This year's Children's Day, my best friend and I met. The two families went to Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing Resort for three days and two nights together. I still remember that when I was a child, my parents would take me to the amusement park for a whole day only when it was June 1st. At that time, I especially hope that every day is Children's Day. When I also became a mother, I realized that this extravagant wish back then, as long as I choose the right hotel, I can really make every day feel like a holiday~

In fact, this is not the first time I have stayed at Club Med. The tropical Sanya Club Med and the blue sea and blue sky Beidaihe Club Med Joyview both make me, an island girl, very satisfied. (If you are interested, you can read my previous travel notes.) Most importantly, Club Med’s all-inclusive rich content and G.O’s unique service quality are very suitable for families with children. Last year, I heard that Yanqing also opened Club Med Joyview, and I have always wanted to come to play. Before I came here, I thought there was no beach, so I almost felt it, but I didn’t expect that the experience in Yanqing Mountain was beyond imagination.

People often say that my best friend and I are very similar, look at the two children, do they look like twins~

In the twilight of the morning, strolling in the green hills and fields like a paradise
When the drizzle is falling, immerse yourself in the game world of the mini club
When the wind is blowing, stroll in the children's paradise of the outdoor playground
When the sun is shining in the sky, the poetic church intoxicated by the mist
Like it says on the walls of the resort, it's about enjoying every second of your vacation

【Hotel | As big as 511 football fields】

The two of us booked a superior twin room for two nights, checked in on Friday and checked out on Sunday. When I booked the room, I insisted on two nights, and Summer’s father complained that staying in a hotel for three days would be too boring later on. As a result, haha, I was slapped in the face. He is the one who is reluctant to leave like a child on the last day~

Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing Resort has a total of 307 rooms. I heard that the hotel was full on the Saturday before Children's Day. I was worried that there would be too many people, which would affect the experience. As a result, I really thought too much, because the hotel covers an area of ​​about 5,500 acres, which is equivalent to the size of 511 football fields! Surprised, I was also surprised. Because the space is wide enough and there are many places to play, even when the room is full, the people are still scattered.


In the post-epidemic period, the various protective measures of Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing Resort are still very comprehensive. When you check in, you will also fill in very detailed information, which makes you feel at ease. G.O put on the all-inclusive green bracelets for us, so we can run around in the resort without hindrance.

【Room | The windfall of Superior Twin Room】

The products of Club Med have always been guaranteed, and the rooms here in Yanqing are also simple and elegant. Logs and pure white are the main colors, dotted with bright lemon yellow, which makes people feel like they are on vacation as soon as they enter the room.

For families with young babies, of course, the big bed room is the most convenient. But when we made a reservation, there were only twin rooms, but fortunately, we can get an extra bed here for free. This time I also discovered that Summer, who was less than 4 years old, can already sleep in a small bed by himself. As an old mother, it is really gratifying and sad. I am glad that the child has gradually become independent, but I feel a little disappointed when I think that I can no longer hug the soft baby at night.

The room with my girlfriend's house is also very close. The two children often visit each other, saying "your house" and "my house" on their lips. It would be great if our two families lived so close~

【Environment | GET all the most INS photo spots】

The main body of the hotel is a bit like a French winery. If you carefully observe the LOGO of this resort, you will find that the surrounding mountains and wineries are the characteristics of this place. The park where the resort is located has an area of ​​660 acres of vineyards and a winery, which also houses a variety of self-brewed wines. If you are interested, you can also learn red wine tasting courses from professionals.

Before playing with the children, of course we two mothers had to have fun taking pictures. After three days and two nights of scouting, the best photo spots have been GET by me~

1. In front of the hotel lobby

After walking through the fountain and standing in front of the hotel LOGO, you must take a group photo. Behind it is a French-style building with a symmetrical structure, as well as the blessing of blue sky, white clouds and lawn, and the holiday feel will come soon~

2. Through the corridor on the first floor of the hotel, you can go to the "Playground" on the second floor. Inside the corridor made of glass curtain walls and white skeletons, just standing on the colored floor is very ins style, and it is also a good place to take pictures.

3. There is a pattern of colorful stones under the corridor, which is very childlike and suitable for children to take pictures here.

4. On the lawn of the outdoor playground, a brick-red mini windmill stands quietly surrounded by undulating mountains. The clouds that day are like the sky in Makoto Shinkai's movies and scenes in comics. Really, you can shoot casually here, it's too good for a movie.

5. Beside the lawn of the outdoor playground, the extended road seems to lead to endless distance, which makes people feel comfortable away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This lawn is also a good place to get a family portrait.

【Environment | The poetic church under the green hills and fields】

In Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing Resort, my favorite place is the church-like building under the mountains. The triangular shape, wooden structure, and hollow design fully integrate with the environment. Through the cross, the changes in the sky, cloud and shadow, and the forest in the mountains make the church less religious and mysterious, and more animistic and holy in nature. The effect of this light change on the church even reminds me of Tadao Ando's Church of Light.

In the evening, walk slowly towards the church along the winding red path. Breathing the fresh air of Yanqing, gazing at the mountains in the distance, listening to the singing of birds and insects, and the laughter of children playing in the playground in the distance, the feeling of quiet time is probably like this.

