My motherland and I cannot be separated for a moment.

Wherever I go, a hymn flows out.

motherland mother i love you~

PS: All photos are taken directly from the mobile phone, and those involving clear faces are coded. I brought a camera and took a lot of beautiful photos, but I lost the camera in the Forbidden City. Hey, I turned around and it was gone. Don't mention it, the loss was heavy.

Fee overview

Great transportation: Our family of three traveled on the Fuxing from Shanghai to Beijing. The two old people sat directly from their hometown to meet us in Beijing, and then returned to Shanghai with us.

Local transportation: This trip depends entirely on the subway. Almost all lines from Line 1 to Line 14 have been taken, which is quite convenient for young people. emmm... If you bring the elderly to Beijing, you should rent a car. . . It is tiring for the old man to transfer all the way and walk up and down the stairs. Unlike Shanghai's subway, where there are escalators everywhere, Beijing's subway basically takes the stairs and walks a lot. This is good for us who are carrying four big suitcases and two elderly people on the road. Not too friendly. . . Why not rent a car or charter a car at a homestay, I will talk about it later.

Accommodation: Beijing Ocean Hotel, Dengshikou Station on Line 5, one minute walk from the exit of the subway station. We chose this place only because we wanted to watch the flag raising, but it turned out that none of us could get up, and the netizen was right, someone always got up earlier than you. . . The hotel environment is average, it is comfortable for Samsung, and the requirements are not too high. Convenient transportation is the biggest advantage. It takes about five minutes to walk to Wangfujing, and there is also the legendary Shijia Primary School (yes, it is the Tsinghua University and Peking University in the legendary primary school), in short, there is everything nearby. Five days and four nights, two double bed rooms, booked by Ctrip, and a welcome gift was given.

Eating, drinking and having fun: Tickets, breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc., will be detailed later. Tickets in Beijing are quite affordable. And I ate a lot of Beijing delicacies during this trip: Qingfeng steamed stuffed buns, roast duck, Mr. Tian’s braised pork, candied haws, old Beijing yogurt, Huguo Temple snacks, candied haws, Wenyu cheese, Daoxiang Village, Menjia Hutong, Mending Meatloaf, Forbidden City Ridge Beast Popsicles, wait. Soybean juice is too unpalatable to ignore.

This five-day trip, except for the first rain, the remaining four days are blue sky and white clouds, beautiful and intoxicating.

DAY1 Arrive in Beijing, first explore the road near the hotel

Departed from Shanghai at 8:00 a.m. on the Fuxing, and arrived at Beijing South Railway Station at 12:00 noon. After getting the bus card, I took the subway to the hotel, about 40 minutes. It is very convenient and fast to change Line 14 to Line 5. The only thing I remember is that there are no escalators for several stairs, and I carry big boxes up and down by myself. Ah, we don't produce boxes, we are just porters of boxes~

Insert a digression: Looking at the scenery on the Fuxing, seeing the majestic mountains in the distance, quickly open the map to locate, oh, Mount Tai. . . I saw a river that was particularly yellow, and it felt like it was full of mud. I checked the map, oh, the Yellow River. . .

The children on the Fuxing want to eat potato chips, and Lay’s actually has 15 packs. . . I still bought it.

In the hotel booked on Ctrip, welcome gifts were given to both rooms: a pack of Deluxe, a pack of fruit juice, two big apples (very good, delicious), two boxes of Soup Daren instant noodles, a small Snacks (candy, haw jelly, etc., different every day).

I took a break at noon and went to Wangfujing. Passing by the Lego store, the child is like a mouse falling into a rice bowl, unable to extricate himself. . .

Lego is indeed a magical thing. When there are only dozens, hundreds, or thousands of them, they are toys; when there are tens of thousands or tens of millions, they are buildings, exhibits, and nothing. not everything.

Seeing that the time is almost up, I have to go to Beijing West Railway Station to pick up the old man. They came to Beijing directly from their hometown, high-speed train, about 7 hours. After receiving it, they issued bus cards for the two elders, and a group of people went back to the hotel in a mighty manner. Sigh again, carrying a suitcase and carrying a backpack up and down. . .

