1. If you are traveling alone, you must make up the single-room difference for the whole journey;


Day 1: Departure place_Shanghai [Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport, Hongqiao Railway Station, Shanghai Railway Station, pick-up all included]

Time: 12:00: Reminder: For products that include air tickets or train tickets, please choose your own flight number to go to. For products that do not include large transportation, please take care of the transportation to go to Shanghai by yourself (please note your round-trip transportation time and arrival time after placing the order location so that we can arrange pick-up/station for you).
Regarding the 24-hour free pick-up/station service, we promise to:
1: No matter which airport (Pudong Airport or Hongqiao Airport) or urban railway station (Hongqiao Railway Station/Shanghai Railway Station/Shanghai South Railway Station) you arrive in Shanghai, we will arrange pick-up/station service for you! For guests on the same flight/train or adjacent flights/trains, we will arrange the same car. There may be a wait for the pick-up/station, but it will not exceed 2 hours!
2: Upon arrival, the driver or tour guide will pick you up at the airport/station, and then send you to the hotel (the tour guide will inform you of the driver's information by text message one day in advance!)
3. If you arrive at the hotel earlier than 14:00 and there is no clean room available, it is recommended that you store your luggage at the hotel first, and then arrange free activities by yourself. You can go to the following attractions: [Tianzifang] [Shanghai Science and Technology Museum] [ Disney Town]!

Time: 17:00:

Time: 20:00: In order to reduce the use of disposable daily necessities, advocate green consumption, and promote recyclable items, Shanghai issued the "Shanghai Municipal Household Garbage Management Regulations", which stipulates that from July 1, 2019, hotel rooms are not allowed to actively Disposable daily necessities are provided. Therefore, tourists are reminded to bring their own daily necessities for washing and washing, so as not to cause a poor check-in experience if the hotel cannot provide them at that time.

Day 2: Shanghai-Nanjing_Wuxi [Confucius Temple, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Night Tour Nianhua Bay, Enjoy "Zen Walk" Light and Shadow Show]

Time: 07:00: Assemble to the "Ancient Capital of Six Dynasties" - Nanjing
Legends and allusions write down the vicissitudes of Nanjing; rivers and lakes forge the soul of Nanjing

Time: 12:30: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 12:30: Meal time: about 30 minutes for dining in scenic spots, for the convenience of sightseeing, please take care of yourself
Recommended snacks: Confucius Temple Snack City, Nanjing Food Stall, Yin's Chicken Soup, Lion House, Jinling Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup, etc.

Time: 15:00: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 14:00: [Important Note]: The scenic spots inside the gate of Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum are closed on Mondays, and only Boai Square, Xiaojing Ding and Shinto parts can be viewed, please understand.

Time: 18:30: Activity time: about 1 hour [Parent-child Show ~ Nianhua Bay]: As night falls, you can take your children to participate in the activity of "Life Zen-Huanxi Copying" at the Nianhua Bay Miaoyintai, or DYI together in Nianhua Square to participate in the activity of "Passing the Lanterns with Wishes--Safe Wish Lanterns", or look for the delicacies in the world of Nianhua together!

[Night Show ~ Nianhua Bay]: Nianhua Bay under the night, all kinds of beautiful and wonderful performances and large-scale light shows - "Water Curtain Dance", "Tower Lighting Ceremony", "Five Lantern Lake Performance", "Zen Walking", "Fengya Ocarina" and so on, take you into a deep realm of Zen!

[Night Stay~Zen Inn] Meditate and meditate, sleep in Nianhua Town~Zen Inn, experience the Zen environment of the town, and realize the indifference and tranquility of life, the essence of living a good life!

Time: 18:45: You can find a lot of food in Nianhua Bay if you search online. Some people say that you can eat all the way here. For example, you can find any restaurant on Xiangyuehua Street (order dishes, snacks, Snacks, candies are available), and for example, if the visual and taste buds are both pleasantly surprised, you can go to Huanyue Shanfang Japanese cuisine and so on. Recommended special snacks: Nianhua Cakes, Taiwan Master Hong Beef Noodle Shop, Wuxi Xiaolong, Qiaotou Ribs, Taiwan Snacks, Tea Zen House, Jun Ketang, Cuixiang Pavilion, Shangshangzhi, Super Chicken Cart, Yiwei Mill, Meisen Grass jelly and so on.

