Fang Donghu Port Travel Notes

Depart from the city by car at 8:00 a.m. on September 6, 2022. The destination is Donghu Port Scenic Area (Wuwudu). Take the 20-kilometer exit along the Beijing-Shidu Expressway to the Beijing-Kunming Expressway on the sixth ring road and enter the Shidu tourist attraction. From Yidu , Erdu, Sandu to Shidu and then to Shidudu, the beauty of the scenery along the road is refreshing.

There are lush small trees, small flowers, boulevards supported by towering trees, mountains that sometimes appear in the distance, and the water flow is intoxicating. There are more homestays and restaurants with various facades. On the side of the road, there are occasional local villagers selling mountain products, self-grown fruits and vegetables, free-range eggs, yellow, white, and green big horned melons...

After passing Shidu, you can see the signpost of the East Lake Port Scenic Area. You will be charged 10 yuan once to enter the parking lot of the scenic area. To enter the scenic spot, you must first pass through the Yoyo Iron Cable Bridge. The more people there are, the stronger the swing. There is a shuttle bus waiting for you to pass the Yoyo Bridge. You can send it to the cable car for 10 yuan. If you walk for about 20 minutes, you can appreciate the natural beauty. The welcome stone that people daydream, the small water is gurgling, and there are many small streams in front of it to form a stream from top to bottom, beautiful,

The small water wheel keeps turning, as if never knowing tiredness. There are stone piers next to the stream to enjoy the coolness. From a distance, one by one in the stream looks like lotus leaves floating on the water. When you look closely, the stone piers turn out to be small millstones, which makes people feel the urge to step on and jump. There is a big stone pier beside the stream. , sit for a while, and watch the rolling hills turn golden yellow under the sunlight. It is so beautiful and intoxicating. The cable car not far away keeps going up and down, and the drifting waterway carries tourists downstream. , The sound of rushing water reminds people of childhood. There is no exposure to the sun, no cold feeling, comfortable.

Taking the cable car, you can enjoy the dense trees and unknown shrubs, mountain springs and flowing water outside the window, as the cable car rises.

The mountains in the distance are in the sun, green, black, and white, and they are very beautiful. When you get off the cable car, you can see the one-meter-wide plank road inlaid on the cliff like a dragon, winding to the top of the mountain, as if there will never be At the end, when I came to the first sightseeing platform, I saw the beautiful scenery.

After asking the salesperson selling cold drinks, I realized that this place is more than 550 meters above sea level from the bottom of the mountain, and it is vertically upward. Walking along the plank road for more than 20 minutes, we arrived at the last viewing platform on the top of the mountain. It is really infinite scenery. On the dangerous peak, overlooking the mountains of Kashgar, it looks like a natural carving, with green trees on one side and golden on the other. The mountain rocks are white and yellow under the sunlight, and the pointed tops of some hills are arranged in a distance like buns in a steamer, which is too beautiful to behold.

People can only see the beautiful scenery after passing through the dangerous, steep and difficult to reach the top of the mountain, open their minds and forget their troubles.

Continue along the boardwalk.

Seeing a section of glass plank road, I didn't dare to walk, so I could only walk on a relatively flat plank road.

Through the iron chain colorful bridge dangling on the top of the mountain between the two mountains, you come to the sightseeing station and prepare to go down the mountain.

We boarded the sightseeing car and watched the distant mountains gradually disappear, and what came into view was the dense forest. After a while, the sightseeing car took us to the middle of the mountain.

I started to walk down the mountain. People say that it is easy to go up the mountain and difficult to go down. Now I can taste it. Looking down the mountain to a depth of 400 meters, straight up and down, along the plank road on the cliff, there is another taste. After a short time, I walked to a spring, gushing The mountain spring water flows down from the mountain, and it feels like a deep valley. After a short rest, the sky has reached dusk. On the way down the mountain, there are several mountain spring water flowing down the mountain that converge into a stream, forming along the mountain crevices. up a small waterfall.

It is a good place to take pictures. Not far away is a large pool of water. The waterfall formed by the flowing water is not high, but it is very warm and intoxicating. Next to it is a gazebo for leisure. Young people in twos and threes are playing in the water, and Qianyi is under the gazebo. chat.

When I came to the parking lot, I kept looking back at the beautiful Donghu Port. It is really a vacation harbor in Beijing, but also a good place with unlimited scenery and challenges. I will definitely come again next time.

September 8, 2022