[Gifts]: Airport pick-up, first-night accommodation in Lhasa, free border defense certificate, hydraulic oxygen, a piece of mineral water with the car, three treasures for travel, emergency trauma medical kit, hanging prayer flags to pray for blessings;

[About single room difference]: If you are traveling alone, please submit the single room difference when booking. Our agency will try our best to arrange for you to share a room with same-sex group members. If the room sharing is successful, your single room difference fee will be refunded; If not, you need to make up the single room difference and live in a room by yourself;

[Driver Meals]: Meals and accommodation subsidies for our company's accompanying personnel are 300 yuan per day*9 days, which need to be shared equally by the guests in the group; the entrance fees to Mount Everest need to be shared equally by the guests in the group;

[Car information]: Free upgrade to Prado (4-person small group); click on the reservation date, click on book now, and you can choose the type of car;

[Preferred itinerary]: The only launch of the North Line + South Line, the real loop line, do not go back;

【Drone】: Click "Book Date", click "Book Now", and choose the drone freely;

[Must-see for Hong Kong and Macau guests]: Because Hong Kong and Macau guests need to stay in a hotel with foreign qualifications, and accommodation costs are involved, please consult customer service before placing an order;

Kind tips

The air ticket included in this route is the estimated price from all over the country to Lhasa, and the estimated price is 1,000 yuan per person

(Guests who choose to depart from Lhasa do not involve the air ticket fee, and the price on the external network will be automatically reduced by 1,000 yuan)

If the air ticket is booked by us, the air ticket fee included in the travel expenses will be refunded according to the price of the ticket issued on the day


Day 1: All over the country - Lhasa

Day 2: Lhasa - Yamdrok Yongcuo - Karola Glacier - Baiju Temple - Shigatse

Day 3: Shigatse - East Slope of Mount Everest - Mount Everest Nature Reserve (Rongbuk Monastery)

Day 4: Everest Nature Reserve--Tingri--Xishapangma--Pegutso--Saga--Zhongba

Day 5: Zhongba - Gang Rinpoche - Manasarovar - Laangcuo - Baga (Talqin) - Zanda Forest - Guge Dynasty

Day 6: Guge Dynasty--the starting point of the northern line--Shiquan River--Salt Lake Township

Day 7: Salt Lake Township--Gaize--Dongcuo--Cuoqin (Take measures again and again, wild animals)

Day 8: Cuoqin--Zarinanmucuo--Dangreyongcuo--Wenbu South Village/Wenbu North Village--Shuangsheng Lake and Sister Village--Naima County

Day 9: Neima County - Selincuo - Bange County - Namtso - Holy Elephant Tianmen

Day 10: Namtso Sacred Elephant Gate--Nyainqentanglha Mountain Observation Deck--Lhasa