⚠️This product includes one-way air tickets from various places to Chengdu; if you need to pay for your own air tickets or take the high-speed rail to gather in Chengdu, please change the departure point to Chengdu!

[Tibet Epidemic Prevention Policy Tips]

⚠️According to the local epidemic prevention policy in Tibet, we will temporarily not accept guests who are involved in medium and high-risk areas or have a history of traveling [WeChat search: "State Council Client" applet can query real-time risk areas and epidemic prevention itinerary cards]

⚠️Low-risk tourists entering Tibet need to have a negative nucleic acid report within 48 hours (at their own expense) + Tibet Yitong green code without * to travel

⚠️At present, various places in Tibet have different requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and there may be multiple nucleic acid tests. Please actively cooperate with local epidemic prevention personnel

⚠️Due to the changeable epidemic prevention policy in Tibet, the policy may still change after starting the trip. If you are not clear about the epidemic prevention policy, you can consult customer service to understand the real-time epidemic prevention status

Day 1: Gather in Chengdu [arrive in Chengdu - check in Chengdu boutique hotel - free activities] (pick-up service provided)

Time: Unlimited: Activity time: About 1 minute to Chengdu, the beautiful capital of Sichuan known as the "Land of Abundance", [arrange pick-up/pick-up-Shuangliu International Airport] (airplane/high-speed rail/train) to the hotel and free activities; During the tour, please pay attention to personal and property safety, and remember the hotel phone number and location and the 24-hour WeChat housekeeper contact information when you go out (free activities throughout the day, no meals, no tour guide)

【Pick-up and drop-off service notice】

Because this itinerary involves pick-up and drop-off services, if there is any delay or change in your flight or other means of transportation, you must contact customer service in advance to confirm whether the pick-up and drop-off service can be changed.
"Flight/Train Number--Change" needs to be changed at least 1 day in advance to arrange, and temporary change of train number/flight on the same day will not be able to temporarily change/arrange pick-up and drop-off services. At the same time, your train number/flight change must be promptly contacted with customer service and confirmed, so as not to affect your itinerary.
"Flight/Train--Delay" If your flight/train is delayed or arrives early, please be sure to contact your pick-up and drop-off station master or customer service as soon as possible and maintain good communication, so that we can make necessary decisions based on your actual arrival time so as not to make you wait too much at the airport/station. Because it may be a temporary change, it is very important to maintain good communication.
Because flights/high-speed trains/high-speed rail and other transportation methods are provided by third-party airlines/railway departments, the travel parties should be notified of their relevant change information as soon as possible. Therefore, as a travel agency, we cannot obtain any relevant change information (including change time, train number, flight number, etc.) at the first time; if the travel agency does not receive any information changes, the travel agency will only arrange according to the original information of the order. Therefore, if you are involved in any changes of such information, please be sure to contact the customer service of the travel agency in time to communicate and confirm, so as not to affect and delay your itinerary. Failure to communicate in time may result in poor pick-up and delivery or failure to pick-up and drop-off.
Good communication and travel preparation are the basis for a happy and smooth tour, so we thank all tourists who choose Youyou for their trust in us. We also hope that tourists will contact us in time in case of any changes or emergencies during the trip. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

