People long for a trip once they say it, and as a photographer, how to go out and let go after busy creation becomes more important. A change of mind is also helpful for further work. In fact, there are many places worth visiting around every city we live in. The journey is not far, but it is very touristy.

Just like the selection of "Gubei Water Town" this time, it is known as the red leaf town under the Great Wall. There is no doubt about this sincerity, and my pursuit of it has reached the extreme. Although many people will always say... Ah, isn't Gubei Water Town modeled after Wuzhen COPY? Will there be something fun to do? It's always ugly to follow others' opinions, the answer is yes, especially during the red leaf season from early October to early November, especially for enjoying the scenery and taking pictures of autumn scenery!

After thinking about the structure of this article for a long time, I still want to put the landscape first, because readers and friends must be here for this. Because the places where I played these two times are relatively comprehensive, I will describe the process of playing from many specific points. Of course, you can read it as a guide.All the pictures and texts in this article are my original creation, and reprinting without permission is strictly prohibited, otherwise legal responsibility will be investigated.

Description of content

Let me talk about the equipment used first: Sony A7M2 and A7R3 mirrorless cameras, plus two small aperture lenses for travel (16-35ZA, 70-200G), 90% of the photos in the travel notes are taken with this equipment. In addition, some relatively not so clear pictures were taken by iPhone7Plus mobile phone, because some episodes were shot by mobile phone.

Explanation of the content: The content of this article is relatively comprehensive. It is the result of two consecutive autumn tours to Gubei Water Town in 2018 and 2019. Some of the rides may still not be played or displayed. This may be because I am a photographer. This travel note may have some content that focuses on the scenery and photography itself. I personally like to talk about the experience and photos of specific tourist spots in Gubei Water Town from several aspects. Of course, there will be other necessary content. If you have any questions, you can leave a message or ask me in the relevant notes. It will be all right.

After thinking about the structure of this article for a long time, I still want to put the landscape first, because readers and friends must be here for this. Because the places where I played these two times are relatively comprehensive, I will describe the process of playing from many specific points. Of course, you can read it as a guide.

Morning of Gubei Water Town

When I went to Gubei Water Town for the first time, I came back to the city early in the morning because of work tasks, so I basically didn’t feel the early morning of Gubei Water Town. And it turns out that, as the team leader said during the second visit, the morning in Gubei Water Town is the most beautiful of the day, which is a real escape from reality.

As a photographer, I have long been used to going out early and returning late every day. There is no way. If you want to use the natural light gifted by nature to take pictures, you must grasp these two timings. I went out at 6 o'clock in the morning. Considering that Gubei Water Town is in the mountains, it was a little late on purpose.

There are basically no tourists and staff in the whole water town. At this time, the whole water town seems to belong to you alone. How wonderful is that feeling? Stop and go, you can relax and take a look at the scenery.

I found a very interesting phenomenon. Water towns will have a meteorological phenomenon that often occurs in autumn. When the water vapor comes out, there will be a light layer of morning fog. Although it cannot be compared with the thick fog of famous mountains and rivers, it is still a small fog. It is a "spectacle", and it will have a sense of scene in the early morning when shooting with red leaves and scenery, which is still very good.

When the sun rises to a certain height, it should be around 7 o'clock, the atmosphere of the whole scenery becomes warmer, and the weather is not so cold. The sun is just right, and a new day begins. I think this is the charm of the morning, especially in this environment where no one is playing, it is very comfortable and comfortable.

If you are tired from walking, you can just find a chair in the deserted water town to sit down and rest, and feel the early morning of late autumn quietly. There is no hustle and bustle of the city here, only the tranquil river and the changing red leaves, really, just sit quietly and enjoy it.

Gubei Water Town Night

I am a photographer myself, so I didn't join in the fun to watch the water dance show at night, and I didn't watch the drone take-off show from a nearby area to watch it. It was quite spectacular from a distance. Let me talk about the feeling of Gubei Water Town at night, and you can also find a comfortable feeling.

Because it was not a weekend when I went there for the second time, there were very few tourists in the whole water town, even fewer tourists at night, and many places were very quiet. Coincidentally, the moon at night in Beijing was very round and big that day, and the visibility was particularly ideal that day, so the photos I took were quite impressive, and it was really possible to see the bright and clear moonlight. If you are not on the scenic road like the food street, you can enjoy the tranquility. If you go to the food street to eat, there will definitely be a lot of tourists.