There is also a small shop called "Miss Meow" next to the church. A giant tree casts mottled light and shadow on the wooden floor. In such an environment, the family enjoys a good time with a glass of drink, just imagining this scene makes people feel heart-pounding.

Play | The largest children's playground in Club Med in Asia

At Club Med, the one-price all-inclusive package covers many parent-child fun items, which of course is our highlight here! Not only the two children, but our four older children also had a great time playing. Recreational activities in Yanqing Resort are mainly divided into indoor and outdoor activities, and most of the indoor activities are concentrated in this 2-story "playground".

In the mini club, there are different themed activities every day, which can make the baby's life full and meaningful. Sponge pool, mini trampoline, ocean ball pool and slide, mini castle...all kinds of play facilities are available. There is also a kitchen classroom where you can experience home cooking courses. This needs to be notified by the hotel. Summer also played an interesting card game with his brothers and sisters under the guidance of G.O's big sister.

On the first floor is the water park and sports hall, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. Unfortunately, during the epidemic, this part is temporarily closed. But we took a brief tour, and the more we looked at it, the more we wanted to play. But now Beijing has downgraded its emergency response to level three, and it is believed that these two heavyweight facilities will reopen soon. We'll be back for the water park and gymnasium as well.

The indoor children's playground on the second floor is the world of children! According to the introduction, this is the largest children's paradise in Club Med resorts in Asia. It is divided into three parts: family fun space, mini club, and kitchen classroom. It is really not enough to play for a whole day~

There are many high-tech interactive games in the game factory, such as interactive beach, interactive football... the two children's favorite is the interactive ocean ball. Use the ocean ball as a "weapon" to show your skills in the game projected on the wall. Match 3, Whack-a-mole, Tetris... These games are more enjoyable than playing on a small screen~

?Family Fun Space? It can be used free of charge by guests with breakfast included in the room and all-inclusive guests. It is more suitable for young babies under 4 years old. The game wall, baby climbing area, role-playing area... Various game facilities let you People can't play it.

In the Conservatory of Music, there are a lot of interesting interactive music facilities~ you can step on the rhythm of the piano keys, you can play the snare drum round table, all kinds of percussion instruments... To be honest, adults also think it is very fun~

Play | Outdoor playground surrounded by mountains

In fact, except for the rain on Saturday, we played in the indoor playground for most of the day. Most of the time, I prefer to take the children to play in the outdoor playground, and I still hope that they can bathe in the sun, blow the gentle wind in early summer, and feel the gift of nature. Especially during the epidemic period, I can suffocate at home, so I can't have fun after coming out~

I really like the outdoor playground of Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing Resort. The world is vast, with green hills and green grass, and the environment is so comfortable~ The children love this group of outdoor amusement facilities, big and small slides, climbing frames, swings... again A (semi) holy place to liberate parents and spend time.

Dads’ favorite ball games are also available here~ outdoor basketball courts, outdoor football fields, tennis courts, table tennis courts, and archery ranges~ except for the archery range, which can only be experienced by all-inclusive guests, everything else is included in the room It can be used early. We are all shooting arrows for the first time in our lives, and the results are passable~

Basketball is Summer's father's strong point, look at the youthful and invincible faces of the children~

It's rare to be able to play football on a real "green" field~

Almost 4-year-old baby, the hula hoop is still a little bit Hold~

Have fun | Lively nighttime show

Every night at 8 o'clock, on the stage on the first floor of the "Playground", performances with different themes will be staged. The theme of the night on Friday is Chinese style, lion dance, Tai Chi, acrobatics, the children watched with gusto.
When the performance was over, all the children were called to the stage to dance together with the movements of the actors.

It's not enough for the children to be high, the dance teacher and the enthusiastic fitness teacher from Hawaii led all the older and younger children to move ~ the scene was so high that it exploded!

After exercising, order an exquisite cocktail at the nearby Yi Bar, and sit and watch the children continue to play ~ After returning to the room, Summer almost fell into a dream on the small bed for a second haha

Have fun | Summer's first stage performance experience

The performance on Saturday night was specially for Children's Day, and the actors were all replaced by young guests who stayed at the hotel that day. Performances are grouped by age and gender, with Summer being the youngest group. After the afternoon celebration, there will be a small rehearsal first. After being divided into groups, the G.O who is in charge of guiding each group will lead the children to dance once.

Speaking of it, this should be the first formal stage performance in Summer's life~ The hotel is really very attentive, and there will be formal makeup and hair after the rehearsal. Especially for little girls, it is probably the first time in their lives that many of them put on stage makeup.

Probably all parents, like children, never expected to take part in a stage performance when they come to spend a holiday! Summer is not yet 4 years old, and his team is the first group to perform, and there are really many situations, haha. There was also a little boy who cried all the way to the end, and it was not easy to follow the G.O in the audience while crying~

Here I would like to praise the Summer kids. After changing their costumes, the kids will leave their parents and wait in the background with the actors of the same group. In fact, we were also worried about whether he would have an emotional breakdown after his parents left suddenly. As a result, he surprised us all, not only happily waiting until he came on stage. After taking the stage, I followed G.O's movements very seriously, because I only had one rehearsal, and I couldn't keep up with it at first, but then I gradually got better. Hearing people around him praise Summer on the stage, this young man is really good~ The old mother almost burst into tears.