Time: Unlimited: Activity time: About 1 minute 【Kind tips】

Patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma should not travel in a group (you can go to the hospital for an examination in advance and follow the doctor's instructions); remember not to bring a cold into Tibet;
When you first enter the plateau, rest more, drink plenty of water and eat more fruits, no smoking and alcohol, no running and strenuous exercise; diet should be moderate, not overeating, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach; drinking butter tea, dairy products, and other beverages in moderation can strengthen the immune system. Adaptability to plateau climate;
The Tibetan area is a special area, please get along with the group members in harmony and respect the culture and belief habits of the ethnic minority areas;
When buying goods sold by local people, tourists are requested to pay attention to identification, purchase carefully, and ask for the necessary invoices. At the same time, this kind of store is not arranged by a travel agency. If there is any problem, the tourist should contact the store to deal with it.
The distance is relatively long, and most of them are mountain roads. If you want motion sickness, please be sure to bring motion sickness medicine. Due to the increase in vehicles during the peak tourist season, there may be traffic jams, resulting in a later meal time or a later itinerary, please understand.
Since there are many natural scenery viewing spots and observation decks along the way, the time of the scenic spots in the itinerary is an approximate reference time. The members of the group can adjust the time for playing and taking pictures according to the weather and time points; many counties or towns in Tibetan areas are relatively The distance is far away, and you may not be able to reach the planned place during the meal time, so it is recommended that the group members prepare some snacks and drinking water according to their preferences, and you can make up for it at any time! In places with relatively good conditions, you can find local restaurants to feast on!
The altitude of this itinerary is relatively high. If you are worried about altitude sickness, it is recommended to prepare and take medicines to prevent altitude sickness in advance, so that the effect is better; the effect of temporary purchases on the way is average, and there are fewer options; and the price of medicines along the scenic spot Both are more expensive, so it is better to prepare in advance. (If you feel any discomfort during the journey, please be sure to inform the staff in time and call the customer service number).

Time: Unlimited: Activity time: About 1 minute 【Reservation Notice】

The whole journey does not include meals, does not include tour guides, and the driver leads the team; the hotel provides breakfast (if the hotel does not provide it, it does not include); if the departure time is early, please arrange the breakfast time reasonably, and you can inform the hotel in advance to provide you with road meals for breakfast , self-collect at the front desk in the morning;
Tickets are not included in the whole journey, and the ticket prices of scenic spots in the itinerary are only for reference, and the actual prices are subject to each ticket office;
Due to irresistible human factors (road collapse, etc.), the group cannot travel normally. The driver has the right to modify the route temporarily and reasonably. If there is an increase in fees, please take care of yourself. If you need to rent another car to leave the team earlier or later, please take care of the additional expenses, and we will not refund or compensate you;
Because this route passes through the Ganzi Tibetan area, the hotels are located in a remote area, and the conditions and numbers are very limited; in order to ensure the smooth visit and hotel check-in of tourists, travel agencies make relevant advance reservations for the hotels along the way before leaving the group; once booked, the hotels along the way Neither can be changed or returned. If the tourist cancels or changes midway, the itinerary includes the hotel and cannot make any refunds. Please be sure to make your own planning in advance, and do not change or change midway, so as not to cause inconvenience and loss to yourself.

Time: All day: 【important hint】

Chengdu Tianfu Airport is gradually put into use, and some flights land at Tianfu Airport. Please pay attention when choosing flights: (Chengdu Tianfu Airport: It is more than 80 kilometers away from Chengdu City, and it takes more than an hour by car. It is recommended that you do not choose a flight that arrives too late, otherwise it may affect Day two itinerary.)
For the convenience of tourists, it is recommended that tourists try to choose the flight that takes off and lands at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport when booking;
【Special Note】

In order to better experience the travel itinerary, be sure to pay attention to the choice of flight time when booking! If it is a late flight, there will be no time to play in Chengdu. You can choose the departure time of the itinerary before you book, and you cannot change it after you choose to pay, so be sure to choose the appropriate flight/train time according to your own time when booking.

Time: 13:00: Tour time: about 11 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Specially Recommended』

"Where can I find the ancestral hall of the prime minister? It's Bai Sensen outside Jinguan City"
Wuhou Temple is the only temple in China where the emperor and his ministers are worshipped together.
The famous Jinguan Depths - "Red Wall Bamboo Shadow"
The walls are red, the bamboo is emerald green
Thousands of green bamboos and winding red walls
Integrate into such a Chinese-style scene, so harmonious and atmospheric
Bamboo shadows sway between the red walls
quiet, peaceful
In line with the Chinese people's pursuit of beauty

【Kind tips】
The above attractions are recommended attractions, no vehicles and tour guide services, please pay attention to personal and property safety, please take a regular taxi to travel (the fare for urban travel is between 10 yuan and 20 yuan). The travel time of the next day will be notified by text message or phone call before 22:00 on the same day, please keep your mobile phone unblocked.