Time: 20:30: Activity time: About 30 minutes Enjoy["Zen Walk" Light and Shadow Show]: Based on Lingshan Town, Nianhua Bay's landscape meditation and landscape architecture of Tang and Song Dynasties, supplemented by modern digital multimedia technology and stage performance art, "flowers bloom auspiciously", "Nianhua smiles", "One Reed Crossing the River", "Flowers Blooming with Five Leaves" and other scenes with artistic appeal and cultural appeal. Above the flowing water is flowing music; within the music is flowing light; behind the light is flowing style. Let me use light to carve fleeting years, shape thousands of scenes, and show you the graceful Zen state of "one flower, one world, one leaf, one Tathagata". You can participate in the activity of "Life Zen--Happy Transcript" at Nianhuawan Miaoyintai (the performance time is subject to the announcement of the scenic spot, if the performance is canceled due to weather or mechanical reasons, please understand!)
Friendly reminder: Water curtain light and shadow show 18:00-20:50, location: Mid-Levels Xianri Square;
Nianhua Tower and Bright Tower 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30, location: Nianhua Square;
Blooming Five Leaves Water Show 18:45, 19:15, 19:45, location: Wudeng Lake Square;
The specific performance time is subject to the announcement of the scenic spot on the day.

Time: 21:00: [Solemn Promise]: Important reminder about Nianhuawan Inn: Except for statutory holidays or major events in Nianhuawan, we are 100% guaranteed to stay in Lingshan Town Nianhuawan Inn, such as staying outside the scenic spot The Nianhuawan Scenic Spot presented by the hotel will be cancelled, please know!

Day 3: Wuxi_Suzhou_Wuzhen [Lingshan Giant Buddha, Kowloon Bathing, Brahma Palace, Lingering Garden, Night Tour Xizha] Including: Breakfast and Lunch

Time: 07:00: Activity time: About 30 minutes [Morning Tour ~ Nianhua Inn]: You can get up early, feel the world of Nianhua in the morning, indulge in the poetic and picturesque scenery, see the landscape, smell the fragrance of flowers... Take a stroll with your favorite people Enjoying the scenery, the days of vacation in Nianhua Bay are pleasant and comfortable times!
Reminder: If you plan to stay in Changzhou, you will be upgraded to a five-star hotel, and the free scenic spot [Morning Tour Nianhua Bay] will be cancelled, please understand! ! !

Time: 07:30: Meal time: About 30 minutes Chinese and Western buffet breakfast in the hotel

Time: 08:30: Activity time: about 2 hours and 1 minute

Time: 11:30: Meal time: about 1 hour and 1 minute [Enjoy Wuxi local special lunch] Meal price is 50 yuan, reference menu: steamed Taihu fish, Wuxi sauce pork ribs, Wuxi oil gluten, Taihu whitebait scrambled eggs, Taihu white shrimp , farm duck stew, three-color chicken slices, green pepper beef tenderloin, seasonal vegetable soup; (refer to the menu, subject to local seasons)

Time: 12:30: Assemble to the "Chinese Garden City" - Suzhou
"Paradise on Earth", "Oriental Venice", "Oriental Water City".

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 1 hour

Time: 15:30: Assemble to "China's most beautiful villages and towns" - Wuzhen, the beauty of Wuzhen is that she is as clear and agile as a river of spring water, like a beautiful poem, like a scroll of colorful ink painting, and even more like a pair of white slender fingers playing a refreshing melody on the strings of a guzheng.

Time: 17:00: Activity time: About 2 hours to visit [Wuzhen Xizha Scenic Area] (not less than 40 minutes for explanation) Note: Microphones cannot be used for the explanation in this scenic spot, it is for the car to explain in the process of driving to Wuzhen, and then free Activity

[Wuzhen, quiet and peaceful, remote and simple] :

Xizha is the essence of Wuzhen. Although it is the same main scenic spot as Dongzha, it does not have the bustling streets of Dongzha. Everything has been renovated and designed. The cafes and bars in the streets and alleys are full of literary and artistic feelings.

The Xishi River runs through Xizha from east to west, and the criss-crossing small rivers divide Xizha into many small islands, each of which is connected by dozens of ancient stone bridges. The old buildings are built along the water, a typical view of small bridges and flowing water in Jiangnan water towns. In addition to the scenic spots that can be visited inside, there are also many exquisite small shops, cafes and bars in the scenic area, which are suitable for calming down and strolling slowly.

To visit Xizha, you can walk, or you can take the traffic car or cruise ship in the scenic spot instead. If it is daytime, walk along Xizha Street on the north bank of the river. Zhaoming Academy is the place where Prince Zhaoming Xiao Tong studied. Now it is a library. Leave a note and leave your own feelings; you can see hundreds of pairs of foot-binding shoes in the Three-inch Golden Lotus Pavilion, and learn about the foot-binding culture

In the Xuchang Soy Sauce Garden on the east side of the South Bank, you can smell the smell of soy sauce from a long distance. You can see the large open-air vats for making soy sauce in the yard, or buy some soy sauce as souvenirs; there are many specialty shops on Nuhong Street near Qianshan Bridge. Some embroidery, scarves and other handmade products, girls may wish to come here to buy some gadgets, and then go to the old post office on the other side to send a postcard with the postmark of the old Wuzhen post office to relatives and friends, which is artistic and romantic.

