The longer I walk on the road, the more I yearn for the quiet and natural pastoral life. Hesu, hidden in the mountains of Yanqing, Beijing, met all my favorite looks. The spacious courtyard house, the simple and bright design style, the warm sunshine It shines on the sheets, and the air exudes the fragrance of plants and trees. Sitting in the small yard, the feet of time move in front of me inch by inch, and time stops here.

I don’t know if it’s been a long time to face all kinds of things in life. I always want to have a quiet place, let go of restless mood, allow myself a relaxing and leisurely time, meet up with friends, and go north all the way. We came to Yanqing, a suburb of Beijing. , passing through the winding mountain roads, our distance is the quiet peach blossom deep in the mountains.

Walking into Yaoguanling Village in Yanqing, this is an authentic and simple village. The simple red brick houses have always stood upright in the vicissitudes of the years. In the village deep in the mountains, people maintain a leisurely pace of life. The village is quiet and simple, which is exactly the quietness I like.

The corn in the north is ripe, and the farmers put the granary at their door. Looking at the yellow corn, they feel happy in their hearts. A cat looks at me calmly, basking in the sun with half-closed eyes, looking like It's so cute, this is probably the feeling of quiet time.

When I came to Hesu, I pushed open the simple wooden door. The spacious and bright courtyard is the feeling of home I like. The trampoline in the yard is very suitable for bringing children. The courtyard of Hesu has four rooms in total, three tatami mats and one big bed room , if four families come here just right, it is very suitable for family gatherings among good friends.

In Hesu, each room is well lit and has an independent bathroom. The afterglow of the setting sun shines in through the glass windows, casting warm light and shadow in the room. This feeling of returning to nature makes people very fascinated.

For beauty, everyone has a different perception. The room design of the accommodation conveys a kind of pleasing comfort to us, because the simplicity makes the space look more comfortable, and the minimalist and beautiful life aesthetics are brought into full play here. .

Different B&B designs have the personality characteristics of the owner. Although the co-house is mainly simple and comfortable, a casual small decoration is full of artistic sense and life interest. Every room is prepared for the family, whether it is mineral water or Toiletries are fully prepared for four people.

This time I came to Yanqing to choose a shared accommodation. What surprised me the most was the big kitchen here. In the open kitchen, I can prepare kitchen utensils and chopsticks for daily life. I can buy vegetables and meat near the village, so that several families can enjoy it together. Eat steaming hot pot.

The afternoon tea at Hesu has a simple and homely taste. The apples in the mountains taste crunchy and sweet, and there are homemade baked cakes, which are intimate and warm.

In the early winter of Yanqing, when night fell, the outdoor temperature was already very low. At this time, good friends sat around, chatting about the past, eating hot pot, and having a glass of red wine. It was a good time in life.

Living in a bustling city, I often want to find the inner peace. At this moment, the room is full of warmth and warmth, and the warm-toned lights make the mood slowly settle down and become quiet. The warm lights fill the whole room. At this moment The safety of An Ran gave me the warmth of hiking and returning home. It is beautiful without words. I have a calm heart and walk inward. The bed, the flowers, and the trees in the shared bed exude love for life and love for nature everywhere. deep feeling.

Travel Tips:

1 Address: Yaoguanling Village, Liubinbao Township, Yongning Town, Yanqing District, Beijing

2 Public transportation: Take the 919 express bus from Deshengmen, Beijing to Yanqing, transfer to Y28/Y30 and get off at Yanqing Shiziying Station.

3 Self-driving route: Search Beijing Yanqing Hesu B&B or Yaoguanling Village in the navigation