Time: 22:00:
✿✿✿『Youyou|Preferred Hotel』

A global chain brand hotel under the French Accor Hotel Group
Relying on the superior geographical location and reputation of Shudu Building
Present a unique style to the guests with the posture of phoenix nirvana

Attractions around the hotel include People's Park, Qingyang Palace, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Wuhou Temple, Jinli, Wenshu Monastery, Kuanzhai Alley
It is also very convenient to go to various food streets, entertainment and leisure attractions, and panda bases from the hotel
Here will be the ideal choice for your stay

【Kind tips】
When booking the hotel, our company will note the bed type and floor or hotel requested by the VIP. The actual check-in is determined by the hotel depending on the room status of the day, please understand.

Day 2: Chengdu-Xindu Bridge [Erlangshan Tunnel (passing through 80,000 LED lighting tunnels), Luding Bridge, Dadu River, Kangding, Zheduo Mountain Pass] about 340 kilometers by car (3500m above sea level) Accommodation: Xindu Bridge

Time: 09:00: Activity time: About 10 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Specially Recommended』

Qingyi River is a tributary of the Minjiang River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, and a tributary of the Dadu River
With the ups and downs of the mountains, the terrain turns
The river is still showing twists and turns
Under the covered bridge, the water flow seems to be shallow
In the wide place on both sides of the tide level
yet so calm
yet unfathomable

Time: 10:40: Activity time: about 10 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|The First Tunnel in Sichuan and Tibet』

"Erlang Mountain, how high is it?"
Looking at the name of Erlangshan Tunnel
This song can't help but echo in my ears

Erlangshan Tunnel
13.4 kilometers in length
It is a high-altitude area built and opened to traffic in the country
longest highway tunnel

The LED lights on the top of the tunnel form five-star red flag, blue sky and white clouds, maple leaves and other patterns alternately changing
give a dreamy feeling
let you remember the motherland
no matter where you are

Time: 13:30: Activity time: about 30 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Lifty Kangding City』

"On the mountain where the horses are running, there is a cloud
It shines brightly from end to end, the city of Kangding..."
A romantic love song takes you and me into the slippery city of Kangding
This is a city famous for its love songs
A city where modern and traditional culture blend
A city of multi-ethnic integration, unity and harmony
Walk into Kangding City
We can't help but hum "the mountain that runs smoothly, the city that Kangding yo"
that endless romantic melody
This makes this small town in western Sichuan exude a unique charm

Time: 15:00: Activity time: about 30 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Selected Tour』

Zheduo Mountain "The First Pass of Kangba"
is an important geographical boundary
To the west is the uplifted plateau, with the Yalong River
To the east is the alpine and canyon area, with the Dadu River

To the east of Zheduo Mountain is a mountainous area
To the west of Zheduo Mountain is the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the real Tibetan area.
Therefore, it can be understood that after crossing Zheduo Mountain, one enters the Tibetan area.
"Zhedo" means bending in Tibetan.
Written in Chinese is the word "fold more".
When the car overturns
Be amazed, all you can see is the scenery
In the eyes of photographers, this is an amazing location

The dappled light of the sun shining through the white clouds floating in the sky is intoxicating
The majestic view of Yala Snow Mountain nearby
The Mani Sutras on Zheduo Mountain form many triangular or square flag formations
fluttering in the wind
densely packed
【Kind tips】

The top of the mountain is 4298 meters, so don’t get excited here, it’s better to walk on a catwalk

Time: 16:30: Activity time: about 30 minutes
✿✿✿『YouYou|Artist Corridor』

Xindu Bridge is known as the paradise of photography
Located at the intersection of the South and North Lines of National Highway 318
It is a picturesque place
It has harmonious natural scenery and simple humanistic customs
There are infinite magical light and shadow
There are winding streams and endless grasslands
There are Tibetan villages and cattle and sheep scattered among them
Here is the fascinating "world of light and shadow"
It is a fascinating "photography paradise".