Time: 18:00: For the convenience of sightseeing, free meal in Xizha Scenic Area
Recommended snacks: Sanzhenzhai Sauce, Braised Lamb, Smoked Bean Tea, Sanbaijiu, Gusao Cake, White Water Fish, Dingsheng Cake...

Time: 19:00: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 20:30:

Day 4: Xizha→[Sleep full sleep/Wuzhen feels the morning and the sun in the morning]-[Love in Xitang]-Hangzhou

Time: 07:30: Meal time: About 30 minutes Chinese and Western buffet breakfast in the hotel

Time: 07:00: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 10:00: Assemble to "Dream Water Town" - Xitang
Inadvertently, it will make you fascinated by Nanxun, simple and elegant, quiet and gentle, hazy and leisurely, just like a light ink painting, inadvertently, it will make you fascinated!

Time: 12:00: For the convenience of sightseeing, you can take care of your own meals in the scenic area

Time: 13:30: Activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes [The thousand-year-old ancient town where you live, inadvertently, will make you fascinated! ]:
The difference between Xitang and other ancient towns is that she maintains the original ecology of the water town, and is known as an ancient town with a thousand years of life. She is a community first, and a scenic spot second. She has become a sacred place for artists to depict Jiangnan water towns, a base for experts to study folk culture, and a pure place for tourists to escape the hustle and bustle and release their stress.
If you arrive in Xitang from July to August, we will upgrade and give you a Xitang Ancient Town Cruise (free of charge if you include tickets) (in case of large-scale holidays and force majeure factors. Due to the limited capacity of the boatmen, it may be suspended on weekends or special dates, no fee Can be refunded, please understand.)

Time: 17:00: Activity time: About 2 hours and 30 minutes Visit the "one of the world's three famous shows" - [Songcheng and Songcheng Eternal Love Performance], a must-see show for every visitor to Hangzhou. Based on Hangzhou's historical allusions, myths and legends, it integrates singing, dancing and acrobatics, and uses modern high-tech means to create a dreamlike artistic effect, giving people a strong visual shock. Comparable to the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France and the Las Vegas show in the United States!

Time: 18:30: For the convenience of sightseeing, taste local specialties by yourself

Time: 21:00:

Day 5: Hangzhou_Shanghai [Appreciate the elegant Qiantang, fall in love with the beach] Including: breakfast and lunch

Time: 07:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Chinese and Western buffet breakfast in the hotel

Time: 08:30: Activity time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes [If you want to compare West Lake to West Lake, light makeup and heavy smear are always suitable]:
When I was young, my family often sat around in front of the TV series and watched "Legend of the New White Snake". What fascinated me was not only the exciting storyline, but also the beautiful scenery of West Lake in the play. The great writer Su Shi once said: "If you want to compare the West Lake to the West Lake, it is always suitable to wear light makeup and heavy makeup." This has aroused my desire to see the West Lake.

Walking into the West Lake, you will be greeted by the verdant willow trees on both sides of the stone road. Their hanging branches make the whole road full of vitality. When the breeze hit, the willows danced cheerfully, as if showing their moving figures to the tourists. Of course, sometimes he will playfully wave to the face of tourists to let them smell the fragrance of nature.

If you take a boat in the lake, you will have a green comfort. From a distance, the continuous mountains and the green lake complement each other. The wonderful thing is to have some spring rain! The mountain is covered with a layer of mist, which seems to have a sense of immortality. It is really "the mountain is empty and rainy". ,fascinating.

Kind tips: In case of Golden Week, holidays, West Lake restrictions or traffic control, buses in the West Lake Scenic Area will be prohibited from entering, guests need to transfer to the scenic bus, 2 yuan/person for a single trip, 4 yuan/person for a round trip, 200- for a chartered car 400 yuan/trip, limited to 50 people, the cost is at your own expense, the specific day is subject to the arrangement of the scenic spot, please understand!

Time: 10:20: Activity time: about 1 hour [Walk around the ancient streets and taste special snacks]: Qinghefang has been a prosperous area in Hangzhou since ancient times, and it is still one of the most popular commercial streets in the area. The shops here are in a unified antique style, with a variety of special snacks and specialty shops, and there are a lot of tourists at night.

Speaking of Hefang Street, it is worth mentioning the snack street, which is near the intersection of Yujie Street and Hefang Street in the Southern Song Dynasty. There are famous food from all over the place, and every time I go there, it is crowded with tourists, and it is extremely hot. There are many antique jewelry and buildings on Hefang Street. If you have enough time, it is recommended to go in every store, and you will find many novelties.

