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Tips you must know when you first enter Tibet:

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Day 1: Come to the "City of Sunlight" - Lhasa, go to the hotel by yourself

Time: 08:00: Arrive in Lhasa by plane. After arrival, go to the hotel for an adaptive rest.

If you need to pick up the airport, you can choose the corresponding additional option

No schedule today. This day is very critical for tourists entering Tibet for the first time, and most guests will experience altitude sickness in varying degrees. In addition to maintaining a normal state of mind, drinking more water, eating more fruits, and adequate rest are ways to prevent altitude sickness. It is also necessary to avoid drinking and smoking, and not to take a bath that night.
If you need a private car to pick up and drop off the airport, you can choose an option

Day 2: Recommended way to play: Potala Palace >>> Jokhang Temple >>> Barkhor Street (cars are not included, Potala Palace reservation is given as a gift)

Day 3: [Start chartered car] Lhasa >>> Bahe Town >>> Basong Co >>> Nyingchi

Time: 08:30: Before 21:00 the day before the trip, the tour leader will contact you to ask where to pick you up and make an appointment to pick you up(If the location is not convenient for vehicles to enter, the team leader will communicate with you to the nearest location that is convenient for boarding, please understand)Go upstream along the Lhasa River, drive on the Linla Expressway, pass through the Mila Mountain Tunnel, enter Linzhi City, and set off for Bahe Town

Day 4: [Chartered car] Nyingchi >>> Lulang Linhai >>> Benri Scenic Area >>> Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon >>> Nyingchi

Day 5: [chartered car] Nyingchi >>> Kadinggou Tianfo Waterfall >>> Mila Pass >>> Sijin Lacuo->>> Lhasa

Day 6: [chartered car] Lhasa >>> Nyainqentanglha Mountain >>> Namtso >>> Dangxung

Day 7: [Chartered car] Dangxung County >>> Northern Tibet Grassland >>> Shigatse

Day 8: [chartered car] Shigatse >>> Tingri County >>> Gyatso La Pass >>> Mount Everest Base Camp

Time: 16:30: Everest Base Camp Tent or Everest Bull Head Lodge-
Overnight in the Everest tent, the Everest tent is generally a tent for about 10 people, and each person has a sleeping bag. We will regularly clean and disinfect the sleeping bags so you can use them with confidence
Special reminder: Every year in winter, the Everest base camp tents will be dismantled one after another due to the weather (according to past experience, it will start around October 20th). During this period, the Everest Bull Head Hotel will be arranged. Please understand and support, thank you!

Day 9: [chartered car] Mount Everest Scenic Area >>> Tingri County >>> Tashilhunpo Monastery >>> Shigatse

Day 10: [End of chartered car] Shigatse >>> Manla Reservoir >>> Karola Glacier >>> Yamdrok Yongcuo >>> Lhasa

Day 11: The Great Beauty of Tibet is always in mind, return home

Time: 08:30: After breakfast, proceed to the airport by yourself to end the trip to Tibet. Before leaving, please double check that all your belongings are complete. If the return flight on this day is in the afternoon, please arrange lunch on the day and check out of the hotel before 12:00 noon
If you need a special car to send you to the airport, you can choose an option