Why not charter a car or rent a car: Let’s count it as a walk-and-go trip. The hotel is booked three days in advance, and two days is spent looking for information to make a strategy and plan. There is no need to look at the homestay, it is decided at this time, it is either too expensive or too far away. Do not follow the group to have more time. Cars are restricted in Beijing, and men don't know the roads in Beijing, so they dare not drive. Renting a car or hiring a tour guide will cost you a lot of money for five days. The hotel is next to the subway, it is very convenient to go to several attractions we want to visit, and the time is not long, so we decided to travel by subway.

When I arrived at the hotel, I took my parents to eat noodles near the hotel, which cost 92. emmm, it's not delicious, so I won't criticize it by name. There are only two noodle restaurants near the hotel, which are not very good.

After returning to the hotel, I checked everyone's condition and felt that everyone was in good spirits, so I decided to climb the Great Wall tomorrow.

The advantage of this completely independent travel is that the plan can be adjusted at any time. For example, plan to go to the Great Wall tomorrow and the Summer Palace the day after tomorrow. But if everyone is very tired today, then tomorrow we will go boating in the Summer Palace to see the scenery, and then go to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City after we recover. Oh, you must remember that the Forbidden City is closed on Mondays. Moreover, the Forbidden City needs to be booked in advance. On the official website of the Forbidden City.

DAY2 If you don't reach the Great Wall, you are not a hero

How can we get to the Great Wall without a car?

Method 1 There is a tourist distribution center at the front door, formal, to the Badaling Great Wall, 100 per person, bus. It takes an hour and a half by car. It takes about 20 minutes from the hotel to the front door. A total of about 1 hour and 50 minutes, the five of us are expected to be 400+ yuan. Fortunately, it is comfortable and convenient for people to sit with less toss.

Method 2 Take the 877 bus at Deshengmen, which is also one stop directly to Badaling, and the journey takes an hour. 12 per person, the half price of the bus card is 6 yuan per person, and children are free of charge. It takes about half an hour from the hotel to Deshengmen. A total of about one and a half hours, five of us estimated 24 yuan. The inconvenience is that the subway needs to be transferred, and it takes about ten minutes to walk to Deshengmen Station after getting out of the subway.

The time difference between the two methods is not much, but the price difference is too much. Visually judge the strength of the elderly is acceptable, decisive method 2.

Another: The Great Wall is in the suburbs, and the temperature is 2-4 degrees lower than the urban area, so add clothes in time.

I went to eat Qingfeng buns in the morning, and the hotel is 5 minutes' walk away. The taste is average. The buns are not big at all. I ordered bun wonton soy milk fritters, a total of 41.

There are a lot of cars on 877, one after another, basically seamlessly connected, don't worry about the departure interval.

There were a lot of people queuing up. We had to wait for two buses to arrive at us. It took about a quarter of an hour. The time was not too long. There were no standing tickets on the bus, and children had no seats. Get in the car and swipe once, get off the car and swipe once.

Note: Beijing public transport is priced in sections, and the fare will be deducted only once you get on the bus and once you get off the bus, just like the subway. If you get off without swiping, the highest price will be deducted. Friends in Shanghai should be familiar with this rule. Oh, Beijing public transport, half price for swiping the card. For example, if you buy a ticket for 2 yuan, you can pay 1 yuan for swiping your card.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, we arrived at Badaling. Netizens said that the buffet at the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant was okay. We all entered the scenic spot and found that the restaurant was outside the scenic spot. Fortunately, I brought some food to cushion my stomach.

Tickets are 40 per person, we have free tickets for the elderly and children, and bought 3 full-price tickets for 120. The weather is very beautiful.

I really set foot on the Great Wall, touched the bricks of the Great Wall, saw those crenels and beacon towers, and then I realized first-hand the great engineering of mankind and the architectural miracle of the world. Looking at the undulating mountains, the Great Wall is like a giant dragon winding among the mountains. It has protected our territory from ancient times to the present. It really shocked the wisdom of the ancients. Learn.

The floor tiles of the Great Wall are actually recessed? Is it because too many people came and stepped on it? It feels like a hole with one foot, it's really a hole.

After climbing three beacon towers, the last one is very steep and high, and I really climbed it with hands and feet. My legs are weak, and when I have a bird's-eye view of the mountains and rivers in Beijing, my legs are also weak, and I am slightly afraid of heights. . . And the wind was very strong, very strong, I was a little swayed by the blowing, I was a little unsteady, and the temperature was very low, very cold. He had to bend his legs and hold on to the handrails tightly with both hands. . .