Time: 18:30:
✿✿✿『Youyou|Preferred Hotel』

Kangding Black Highland Barley Manor has a long history
The manor was built in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, more than 300 years ago
Because the manor is located in the "tea-horse road" must pass through and the key to Tibet
There is also the shelter of the auspicious holy place of "Muyaregang" holy mountain
In history, it once became an important post station for entering and leaving Tibetan areas.
It is a gathering and distributing center for tourists, merchants, officials and pilgrims

A natural landscape that integrates snow-capped mountains, grasslands, virgin forests, mountain springs, streams, rivers, beaches, and cattle, sheep and horses
It is completely natural with the unique wooden and elegant pavilions, platforms, buildings, halls, cowhide prayer wheels, stone-carved colorful mani piles, and white pagodas.
Gathering many plateau Tibetan landscapes in the garden, the manor fully embodies the theme of pure Tibetan culture

【Kind tips】
1: Plateau climate, with large temperature difference and changeable climate, friends who go to the plateau for the first time may have different degrees of altitude sickness
2: Our company will note the bed type and floor or hotel requested by the VIP when booking the hotel. The actual check-in is determined by the hotel depending on the room status of the day, please understand.

Day 3: Xindu Bridge - Batang [Eighteen Bends of Tianlu, Jianziwan Tunnel, Kazila Mountain, Litang, the world's highest city] about 476 kilometers by car (3850m above sea level) Accommodation: Batang

Time: 10:00: Activity time: about 20 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Specially Recommended』

There is an observation deck
On the stone tablet is written the Eighteen Bends of Tianlu
There you can overlook the winding mountain road of 318
amaze you
bent elbow
There is a shocking curvaceous beauty

Time: 13:30: Activity time: About 10 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Beautiful Encounter』

famous scissors bend mountain
Its Tibetan name is "Jamanaza".
It means Yangzi Mountain Pass
The mountain pass is 4659 meters above sea level
It is one of the mountain passes where National Highway 318 passes through the Kham area
The artistic conception of the panoramic view of thousands of mountains and ravines
Appreciate the ancient charm of the ancient tea-horse road

Time: 14:30: Activity time: about 30 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Selected Tour』

Kazila Mountain has a higher altitude and few trees
Alpine meadows on both sides of the mountain
Natural pasture, yaks are grazing leisurely
White and black tents of nomads are scattered along the road
Looking through the car window, there are mountains and mountains around
Layer by layer is further away, until the horizon
Karazi Mountain is also covered with snow
a silver world

Time: 16:20: Activity time: about 1 hour
✿✿✿『Youyou|Specially Recommended』

"The World's Highest City Litang"
The altitude here is higher than Lhasa
This is a city where the sky is within reach
"White Crane, please lend me a pair of wings"
"I won't go far away, I just go to Litang and come back"
In the past, we imagined the mystery and holiness of the highest city in the world in our poems
As Ding Zhen became popular
Litang boy and white horse
flowers and grass
snow mountain and lake
are constantly calling us
There is a Tsangyang Gyatso Museum in the county seat
Ding Zhen, a sweet wild boy, works in it
Fortunately, I can take a group photo with you~

Time: 21:30:
✿✿✿『Youyou|Preferred Hotel』

Located in the center of Batang County, on the only way to enter Tibet on the 318 National Highway, one of China's Damei self-driving routes
There are many famous scenic spots near the hotel, and the beautiful scenery is everywhere
Such as Cuopugou National Forest Park and Maoya Prairie, etc.
Let all travelers who explore the real world and discover themselves can enjoy a joyful journey here

Very Tibetan local characteristics
All adopt the unique pattern of Tibet

The clean, tidy and bright accommodation environment makes people feel happy
Here will be the ideal choice for your stay

【Kind tips】
When booking the hotel, our company will note the bed type and floor or hotel requested by the VIP. The actual check-in is determined by the hotel depending on the room status of the day, please understand.