Whether viewed from a high point (the location will be specifically mentioned later) or viewed from a horizontal perspective, the night view of the entire Gubei Water Town is very impressive, probably because it has been carefully designed and the overall light effect Very attractive.

The biggest feature is that a lot of spotlights have been added around the building, and similar lights have been added near the planted plants, which means that we can watch the night of the water town with red leaves, which is also very impressive. In addition, hand-drawn cruise ships will also work at night, and you can also enjoy the scenery of the entire water town from the perspective of the water surface.

Walking on the road in the small town, although it is a bit cold, enjoying the tranquility can also become part of the tour. The ancient town under the lights may lack a little retro feeling, but this is in line with the modern people's heart that never returns at night. PS: Gubei Water Town is a starry sky town. The conclusion is that you can really see the starry sky, and the distant sky is full of stars.

Mountain of Gubei Water Town - Simatai Great Wall

Although Gubei Water Town is located in the valley, there are really no obvious mountain views, except for the famous Great Wall - Simatai. It is said that this is the only Great Wall in China that retains the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty. The city wall is built according to the precipitous mountain situation, and it is famous in the world for its strangeness, uniqueness and danger. There are 20 well-preserved watchtowers, especially the Wangjing Tower, which is built on a steep peak at an altitude of 1,000 meters. You can see the city of Beijing in the distance.

There are two ways to visit the Simatai Great Wall. There is a very obvious road that seems to be able to walk up the Great Wall. But if you get to the foot of the Great Wall, you will understand that the mountain roads are quite rough, and if you just walk up the mountain, you will probably be exhausted. Of course, if you have time and energy, it is also good to go up and see the scenery along the way.

It is reasonable that the vast majority of tourists will choose a fast means of transportation - the cable car, and it will take less than 10 minutes to reach the halfway up the mountain. Because the weather on the day of the trip was very good, there will be some wind in the valley, even the feeling of riding the cable car is a little shaking, very exciting, I have a fear of heights and I silently took some photos of the autumn scenery outside the window.

In fact, the cable car does not go to the top of the mountain, but it will go to about halfway up the mountain and a little bit higher. It may take about 20 minutes to get off from the cable car station to the Great Wall. Fortunately, this section of the road is not steep. , just walk up the road slowly.

After going up to the Great Wall, I really felt a broad view. It turns out that the whole Great Wall is built on the ridge, with steep cliffs on both sides. I really admire the courage and determination of the ancients to build it. Compared with other Great Walls in Beijing, this place is absolutely authentic, with almost no traces of repairs, and it is completely broken walls. Be careful when walking, it will be bad if you fall down.

The advantage of climbing a mountain lies in looking into the distance. The viewing angle here is very wide, and the height of about 3 enemy buildings is enough. You can see the whole scenery of Gubei Water Town and more scenery of the Great Wall (outside the pass). You can't go to the enemy building because it hasn't been developed yet. The whole mountain is still a bit bald, but fortunately, there are still some red leaves surrounding the Great Wall. From this point of view, it still fits the theme of viewing red leaves.

Water in Gubei Water Town - Boating on Tanghe River

If you feel that there is nothing special about walking in the small town, and you want to save some energy, you can try the cruise ship in the water town, so that you can enjoy the scenery slowly and experience the feeling of the water town in depth. Besides, since you have come to the water town, you must experience the cruise ship in Gubei Water Town. Water Town Water Town, how can it be called a water town tourism without water tourism? !

It seems that there are two docks for cruise ships. We got on the boat from the one near the foot of the Great Wall... In other words, the "shock" from the cable car just now is really in my heart. The wind in the valley made the cable car sway very scary. of. Taking a boat ride is really... really soothing the peaceful mind. The cruise ships here are the same as those in Wuzhen in the south. They are all manual scull boats. The boatmen work very hard, and the service enthusiasm is very high. We must pay attention to safety when sailing, and put on life jackets...

