On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Baijiahao, we came to Huabin Manor in Nankou Town, Beijing to participate in the activities of "wilderness camping assembly" and "city life home", exile to nature and let ourselves go for two days.

At 1:00 noon on October 21, 2021, we took a bus from Zhichun Road Subway Station to Reignwood Manor, Changping District, Beijing. We arrived at the destination after an hour and a half. The manor is located at the foot of the Great Wall. We camped on the open grass of the manor. Everyone set up tents, tables, chairs, and various pastries and drinks with their hands.

Wouldn't it be more fragrant to go to the open grass to use afternoon tea in a different scene?

You've had afternoon tea, but have you ever had afternoon tea in the wild?

Is it more refreshing and interesting to have afternoon tea on the grass in the outskirts than in a magnificent star hotel?

warm setting sun,

A faint herbal fragrance,

A horse a hundred meters away,

light creamy taste,

Unexplainable little emotions,

Disintegrated in the taste,

Greedy little mind,

There is no escape.

A piece of dessert can dispel fatigue and heal the depressed mood recently. Who doesn’t love such an afternoon tea?

The presentation is pleasing to the eye, served with salty, sweet and delicious refreshments, and you can take pictures casually. No girl can withstand such a temptation.

A piece of dessert, a cup of fragrant tea, refreshing the heart and outlining an elegant and comfortable afternoon.

What happened, does the horse have afternoon tea too?

Who can resist this beauty? The horse also smells the fragrance and joins our tea team.

Put down your phone, play board games, and play cards happily like a child.

You can also hide in a tent and rest, which is so healing.

There are also people who come to sprinkle dog food, it's sour.

Remember when you were a child, moving a small bench, sitting around the screen on the drying yard in the center of the village, watching open-air movies?

Come, come, Reignwood Manor will let you relive the good times of your childhood~

When the night comes, set up a screen in the wild and go back to the era of open-air movies. This is the most popular leisure way nowadays.

Under the starry sky, on the grass, let’s look for the touch of light and shadow together~

The films screened this time include both the domestic classic animation "Mulan" and the global best-selling "Harry Potter". Before the film even started, a circle of audience surrounded the scene. At the beginning of the movie, everyone watched attentively. Under the high-definition and gorgeous projection screen rendering, everyone's emotions fluctuated with the development of the plot, deeply immersed in the touch and impassioned, and felt the charm and high-spirited spirit of classic movies together. Spiritual power, let us move together in front of the screen.

Which one is better in Beijing boiled mutton, of course it is Yangfang Victory!

In fact, there are mutton shops everywhere in Shahe Town, Changping District, each of which has its own unique secrets, or authentic mutton, or unique concoctions, or even a combination of both. It is Yangfang victory.

Yangfang Shengli has opened three branches in the town. We went to the Shahe store at night, which is 100 meters east of the town government.

It has two specialties, one is to rinse the mutton with clean water, in the words of the store, only the good mutton dares to rinse with clean water; the other is to use a long bench to serve the mutton rolls, oh no, it is served on a long board. how long? It is more than 1 meter long, which is almost as long as others. It is a completely different style of painting from other people's home-made mutton plates.

The water is Nongfu Spring in the Changbai Mountain production area, the sheep is milk grass sheep transported from Inner Mongolia, and the sauce is "Cixi Sesame Sauce". These three are blessed together and enhance each other's taste. It is absolutely perfect, and Michelin can't beat it!

The boiled mutton is not enough. We ordered a lot of shrimp slippery, top-quality fresh hairy tripe, sesame seed cakes, etc., and presented vermicelli, cabbage, lotus root slices, potatoes, etc. As for the taste, I have nothing to say. How delicious it is is up to you Go and taste it for yourself.

Stay at the Vienna Hotel at night, just at Tianyue Square.

In the morning of the next day, we moved to Baiguo Manor in Xiaotangshan Town, where there were exciting offensive and defensive arrows, and the two sides confronted each other, perfectly recreating the ancient battlefield.

Everyone once had a martial arts dream, and walking through Yang with a hundred steps was a childhood goal.

Here's your chance to achieve your goals!

