I have wanted to go to Beijing for a long time. As the capital, as a city full of history, how can people not yearn for it... But there are always some reasons, so I came to the imperial capital in the winter of 2015... …

  I have always known that the imperial capital in autumn should be beautiful, but unfortunately I don't have time... I heard that Beijing in winter will be an empty city. And the imperial capital that has been snowed should be unbelievably beautiful...and the hutong culture of old Beijing...

  Because it is the first month, there are not many tourists in Beijing. The bare trees have only branches stretching towards the sky. Walking in such a Beijing city, listening to the voice of history, seems to have a sense of bleakness...

  Or luck. It snowed in Beijing the day before I came here. Although I missed the snow scene, every day in the next five or six days was clear and clear. Looking up at the blue sky of Beijing, breathing the air of Beijing, there is no haze.

  The time is relatively short, so the schedule is relatively tight, and there are many places I want to go that I have not gone to. For example, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in the Temple of Heaven, such as Peking University, such as the Temple Fair. But all travel should be played in the present, and you can't go everywhere. Otherwise, you will not be able to have fun.

  If you don't see the scenery, wait for the next time, and you will always come again

  The capital city is huge and beautiful... Take your time to see and feel it


  The candied haws in Beijing are super delicious (I brought 2 sticks on the day I came back). Beijing Popsicles, yogurt.

  Huguo Temple Snacks (very Beijing taste), Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat (Qianmen), Richang Restaurant (Beihai Main Store), Manfulou (Di'anmen), Qingfeng Steamed Buns (average taste, pork skin The jelly is delicious), Beijing sauce shredded pork (very large portion), Wu Yutai (ice cream)


  It is recommended that you download a subway app on your mobile phone, which is very convenient. In Beijing these days, I rely on it to take the subway. It is very clear how many yuan, how many stops to take, and where to turn.

  Minus 5 degrees to 5 degrees. The windless Beijing is not very cold, at least not as cold as I imagined. So children in the south don't need to be afraid of such temperatures. Of course, measures to keep warm still need to be done well.

  It is inevitable to work in the north, I believe the girls will be prepared to moisturize.

  There are temple fairs in the altar from the first day to the seventh day of the first month. Actually, I really want to join in the fun. It's a pity that there is not enough time, everyone can go and see it if they have time.


  DAY1: Wenling - Beijing South - 99 Hotel - Manfulou mutton

  DAY2: Tiananmen Square - Forbidden City - Jingshan Park - Beihai Park - Richang Restaurant - Qianmen (Xiyuanju Old Beijing Shabu Meat)

  DAY3: 99 Hotel - Deshengmen - Badaling - Deshengmen - Shichahai - Yandai Xiejie - Olympic Sports Center

  DAY4: Snacks at Huguo Temple - Old Summer Palace - Tsinghua University - Summer Palace - World Trade Center

  DAY5: Prince Gong's Mansion - Houhai (Shichahai) - Maoer Hutong - Nanluoguxiang - Temple of Heaven - Wangfujing - Tiananmen

  DAY6: Eat Chinese food in Di'anmen——South of Beijing——Wenling

  Day 1

  Tiananmen Square

  Not far from the subway exit, we walked to Tiananmen Square. There is a security check when entering Tiananmen Square, but it is not cumbersome.

  We didn't go to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. After taking various photos in the square, we were ready to enter the Forbidden City.

Forbidden City

  After entering the Tiananmen Jinshui Bridge, I went straight to the ticket office of the Forbidden City to buy a ticket and rented an electronic guide. Tickets for the Forbidden City are 40 yuan per person, and guides are 20 yuan per person.

  Compared with the interpreter in Prince Gong's Mansion, the interpreter in the Forbidden City is average. The interpreter of the Forbidden City will only explain it once, and will not repeat it. But if you don't know the culture of the Forbidden City very well, you can still rent one, or rent a tour guide to explain it.

  Walk along the route of the explainer, shuttle among the red walls and yellow tiles of the Forbidden City. (If you have learned more about the Forbidden City before, it must be very touching.)

  After 3 or 4 hours of wandering in the Forbidden City. There are still some palaces that have not been visited.

  As for the Jumbo Pavilion and the Kowloon Wall, I didn't go to see them either.

  After coming out of Shenwumen, you will leave the palace.

  (It takes a long time to stroll around the Forbidden City, so you can prepare some dry food yourself)

The inside is not open, so you can only peek

Jingshan Park

  Go straight to Jingshan Park and you will arrive.

  The Wanchun Pavilion in Jingshan Park can see the whole picture of the Forbidden City. Naturally, there are not many people here.

  Tickets for Jingshan Park are 2 yuan.

  The whole view of the Forbidden City. Magnificent yam and hawthorn. 4 yuan a piece. I bought it on the way from Jingshan to Beihai Park.

