[Epidemic guarantee: If you are unable to travel due to the epidemic, you can apply for a non-destructive cancellation or postponement of the tour at 18:00 the day before the trip]


Day 1: 7X24-hour pick-up/station—arrive in Lhasa and stay at the aerobic hotel

Day 2: Lhasa - Mila Pass/Tunnel - 5A Basong Co (huxin island, Cuozong Gongba Temple) - Sejila Mountain (viewing Namjagbarwa Peak, hanging prayer flags, Salongda, ringing the safety bell) — Lulang Town — Stay at Nyingchi Hotel

Day 3: Nyingchi—Yani Wetland (Internet celebrity glass plank road)—Boat Yarlung Zangbo River—Jiangxin Island experience horseback riding and archery—Niyang Pavilion—stay at Nyingchi Hotel

Day 4: Nyingchi—Gongbu Tibetan Village—Sijin Lacuo—Looking at Yongbulakang from a distance & understanding the first farmland in Tibet—Stay at Zedang Hotel

Time: 08:30: Activity time: About 1 hour [Gongbu Characteristic Village - Tibetan Experience] Experience the unique Tibetan style, experience the Shambhala dream "Gongbu Jiangda", and feel the life of collectors!
Kind tips:There are local villagers selling Tibetan silver in the scenic area. Please shop carefully and ask for an invoice and keep it. The tour time is for reference only, the actual tour guide arrangement shall prevail, please understand!

Day 5: Shannan—Lhasa—Legendary Bodhi Garden—Tibetan Culture Exhibition Hall—Yanghu Lake (free drone aerial photography)—Check in Lhasa Hotel

Day 6: Lhasa - Potala Palace - Zaki Temple - Barkhor Street - Yaowang Mountain Observation Deck - Stay at the hotel and rest

Time: 13:00: Activity time: About 1 hour without explanation, without tour guide, please understand!
Important reminder for today:
1. Lhasa is 3,650 meters above sea level, and its oxygen content is only 65% ​​of that in the mainland. Guests may experience altitude sickness to varying degrees. Do not be overly nervous after arriving, keep a normal mind, walk slowly, and it is recommended not to take a bath; drinking more water, eating more fruits, and adequate rest are ways to prevent altitude sickness. When you feel unwell, go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.
2. The range of activities on this day is in the urban area of ​​Lhasa. The entire driving time is about 10-20 minutes, and the rest of the time is outdoor and visiting time.
3. The entry time of the Potala Palace is determined by the approval time of the Potala Palace Management Office, so the visit order of the day's itinerary is adjusted according to the entry time of the Potala Palace.
4. There is a lot of outdoor time on this day, please be sure to put on sunscreen.
5. This day's itinerary is mainly for temple visits, please dress without slippers, shorts, and suspenders.
6. It is forbidden to take pictures in the temple, and it is forbidden to wear hats and sunglasses. Please be careful.
7. The Potala Palace ticket-approved visit list is machine-selected, so it is possible for couples, family members, and friends to visit separately. Please forgive me.
8. Some tour lists of the Potala Palace that are approved for visits do not allow tour guides, so the Potala Palace is sometimes visited without a tour guide, please forgive me
9. On this day, please be sure to bring your original second-generation ID card or original household registration booklet and original passport. The original must be a valid certificate with the ID number provided when you apply for the group. Visiting attractions, has nothing to do with travel agencies.
10. Due to the protection of cultural relics, the visit time of the Potala Palace must be within 60 minutes, and the tour guide is not allowed to explain during the visit to the Potala Palace. Please forgive me, the tour guide of the Potala Palace will be in Explain to guests before or after the visit.
11. To visit the Potala Palace, you will pass through three gates. The visit time starts from the third gate. The third gate is on the hillside of the Potala Palace. From the parking lot of the Potala Palace to the third gate is the upper gate. The mountain road takes about 40 minutes. The team will enter the Potala Palace 40-60 minutes in advance according to the time on the palace entry approval document, so as not to delay the visit time.
11. After the group breaks up, it is time for free activities. Please pay attention to personal and property safety. If you encounter any problems, you can contact our staff in time.

Day 7: Lhasa - Train to Shigatse - Shigatse - Everest Base Camp

Time: 08:30: The staff of our agency will pick you up and send you to the train station, take the hard seat of the train to Shigatse, refer to the train Z8801; time: arrive at 8:25-11:20, after the train arrives in Shigatse, apply for the border defense certificate with the staff , then head to Everest Base Camp.
Note: (The departure time is for reference only. The actual arrangement is subject to the notification. The peak season will be earlier, please understand!) Tour guide services will not be provided today and tomorrow, and only Chinese-speaking drivers will be arranged for reception services during the itinerary (no explanation service for scenic spots will be provided) )beg to be excused!
Important note: Due to the special itinerary of the Mount Everest section, the use of cars is tight, and there are fewer small cars, so our itinerary for the Mount Everest section may be adjusted to a group of 27 people or a small group of 15 people, please understand!

Day 8: Mount Everest Base Camp—Jiacuola Mountain Pass—Shigatse—Train back to Lhasa—stay at Lhasa Hotel

Day 9: Lhasa - various places [7X24 hours airport/station]