Sitting on a boat, walking on the river, admiring the small scenery of the shops on both sides is still very pleasant. And the afternoon sun is really comfortable, people almost fall asleep in the sun... Don't sleep, the scenery on both sides is worth seeing. Rafting on the Tanghe River in this way, the sound of the oars, the feeling of going upstream along the river is very interesting, and the mood calms down, just listen to the sound of the boat master. When the boat saw the peninsula, it also saw a few lovely big geese on the shore, which is really interesting in life.

Slowly, you will find that the perspective on the water is really unique. Those ginkgos, maple leaves, creepers, and the whole process of changing color can be seen more clearly on the boat, and it is more suitable for taking pictures.

Finally, on the sparkling water, the boat seems to be heading towards a torrent. Why is the water crooked? Is it going to go under the dam? cant! You arrived at the pier before the dam, and the master took you to your destination safely. The pier is just near the entrance of the scenic spot.

Temple of Gubei Water Town - Yuantong Pagoda

Because I am a photographer, I often look at photos of many famous scenic spots. I have always been surprised by the temple in this Gubei photo. Why is there a temple in a modern scenic spot? What does it look like inside? This time I finally had the chance to unveil it.

It is said that in ancient times, Gubeikou was located among the fortresses and famous mountains, and there were many temples. According to the old people, there were 72 temples in this area in history, and there are still 12 cultural relics and historic sites that are well preserved and repaired. Therefore, it is not surprising that Yuantong Pagoda appeared in Gubei Water Town. This is actually a place for visitors to learn about local history and experience spiritual cultivation. The name "Yuantong Pagoda" is because: Yuantong is synonymous with Avalokitesvara in Buddhist teachings, which means "unbiased, unobstructed", and perfect access.

If you want to reach this temple, you need to climb the mountain first. Of course, the mountain is not very high. It is estimated that the normal speed can be reached within 15 minutes, but the slope is relatively large, so you need to pay attention to safety. There are basically no tourists in the whole temple, and it seems that there are no monks. There are only a few palaces and the protagonist "Yuantong Pagoda".

Personally, I don't know much about Buddhism, and I can't tell too much about it. I just know that there are three main halls. Yuantong Pagoda Temple is composed of Guanyin Temple and Yuantong Pagoda. Guanyin Temple is divided into Shanmen, Tianwang Hall, Dashi Hall and Vairocana Buddha Hall.

You have to go through them to get to the Yuantong Tower. I especially hope that there is a place overlooking the Gubei Water Town. In fact, there is, but it’s just different from the imagined angle. Because of the blocking of the wall, you can see about 70% of Gubei Water Town. For the whole picture of the water town, just be content.

It is said that the base of the Yuantong Pagoda represents the upright social etiquette and moral rules; Cannot visit.

I used to think that this is a good place to overlook the night of Gubei Water Town, but unfortunately, probably because it is a temple, it is not open at night, at least it does not receive ordinary tourists, so people who have this idea can give up. However, it is said that some meditation rooms here can receive accommodation. I wonder if the residents themselves can see the moving night? Then I don't know.

Church of Gubei Water Town - Hilltop Church

Continuing with the previous topic, where were the night views overlooking Gubei Water Town taken? The church on the top of the mountain and its surroundings can satisfy your wishes. Although this church is Western-style, it doesn't feel out of place when it's placed on the top of the water town. It seems that there have been TV dramas filmed here before?

It is located on a small hill in the scenic area of ​​Gubei Water Town. There are more than 200 steps to climb from the foot of the mountain to the church. It is tiring for people to climb back and forth. But this is not the only way. There is a winding concrete road on its side. It is not difficult to climb up.

The appearance of the church is a gray stone house, which is integrated with the buildings of the ancient town. Specifically, it is a Roman Catholic church. The church faces east from west, with a construction area of ​​933 square meters and 112 seats in the church. The interior is elegant and beautiful European and American style, very romantic.

It is often possible to visit mass ceremonies, sing hymns, and also undertake weddings and other activities here. In the afternoon, the most enchanting light floods in, creating an exceptional sense of tranquility.

Especially in this season, the whole church is surrounded by red leaves, which is really exotic. The colorful world looks more beautiful in this corner. Of course, you can also shoot night scenes here, but I personally feel that the sky is rather boring, and the light in the afternoon or afternoon is the most beautiful. No matter what happens, I still took a lot of photos here. view. Personally, although you can't directly see the side view of the water town here, it is a good place to watch the starry sky.