Day 4: Batang-Zuogong [Jinsha River Bridge, Yunnan-Sichuan-Tibet Confluence, Mangkang, Lancang River, Nujiang River with two walls and three rivers, Jueba Mountain, Dongda Mountain] about 257 kilometers by car (3260m above sea level) Accommodation: Zuogong

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 20 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Specially Recommended』

The Jinsha River Bridge is the junction of Tibet and Sichuan
Pleasant scenery of Jinsha River Bridge
Fresh air and fun
refreshing feeling
Exhilarating and shocking

Time: 12:30: Activity time: about 30 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Encounter Journey』

Mangkang County is located in the Hengduan Mountains in southeastern Tibet
It has been the southeast gate of Tibet since ancient times
It connects Batang, Sichuan in the east and Deqin, Yunnan in the south
It is the first stop of the Ancient Tea Horse Road in Tibet.
Mangkang tourism is rich in nature
There are lush virgin forests in the territory
Rich and simple ethnic customs
Mangkang has a unique way of drying salt in the world, Yanjing Yantian
and Tibet's Catholic millennium ancient temple
Charming plateau lakes - Mangcuo Lake, etc.

Time: 15:30: Activity time: about 30 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Selected Tour』

Dongda Mountain is a pass on the southern Sichuan-Tibet line
Located in Zuogong County, Tibet, the pass is 5130 meters above sea level
In summer, the lawn is green and there are herds of yaks, the scenery is extremely beautiful
In winter, it snows heavily and is covered in silver, just like a black and white Chinese landscape painting
between heaven and earth
It's like entering a foreign wonderland
The beauty of nature is intoxicating
Come down from Dongda Mountain
lower altitude
The scenery in front of me has turned into a dense forest valley again
The beautiful scenery changes so fast that it is really overwhelming

Time: 19:00:
✿✿✿『Youyou|Preferred Hotel』

A small collection under the name of the hotel
The interior decoration is mainly based on old Tibetan houses and black and white murals
The museum has a collection of Tibetan traditional production tools and exquisite handicrafts of a certain age.
Tourists staying at Guoga Hotel can visit, take pictures and take group photos for free

Strong Tibetan restaurant culture
Distinctive furniture accessories
Let you experience the rich exotic culture
Here will be the ideal choice for your stay

【Kind tips】
When booking the hotel, our company will note the bed type and floor or hotel requested by the VIP. The actual check-in is determined by the hotel depending on the room status of the day, please understand.

Day 5: Zuogong-Ranwu [Zuogong, Bangda Prairie, Yela Mountain, Nujiang Seventy-two Turns, Nujiang Grand Canyon, Anjiula Mountain Pass, Ranwu Lake, Ranwu Sunset] about 292 kilometers by car ( Altitude 2750m) Accommodation: Ranwu Lake

Time: 10:30: Activity time: about 20 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|The must-pass place of "The Ancient Tea Horse Road"』

Bangda grassland is located in Qamdo area
The Bangda Grassland in the high mountains and deep valleys of the Sanjiang River Basin is an alpine grassland with a wide terrain and rich water and grass.
The upstream of Yuqu, a tributary of the Nu River, meanders through it
There are dense and low meadow plants such as Artemisia annua and Carex growing on the vast low-humid beach on both sides of the bank.
green carpet
In addition to herds of cattle and sheep wandering there looking for food
Occasionally, there will be some Tibetan gazelles haunting it
It used to be the place where the famous "Tea Horse Road" must pass.
At present, the Sichuan-Tibet and Sichuan-Yunnan highways have been opened to connect Tibet with neighboring provinces such as Sichuan, Yunnan, and Qinghai.