Time: 11:30: Meal time: About 1 hour and 30 minutes Qianlong Imperial Tea Banquet, the meal price is 50 yuan/person, the reference menu is as follows: Qianjiang scallion oil bream, Longjing tea roasted shrimp, West Lake sauce duck, Qianbai Leaf-wrapped meat, soy sauce splashed eggs, Kung Pao chicken, shredded cabbage, hot and sour potato shreds, Hangzhou-style Dongpo pork, black pepper denim, bacon and winter melon soup. The local time prevails. Note: There are shopping places in this restaurant, if necessary, please purchase carefully and ask for an invoice.

Time: 13:00: Gather together and go to "Oriental Paris" - Shanghai
Shanghai in the new century has become a model of modernization, internationalization and fashion.

Time: 17:15: Meal time: About 40 minutes For the convenience of sightseeing, eat in the scenic area

Time: 18:00: Activity time: About 2 hours and 30 minutes Recommended self-funded items ["Sea, Land, Air" Modern Night Shanghai]
The night view of Shanghai is known as "one of the seven night scenes in the world", which is comparable to the night view of Manhattan in the United States! Three ways to appreciate the charming and bright night view of Shanghai from different perspectives, it is worth having for you who are new to Shanghai!
① "Sea" - enjoy the charming night scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River leisurely by cruise ship
② "Land" - Walking on the Bund, enjoying the International Architecture Expo Group at close range
③ "Empty" - Climb to the sightseeing floor on the 88th floor of the Jinmao Tower or the sightseeing floor of the Oriental Pearl Tower overlooking the night view of the whole city of Shanghai

Charging standard: The local price of the package is 300 yuan/person (including boarding Jinmao Tower, Huangpu River cruise, tickets and car guide pick-up). If you purchase self-paid items on other platforms, you need to pay the tour guide service fee + parking space on site The fee is 60 yuan/person/time, please know!
Tips: This scenic spot is a self-funded project. It follows the principle of voluntary self-payment of guests to choose to participate, and consumption is not compulsory; if you do not participate, please move freely outside the scenic spot, and arrange to return to the hotel after the itinerary; you can also go back to the hotel by yourself. Fees Take care of yourself!

Time: 21:00:

Day 6: Oriental Pearl + Coca-Cola Happy Meal__[Shanghai Railway Station, Hongqiao Airport/Train Station, Pudong Airport]

Time: 07:30: Meal time: about 1 hour Chinese and Western buffet breakfast in the hotel

Time: 08:30: Activity time: About 30 minutes Depart from the hotel at about 8:00, gather at the Chenghuang Temple around 9:00, and the professional tour guide of Dongzhu will take you to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 2 hours [look at the past]: Traveling through 700 years of history, more than a thousand collections of cultural relics, more than a hundred real wax figures Past
[Look now]: 263m main observation deck, 259m transparent observation gallery Present
[Look at the future]: 240° panorama immersive multimedia big movie, learn about Shanghai Future 70 years later
78 meters "More Shanghai" multimedia show
The sphere under the Oriental Pearl Tower - 78 meters above sea level
8-minute ring-screen 5D cinema
It entrusts the beautiful vision of the Oriental Pearl Tower for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature in Shanghai, a city in the next 70 years.
Route of action: Preface Hall → Ring Screen Film → End Hall Interactive Experience Area

Time: 11:30: Meal time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes Oriental Pearl Coca-Cola Happy Restaurant:
As a large-scale interactive theme restaurant with a new concept of O2O in Shanghai, it was grandly opened on November 13, 2014. It is located in the Oriental Pearl Tower, a fashion and cultural landmark in Shanghai, with a 360-degree panorama of Little Lujiazui. The restaurant provides a full range of Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, European and American cuisine, Southeast Asian cuisine and all kinds of pastries. At the same time, it has multiple interactive experience environments, which will take you to experience Coca-Cola vending machines, special ice shakes, fun and joy. The world's leading Coca-Cola-themed interactive equipment such as ocean balls and drone delivery.

[Reminder]: During the peak season or National Day and other holidays, dining at the Pearl Tower is divided into time slots. The team has a certain number of people in each time slot. We will arrange the dining time uniformly. Please understand and cooperate with the tour guide!

Time: 13:30: Happy end of the trip, we will arrange Hongqiao/Pudong airport/station service for you free of charge; if your flight or train number is too early/too late, please return in time by yourself, and you will be responsible for your own expenses

1: It is suggested that the return time of Hongqiao is after 15:30, and the return time of Pudong is after 16:30. If your return flight is earlier than the suggested time, please arrange your own return according to the progress of the tour. There is no refund, please know!

3: In case of statutory holidays, the return journey is recommended to be delayed by 1 hour compared to normal days

Time: 13:30: Warm note: The time listed in the above itinerary is an approximate reference time. In case of traffic jams in scenic spots, crowded restaurants, high-speed traffic jams, weather and other special circumstances during the peak tourist season, the tour guide will adjust the itinerary according to the actual situation Tour sequence and time, but do not reduce attractions, please understand and cooperate with tourists!