Day 1: Departure place - Lanzhou [Lanzhou assembly day, free activities all day]

Day 2: Lanzhou-Xining【Home of Faith】- Kumbum Monastery【''Visit the Tibetan Buddhist resort, enjoy the "Three Wonders of Kumbh Monastery Art"】-Xihai Town

Day 3: Xihai Town - Erlang Sword of Qinghai Lake [the sun and the moon are silent, the lake and the sea are evidence] - Chaka Salt Lake [fun tour of the salty white place in the center of the lake, the reflection of the sky comes] - Delingha

Day 4: Delingha - Dachaidan Emerald Lake [The colorful gemstones that fell into the world are inlaid on the northwest land] - Dunhuang

Day 5: Dunhuang-Yangguan Ruins [Advise you to drink more wine and go west to Yangguan without old friends]-Yumen Pass[Silk Road Memories]-Han Great Wall Ruins-Dunhuang

Day 6: Dunhuang - Mogao Grottoes (Art Treasure) - Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring [drunk lying on the side of Mingsha Crescent, thousands of sands and thousands of springs have no color] - Dunhuang

Time: 13:30: Activity time: about 4 hours 【important Notice】:

Tickets for the Mogao Grottoes scenic spot need to be reserved in advance. If you have a discount certificate and certificate number, please note the first time you place the order or call Ctrip customer service to note relevant information! The types of preferential certificates are: Chinese teenagers, domestic full-time students who are enrolled in master's degree and below, disabled, active servicemen (excluding military civilian personnel), armed police officers and soldiers, public security police, fire rescue personnel, teachers on "Teacher's Day" , Longyuan Talent Card.

【Kind tips】:

1. The Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Scenic Area implements a real-name system to make an appointment to visit.

2. The peak season of Mogao Grottoes is from April 1st to November 30th every year. There are 6,000 full-price tickets for normal visits: the ticket price is 238 yuan per person per time (8 Mogao Grottoes physical caves + Mogao Grottoes Digital Exhibition Center + Transportation fee to and from Mogao Grottoes), 12,000 emergency visit tickets: ticket price 100 yuan per person per time (4 physical caves in Mogao Grottoes + transportation fee to and from Mogao Grottoes), please let me know.

3. Visiting instructions: 2 Mogao Grottoes implements a real-name reservation system for visiting, and tickets are sold wirelessly.

4. Tickets for Mogao Grottoes are booked in order according to the order of your order, so there may be inconsistencies in the reservation time of Mogao Grottoes in the same group, or some group members have emergency tickets, or even some cases without tickets. The group visit time will also be strictly in accordance with the Mogao Grottoes reservation sessions. The sequence of attractions in Dunhuang will be adjusted according to the reservation time of Mogao Grottoes or the guests in the same group will arrange different time visits, please cooperate.

5. Mogao Grottoes implemented a real-name online ticketing system in 2017. If the booking is canceled, the specific losses are as follows: If the ticket is refunded within 15 days (including 15 days) before the scheduled visit time, 5% of the ticket price will be charged, and 48 hours before the scheduled visit time If the ticket is refunded within 24 hours (including 48 hours), a 10% loss of the ticket price will be charged; if the ticket is refunded within 24 hours (including 24 hours) of the scheduled visit time, a 20% loss of the ticket price will be charged, and the ticket will be refunded after the scheduled visit time expires Yes, a 50% loss of the fare will be charged.

6. Mogao Grottoes is a world cultural heritage integrating preciousness and fragility, which needs our careful care. During the visit, if the cave is closed due to rain and dust, please cooperate with the staff's arrangement. If the opening is delayed, the visit plan will be postponed. If you can't visit, the ticket fee will be refunded according to the regulations of Mogao Grottoes.

【Reservation Notice】:

1. Mogao Grottoes usually open reservations for normal tickets 30 days in advance. We will help you reserve normal tickets by default (currently due to the impact of the epidemic prevention policy, the reservation period is temporarily adjusted to 15 days in advance. According to the real-time adjustment of Mogao Grottoes policies, please refer to the official website of the scenic spot for details If the reservation period is not within the ticket release time stipulated by Mogao Grottoes, we will try our best to reserve normal visit tickets for you. If the normal visit tickets are full, we will reserve emergency visit tickets for you! Tours cannot be scheduled once tickets are sold out. If the Mogao Grottoes have special reception or the passenger flow is too large and there is no ticket status, it is impossible to arrange a tour. The local ticket price will be refunded or arranged to visit the sister caves of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes - Yulin Grottoes or West Thousand Buddha Caves, and the price difference will be refunded. Specific arrangements It will be decided according to the situation of the day.

2. The staff accompanying the group will adjust the actual order of the tour on this day according to the booking situation of the Mogao Grottoes tickets, please forgive me!

Day 7: Dunhuang-Jiayuguan City Tower [The first majestic pass exhibits its majesty, the heroic courage of the boundless Gobi]-The first pier of the Great Wall-Jiayuguan

Day 8: Jiayuguan-Colorful Danxia Landform Sunset【Beautiful Danxia Landform】-Zhangye

Day 9: Zhangye-Lianhuo Expressway-Lanzhou (from July 1st to August 15th, cross the Qilian Mountains, Huahai Jintao, Qilian Baixue)

Day 10: Lanzhou - departure point