▶ Trip Overview◀

D1: Arrive in Shanghai

费用包含: 接机/接站 & 迪士尼首日普通入园

D2: Disneyland all-day tour

费用包含:迪士尼VIP入园 & VIP升级8项快速通道 & 全天专属向导9小时陪游 & VIP烟花位

D3: return home

Included in the fee: drop-off/drop-off station

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Day 1: Arrive in Shanghai-Stay in the dreamy Shanghai Disneyland Hotel & have fun at Disneyland!

Time: 09:00: After arriving in Shanghai, your exclusive driver will provide you with pick-up service and check in at the Disney Hotel;
We have arranged "Disneyland Tickets" for you, you can enter the park at any time after checking in the hotel!
Reminder: Today is ordinary admission, you can visit the park after entering the park by yourself, tomorrow we will arrange VIP fast track service and 9 hours of exclusive tour guide for you!

Time: 14:00:

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 5 hours Today is your free time to swim freely, happy Disney!
Tomorrow's admission will be taken by a VIP tour guide to take you through the fast-track service. Today is free activity!

Time: 18:00: Overlooking from the Xuanjing Building, you can have a panoramic view of the fantastic panorama of the fantasy fairytale castle. The elegant dining atmosphere combined with the incomparable five-star gourmet feast will surely become an unforgettable experience of your trip.

Day 2: Shanghai Disney Resort.Starting a Fairytale Journey - VIP 8 fast track + 9 hours of super long exclusive tour guide company!

Time: 08:00: Meal time: about 30 minutes Enjoy breakfast in the hotel, take photos with Disney characters, and share a sumptuous feast with Mickey and his friends.

Time: 09:00: After breakfast, take the hotel shuttle bus to the entrance of Paradise Town and enjoy early admission privileges!
Entering the park today includes 8 VIP fast lanes and "9 hours of exclusive tour guide service" to enjoy your happy time~

Time: 09:15: Activity time: About 3 hours Including "Disney VIP" benefits: 8 fast track

Time: 12:30:

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 2 hours Disney 2-hour travel photography experience~
How to use: On the day of travel, please use the confirmation message after confirming the time and place with the photographer. The staff will contact you within 24 hours after you place the order to confirm the relevant matters. Please keep your mobile phone unblocked; if you do not contact within time, please contact the online customer service directly. Online customer service hours are 09:00-23:00 Beijing time.

Time: 17:00: Entering this dreamy fantasy fairy tale castle, you will feel the courtesy of princesses and princes, enjoy a feast of food, and have intimate contact with your favorite Disney friends. If you need restaurant reservation service, you can go to the extranet to check.

Time: Unlimited: 20 minutes before the fireworks start, the guide will guide you into the reserved area of ​​the fireworks show to watch the fireworks.

Time: 20:00: Activity time: About 15 minutes

Time: 20:30: After the fireworks, you can choose to take the sparkling ferry across the night Wishing Star Lake and return to the hotel.

Time: 21:00:

Day 3: Return to the sweet home

Time: 09:00: Meal time: about 40 minutes Enjoy breakfast in the hotel, take photos with Disney characters, and share a sumptuous feast with Mickey and his friends.

Time: 10:00: Tour time: about 2 hours On the last day of the trip, you can sleep until you wake up naturally, and then wander around.

Time: Unlimited: Choose your own transportation to return to your warm home (including private car drop-off/drop-off service).