Self-driving? Beijing? Self-driving tour in such a congested city?
Yes, you read that right. To be honest, if this travel note is meant for friends who come to Beijing to travel, I would rather recommend it to urbanites living in Beijing. More and more urban people hope to improve their quality of life in this city, and the demand for cars is increasing day by day. Although the traffic in Beijing is sometimes unsatisfactory, a car is very useful for work, leisure, vacation, etc. big help.

This time I happened to test drive a new model EU5 R600 of BAIC New Energy, which is about to be launched, and travel around Beijing by electric car. Conventional tourist attractions have become commonplace. Add some different experiences to your daily life.

In fact, the reason for choosing an electric car is that it is convenient to charge in Beijing. However, after driving for several hundred kilometers without charging and the cruising range is still sufficient, this is quite beyond my expectation. It seems that this EU5 R600 is used for urban use. The car is still very good. And I also like the smart flying screen function of this car. Navigation, multimedia information, etc. can be directly displayed on the dashboard with a swipe of a finger, which is cool and safe while driving.

So which landmarks in Beijing are worth visiting? Let me, Nanako, introduce you~

Beijing International Trade Building

In fact, the so-called Beijing International Trade Tower is a group of buildings, including the China World Hotel, the West Building of the International Trade Tower, the China World Trade Center, the third phase of the China World Trade Center, etc. This is the core area of ​​Beijing's central business district. After the development of the times, the buildings in the International World Trade Center are also changing with each passing day. It has an excellent office environment, advanced technological facilities, perfect supporting services, and a superior business atmosphere, constantly refreshing the quality of urban life.

The common people here are office workers, business travelers, or people living in the surrounding area, so there are fewer people visiting here on weekdays.

But no matter what time you come, you can choose to visit luxury stores in China World Mall, or watch a movie, enjoy a meal, etc., which can add happiness to your urban life.

If you want to take pictures, I recommend you a place! Close to the "big underpants" of CCTV, there is a good open-air viewing platform on the 6th floor of the North District of China World Mall where you can look at the building. If you can't find it, you can find the restaurant Blue Frog. There is a door next to it to go out. It is a big open-air viewing platform.


The so-called SOHO, namely Small Office, Home Office, home office, refers to those freelancers in different fields. With the development of the Internet and the continuous advancement of modern technology, more and more young people have joined the ranks of this new economy, new concepts, and new ways of living and working. In a modern city like Beijing, there are several SOHO buildings, and each SOHO building has its own unique style, attracting urban youths. Let me talk about these two very representative Galaxy SOHO and Wangjing SOHO.

Galaxy SOHO

Located near Chaoyangmen, this Galaxy SOHO is a rare large-scale building in the second ring road of Beijing, covering an area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters.
Chaoyangmen is also a bustling area in Beijing, with many cars and frequent congestion. However, the ten ADAS intelligent driving assistance functions carried by EU5 R600, such as pedestrian safety protection, vehicle collision warning, automatic braking and other functions, let me drive in this section. The process is safe and easy.

And the unique architectural design of Galaxy SOHO is a place that photographers are keen to check in. There are even various great gods who have explored the magical shooting spots. Although some tricky spots are dangerous and some have been closed, there are still a few spots. The public can make blockbuster movies.

Walking casually in Galaxy SOHO Plaza, you can actually take pictures of the soft curves of this building. Generally, the open-air plaza on the basement floor, or the corridor bridge on the first floor are good viewing spots. Looking up or looking at the distance, you can feel the intricate displacement of each platform of Galaxy SOHO, creating a surrounding and fascinating environment. This streamlined and rhythmic building is worthy of being a landmark building in Beijing!

In another shooting location, we have to go out of the Galaxy SOHO and enter the Chaoyangmen SOHO next door to take a look at the overall design of the building from a distant perspective. Although Chaoyangmen SOHO is a relatively low-key SOHO building, its simple style and glass walls also give it other uses.

There is a small indoor plaza on the 6th floor, where you can look at Galaxy SOHO from a head-up perspective, and the slightly reflective ground is also suitable for taking photos with mirror effects.

And the 16th floor is to look down on Galaxy SOHO. Although there is no square to get close to watch, this angle is even more rare.

Therefore, it has become a photo spot not only for photographers, but also for people living in the city.

The last one is also an easy-to-reach shooting spot. The hutong to the south of Galaxy SOHO is called Xiaopaifang hutong. Although the buildings in the hutong are partially covered, it feels like this new type of building is combined with the unique hutong characteristics of Beijing. Isn't it also the scenery that Beijing should have!

In fact, I really like the appearance of this white EU5 R600 I tested. You can see that the front face is equipped with a "double-dent" contour light bar and large-size C-shaped daytime running lights. The body is a coupe-like dynamic style. , novel shape, the overall design sense and the bright night view of Galaxy SOHO complement each other.

If you come to Galaxy SOHO to check in, it is recommended to take pictures in the evening when you can take pictures of the warm colors when the sun sets and the cool colors when night falls. Of course, when the building lights are on and match the deep blue sky, you can take better photos!

Wangjing SOHO

Another building comparable to Galaxy SOHO is Wangjing SOHO located at the intersection of Wangjing Street and Fu'an West Road in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Many people will compare it with Galaxy SOHO. Although I think there are similarities, each has its own advantages. Both Wangjing SOHO and Galaxy SOHO are the architectural works of the world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

Shuttle in the bustling streets of Beijing, certainly must use the navigation system. The EU5 R600 car is equipped with an intelligent voice system. Just say "Hello, little E" to turn on the navigation and help me find the next destination. It is said that this car is the first landing model using the "Darwin system". The intelligent interaction is more humanized and superior. It integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning, allowing me to just drive and immerse myself in travel.