Playing offensive and defensive arrow confrontation in the suburbs of Beijing, showing your blood. Before playing, the coach explained in detail the use and wearing knowledge of bows, arrows, goggles, armbands, etc., and introduced safety knowledge and precautions.

Put on the goggles, put on the pad on the left arm, and use the original cold weapon to show the passion of sports. The goal is to annihilate all the opponent's team members or shoot down all the dots on the opponent's target within the time limit.

At the beginning of the game, each player carried 4 arrows. The friends were terrified before going on the field, but after they entered the field, they all showed bravery and strength, cross-screening, echelon rescue, round-by-round attack, both offensive and defensive. It was very enjoyable to play. All the charm that sports need can be found in this game.

Attack and defense archery is a game activity that has developed very rapidly in recent years. It uses the dodge game method to compete with safe-designed bows and arrows. Participants feel like they are on an ancient battlefield, competing with each other with primitive archery skills. You will definitely fall in love with this game while exciting Project, never tire of playing!

"Contemporary Hua Mulan" is on the stage, and the arrow hits the opponent immediately.

At this time, a teammate swiped a piece of news that just broke out while playing on his mobile phone. There was a positive case in our town, which scared everyone. They hurriedly ate a few meals in the manor and evacuated quickly.

On the third day, I went to see the house in the morning, and went to Jindingxuan for lunch at noon. There was nothing else to choose here, just because it was at the gate of Ditan Park. The appearance of Jindingxuan is Chinese, and the storefront is not small. The interior is decorated in an antique style, which is very Chinese. There are also clay sculptures of Clay Figurine Zhang on display. Looking at the photos on the wall, many celebrities have been here. The cuisines are very mixed, including Shandong cuisine, Northeast cuisine, and Sichuan cuisine.

After lunch, I eagerly entered the park.

【The emperor goes there once a year, and Shi Tiesheng goes there every day. Where did they go?】

The Temple of Earth does not have the royal style of the Forbidden City, nor is it as magnificent as the Temple of Heaven, but it is a special existence in Beijing.

The square Temple of Earth is opposite to the round Temple of Heaven, which means "the sky is round and the place is round". The majesty of the altar in Ditan Park is no less than that of the Circular Mound of the Temple of Heaven, and Shi Tiesheng's "I and the Temple of Earth" in the middle school text adds an additional cultural atmosphere to the Temple of Earth.

More than 30 years ago, a young man with a pale face would shake his wheelchair to the deserted and dilapidated Ditan Park almost every day, and he would stay there from morning to sunset.

"I have been under every tree in the Temple of Earth, and almost every meter of grass on it has my wheel marks."

His legs were unfortunately disabled, and Shi Tiesheng fell into a trough in his life. He lost control of his body and brain when he moved. Sometimes he suddenly smashed the glass in front of him, and sometimes he slammed the things at hand against the wall... From the onset to paraplegia, he committed suicide three times. Fortunately, he survived due to a short circuit in the wire, and God refused to accept him.

A young man in his early twenties suddenly lost his feet in his best years. How will he live his life? ! At the moment of his despair, low self-esteem, loneliness, and confusion, it couldn't be earlier or later, at just the right moment, he entered the altar of the earth in a wheelchair.

Today's Ditan Park tickets are cheap, close to free, and the attractions in Beijing are the most reluctant to make tourists spend money.

Ditan Park has four entrances in the southeast, northwest, and I entered from the south gate, but the west gate is the main entrance.

The major events of the country are sacrifices and sacrifices. In ancient times, emperors had the custom of offering sacrifices throughout the year. The vernal equinox worships the sun, the summer solstice sacrifices the earth, the autumnal equinox worships the moon, and the winter solstice worships the sky. Every scene has a sense of ritual.

During the Jiajing period, the emperor forcibly tore apart the Altar of Heaven and Earth, and started a new one in the northern suburbs of Beiping, and built a Fangze Altar, which is today's Altar of Earth, and worshiped the heaven and the earth separately.

The Temple of Earth is the second largest altar among the five altars in the ancient capital of Beijing. It is the largest altar for worshiping the earth in my country. It was built in the ninth year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (AD 1530). look at each other.

