If you don’t go to the Great Wall, you’re not a hero, and it’s a pity if you don’t come to the Great Wall at Badaling! When you come to Beijing, you must not miss the Great Wall, and the outstanding representative of the Great Wall, Badaling, is a world-famous tourist attraction and one of the seven wonders of the world. Its majestic and precipitous features and the beauty of its posture surpass all the "Great Wall Scenic Spots" in Beijing. The Badaling Great Wall is like a giant dragon entrenched on the mountains. It is the blood and sweat of the working people in ancient China, a symbol of ancient Chinese culture and the pride of the Chinese nation.

☆About the tower

The Badaling Great Wall is divided into north and south sections by Guancheng. The northern section is the essence of the Badaling Great Wall. It is about 3,000 meters from Guancheng to the North Twelfth Floor. Among them, the North Seventh Floor and the North Eighth Floor are the most crowded; the North Eighth Floor is the northern end. The commanding height, after passing here, the Great Wall turns southeast again, heading straight to Qinglong Bridge. The cliff section on the north ninth floor is more difficult to walk; the north twelfth floor is the boundary of the scenic spot, and this is also the place with the fewest tourists in Badaling. Friends with elderly and children suggest to choose to take the cableway up and down. After getting off the cableway, you will be on the seventh floor of the north, and after climbing a section, you will be on the highest north eighth floor. This is where Haohanpo is.

The southern section is shorter, about 1300 meters, of which the south fourth floor is the commanding height; walk to the south seventh floor, the enemy's tower is closed, and the scenic route ends, but the Great Wall outside the enemy's tower is also well-repaired, winding south to nowhere.

☆Punch points

The North Eighth Building - Haohanpo, with an altitude of 888 meters, is the highest enemy building on the Badaling Great Wall. It is the best place to overlook the Great Wall, so it is also known as Guanri Terrace.

North Fourth Floor - Hero Stone

Fantasy 9D movie - you can "visit" the magnificent scene of the construction of the Great Wall and the transmission of beacon fire

The Great Wall Museum of China - a thematic museum that comprehensively reflects the history, military, architecture, economy and current situation of the Great Wall with the theme of the Great Wall

☆About transportation

There are many ways of transportation to the Badaling Great Wall. Friends who come to Beijing for the first time can sign up for a one-day tour. Now the one-day tour in Beijing is becoming more and more standardized. They are all purely for fun and there is no shopping link. The bus goes to the Badaling Great Wall. The day tour boards at Exit C of Beitucheng Subway Station. The morning shift is at 8:00 and the middle shift is at 10:00. Get off near the Bird's Nest Water Cube, and you can check in two scenic spots a day

☆Beautiful scenery of four seasons

The Badaling Great Wall has four scenic spots a year, each with its own characteristics in spring, summer, autumn and winter. You can choose the time to visit based on each person's specific preferences. By the way, I will post a few beautiful pictures for everyone to enjoy.

 Spring - the world is full of fragrance in April, and the flowers on Badaling are in full bloom

Apricot blossoms, peach blossoms, and jasmine flowers in full bloom are dotted on the emerald green valleys and mountains, just like a gorgeous tapestry, which is magnificent.

Summer-The peaks and mountains are emerald and the breeze is blowing, the mist and clouds are soaring the giant dragon

The mountains have turned into solid blue waves, and the white clouds are swimming among the mountains. Standing on the majestic pass, you can see the Great Wall leaping over the mountains, and the cool mountain breeze blows, which makes people feel refreshed.

 Autumn-Danqing wonderful hand-painted red tide, layers of forests are dyed to reflect Xiongguan

In the golden autumn season, the sky is high and the clouds are light, and the autumn wind is refreshing. It is the best time to visit the Great Wall. In the autumn of Badaling, the forests are all dyed, the mountains are red all over, and the red leaves covering the crenelated towers burn like a raging fire.

 Winter - the scenery of the northern country is covered with snow for thousands of miles, and the inside and outside of the Great Wall are covered with silver

Winter in Badaling, the inside and outside of the Great Wall is covered with silver.” In early winter, when a frost falls, the trees all over the mountains and plains are covered with crystal tree hangings.


1. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, preferably travel shoes, sports shoes

2. Choose the appropriate clothes according to the season of your travel. In spring and autumn, it is recommended to wear more, such as jackets and jackets. In summer, you must touch sunscreen and wear sunscreen clothing. The Great Wall has a strong wind, so it will not be very hot, but it will be very sunny. In winter, you need down jackets, cotton hats, and gloves. Remember: gloves must not be forgotten.

3. It is recommended to go early, there are fewer people on the Great Wall, and there are more films, it is suitable to take the bus until 8 o'clock