Time: 12:00: Activity time: about 30 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Selected Tour』

condescending here
A panoramic view of the dangerous road in the mountains
I saw the Panshan Highway lying quietly on the hillside like a dragon
crutches and crutches
slope after slope

Time: 20:30: Activity time: about 1 hour
✿✿✿『Youyou|Beautiful Encounter』

"Ranwu Lake" is a large grassy meadow beside the lake
Overgrown with brightly colored chamaejasma flowers
and blue lakes and snow-capped mountains
form a beautiful landscape
varies with the season
The lake water also presents several colors such as blue or green.
Dotted with many rocks and small islands
spring and summer tree shadows whirling
fall and winter mist
Picturesque scenery in four seasons
On the north side of Ranwu Lake is the famous Laigu Glacier.
glacier stretches to the lake
whenever the snow melts
snow water poured into the lake
Let there always be abundant water here

Time: 21:00:
✿✿✿『Youyou|Preferred Hotel』

The hotel is located on the shore of Ranwu Lake
It is the check-in place of 318 Sichuan-Tibet Line
Open to the lake, the scenery is quite good
Beautiful scenery and fresh air
Mysterious and elegant neo-new Tibetan architectural decoration style
It is a good choice for your journey

【Kind tips】
When booking the hotel, our company will note the bed type and floor or hotel requested by the VIP. The actual check-in is determined by the hotel depending on the room status of the day, please understand.

Day 6: Ranwu-Lulang [Ranwu Lake Chenxi, Gangri Gabu Snow Mountain, Tongmai Natural Risk, Palong Zangbo Grand Canyon Coastal Sightseeing, 318 Internet Celebrity Car Wash, Lulang Forest Sea] About 281 kilometers by car (2900m above sea level ) Place: Lulang

Time: 11:00: Activity time: About 10 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Specially Recommended』

Sightseeing along the Palong Zangbo Grand Canyon
Palong Zangbo is a tributary of the Yarlung Zangbo River
Originated from the Azagongla Glacier (in the south of Ranwu Lake)
The source is 4900 meters above sea level
From the source, it flows northward into Angong Co
Turn to the northwest via Ranwu Co
In the direction of southeast-northwest
Near Tongmai Town, there is Yigong Zangbo
Turn south and flow into the Yarlung Zangbo River in Juedong

Time: 13:30: Activity time: about 30 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Selected Tour』

Starting from Ranwu Lake
Walk through the virgin forest
Set off to the last "Tianxian Tongmai" on the Sichuan-Tibet Line
In the past, the 15-kilometer section from Tongmai to Pailong
During the rainy season, flash floods and mudslides
Often cause landslides that interrupt roads
The famous 102 landslide section is in the middle
Now it's a natural danger
Several tunnels, one bridge
Get through the natural danger of Tongmai and the natural danger of Pailong

Time: 16:00: Activity time: about 1 hour
✿✿✿『Youyou|Land of Jiangnan in Tibet』

On the Sichuan-Tibet Highway about 80 kilometers away from Bayi Town, Nyingchi Prefecture
A plateau mountain meadow strip
It is Lulang Linhai, which has the reputation of "Dragon King Valley".
Snowy peaks, forests, verdant grass
Green rain in the middle of the mountain and sunshine in the middle of the mountain
Known as "Tibet Jiangnan", Lulang Forest is a forest with mountains and fog
It has the reputation of "making people feel homesick"
Snow-capped mountains, sea of ​​forests, and countryside draw a picture of a quiet and beautiful mountain dwelling
Fairyland Lulang, dreamlike, holy and peaceful

Time: 20:00:
✿✿✿『Youyou|Select Hotel』

The hotel is located on the shore of Zhatang Lucuo Lake, which is known as "Oriental Little Switzerland".
Facing Gongbulazan Snow Mountain
There are many famous scenic spots around the hotel, such as Huahai Ranch, Sejila Mountain, Lulang Forest Sea, Rhododendron Flower Sea, Tashigang Folk Village, etc.
Sit on the ground and look at the snow-capped Gongbrazan Snow Mountain
Take a close look at the pastures with herds of cattle and sheep, and enjoy the beautiful landscape with snow mountains, grasslands, streams, cattle and sheep, and wooden houses
In addition, the hotel's Zhaxitang Chinese restaurant serves Sichuan cuisine, Tibetan cuisine, and local specialties
It can be said that the scenery is pleasant and beautiful, and the food is delicious.