The old man had already rested on the first beacon tower, and we two young people and a ignorant and fearless child climbed the next two beacon towers. There are more and farther in the distance, so I won’t climb anymore. I came, I crawled, I was satisfied. Keep your strength, there are still three days to go surfing.

When we were climbing, there were red helicopters passing by from time to time above our heads. It should be for flying sightseeing, and we can experience it next time. It is a different experience to have a bird's-eye view of the Great Wall from God's perspective.

Let’s talk about the Stele of Heroes. There is a Stele of Heroes not long after you walk to the right at the entrance. . . After climbing up two beacon towers, I found another stele of a hero, which is exactly the same, and no one took a picture. . . Therefore, don't rush to enter the door, climb up and take pictures.

Under the Great Wall, looking for food. I found the Chinese restaurant mentioned by netizens, which is next to the entrance. I heard that it was proposed by Premier Zhou. Go in and take a look, the so-called buffet, 68 per person, four dishes, no choice. The appearance was not good, so I took a few more steps and went to KFC at the foot of the Great Wall to eat chicken, which cost 135. And after waiting for a long time, why not go to Premier Zhou's restaurant to experience it. . .

Return trip: The man wants to take another train, Beijing-suburban railway S2. It is a small train that runs very slowly. You can go sightseeing along the way, and you can see the undeveloped Great Wall. So we walked for a long time at the foot of the Great Wall. When we got to the railway station, the train had just left, so we watched it leave. . . Sit and wait for an hour later shift. Be careful not to be too late, it seems that there will be no cars after four o'clock.

After getting on the car, we sat casually, and we found out that it was a dining car when we got on the car. It was an unexpected surprise, because the dining car has floor-to-ceiling windows, so you can see the scenery without hindrance. Ha ha.

The next station is Huangtudian, next to the subway station. After four o'clock, the sky gradually darkened. Just in time, take the subway to see the night view of the Bird's Nest and Water Cube.

The night view is beautiful and the temperature is very low. It was really cold at night. . . Today is a really cold day.

DAY3 Summer Palace Enjoy a beautiful view and take a boat

Tickets for the Summer Palace are 30 per person, and a total of 90 for three tickets. The old and the young are free of charge. The six-person cruise ship is pedaled, 80 for an hour.

I was tired from climbing the Great Wall yesterday, today is a leisurely tour. Today also made an appointment for the Forbidden City tomorrow. Emmm, give me a thumbs up for my perfect arrangement. Climb the Great Wall for one day, take a day off at the Summer Palace, go to the Forbidden City for another day, and make flexible arrangements for the last day, combining work and rest, which is not bad. Ha ha.

Still travel by subway, 55 minutes by car. Good weather.

The Summer Palace is quite big, and there is also the Old Summer Palace next to it. and Tsinghua University. Tsinghua University and Peking University now need to make an appointment, and it will only open on weekends, so I won’t go. It is also very tiring to visit two gardens in one day. The Summer Palace is so big, and I don’t plan to visit all of them. Let’s just concentrate on going to the Summer Palace and stepping on a cruise ship. Our goal today is to take a leisurely day trip.

The place we entered was the new palace gate, and there was a high mountain when we entered the gate, and there were palace buildings on the mountain. This mountain is really hard to climb. . . Comparable to the steepness of the Wild Great Wall, the stones are tall and big. While climbing the mountain, looking at the scenery and buildings, I introduced it to my family: ah, this Summer Palace has dug a big lake called Kunming Lake, and the stones dug out have been piled up into a mountain called Longevity Hill, which is the tallest in the garden. Mountain. The Buddhist Incense Pavilion on Longevity Hill overlooks the entire Summer Palace, blablabla.

The scenery is really good, with the blue sky and white clouds as the background, everything is beautiful. There are bells hanging under the pointed eaves, swaying slightly in the wind, looking good, and taking a lot of photos with the camera. (At this time, I never expected that the time I spend with the camera is already counting down... TT)

After finally climbing to the top of the mountain, I began to descend again. On the way down, I could vaguely see Kunming Lake. I suddenly realized that what I climbed just now was Longevity Mountain. . . Really high! It is indeed the commanding heights! The scenery on the top of the mountain is really beautiful!

Go down the mountain along the established route, take a stone boat, go along the promenade along the lake, then take a boat, cross the Seventeen-Arch Bridge, and then return. The goal is clear and the direction is clear.