Children in other groups, because they are getting older, their stage performance is getting better and better. Especially this group of girls dancing Wang Xinling's "Love You", it is really hard to believe that they only rehearsed once~

Rather than going to play and enjoy, maybe working hard to perform on stage and breaking through your various "firsts" is the best gift for Children's Day~

Fun | Lively Children's Day Celebrations

I chose this time to celebrate a ceremonial Children's Day in the atmosphere of Club Med. At 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, the children's day celebration grand ladder officially started~ Although the event venue was moved from the outdoors to the first floor of the playground due to the unfavorable weather, the lively and extraordinary atmosphere was not affected at all.

In the parent-child DIY session, two children completed the bling bling mask with (mostly) help from their mother. The kids do the painting and the mums help apply the glittery gemstone stickers. I feel that mothers actually enjoy it more~ Parent-child activities are very easy for adults to find their childlike innocence~

All kinds of inflatable rides are dotted around the venue, and G.O have turned into festive cartoon characters one after another. It really feels like I have returned to my childhood.

Fun | Fairytale Train Ride

One day when we were walking aimlessly in the resort, we suddenly found that there was a fairy-tale train.

The small brown-red train, tied with rainbow-colored ribbons, and the crystal clear wishing bottle, floated in our sight with the wind. The children said, this seems to be Thomas's little train wow~

The little train journey will circle around the resort. In addition to enjoying the scenery of the hotel, it will also stop at two stations that are very suitable for children. The first stop is the cute mini zoo, where children can feed the rabbits, ponies, and sika deer, as well as observe the majestic big white geese and the proud peacocks.

Another place that is very suitable for children is the vegetable picking garden. Bringing children here to learn about different vegetables should be a completely different feeling from city life. It's a pity that it has just rained and the vegetable garden is muddy, so we can't enter the garden for the time being. Hope to have a chance next time~

Eat and drink | A cafeteria that won't get tired of eating six meals

Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing Resort has six restaurants & Xunwei Restaurant is the main restaurant in the resort, which is in the form of buffet. In 3 days and 2 nights, we ate a total of six buffets here, and we really didn't get tired of eating~ It can be seen that the quality is still good.

Regarding breakfast, I think the highlights are the noodle stalls and freshly made pancakes, which are a bit like street food. Compared with Western breakfast, pancakes, fried dough sticks and noodle soup are more smoky to me~

The variety of Chinese food is even richer. Just like in the morning, there will also be freshly made cold noodle jelly and other snacks. It is more appetizing to eat with a big meal~

There are more hard dishes for dinner, freshly cut roasted lamb shank, grilled steak, and freshly made teppanyaki, all of which made the carnivore fathers very satisfied. As a resort featuring wine, the restaurant also presents a lot of dishes with red wine elements, such as red wine beef stew, which is a good taste that makes people endlessly memorable~

It is worth mentioning that the desserts in the restaurant are really cute~

What impressed me deeply was that the lunch just happened to coincide with a guest’s birthday, G.O came to perform in disguise, and sang birthday songs for him with everyone, envying his real name. What a caring hotel~

Food and drink | Unlimited drinking happy fat house water

If you choose an all-inclusive package, you can enjoy unlimited drinks in the resort, including a variety of hot and cold drinks and alcoholic beverages (a rough look at the wine list has a total of about a hundred drinks, about two-thirds of which are included in the all-inclusive package Yes, that is, free is enough for us) When you are sweating profusely in the outdoor playground, when you are exhausted from playing in the mini club, when you are enjoying the evening performances, you can come to the lobby bar and Yi bar at any time Order a drink.

Children's favorite fruit juice~ It's a pleasure to drink~

The most perfect vacation is unlimited drinking of Happy Fat House Water!

Tips | Choose an all-inclusive package or room with breakfast?

I personally think that we should choose an all-inclusive package, because this is one of the essence of Club Med, which is value for money.

Exclusive benefits for all-inclusive guests:

? Including the use of facilities in the resort after 15:00 on the day of check-in, dining at restaurants and bars, and breakfast and lunch on the day of check-out. Drinks only cover the first two pages of the wine list.

? The check-out time is before 11 am. After check-out, you can use the wristband to continue using the activity facilities until 17:00 on the day of check-out.

? Many rides can only be experienced with an all-inclusive package.


I still remember when Summer was younger, at the end of every trip, he would cry not to leave. But this time, although there was a lot of reluctance to part with his little friends, the playground, the beautiful scenery under the mountain, and the sweet juice that was on call... But he finally won't cry and refuse to return. home. Perhaps it was because he understood ignorantly that the end of the trip was not the ENDING, but the next start.

Summer's father said that after each trip, Summer seems to have grown up a lot. Yes, I have always felt that for children, travel is the most gentle and powerful growth. I am looking forward to the next time I come to Club Med. I don’t know what will remain in the memory of Summer~