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After filling in the relevant information for Tibet registration, you can jump to the green code to travel normally, or you can scan the code to follow ūüĎČThe schematic diagram of the notification and preparation process

Day 1: Go to Lhasa to gather by yourself [this day only includes pick-up service]

Day 2: Lhasa_Kadinggou_Sejila Mountain_Lulang Forest Sea_Lulang Town

Day 3: Lulang_Benri Holy Mountain_Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon_Nyingchi Bayi Town

Day 4: Nyingchi_Basongcuo_Lhasa

Day 5: Lhasa (Potala Palace Jokhang Temple)

Day 6: Lhasa_ Nyainqentanglha Mountain_ Nagenla Pass_ Namtso_ Lhasa

Day 7: The pure blue of the Himalayas, the water source of Shanzong | Lhasa_Yamdrok Yongcuo_Karola Glacier_Shigatse

Day 8: Shigatse - Gangba County - Mucun Soil Forest - Dingjie Wetland - Lhotse Peak Viewing Platform - Tingri

Time: 11:30: Go to the scenic spot Kanchenjunga (outside)
Kangchenjunga (Kangchenjunga, also often written as Kanchenjunga), also known as "Jinchengzhangjia Peak" and "Kangzhang Zhongge Peak", the peak name Kanchenjunga originally came from four words in Tibetan, usually translated as Kang-chen-dzo-nga or Yang- Chhen-dzo-nga means "five treasures in the snow" in Tibetan and Sikkim, which comes from its five peaks, and four of them are above 8,400 meters above sea level. Kanchenjunga is located at 88¬į08‚Ä≤48‚Ä≥ east longitude, 27¬į42‚Ä≤09‚Ä≥ north latitude, and 8586 meters above sea level. It is the third highest peak in the world. It belongs to the Himalayas and is located on the border between Nepal and India.

Time: 16:00: Activity time: About 10 minutes Great view of Lhotse Peak
Lhotse, the English name Lhotse, is 8516 meters above sea level, located at 27¬į57‚Ä≤42'' north latitude and 86¬į56'00'' east longitude. It belongs to the Himalayas and is the fourth highest peak in the world. Lhotse Peak means "southern mountain" in Tibetan, because it is located 3 kilometers south of Mount Everest, and there is a col between the two, which is commonly known as the "South Col". North of Mount Everest is Zhangzi Peak.
In Tibetan, Lhotse Peak is also known as "Dingjiexie Sangma", which means "blue and beautiful fairy". Bounded by the north ridge and southeast ridge of the mountain, its east side is in Qudang Township, Tingri County, Tibet Autonomous Region, China, and its west side belongs to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal [1] .

Day 9: Tingri - Jiawula Pass - Everest Base Camp - Rongbuk Monastery - Shigatse

Day 10: Shigatse_Tashburun Monastery_Lhasa [today includes explanation of Tashilhunpo Monastery]_farewell dinner

Day 11: Lhasa Disbandment