Coffee in Gubei Water Town - Cloud Coffee

This coffee shop is relatively hidden. It is in a small room next to the church. It is really hard for ordinary people to find it if they don't look carefully. On the whole, the person who designed this coffee shop is too business-minded, and put the panoramic viewing platform where you can see Gubei Water Town.

Of course, the places where you can watch the scenery cannot be free, but ordering a drink is not expensive. Anyway, I was a little tired after climbing the mountain to the church, so I just sat down here and had a drink, and stayed for two hours until dark.

Generally, this kind of online celebrity shop has its own characteristics. For example, the location of this shop is really good. You can basically see the whole picture of Gubei Water Town, but observe it from the best angle. Now this season, the general sunset starts after 4 pm, you just sit quietly and watch it. The clerks are two young ladies with a good attitude. I can't drink coffee by myself, so I recommend others, such as sparkling water.

Different from the scenery seen during the day, the Gubei Water Town at dusk and sunset is very characteristic. The scenery seems to be three-dimensional, especially those ginkgo trees and maple trees, which look very spectacular from a distance. The moment the sun sets in the valley, the halo is very charming, and you will sigh at the beauty of nature.

The night scene of the entire water town will be opened after 5:30, and fully opened around 6:00. The best time to watch and shoot must be here, not when it is completely dark, it will look lifeless, and there will be nothing. beauty. At this time, the outdoor temperature in this season is definitely cold enough, and the coffee shop is on the mountainside, so it must be around 0 degrees, so you must wear more clothes, otherwise you will easily catch a cold.

Back inside the coffee shop, it is definitely warm enough, and I still have to take it with me for a while before going down the mountain. This coffee shop is not as bad as the online reviews, at least it is warm.

Internet celebrity shop in Gubei Water Town - Yongshun Dyeing Workshop

I have long heard that this dyeing workshop is famous, mainly because too many Douyin and other platforms have exposed it here. I recently witnessed it with my own eyes. It is really extraordinary. It matches the tone of Gubei Water Town itself, and it is very suitable for taking pictures. ! Come share it today.It's a pity that there is no Miss Hanfu as a model...I suddenly feel that I should have an exclusive muse. If anyone has an idea, please private message me!

It is said that this Yongshun dyeing workshop was founded in 1900. The founder, Zhang Jukui, learned the unique skills of a dyeing craftsman in his hometown when he was young. He can make homemade indigo dye, and later opened his own shop to process and dye for local people. In addition to indigo, he also used local plants such as madder, safflower, sophora japonica, comfrey, gallnut, walnut shell and other plants to study other color plant dyes, and mastered the extraction technology, which can dye many kinds of bright colors. Because of its uniform dyeing, bright and lasting color, Yongshun dyeing is famous in Gubei.

Walking through the path full of autumn, and entering this small courtyard, I was immediately shocked by the scene in front of me, especially the feeling of the universe inside. The area inside is very large, divided into upper and lower floors. Although it is a store, it really looks like a museum. The tall poles are covered with long flower cloths, and the colorful flower cloths are dancing in the breeze, which is the absolute beauty of Chinese style. After a closer look, the details of these floral cloths are not bad, but they are too big to take home. Fortunately, this store provides finished products in small sizes, which can be bought and collected at home.

And the afternoon sun slanted down, against the background of the surrounding gray walls and red leaves, the beauty of that moment can be remembered in people's hearts. Once upon a time: We are constantly on the road in our lives, and we will inevitably miss the scenery we were nostalgic for. At this moment, it is a better choice to slow down.

Let’s talk about taking pictures: the best angle should be inside the group of floral fabrics on the first floor. When you walk in, you will feel a slow time travel, and it is easier to compose pictures. If you are shooting portraits, it will be a good choice. And if you want to take pictures of the scenery, you must go to the second floor, where you can overlook the entire yard, see all the floral cloths, and the autumn colors in the distance. The overall atmosphere is absolutely perfect. At first glance, it is an ancient town, and at first glance, it is the autumn of the ancient town. It is indeed rare to see this kind of scenery in the north.