Baked sweet potatoes are very sweet, 5 yuan each

  Beihai Park

  Wanchun Pavilion can also overlook the White Pagoda. After seeing the whole picture of the Forbidden City, we went down the mountain and left Jingshan Mountain.

  It is just over ten minutes away from Jingshan Park to Beihai Park.

  It was already past four o'clock when we arrived at Beihai Park.

  Tickets for Beihai Park are 5 yuan.

  The North Sea, which made us row our oars, did not row a boat after all.

  In such weather, although the lake is not frozen, it is not possible for the boat to float.

  The sky is clear, the willow branches are faintly sprouting new branches, the wild ducks and mandarin ducks are playing in the lake, and the beautiful white pagoda is reflected in the lake...

Qianmen Street

  The first reason to come to Qianmen in the evening is to visit the famous Dashilan. The more important purpose is to try the authentic old Beijing mutton. The mutton can be said to be as famous as Beijing roast duck in terms of traditional old Beijing cuisine. . The weather is cold, eating a warm hot pot, I feel happy just thinking about it.

  Xi Yuan Ju Old Beijing Hot Pot

  If you come to Beijing and want to eat authentic mutton mutton, you must go to Xiyuanju. It is located at No. 2, Qianmen Street. It is an old Beijing mutton restaurant worth visiting.

  Xiyuanju old Beijing mutton is definitely not the popular Chongqing hot pot. The old Beijing mutton is fresh mutton in a clear soup with green onions, ginger and goji berries. Put the mutton in the pot for a few times, pick it up and wrap it in sesame sauce. Not to mention the full mutton aroma, the word delicious is the kind of taste that becomes more addictive the more you eat

  Xiyuanju Old Beijing shabu-shabu, their main specialty is shabu-shabu in copper pot, it is a famous old shop

  Because I came early today, there are not many people in line today.

  Opening old Beijing shabu shabu in an ancient place like Qianmen must have its own characteristics, and this restaurant is full of flavor. The partitioned private rooms are named after the palaces in the Forbidden City, such as Xianfu Palace, Jingren Palace, Qixiang Palace, etc., which is quite interesting.

  We ordered a lot of special mutton, our own Baitian mutton, fresh Shangnao, fresh melon strips, fresh cut beef, prawns, and various vegetables.

  I also ordered two cold dishes. The mutton in the store is directly supplied by their own ranch in Inner Mongolia. The meat quality is definitely significantly higher than similar restaurants.

Homemade fresh melon strips, very fresh and tender

My own hundred days sheep

  Each table is served with an exquisite copper tray. The hot pot is made like a handicraft, which is pleasing to the eye.

  The tableware is this bright yellow porcelain tableware. In the capital city, I always feel a trace of royal atmosphere haha~

  The meat quality of our own Baitian sheep is the most tender, and the upper brain of the sheep has the most fat, but the taste cannot be expressed in words.

  And this old Beijing mutton is very different from hot pot. The taste of mutton is much more particular than that of hot pot. The sauce alone is very particular. The secret sesame sauce is made from 31 kinds of seasonings.

  And when the dipping sauce is ready, the way of eating is also very particular. Generally speaking, the cooked meat is put directly into the dipping sauce, but it is really not the case in old Beijing. Put the good mutton on a small dish, and use a spoon to dip the sauce on the meat according to your own mouth position, so that the mutton soup will not drip into the sesame sauce, even if you eat it at the end, the taste will still be the same as the first bite , I have to say that this way of eating is very reasonable.

  After rinsing the meat, the soup base becomes more flavorful. Can't wait to slide a whole plate of shrimp into the pot~ This shrimp slip is made of real ingredients, you can eat fresh shrimp, and the taste is springy

  Deliciousness is often only known after trying it. The ingredients of Xiyuanju are very fresh, especially the meat. I recommend all kinds of fresh mutton in their store. It tastes great with the sesame sauce in the store. And the amount of food is also very affordable.

  On a cold winter night in Beijing, after eating hot pot and shabu-shabu, you can go shopping warmly.

day 2

  Badaling Great Wall

  Bus to Deshengmen, you can take 877, 919 to Badaling. 877 may be more convenient. When we went there on the fifth day of the lunar new year, there were too many people, and the team of 877 was long gone. After waiting for 877, I took 919. But the road was very congested, and it took almost 5 hours to drive all the way. It was already one or two o'clock in the afternoon when we arrived at the free shuttle bus. (After arriving at Badaling Station, there is a free shuttle bus to the ticket gate of Badaling Great Wall.)

  The mood of the traffic jam is really not very good, and there are various queues to buy tickets. If you want to take the bus back, climbing the Great Wall is already an impossible task. We chose the round-trip cableway, 140 yuan per person.

  At the beginning of the traffic jam, you can't stop all kinds of things, and the cable car team is also waiting all the way. It's 4 o'clock when the cable car goes up.

