[Epidemic guarantee: If you are unable to travel due to the epidemic, you can apply for a non-destructive cancellation or postponement of the tour at 18:00 the day before the trip]


Day 1: Various places - Lhasa [7X24 hours pick up/station] - check in oxygen supply hotel

Day 2: Lhasa—Sejila Pass—Lulang Forest Sea—Himalayan Alpine Ranch (free aerial photography + horseback riding and archery experience)—Lord Lulang Noble Manor—Zangzhai Zhaxigang (bonfire pot village, open-air country movies)—Check in hotel

Day 3: Lulang—Car View Lulang Forest Sea—"Drunk Beauty Temple" Lama Ridge—Brahmaputra Grand Canyon (Daduka Castle Ruins, Millennium Mulberry Trees, Love than Stone)—Check in Linzhi Hotel

Day 4: Nyingchi—5A Basongcuo (Huxin Island, Cuozong Gongba Temple)—ride back to Lhasa along the Lalin Expressway—stay at the hotel

Day 5: Lhasa—Paradise Grassland—Yanghu Lake 270°Lake Tour—Internet Celebrity Afternoon Tea—Garola Pass—Check in Lhasa Hotel

Day 6: Lhasa—Temple of Wealth—Zaki Temple—Potala Palace—Tibetan travel photography (free 10 negatives, 3 retouched, no makeup, with headgear)—Bakuo Street—Yaowangshan Observation Deck—Check in hotel

Day 7: Lhasa—Northern Tibet Prairie—Nagenla Mountain Pass—Yuandianqingtanggula Mountain—Tashi Peninsula—Namtso—Check in Lhasa Hotel

Day 8: Lhasa - Train to Shigatse - Shigatse - Everest Base Camp

Time: 08:30: The staff of our agency will pick you up and send you to the train station, take the hard seat of the train to Shigatse, refer to the train Z8801; time: arrive at 8:25-11:20, after the train arrives in Shigatse, apply for the border defense certificate with the staff , then head to Everest Base Camp.
Note: (The departure time is for reference only. The actual arrangement is subject to the notification. The peak season will be earlier, please understand!) Tour guide services will not be provided today and tomorrow, and only Chinese-speaking drivers will be arranged for reception services during the itinerary (no explanation service for scenic spots will be provided) )beg to be excused!
Important note: Due to the limited conditions of tourist vehicles for the itinerary of the Mount Everest section, our itinerary for the Mount Everest section may be adjusted to a group of 27 people or a small group of 15 people, please understand!

Day 9: Mount Everest Base Camp - Gyatso La Pass - Shigatse - Train back to Lhasa - Check in Lhasa Hotel

Day 10: Lhasa - various places [7X24 hours drop-off/station]