In Yanqing, Beijing, there is such a house, living in the rough land in the north, but I like the figure of Jiangnan, so charming and lovely. Whitewashed walls, black tiles, horse-head walls, and of course brick, wood and stone carvings and high ridge cornices, these Hui-style elements appear extraordinarily refined and simple in black, white and gray tones. For the owner, Pei Yuhui, this place brings peace deep in the heart, and it is an extremely yearning home. Just like the more than 50-year-old walnut tree in the courtyard, although it has been "ridden with holes", it is still graceful after being beaten by wind and snow. Under the umbrella, it will protect you from the wind and rain, and accompany you in peace throughout your life.

The master likes a passage from the writer Sanmao very much: If there is an afterlife, be a tree, stand eternally, and have no sad posture. Half is peaceful in the dust, half is flying in the air; half is scattered in the shade, and half is bathed in sunshine. Very silent and very proud, never relying on and never looking for. "The spirit of a tree is awe-inspiring. Its eternal perseverance and indestructible perseverance are worth learning. After thinking about it, I named this place a tree as a commemoration.

A tree has 6 courtyards and 20 boutique guest rooms, enough to meet the food and living needs of 66 people. So it is definitely not a problem to have a home party here, a birthday party and a small group building in the company department. The spacious conference room can accommodate more than 60 people, and the corresponding supporting facilities are even more complete.

I believe everyone can't wait to see the delicate appearance of a tree for the first time. The neat and tidy high-rise houses, the green grass, and the trees with fallen leaves after autumn make this place exist like an ink painting in the south of the Yangtze River. Along the bluestone path named "Begonia Road" by the owner, what you see is a carpet of greenery, simple and natural, and all your troubles are suddenly thrown out of the sky, as if you have already seen the blooming crabapple flowers in the spring of the coming year.

On both sides of the avenue, six emblem-style courtyards of Shengchun, Fangyou, Yunshang, Wanze, Wuhua and Guilin are arranged in sequence. Every courtyard is painted in pure snow white. The bricks and tiles, cornices and carved columns are scattered in height and layered in order, all of which exude the aesthetics of Huizhou architecture in the south of the Yangtze River. Passing through the circular moon arch is even more unique. The perfect combination of natural scenery and craftsman's heart can always outline a poetic picture. Watch the flowers and bamboos on the benches in the courtyard, and look up at the moon on the terrace on the roof. The Taoyuan described by the ancients is believed to be nothing more than this.

Each courtyard is equipped with independent double rooms and duplex standard rooms. Although the number of rooms is slightly different, each has its own merits and style. The interior decoration is even more remarkable, for example, in the second-floor hall of the duplex, there are Morandi-colored sofas and new Chinese-style tea tables. The European-style minimalist wrought iron bracket that acts as a screen, storage, and decoration is placed with various succulents and some art ornaments. Along the exquisite spiral staircase, you can lead to the small pavilion on the second floor, where you can also work, read and relax. The most surprising thing about the neat and clean room is the oversized floor-to-ceiling windows and the independent terrace, where you can enjoy the bright sunshine and beautiful nature without leaving home. The superb bathtub will completely relax your body and mind, and the soft mattress will help you sleep well at night.

In a tree, you will regain the laziness you have almost forgotten. In the early morning, the housekeeper will serve you a hearty and nutritious breakfast. In the afternoon, the coffee on the terrace table will accompany you until the sunset is deep in the mountains. The laughter in the swimming pool can't help you sitting by the pool alone. In the green and pollution-free vegetable garden, plant your favorite vegetables by yourself. May I ask, who doesn't want to live like this, who doesn't love it?

There are also rich tourist resources around the homestay. The ancient mystery of Guyaju is 30 kilometers away, the beautiful Baili Gallery is 38 kilometers away, and the summer resort Yudu Mountain is 17 kilometers away. Go to Longqing Gorge, which is known as Beijing's "Little Lijiang River", to see the fairyland on earth, and go to the ancient city of Yongning, which was built in the 18th year of Zhenguan in Tang Dynasty, to see the historical relics. Take a walk around the Badaling Great Wall, and take a stroll around the Longwan Camping International Park. Visit the colorful colors of Longqingxia Ice Lantern Festival in winter and experience the thrills of Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort. Take a look at the wonders of the ice waterfall in Yunpugou. Taste authentic farm dishes such as Yongcheng Tofu Banquet and Guiyuan Sturgeon Pot. Enjoy life with your heart and experience different wonderful things with your body.

The idea of ​​building a Hui-style homestay in the north is bold and advanced. In the eyes of the owner, only in this way can the unique style of One Tree B&B attract tourists with different needs. It is her ideal to create a real private garden homestay in the south of the Yangtze River, so that all the people who come here can experience the beauty of Huizhou architecture and the charm of gardens in the south of the Yangtze River. It is her ideal, her feelings, and her responsibility. I sincerely hope that this big tree that covers all the beautiful things that people yearn for can grow taller and go further...