D1 Friday: Shanghai - Beijing South (on the train)

D2 Saturday: Shenwumen Corner Cafe——Jingshan Park——Proofing of Qing Palace Ancient Clothing Shops around the Forbidden City—"Four Seasons Folk Blessing"

D3 Sunday: Beijing North - Yanqi Lake (Huaimi Line)

Ginkgo biloba at Hongluo Temple——Mutianyu Great Wall Hotel check in

D4 Monday: Mutianyu Great Wall - Mubashi returns to Beijing

D5 Tuesday: Fragrant Mountain Red Leaves—Co-branded Afternoon Tea at the Forbidden City at Regent Hotel

D6 Wednesday: Ginkgo biloba at Wutasi Stone Carving Art Museum—Peace Fruit Bureau—Qianmen Dashilan—Kapok Hotel check in

D7 Thursday: 600 Years Exhibition of the Forbidden City

D8 Friday: Costume shooting in the Forbidden City

D9 Saturday: Ditan Park Ginkgo

Beijing Shanghai

Shenwumen Corner Cafe

Jingshan Park

Hongluo Temple

Mutianyu Great Wall Hotel

Mutianyu Great Wall

I ran into violinist Lu Siqing on the Great Wall


Regent Hotel Forbidden City Co-branded Afternoon Tea

Wuta Temple Stone Carving Art Museum

peace game

Qianmen Dashilan

The Forbidden City 600 Years Exhibition

The following are the four treasures of the exhibition

Forbidden City

Ditan Park


1. If you want to take pictures of the Internet celebrity Shenwumen Corner Cafe, it is best to go in the morning. The door opens at 8:30. After 11:00, there will be more people, because there are people coming out of the Forbidden City one after another, and there will be a long line. seat. If you come out after visiting the Forbidden City, it is already 17:00, and people are closed. The Corner Cafe is at the exit of the Forbidden City. You don’t need to buy tickets for the Forbidden City. If you can tell the security guards to drink coffee, you will be let in. Closed on Mondays. Next to the coffee shop is the Cultural and Creative Store of the Forbidden City. You can buy kitten cats Ming Emperor and Qing Emperor, with double-sided tape, stick the cat emperor on the cup after drinking coffee, and take it to the Forbidden City for photos.

2. Entering the Forbidden City from Donghuamen is close and there are relatively few people. There are many costume shops in Donghuamen where you can rent clothes, and there is also "Four Seasons Minfu". Kapok Hotel is very close to Donghuamen. The Forbidden City needs to purchase tickets in advance on the official account "Visitor Service of the Palace Museum".

3. There is no fixed seat on Huaimi Line, first come, first served. There is no shopping place at the exit of Yanqi Lake Station, 10 yuan per person will be sent to Hongluo Temple by black car. There is a restaurant in Hongluo Temple. It is recommended to have breakfast or lunch there, and ask the store to help store your luggage by the way. There is no place to store luggage in Hongluo Temple. It is recommended to go up the mountain on the slide and walk down the mountain on Guanyin Road. The ginkgo in front of the Daxiong Hall of Hongluo Temple has a history of thousands of years. Take a taxi from Hongluo Temple to Mutianyu Great Wall Hotel for 50 yuan.

4. The price of the restaurant in Mutianyu Great Wall Hotel is not very expensive. For two people, the per capita price is about 150. Friends who climb the Mutianyu Great Wall strongly recommend staying at this hotel, which is at the foot of the Great Wall and is the closest hotel to the Great Wall. The price includes two tickets to the Great Wall, a ferry ticket, and a cableway ticket can be 20 yuan cheaper. The most important thing is that you can climb the Great Wall as soon as the cableway is opened, and take pictures of the empty Great Wall. The cableway seems to be open at 7:30. Mutianyu Great Wall is easy to climb, suitable for all ages. It is recommended that the cableway go up the mountain and the cable car go down the mountain. The cableway is closed and the cable car is open. After the cableway goes up the mountain, go to the right side first, and the most beautiful part is about 10-15 minutes away. There are not many bathrooms on the Great Wall, so be careful not to drink too much water.

5. When returning to Beijing from the Mutianyu Great Wall, you can buy a through train of Mubus or Zanbus on a certain treasure.

6. Tickets for Xiangshan need to be purchased in advance through the official account: "Beijing Local Treasure" - "Park Tickets". Be sure to enter from the north gate, because the cable car is at the north gate, and the cable car opens at 9 o'clock. Be sure to go up the mountain by cableway and walk down the mountain, because you can only see relatively poor red leaves in the air on the cableway, and there are no red leaves at all when you walk up the mountain. You can arrive at the North Gate at 8 o'clock, take photos of the scenic spots at the foot of the North Gate Mountain, and wait until the cable car opens at 9 o'clock before going up the mountain. The "Biyun Temple" at the north gate of Xiangshan Temple is closed on Monday.

7. Beijing Regent Hotel Forbidden City Co-branded Afternoon Tea can be purchased on a certain review, after purchase, you need to call in advance to book the specific time. Mondays and Tuesdays are cheaper than other days. You can prepare a photo in advance, and the coffee in the package can be 3D printed out of the photo.

8. The Forbidden City has a few Internet celebrity camera positions for shooting ancient costumes. You can search on Xiaohongshu, there are many.

9. When visiting the Forbidden City, it is recommended to rush directly to the exit of the Forbidden City and walk backwards. You can stagger the flow of people and take photos with few people. There are restaurants in the Forbidden City, but there are long queues during peak meal times, so those who want to save time can bring their own dry food.

10. The ginkgo in Ditan Park is very spectacular and must be visited. There are four gates in the park. It is recommended to take a taxi to the west gate to enter. There is an archway. The ginkgo trees at the west gate and north gate are the most spectacular.

11. Wuta Temple, also known as the Stone Carving Art Museum, is closed on Mondays. Advance public account reservation is required: "Beijing Local Treasure" - "Museum Reservation".

12. Don’t think that it’s easy to take a taxi early in the morning. Didi took a taxi at 6:15 a.m. on the day you went to Xiangshan, and it took 40 minutes for the driver to pick up the order.

13. If you want to take pictures of ancient costumes in the Forbidden City and want to eat "Siji Minfu" here at Donghuamen, you can first line up for "Siji Minfu" to get a number, and then slowly choose clothes next to it.

14. In terms of itinerary, the Great Wall, Xiangshan, Forbidden City, Hongluo Temple, and Ditan Park are best avoided on weekends, as there are too many people.