The Temple of Earth is the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties offered sacrifices to the god "Huangdizhi". Ancient buildings such as the altar, the imperial chamber, the sacrifice pavilion, the fasting palace, and the shrine.

There are many ancient and famous trees in the park that are more than one hundred years old. You must see these three ancient trees: the one-armed general cypress, the great general cypress, and the old general cypress.

The ancient cypress trees stand in rows, and they are at the uncle level at every turn, which has a sense of history.

After passing this row of ancient cypress trees, you will directly bump into the center of gravity of Ditan Park: Fangze Altar, also known as the altar, is the most worth seeing, so it is charged separately, but it is not expensive, only 5 yuan.

In the tenth year of Xianfeng (1860), the British and French allied forces invaded Beijing. The British occupied the Ditan, leveled the low walls around the Fangze Altar, and changed the altar into a fort.

The little girl read the introduction very seriously, and when she grows up, she will definitely be admitted to the History Department of Peking University.

The Imperial Chamber is the main hall of the Earth Altar, facing north and south, enshrining the Earth God and the five mountains, five towns, four seas, and Sidu gods. The gods are ranked according to their ranks.

In the northeast corner of the park, there is a traditional Chinese medicine health culture park built by later generations. This is the first characteristic park in my country with the theme of traditional Chinese medicine health culture.

The park is divided into areas by liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney, with the connotations of five elements, five colors, and five directions, and water dwelling and land routes as meridians, connecting the whole park into a complete life form.

Nearly a hundred kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and medicinal plants are planted in the garden, and pavilions, corridors, rockeries, and flower clusters are also built. The classical garden elements are complete, which is completely different from the painting style of the altar.

The bell tower is square in plan, with double eaves and green glazed tiles on the top of the mountain. The inscription on the big bell is the eight characters "Daming Jiajing year, month and day system". 

The sacred horse circle is the place where the emperor feeds the imperial horses when he comes to sacrifice.

The fasting palace is surrounded and cannot be seen. It is under maintenance. It is the place where the emperor fasted and stayed when he offered sacrifices to the land. It sits on the west and faces east. I used to fast here.

The slaughtering pavilion is equivalent to the current meat joint factory. It only slaughters the animals used for sacrifice, boils water to dehair the animals, and then does some work as a butcher.

The Shenku is a group of small buildings, consisting of four five-bay hanging mountain-style halls and two well pavilions. The place where the sedan chair is used to carry the gods such as the coordinator and the congregation. The east side hall is called "sacrifice utensils warehouse", which stores the utensils used in sacrifices, the west side hall is called "sacred kitchen", which makes sacrificial offerings, and the south hall is called "musical instrument warehouse", which stores musical instruments used in sacrifices. The east and west well pavilions are used to inject water into Zequ and supply water to the divine kitchen.

Ginkgo trees are everywhere in the north, which is not unusual at all, but it looks different when planted on the altar, as if they are worth a lot more.

There is a Ginkgo Avenue in the Temple of Earth. There are more than 200 tall ginkgo trees, most of which were planted in the 1950s. Although it is called Ginkgo Avenue, the road is not very wide or long.

I came in a hurry, I should come in October.

Looking away, I scanned the autumn leaves and colorful forest, and found that there were several scorpion trees, which had grown scorpions and could be eaten in a few days.

A group of people has the happiness of a group of people, and one person has the enjoyment of one person.

Although the Temple of Earth is a royal sacrificial place, for some reason, today’s Temple of Earth feels very down-to-earth. It has become a holy place for pigeons. You don’t have to fly to Paris Square to feed pigeons.

Then I walked to the west gate. The emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties came to worship the land and entered the Ditan from the Ximen archway. The Ditan archway is as tall and majestic as the East Gate archway of the Summer Palace. It was called "Taizhe Street" archway when it was first built in the Ming Dynasty, and it was changed to "Guanghou Street" archway when it was rebuilt during the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty. The current archway was rebuilt in 1990, and the original archway was demolished in 1953. The reason is that the archway is close to the road. , Affect traffic, is also very speechless, no comment on this.