【Kind tips】
When booking the hotel, our company will note the bed type and floor or hotel requested by the VIP. The actual check-in is determined by the hotel depending on the room status of the day, please understand.

Day 7: Lulang-Suosong Village [Lulang, Sejila Mountain, Nanga Bawa Peak (exterior), Yani Wetland Park, Buddha Palm Sand Dunes, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon] about 220 kilometers by car (2900m above sea level) Overnight: Sosong Village

Time: 09:30: Activity time: about 30 minutes
✿✿✿『Youyou|Specially Recommended』

"National Geographic Magazine" named China's most beautiful mountain
In the summer full of tourists, Namjag Bawa occasionally reveals its true face under the clouds and mists
In autumn, the rainy season in the canyon has just ended and the dry season is beginning. The climate is dry and the air is pure. The "spear piercing the blue sky" of Namjagbarwa Peak will also push through the clouds and mist to reveal its true body
Remarks: Namjagbarwa is known as the "crane in the clouds".

Time: 11:00: Activity time: about 30 minutes ✿✿✿『Youyou|The Epic and Magnificent Delta』

Towering snow-capped mountains, meandering rivers, and yaks all over them
An epic and magnificent picture scroll
The scenery along both sides of the river is beautiful, with winding curves and lush greenery.
Just like the pastoral songs in the south of the Yangtze River
✿✿✿『Special Experience|Glass Plank Road』
On the Niyang River, the first and currently unique glass viewing platform in Tibet history was built
The 3.6-meter-wide glass walkway starts from the shore
Climbing all the way, extending 45 meters to the Niyang River
The super-large circular glass viewing platform to the far end
Step onto the plank road and walk up to the viewing platform
You can enjoy the magnificence of the confluence of rivers

Time: 14:30: Activity time: about 2 hours

✿✿✿『Youyou|Meet the beautiful scenery』

The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is a mountain with rich biodiversity in the world. It is a "plant type museum" and an "animal kingdom".
The peak is close to the deep valley, and the strong terrain contrast of nearly 10,000 meters constitutes a unique and magnificent landscape.
Walk into the last secret place on earth - Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, travel around 360 degrees, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, breathe the freshness of nature, take you to play different Grand Canyon, and watch Nanga in good weather Bawa Peak

【Reminders and instructions】

1. The models of eco-cars are uniformly arranged by the scenic spot, and sometimes they will share carpool tours with other groups
2. The departure time of the eco-car is uniformly arranged by the scenic spot, and sometimes it takes 15-30 minutes to wait
3. The eco-car plays audio explanations. During the tour, you must follow the schedule of the driver of the eco-car
4. Namjagbarwa is known as the "crane in the clouds".

Time: 18:00:
✿✿✿『Youyou|Choice Hotel』

The hotel is located in Suosong Village, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region
Inside the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, a national AAAAA-level scenic spot
Living in the hotel, looking out of the window, the magnificent Namjagbarwa can be seen unreservedly
At the foot of the mountain is the rolling Yarlung Zangbo River
Overlooking the rumbling river during the day, my heart is surging
Let the moonlight pour down at night, quiet and far away
The snow-capped mountains, meadows, canyons, peach forests, blue sky, and white clouds complement each other beautifully.

【Kind tips】
When booking the hotel, our company will note the bed type and floor or hotel requested by the VIP. The actual check-in is determined by the hotel depending on the room status of the day, please understand.

Day 8: Suosong Village - Lhasa [Suosong Village, Basong Co, Huxin Island, Cuozong Temple, Lhasa] about 420 kilometers by car (3650m above sea level)