Worthy of being a royal garden, it is exquisite and incomparable. It is completely different from the private gardens in the south of the Yangtze River, with small bridges and flowing water. This one is majestic, with carved railings and painted buildings, and the style of the royal family is domineering.

The top of the gallery is painted, what is it called in a professional way? caisson? Very shocking, gorgeous, atmospheric. The royal family is really big.

People of that era were able to draw such complex patterns, but they also combined red and green so beautifully. Although these paintings have faded, peeled, and peeled off in the passage of time, it does not affect his temperament in the slightest.

When we got to the cruise ship point, let’s take a boat! The six-person boat on foot, we are four big and one small. The child named our ship "Slow You You", um, yes, I am very satisfied with this name.

The place where you take the boat is at Paiyunmen. The front is also very beautiful

Eat snacks and drink comfortably on Kunming Lake, and slowly step on the Seventeen-Arch Bridge. Then step back slowly, exactly one hour.

I met a couple rowing a boat, he rowed for her, and she took pictures of him, tsk tsk, look at his little fun.

As I walked, I took a fork in the road. This is me who does not call a tour guide and has no sense of direction on a map. . . Fork in the road also has the scenery of fork in the road

On the way back to the hotel, I picked up a beautiful yellow leaf and kept it.

Back at the hotel, rested for a while, and went to the popular recommendation next to the hotel---the alley restaurant, and had a delicious meal.

The taste is really good, very good, recommended! There is also the most classic Peking duck, I didn’t take pictures, I just ate it! The hot pear soup is also delicious!

Today's leisurely tour has come to a successful conclusion!

DAY4 The Forbidden City in the past, the Forbidden City today

Take the subway to the east of Tiananmen, get off, queue up for security checks, cross the Jinshui River, and pass through Tiananmen, history slowly emerges in front of you.

I didn’t call a tour guide. I’ve considered playing for three days. The legs and feet of the elderly and children are quite tired. Today, I plan to only walk along the central axis and not go to the side halls on both sides. After that, go to Jingshan to see a panoramic view. If you have plenty of time, you must follow the group or find a formal explanation.

Please come to the Forbidden City at least twice, once to visit the main buildings, and once to visit the corners.

Not much nonsense, just go to the picture.

What I want to say is that the characters of the emperors are all beautiful! ! ! real! What a beautiful word! A person who is an emperor still has two brushes! Words are like a person, and words are like faces! Let my child who is learning calligraphy worship. Ha ha.

Today's painful lesson: I lost my camera on the rest square at the entrance of the East Sixth Palace. . .

Hey, the child is tired and needs to be hugged. Hold the child and sit and rest on the square in front of the East Sixth Palace, with the camera on his shoulders. The shoulder strap slipped off twice on the way, and I pulled it back. After the child had rested, I got up and straightened my clothes, only to find that the camera on my shoulder was gone. Look back immediately! In less than 5 minutes, my seat was already taken by a group of aunts, and they said in unison that they hadn't seen it. I went to the staff again, and they suggested that I call the police and check the monitoring. I reported it, and the police said that this is not enough to be a criminal case, and I can't get surveillance, so I can only leave a phone number for the record. So. . . Can't find it. . .

At that time, none of my family members sat with me, and everyone was scattered in various empty seats. Therefore, when acting in groups, at least two people must be together and able to take care of them.

Panicked, anxious, regretful, sad, and regretful, I was immersed in a depressed mood for 5 minutes. After learning that there was no hope of finding it, I quickly adjusted my mood and continued shopping.

They all said that I lost my camera and didn't look sad. I think I’m here to travel, and it’s a serious matter to see the beautiful scenery with my heart and experience different cultures. The camera can help us record better, but it’s just an auxiliary function. Not worth it because one camera broke the whole trip. The camera does not involve personal ID number, mobile phone number, home address, etc., except for a few photos where family members appear in the camera, and it is not too serious information leakage. Now that I can't get it back, it's useless to worry about it. Thinking about it this way, let's move on.

I didn't see the royal cat, but the magpie saw a lot. There are too many people, and the cats are too noisy.

I ate the net red ridge beast popsicles, in the ice cellar restaurant, only in the ice cellar restaurant!

The painting styles of the front court and the harem are also different. The front court is majestic, with dragon patterns mostly, while the harem is mostly noble, with flower patterns mostly.