Cross the road from Ditan Park to the west, and you will arrive at Qingnian Lake Park.

[There is a large lake in the Second Ring Road of Beijing, known as "Little West Lake", 0 yuan ticket]

There is indeed a lake in Qingnian Lake, you didn’t lie to me.

Is it only young people who can come to this park to play? Of course not. You see, most of the walkers are not young people.

So why is it named Youth Lake Park?

In the 1950s, this area was still a big puddle. In 1958, more than 700 students from Beijing No. 1 Middle School, No. 5 Middle School and No. 21 Middle School responded to the call to participate in the voluntary labor of digging the lake. Hucheng, named Youth Lake.

The youths who sweated and dug the lake back then are all gray-haired and old.

Outside the Andingmen of the North Second Ring Road, the long bridge lies on the waves, the clear water is rippling, and Qingnian Lake Park is like an emerald inlaid in the community. This is a well-known park in the city center. It is known as the "Little West Lake" and does not charge tickets. It is very conscientious.

The wide surface of the lake calms your mind at once, and it takes about 40 minutes to go around it. It is really rare to have such a big lake in the city.

There is a lake, and boating is indispensable. When you come here for boating, it feels like a replica of Shichahai. There are far fewer people than Shichahai.

This sculpture is interesting, the bear child loves it, and climbs up it without difficulty. The adults are also in a good mood after seeing it. There are many similar sculptures, forming a sculpture garden.

Behind the sculpture is a ginkgo forest, which must be beautiful in autumn.

The greenery in the park is very good, the trees are lush and full of vitality, and the eyes are green. Walking along the river and walking around the lake ten times will not tire you.

After crossing the bridge, there is an island in the middle of the lake, surrounded by willow trees. There is also a white stone bridge on the other side of the island, leading to the other bank. Looking from a distance, it looks like the double bridges of the West Lake.

When you come to this park, adults can walk and chat on the walking path beside the lotus pond. The old people sit quietly on the chairs, and some art lovers are sketching with their drawing boards. There is no sense of urgency of time passing here. contented. At this time, the children might as well go to the Children's Paradise to play. There are bumper cars and game consoles in it, so they can play happily.

There are many exquisite pavilions and lofts in the park, and residents can be seen playing cards in them from time to time. The park has been built for nearly 60 years, and it is an irreplaceable place in the hearts of the people nearby.

The park is quite large, with Shuoyuan, Baochunyu, Hetang, Shenglanxuan, Yiyuan and other scenic spots. A rockery stands on the shore, with two big red characters "like a mirror" engraved on it, which means that the lake is as flat as a mirror. .

Don’t just know about the Water Cube when playing with water. There is a water world in Qingnian Lake. There are water slides, Shuanglong slides and other water entertainment items. There are also open-air swimming pools of different sizes that can accommodate 1,200 people swimming at the same time. place. You can play as much as you want by purchasing tickets separately.

Foodies all know Jubaoyuan. There is a branch at the south gate of the park. Compared with other Jubaoyuan stores, this one doesn’t have to wait in line. Come quickly.

Go out of Qingnian Lake Park, take a bus to the Drum Tower, and see a brick tower after getting off the bus, which means that the Drum Tower has arrived, and we will work together all afternoon.

The Drum Tower is not only a drum, but also a bell. The Drum Tower beats the drum to set the watch, and the bell tower strikes the bell to tell the time. This is how the evening drum and morning bell come from. This is the ancient timekeeping method and city management method, which provides time for people to work and live.

Liu Xinwu also wrote the novel "The Bell and Drum Tower", where you should listen to the morning bell and evening drum once in your life.

The Bell Tower and the Drum Tower are located on the south and the north of the square, with a distance of less than 100 meters. The square is very popular.

The pass for the Bell and Drum Tower is 30 yuan, and there is a big Yongle bell in the bell tower. We are poor, and we are satisfied with looking outside, but rich people can’t get in. Because of the mask, it is not open to tourists.

There are so many prospective couples here, and the people taking wedding photos at the red wall are lined up in rows without affecting each other.

Many people who eat dog food are not afraid of critical attacks, and dare to check in single-handedly.