Road to Gubei Water Town - Red Leaf Trail

Having said that, let’s finally talk about what the red leaves in Gubei Water Town look like. ! Many of these "autumn plants" are vines that climb walls and woods that grow along rivers. They are currently in the most beautiful "color-changing period". Green, yellow, orange, and red will appear in front of your eyes. Against the background of white clouds, the colorful colors make you dizzying.

For me, a photographer who is more sensitive to color, the autumn water town in front of me is full of red leaves on the wall, which is very delicate and beautiful. The gorgeous red leaves and the ancient buildings of the North Country are blended together, which is really unique. in. The most beautiful places in the town are actually hidden in the alleys, with the rich autumn colors sandwiched between the two walls, making it an excellent place to take pictures. 

There are red leaves everywhere in Gubei Water Town, but I think the best way to see the red leaf path should be near Yongshun Dyeing Workshop. Although the road is very narrow, it looks like it really wants to be surrounded by red leaves from a distance. There are many tourists I will take pictures here and feel the rich autumn of nature.

When the morning sun covers the entire path, the scenery at this time is the most beautiful. The beauty lies in its layering, and the beauty lies in its high color temperature. When the light passes through this street, it instantly makes people feel refreshed.

In addition, there are many other plants that change color in Gubei Water Town, such as ginkgo and maple leaves, etc., which make up for the lack of ivy in "height". At the same time, let us see more beautiful pictures that can be combined with the building, so that people can see at a glance, well, this is autumn, the autumn of Gubei Water Town.

Gubei Water Town - Diet

It is said that food is the most important thing for the people, and Gubei Water Town has won countless praises not only for the scenery, but also for its food. The food street in the ancient town can find delicious food from all over the world, which is really amazing. In particular, there is a snack street in the water town, and there are many snacks to choose from.

First of all, let’s talk about the snack street: this street is next to the small lake in Linshui Town, and it belongs to a stall-style snack gathering place. It is very convenient to pay by WeChat directly when dining here, especially it is relatively cheap (compared to other restaurants), and then taste snacks from all over the world, the price is still affordable, you can go to taste it. Special food: snail powder, Gubei roasted pear, hot spring firewood egg, fried tofu, roasted sweet potato, shredded radish shortbread, bridgehead cake, shredded radish cake, dried plum vegetable cake, mutton skewers, etc. The biggest problem here is that it is relatively concentrated. There are many tourists who come here to eat. Basically, every stall needs to wait in line, so you need to be calm.

In addition, there is a shop that is really worth recommending, and it is also a typical local delicacy. Because Miyun locals pay attention to three-burning, among which roast pork is really an authentic local delicacy. The other two burns are also available in this store, but you can't drink alcohol, so there are only two left to try. Its name is easy to remember, it is called "Roasted Meat Restaurant".

An allusion to roast pork: This is a traditional delicacy in this small place, with a strong historical color. Legend has it that Gubeikou, an important border town in history, has many people who guard the border. The manliness of eating is palpable. Shaojiu makes people arrogant; Shaobing makes people hungry; Roasted meat is rich in nutrition, fragrant on teeth and cheeks, nourishing health and satisfying cravings.

Looking at this dish carefully, there are many things on the whole plate: the noodles are leavened, the outer shell is crispy, and the inner is soft, and it is good to put the meat directly after cutting. This roast pork is served with a special chili sauce, cucumber strips and lettuce. It looks like a foreign hamburger, but the taste is really different. It is very hot and satisfying.

Other things about this store: Although the front of the store is small, the interior space is quite large. Generally, you don’t need to wait for a seat. It seems that you can go to the "late night cafeteria" after the business hours are finished at night, and the waiters are also very enthusiastic. of. As for other dishes, I feel that they don't have such strong local characteristics.

Gubei Water Town - Accommodation

As a mature tourist attraction, Gubei Level has too many places to provide in terms of accommodation. Because this scenic spot is relatively far from Beijing, many tourists should also stay here. After all, it is better not to hurry too much when traveling. However, there are quite a lot of hotel types here. It is estimated that tourists need to choose hotels according to their own needs. For example, some people like to soak in hot springs, and some people like to live in the middle of the mountain. Everyone's needs are different.