I had a meal at the Forbidden City restaurant, and it was not cheap. Two bowls of rice cost 93.

The trees in the imperial garden grow in strange shapes. Back then, those noble concubines and empresses probably also enjoyed the shade under the same tree.

Once you leave Shenwumen, you will leave the Forbidden City. Only then did I realize that Shenwumen is the main entrance. . .

When I was studying urban planning, my teacher taught it. I discovered from aerial photography that the trees and roads in Jingshan Park formed a sitting Buddha. The place where Buddha's hands meet is the highest point of Jingshan Park, Wanchun Pavilion. From the Wanchun Pavilion, you can see the panorama of the Forbidden City. Moreover, Beijing is cold in winter, and Jingshan can just block the north wind. It is amazing that the ancients could design such works without aerial photography technology.

When descending from Jingshan Mountain, the pine trees on the side of the road suddenly rustled. When I looked up, a pine cone happened to fall, and Gululu rolled down the steps of my front door. Wow, what about the fresh pine cones that just fell from the tree, and I caught up with the pine cones with my children.

Gifts from Jingshan Park must be kept well.

Oh, by the way, the plan for the Summer Palace is a birthday peach.

Back at the hotel in the evening, after a short rest, I went to Wangfujing’s Menjia Hutong for a century-old stew to eat large intestines.

The large intestine was cooked very badly and tasted very tasty, even the elderly with bad teeth could eat it, and it was made very clean without any peculiar smell.

When eating large intestines, I experienced the humor of Beijingers. The chef made the No. 10 doornail meatloaf, but no one came to take it after calling for it several times. Finally, the chef shouted helplessly: "No. 10, No. 10, are you full for the guests on No. 10?" You still have two patties that you haven't eaten. No. 10~

Until we finished eating, the guest on the 10th didn't show up, maybe we were really full, so we didn't want it. Ha ha

After eating and drinking enough, go back to the hotel and rest. After playing for 4 days, I am very satisfied, except for the loss of the camera.

The child went back to the hotel to rest for a while, clamoring to go to Tiananmen Square to see the night view, very persistent. Seeing at 7:30, the time is not bad. just go.

The prompts in the subway are really simple and rude.

DAY5 Nanluoguxiang just take a look and return

This day is mobile, there is no arrangement. The child still wants to go to the Temple of Heaven, but we have a train at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and there is no time to go shopping, so let it go. I'm sorry, I'll come again later.

Men want to go to Guijie (ghost street), it's a bit far, and I really don't like the name. Old people are also more taboo about this, let it go.

So I went to the nearby Nanluoguxiang.

I arrived around 9 o'clock, I don't know if it was too early, there was no one in Nanluoguxiang, it was empty, and there were not many open shops.

There was a little rain in the morning, but it stopped soon, and the ground was still wet. In the empty Nanluoguxiang, there is a cool breeze, the air is slightly damp, and the emerald green willows sway with the wind, which feels good.

In fact, I came here for the last delicacy --- candied haws, but the child wanted to eat strawberries in candied sugar. . .

I went back to the hotel after 11:00 noon, and ate the Heyan Meatloaf, which is just at the subway entrance. The taste is good, it is worth recommending.

Then I went to refund the transportation card and got the deposit back. I bought a one-way ticket, went to the South Railway Station, and returned.


1. Beijing is very big, and it is more appropriate to travel for 5 to 6 days.

2. If the elderly are accompanying, it is best to join a group or rent a car or charter a car. The elderly still prefer to be comfortable, and they prefer to listen to the introduction of the tour guide.

3. Public transportation in Beijing is very developed. Living next to the subway makes it very convenient to go to scenic spots. . But what I want to complain about is that some stations in Beijing are one-way. That is to say, if you want to leave the station from the left, you can't go from the left, you have to go to the right, and then cross the road when you reach the ground. In addition, there are no escalators in many sites, and it is really good to carry a suitcase up and down the stairs.

4. Beijing is a cultural city, it is worth visiting again and again. Any major scenic spot in Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and the Great Wall, is worth visiting twice and thrice.

5. The weather in Beijing in October is very dry and relatively cold (compared to Shanghai), so you should wear a thicker coat. I have been here for 5 days. The old man coughed and had nosebleeds, and the child had a stuffy nose and sore throat. We two young people had no symptoms.

6. I will definitely go to Beijing again for the rest of my life.