🎉Itinerary Overview🎈

D1: Arrive in Shanghai (including airport pick-up/station pick-up), check in Disney Resort Hotel

D2: Full-day free activities in Disneyland (including Disneyland 1-day ticket, enjoy 6 hours of guided tour in the park)

D3: 8 hours by car in the urban area, stay at the hotel in the urban area

D4: Return home (including drop-off/drop-off station)


Day 1: Arrive in Shanghai-Stay in the dreamy Shanghai Disneyland Resort optional hotel

Time: 09:00: Arrive in Shanghai by flight of your choice.
The driver will pick you up to the hotel.

Time: 14:00: This product can be selected from official Disney hotels or hotels around Disney!

Time: 15:00: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 18:00: Meal time: about 2 hours What kind of magical experience is it to take your family and share a sumptuous food feast accompanied by Mickey and his friends? Come and taste the colorful buffet feast at Lumia Kitchen, let the tempting delicacies from all over the world wake up your sleepy taste buds, and start a day full of energy!
There are tempting delicacies from all over the world, a rich selection of appetizers, salads, and main courses, as well as Beauty and the Beast-themed desserts to add to the fun and bring sweet enjoyment to your happy moments.

Day 2: Shanghai Disney Resort . Start a fairytale journey

Time: 07:30: Take the hotel shuttle bus to Disneyland [about every 10-15 minutes].
Start entering Disney and start a wonderful journey for a day!

Time: 08:30: Activity time: About 6 hours "Tips tested by the editor"
1. Download Disney's official APP [Shanghai Disney Resort] to keep track of the queuing status of various projects, locate your location, reserve restaurants, etc.
2. Unopened food and beverages can be brought into the park. Unopened food and beverages are not allowed to be brought in. Self-bred fruits are not allowed to be brought in.
3. Items such as play equipment with pulleys, large tripods, selfie sticks, stools and folding chairs are not allowed to be brought into the park
4. You can get [Park Guide] and [Park Timetable] at the place where you pick up the tickets
5. The security check at the Disney Resort is relatively strict, and the ticket checking time is relatively long. It is recommended to go to the queue as soon as possible to avoid delaying the play time!
6. Balloons in Disneyland cannot be carried on subways, airplanes, high-speed rails and other means of transportation, so please consider carefully when purchasing, otherwise they cannot be taken away normally.

Time: 12:00: The design style here is like a cabin in a fairy tale, warm and romantic. Grilled chicken with rice and vegetables, old vine tree curry chicken with rice, and fried Australian beef with rice are the specialties here, and a series of delicate and delicious side dishes and tempting desserts are also available.

Time: 19:00: Treat yourself with a feast for the senses. In the stylish and elegant Xuanjing Building, you will taste unparalleled Pan-Asian cuisine, and at the same time, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of "Wishing Star Lake" and Shanghai Disneyland. Come to Shanghai Disney Resort to enjoy a high-quality dining experience, and enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery while tasting delicious food.

Time: 21:00: This product can be selected from official Disney hotels or surrounding Disney hotels!

Day 3: Stay in the downtown hotel - appreciate the essence of the city

Time: 11:00: Classic scenic spots in Shanghai, 8-hour chartered car in the urban area, convenient and fast!

Time: 12:00: More hotels can be selected by clicking [Change Hotel]

Time: Unlimited: 5-10 minutes walk to Yu Garden.

Time: 12:30: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 13:00: Recommended restaurant: Lubolang (Yuyuan Road Branch)
Address: No. 115, Yuyuan Road
Recommended dishes: Caotou circle, shredded radish crisps, cashew nut salt and pepper crisps, crab meat dumplings, local smoked fish

Time: 14:30: Activity time: About 3 hours The Bund is within walking distance.
Stroll along the Bund, enjoy the river breeze, and enjoy the exquisite buildings from all over the world and the bustling scene of high-rise buildings on the opposite bank.
Then you can walk to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, taste authentic Shanghai snacks and pastries along the way, go crazy shopping, and feel the streets of Shanghai.

Time: 18:00: [Recommended special snacks]
Restaurant: Xiao Yang Sheng Jian (Hongyi International Plaza)
Address: B1, Hongyi International Plaza, No. 299 East Nanjing Road
Xiaoyang Shengjian is a business card in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, mainly for making fried buns. It is recommended that you order a pan-fried dish and a one-night vermicelli soup.

[Authentic local dishes recommended]
Restaurant: Old Shanghai Hotel (Nanjing East Road)
Address: Units L601-L603, Floor 6, Henderson Celebrity Shopping Center, No. 300 East Nanjing Road
Recommended dishes: sweet and sour pork ribs, crabmeat tofu, purple sweet potato rice wine soup, old alley braised pork, Shanghai sauce duck, eight-treasure spicy sauce

Time: 20:00: Walk back to the hotel.

Day 4: Return to the sweet home

Time: Unlimited: On the last day of the itinerary, you can sleep until you wake up naturally, and then wander around.

Time: Unlimited: The driver will take you to the airport.

According to your return travel time, return to your warm home. I hope our itinerary recommendation can better help you enjoy the bustling "Ten Mile Foreign Market" Shanghai and enjoy Shanghai's international architecture and modern metropolis style. I believe you will definitely I will never forget this wonderful and shocking trip~

Warm reminder: It is recommended to travel at least 2 hours in advance to avoid congestion!