In the bustling city, the traffic is like weaving

People are in a hurry, chasing time.

Tired of cities surrounded by steel and concrete

Enough of running around for a living every day

want to find a place

Carnival together, rediscover the old feeling

Sit quietly together and enjoy the afterglow of the sunset lazily

Let's eat together, you say something and I will intervene

together on the rooftop

BBQ and a glass of wine

empty the city

There is a very poetic village "Yaoguanling" in Yanqing, a suburb of Beijing. In the village surrounded by flowers and the sea, there is an exquisite Anhui-style homestay - "He Su · Neighborhood and Right Shelter".

Just hearing the name, I think it is beautiful, make an appointment with friends, and start a weekend of happy time of your own.

The location of the B&B is not too far away. It takes two hours by car to get there. The barbecue ingredients ordered online have been delivered to Hesu. The butler helped us put the skewers and fruits in the refrigerator. This move is also considerate.

When I arrived at the B&B to check in, I pushed open the door of Heshu · Neighborhood, and was immediately attracted by the design here. The white walls and black tiles, the well-arranged pavilion design, the very distinctive Huizhou style, and I have been to dozens of different styles. Among the homestays, the design here is very good, simple and elegant, with a lot of thought on the details, it must have been designed by a professional designer.

The B&B has four bedrooms in total (2 suites and 2 standard rooms are equipped with independent bathrooms), roughly calculated to accommodate 14 people, and suddenly found that the five of us can basically have one room per person...

The suite living room also has a small living room for workers to rest and drink tea. You can watch TV and have some tea with friends. There is also an independent tea room, kitchen and dining room.

The yard is equipped with barbecue grills and outdoor leisure tables and chairs. There is a staircase in the middle of the yard to go to the second floor to enjoy the cool scenery and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside.

In the quiet courtyard, sitting under the umbrella, forget about work, let go of your mind, and let the years grow into the way you like.

The yard is suitable for taking pictures everywhere, on the stairs, beside the white walls, whether you want fairy photos or cool photos, you can get it.

The sea of ​​purple verbena flowers not far from the Hesu homestay cluster is like a romantic and charming dream. I brought my friends to take pictures. When Ruirui saw this sea of ​​flowers, she got into the sea of ​​flowers. The verbena swayed gently with the wind, just like The waves of the sea.

Walk in the sea of ​​flowers, run, spin and jump, walk among the flowers and look back at the flowers, open your arms, imagine yourself dancing in the sea of ​​flowers, take a quick shot of the scenery, and amaze your circle of friends.

Here, you will forget about the troubles of work. A slow-paced lifestyle will make you more comfortable and selfless.

Of course, when enjoying the flowers, don't step on them and pick them randomly. When taking pictures, pay attention to the ravines around you.

Having fun in Huahai, we returned to the hostel to prepare dinner (the homestay provides breakfast and afternoon tea), the kitchen is equipped with a full range of knives, utensils and seasonings, we prepared meat skewers and red wine in advance, and made a sumptuous dinner together. The four beauties all came to battle, and I helped set up the grill, Lili and Tingting were cooking in the kitchen, and Ruirui and Sister Qing were grilling skewers outside. Unexpectedly, the "Four Beauties of the Capital" are not only beautiful, but also the taste of the grilled skewers is superb.

This holiday, have a small meal with friends, barbecue, red wine, and chat, making the night longer...

In fact, homestay is not only a style, a kind of accommodation, but more importantly, a family outing or a gathering of three or five friends. How many people pass by in a hurry during the trip, in fact, the real feeling is often hidden in a quiet corner. inside.

Find a small courtyard of your own, and meet with friends. There are no high-rise buildings, no traffic, only villages flooded by morning fog. It is also great to spend a whole day here happily.

【B&B】: Shared accommodation·Neighborhood

[Address]: Yaoguanling Village, Liubinbao Township, Yongning Town, Yanqing District, Beijing

[Bus]: From Deshengmen, Beijing, take the 919 express bus to Yanqing, transfer to Y28/Y30 and get off at Yanqing Shiziying Station.

[Self-driving route]: Search "Yaoguanling Village" on the map.

Shared accommodation·Neighborhood: 2 suites + 2 standard rooms, can accommodate 14 people, ¥3680-4680/night (per capita: ¥262-334/night) is subject to the actual reservation price, there are different prices in low and high seasons , There are also preferential policies.

The B&B is equipped with a barbecue grill. You need to bring the skewers you want to eat, your favorite sauce and the charcoal you need for barbecue. You can buy it in the ancient city of Yongning, or you can buy it from a certain place and send it directly to the hotel.

Surrounding scenic spots: Baili Landscape Gallery, Four Seasons Flower Sea, Yongning Ancient Name, Sunflower and Verbena Pastoral Flower Sea.