua University. We were very lucky. We entered through a small gate, and the road was unimpeded. Later we learned that there were too many people visiting the school because of the National Day. There is also a time limit to enter. Later, I didn’t have such good luck when I went to Peking University. I walked around the wall and refused to enter all the side doors. I can only enter through the prescribed door. We went to the only one open to tourists. There is a long line at the door, and there are still more than 2 hours left before the release time. People can't leave. We waited for half an hour, and then the long line came up. The sun was really strong, so we decided after weighing come back next time.

  Let's pass dinner casually. After eating and drinking enough, we went to the Bird's Nest Water Cube to check in.

  Because I wanted to take a panorama of the Bird’s Nest Water Cube on the Internet, Sai Juan and I split into two groups. She went to visit the Bird’s Nest Water Cube, while I rode my bicycle up the elevated structure to enter tall buildings, looking for commanding heights with perfect views. It is said on the Internet that the shooting effect is the best on the overpass next to the subway station. I climbed up secretly, but in the high-speed traffic, I found a row of tall trees blocking the view, and the shooting effect was not good. So I entered the surrounding high-rise buildings, turned around and found that the commercial buildings could not get on the roof, and I couldn't enter the residential buildings at all. Finally, I finally found the best commanding height, which is the nearby Olympic Tower. I looked at the price of the ticket, and finally I chose to give up.

  I only took pictures of the bird's nest. The most widely circulated photo on the Internet was taken with the bird's nest and the reflection in the lake. However, I turned around and didn't see the lake. Looking for it, the Water Cube didn't even have the strength to shoot it.

This picture was taken on the overpass next to the Bird's Nest Water Cube

  Before going to bed last night, Sai Juan said that she wanted to go to the Badaling Great Wall. I asked her why she wanted to go to the Great Wall again. Sai Juan said that she was despised by Xiao Ke. If she came to Beijing and didn’t climb the Great Wall, it means she didn’t come to Beijing. Xiao Ke is also our college roommate, and Sai Juan has been broadcasting the progress of the trip live to her along the way. Well, then today I will check in alone.

  I rushed to the Temple of Heaven early in the morning just to take pictures of the empty Temple of Heaven.

  What I mainly want to shoot is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, which is a very long road leading to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. The protruding spire behind the three doors in the picture below is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, which can be seen from a distance.

  There is still an hour to open the door. First, take pictures of the surrounding scenery. When you approach the wall, you can see a corner of the Huanggan Hall and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests.

  I have to wait for a long time, and I took a selfie at the door, um~~~ The photo is a bit ugly, so I won’t let it out to be scary

  When the gate of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests opened, I was the first to rush in and take this photo, only to find that the staff had already been wandering inside. . . By which door did they enter?

  Then I turned on the selfie mode again, I put down the tripod on my mobile phone while hiding in the crowd, walked over to take a picture, and then retracted the tripod when I came back, the whole process was smooth and smooth, as if nothing had happened

  When I come to Yuanqiu, I can only shoot like this. There is a famous echoing gallery here, which is a thick circular wall. It is said that two people stood on the opposite side of the wall, one whispered against the wall, and the other could hear clearly. I saw a lot of people experimenting, I don't know if it is really possible, if you are curious, you can try it.

  I wandered around to Beiluo, across the street from Nanluo, but it was very quiet with few people.

  There are many cats in this restaurant, and there are many people eating, but the taste is a little bit. . .

  When I came out of the art museum and waited for the bus at the bus stop, I saw an old man practicing calligraphy on the ground. His handwriting was really good. I didn’t practice handwriting well when I was a child. Now my handwriting looks like crabs. Someone once commented that my handwriting is not as good as Three-year-olds are average. So I especially admire people with good handwriting. Buses go one after another, but I don't want to leave.

  Take a leisurely stroll around the Forbidden City

  Today is the last day of the itinerary. The reason why I put the most important Forbidden City at the end is that I made a careful decision after careful consideration and weighing the pros and cons.

  Go through the Tiananmen Gate Tower and then walk in to the Meridian Gate of the Forbidden City. Touring the Forbidden City is a one-way tour from south to north. The Meridian Gate enters the Shenwu Gate and exits. Of course, if you are physically strong, you can walk north and south in the Forbidden City for a few times. back and forth. Just across the street from Shenwumen of the Forbidden City is Jingshan Park, oh yes, there is also a moat across the street, and when you look up, you can see the long guns and short cannons on the Wanshou Pavilion on the opposite side to take pictures.

  Because the most essential central axis of the Forbidden City can't be photographed, so just walk around. We bought a joint ticket, including the Clock Hall and the Treasure Hall. The Clock Hall has a clock show, each at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, each for 3 minutes. It is strongly recommended to visit the Treasure Hall and the Clock Hall, which are definitely worth the fare.

  Not much nonsense, just go to the picture. I have already forgotten what temples these are. I am the one who, according to the legend, goes in the right ear and comes out the left ear. I forget it when I hear it. It is shameful to be uneducated. Don’t follow me.

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

  Forbidden City ha! I'm wearing a yellow skirt again. The yellow skirt matches the red wall of the Forbidden City best!

Forbidden City

  Forbidden City I think this scene is very interesting. In a place as solemn as the Forbidden City, seeing the engineering scenes full of modern life feels quite opposite. I think it is very interesting to borrow the joke of "I am repairing cultural relics in the Forbidden City".

  The long aisle of the Forbidden City shocked me. The high red walls on both sides vividly interpret what is called "Lonely Empty Garden Spring Desires Late"

  The following 2 puzzles were taken in the Clock and Treasure Hall, and the photos cannot reflect one ten-thousandth of its essence. You must see it with your own eyes, you must see it with your own eyes, you must see it with your own eyes, and the important words are said three times! ! !

This chair is unattractive and made entirely of antlers. I am stunned. Please imagine my expression of eating a whale.

Ha, the Treasure Hall and the Clock Hall came out, and 2 more shapes were recessed

  Finally, a three-shot photo shoot with Sai Juan

  After 7 months, I finally finished my trip to Beijing. In fact, there are still many memories about the imperial capital. I will share with you next time