My two autumn trips to Gubei Water Town to enjoy the red leaves are different. The first time I stayed in a big hotel outside the scenic spot, and the second time I stayed in an inn inside the scenic spot. Relatively speaking, if the price is comparable, I still feel that it is more convenient to live in the scenic area.

The first time I stayed at the Beijing Water Town Hotel is the world's first Great Wall Beacon Tower themed hotel, located in the Beijing Gubei Water Town leisure and tourism resort at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall in Miyun District. Relying on the background of the Simatai Great Wall, the hotel is a comprehensive hotel integrating the functions of sightseeing, leisure, business exhibition and cultural creativity. The hotel covers an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters, with 409 guest rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants with different styles and unique dining boxes, with more than 1,500 seats; a luxurious banquet hall of 1,000 square meters, 2 multi-functional halls of different specifications and 3 The board meeting room is also equipped with fitness, health, leisure and entertainment, and other supporting facilities.

This hotel is a standard mid-to-high-end hotel. The rooms are quite large and very spacious. The decoration inside the room is relatively luxurious, and the service of the waiters is also very good. The only disadvantage may be that there is still a little distance to the scenic spot, and you have to pass The gate of the scenic spot requires face recognition authentication (this will be written in detail in a later chapter), which is troublesome.

The second time I stayed in a standard inn, Yinghua Inn. Although there is only one floor, although the inn is not big, the feeling of living in it is no worse than that of a big hotel. Especially in the red leaf season now, when you open the windows and doors, you can see the house you live in surrounded by nature when you go out. Does it feel so good? !

The antique room is not big, but it is exquisite. It is very comfortable to live in a big bed room by yourself. Although Gubei Water Town is quite cold at night in autumn, fortunately, the air conditioner in the room is quite hot. The room is about 20-30 square meters, and 1-2 people will not feel crowded at all. The owner of this inn is very nice, very enthusiastic, and easy to communicate with. The breakfast is very rich and full. It seems that the lunch in the restaurant can also be ordered, but because the time is too fast, it is a pity that I did not catch up.

Give some dry goods advice to friends who come to enjoy the red leaves

Transportation: Gubei Water Town is very far from the center of Beijing, basically outside the Beijing border, so even driving by yourself is quite tiring. Fortunately, the parking lot is relatively large, and charging piles for electric vehicles are also designed, which is considered humanized. In addition, there are currently public transport buses with dedicated buses, but the number of trips is relatively small, like there are only three trips a day. Finally, another more convenient way is to take the latest Internet celebrity suburban train S5 line in Beijing. There are 2 round trips from Huangtudian Station in the city to and from Gubeikou Railway Station every day, and then transfer to the special line train for half an hour to Gubei The water town is now, and it is quite convenient.

What to wear: I mean the current season, which is the red leaf season. It is relatively warm during the day when there is plenty of sunshine, but it is very cold at night, so you must wear thicker clothes for outdoor activities. In addition, shoes must be paid attention to. Many water towns have steps or stone roads. Don't wear high heels, you will definitely fall.

Safety: Gubei Water Town has a large area, and some trails are relatively sideways, so you need to be careful not to get lost. At night, the lights on many roads are not very bright, so you must be careful when you encounter steps and the like, and be careful not to break the things you carry.

Check-in: If the guest is staying in a hotel, be sure to take a blank piece of paper, which is the check-in form, which is required for staying in the hotel. There will be battery cars to go to various scenic spots in the scenic spot, and the staff should also show it before getting on the car. The luggage you carry seems to go through a separate passage, and there is a special person to help the guests deliver the luggage, so you can rest assured. In addition, if you live in a scenic area outside the Shuizhen Scenic Area, in order to be able to freely enter and exit the scenic area, it is best to perform face recognition registration at the counter at the door, so that you can enter and exit repeatedly.

Tickets: All the attractions in the scenic spots mentioned in the travel notes are free. Except for restaurants for shopping and eating, there are almost no items that need to buy tickets. Remember.

When I finished writing this travel note, I seemed to say goodbye to this red leaf town at the foot of the Great Wall. Although there are some controversies in Gubei Water Town at present, as shown in the picture, its autumn scenery is indeed outstanding, which makes me, a photographer who likes autumn, unable to stop. See you next time in your travel notes.