  There are too many people on the Great Wall, and it feels like it is difficult to move an inch. After climbing to the 8th beacon tower and playing for a while, I took the cableway down.

  Take the shuttle bus back to the bus station, and go back to the 919 bus, but it is much faster than when you came, and it took more than 2 hours to reach Deshengmen.

  Accidentally saw the night view of Shichahai.

  The night in Beijing is beautiful

Yandai Xiejie

National Olympic Sports Center

  It was more than nine o'clock, and I came in before closing the door.

  The reason for the lateness is that there are very few people and it is very quiet.

  3rd day

  Old Summer Palace

  From the subway station, you can walk to the ticket gate of Yuanmingyuan within a few steps.

  This royal garden is also really big, and it took about 3 hours to visit.

  It's still in the first month, and the garden is still very old-fashioned

Tsinghua University

  From the Old Summer Palace, turn left and cross the road to the west gate of Tsinghua University. You can enter from 1:30 in the afternoon, you need to show your ID card

  There are many car rental places on campus. Mostly bicycles. We were tired from walking this day, so we rented an electric car. 50 yuan for 1 hour. The bicycle is 20 yuan per person, and you can play for as long as you want.

  summer palace

  Come out from the west gate of Tsinghua University, walk back to the bus stop at the gate of Yuanmingyuan, and take a bus to the Summer Palace, about 3 stops away.

  It was close to four o'clock in the afternoon when we arrived at the Summer Palace. We didn't run away. We found a chair to sit and watched the sunset in the Summer Palace.

World Trade Center

  After leisurely eating, I took the subway to the World Trade Center, but there is no direct access.

  When the subway gets off at Dongdaqiao Station, it takes more than 20 minutes to walk. Pass through Parkview Green Fangcaodi in Beijing.

  There is nothing very interesting about World Trade Center. After shopping for a while, I was ready to go back, and I harvested an old Beijing popsicle on the way. Eating popsicles in winter is really cool.

day 4

  Cihui Hutong Morning Shoot

Prince Gong's Mansion

  Get off at Beihai Station by bus, and walk for about 7 or 8 minutes to Prince Gong's Mansion. Tickets are 40 yuan per person, and renting a guide is also 40 yuan per person. The explainer of Prince Gong’s Mansion is still very good, and I personally think it is worth renting one.

  The entire structure of Prince Gong's Mansion is very delicate, and it is worth visiting carefully.

  We walked around for about 3 hours.

  Legend has it that He Shen had no children at that time, and the officials under him knew what he was thinking, so they gave him a stone. It symbolizes sending a child, symbolizing blessing. From behind the stone, it looks like a fish jumping out of the water; from the front, it looks like a child in its arms. He Shen was overjoyed, so he erected this stone in this garden full of blessings.

  Afterwards, He Shen's wife gave birth to a boy. Emperor Qianlong named him Fengshen Yinde and married his favorite princess.

You need to buy another ticket to listen to the opera in the big theater, about 70 yuan per person, I didn't go in

In spring, the wisterias are in full bloom, which must be extremely beautiful

Qingfeng Baozi Shop (Beihai Park)

  Not far from Prince Gong's Mansion, there is a Qingfeng steamed stuffed bun shop.

  The steamed stuffed bun tastes okay, but not particularly tasty.

  The taste of this sauerkraut is really not good, it is not very tasty, the jelly with pork skin is good, but the portion is a bit big.

Maoer Alley

  This is a cheese shop in Maoer Hutong. The cheese is delicious. 15 yuan per serving.

  A small shop found in Maoer Hutong, duck blood vermicelli is the signature of the shop.

Yandai Xiejie


temple of heaven

  I originally planned to get up early the next day to go to the Temple of Heaven Park. It turned out that it was not too late after visiting the alleys, so I took the subway to Tiantan Park. It was already 4:30 at the ticket gate, and I thought I could buy a ticket before 5:00.

  As a result, tickets are available, but they do not include scenic spots such as the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. Can only look around. I am really disappointed.

  Children who are going, please come early. After 3:30 p.m., the attraction package will not be sold.

  Many elderly people in Tiantan Park have activities here, playing cards and kicking shuttlecock.

Wangfujing Pedestrian Street

  Wangfujing Commercial Street is basically just some buildings, and then when you go to the pedestrian street, I personally prefer Qianmen.

  Wanting to see the night scene of Chang'an Street, we moved to Tiananmen Square. It's quite a long way to go down this road, it is recommended to take a car.

  Chang'an Avenue is beautiful at night.

  VIP building.

  Tired after walking in front of Tiananmen Square, I didn't go to Qianmen Siji Mingfu Roast Duck for dinner. Back to Di'anmen to eat boiling fish. It's really good, with a bit of a heavy taste.

day 5

  before leaving

  Goodbye, Beijing! ! !

  Every place I've been, I always think I'll go again, but I really don't know when...

  Didu, you are beautiful! ! !