The technological sense of Wangjing SOHO also attracts all kinds of photography enthusiasts. Many photographers have found the roofs of some nearby buildings to take panoramic photos of Wangjing SOHO. Well, having a wide-angle lens would make it easier to shoot.

Like Galaxy SOHO, I also recommend coming in the evening.

I found a special place is this four-square-meter coffee. It is located on the 28th floor of Building 1 of the nearby Hesheng Kylin Club. It is actually a cafe transformed from a residence. It sells coffee in the afternoon and craft beer in the evening .
This coffee shop has a seat by the window, and it can seat at most 3 people. The window here is Wangjing SOHO, which is a good viewing place.

798 Art District

Not far from Wangjing SOHO, there is a place where literary and artistic youths are keen to check in, and that is the 798 Art District. The exhibitions here are always overwhelming, and the graffiti walls that can be seen everywhere are even more surprising. There will always be some novel discoveries when you visit it every once in a while.
I discovered the graffiti art of Godzilla and Toad Bunta fighting this time, and I feel that the addition of BAIC New Energy EU5 R600 makes this car more individual.

In the 798 Art District, there are various industries including design, publishing, exhibition, performance, artist studios, etc. Their presence has redefined, designed and transformed the original industrial plants, redefined architecture and life, and created a Various new architectural works.

At the same time, you can feel the highly inclusive culture and art here. It is a very fashionable and avant-garde place, where history and future coexist.

Of course, there are also quite a few Internet celebrity restaurants and cafes here, such as flatwhite, Weicong Shanhai, Beijing Season Coffee Shop, BOTANICA Botanical Garden Restaurant, etc. We ate a relatively authentic and delicious Wanxiaoguan Sichuan Cuisine.

In fact, the interior of the 798 is not suitable for driving because the roads are narrow and congested. Thanks to the intelligent assisted driving system of the EU5 R600, driving safety is guaranteed, and it is equipped with an advanced intelligent bionic temperature control system IBTC, which is adapted to EMD3.0 pro intelligent electronic control The system can monitor and adjust the temperature of the battery, battery cells and coolant at all times, so that the power battery can maintain a "constant body temperature" like a human being during work, and can easily cope with the high temperature in summer.

Phoenix Center

The full name of Phoenix Center is Phoenix International Media Center, which is actually the office building of Phoenix Media. It is a comprehensive building integrating TV program production, office, business and other functions. This Phoenix Center has become a new check-in point for architectural photography this year.

In fact, this building has a long-standing reputation, but it was suddenly opened to the public free of charge for a period of time in April this year, and various blockbuster movies became popular on the Internet. Although it is also open now, it is also in the name of the exhibition that a ticket of 100 yuan per person is charged. You can enter and exit at will on the day with the ticket and certificate.

This is also a white building with a futuristic architectural design inspired by the Möbius ring. The public area open to tourists is a space composed of steps, landscape platforms, air circular corridors and sky-high escalators.

The office area is not open to tourists, and we were reminded that it is not allowed to take pictures of people or things in the office area when we were in the internal cafe. Of course, because it is an office building, try to speak softly so as not to disturb others.

There are really few tourists on weekdays, which is suitable for taking good-looking photos. In addition, the building itself is full of movement and vitality, which makes you fall in love with the environment here unconsciously.

The combination of about 118 representative sculptures of Wu Weishan's artistic career and the modern architecture of Phoenix Center is a dialogue that crosses historical time, space and cultural boundaries.

contemporary MOMA

I originally thought this MOMA was the Museum of Modern Art, but in fact, Contemporary MOMA is a high-end community in Beijing, with a total construction area of ​​220,000 square meters, consisting of 8 high-rise buildings.

From the outside, it looks a bit like the exterior wall of a Beijing courtyard house. Walking in the community, you can also feel the artistic concept of contemporary MOMA as a modern urban residential space. It was designed by Steven Holl, a professor at Columbia University. It fully explores the value of urban space and will Urban space has further developed from plane and vertical connection to three-dimensional space.
The aerial corridors between buildings are made of blue and red glass. The combination of colorful artistic sense and geometric structure of modern architecture is full of urban fashion sense!

In addition to residences, there are also Broadway Movie Center, Kubrick Book Bar, boutique hotels, international bilingual kindergartens, top restaurants, sky corridor clubs, etc... Kubrick and Broadway are indeed places worth visiting.

In other words, have you already felt the high-end life here? That's right! When we drove over, we found that the surrounding roadsides were full of cars, and the temporary parking lot in the community was so busy that there were no temporary parking spaces.

I originally wanted to say that I should also charge the EU5 R600 on the way, but I found that although I have been wandering around Beijing for so long, the remaining power is still sufficient. I estimated that the cruising range of the EU5 R600 is consistent with the official cruising range of 501km under working conditions. It should be that the energy recovery efficiency of this car is very high, which greatly improves the cruising capacity. Moreover, the EU5 R600’s battery life is relatively accurate, and it is the best among pure electric vehicles. It makes people feel at ease during long-distance driving.

In fact, there are many places in Beijing where urban youths are keen to check in for leisure and entertainment, such as Sanlitun, which is always full of crowds and fashion, and the nightlife there is really rich. There are some high-end and artistic Fangcaodi, there is also a World Trade Center nearby, and a little further away is Chaoyang Joy City, Changying Paradise Street and so on. In fact, I personally like Beijing Hutongs more, which lacks the modern atmosphere but has more charm of life in the capital.