Private travel, private and safe! (Reminder: 1 private group, 1 group, the more people, the more cost-effective!)

1. Catering: The hotel breakfast is included, and other meals are optional (please take care of the meals yourself), so that you no longer have to worry about group meals;

2. Accommodation: choose the best local hotels, and have a good rest to play well;

3. Cars: Toyota overbearing off-road vehicles, vehicle equipment guarantee, 24-hour rescue guarantee along the way, free special car pick-up, private travel makes the journey more comfortable;

4. Attractions: Sichuan-Tibet 317 Line & Ali Dabei Line, all Internet celebrity attractions are included, point-to-point check-in travel is rejected;

5. Pure play: No shopping, no self-payment in the whole process, and spend all your time on playing;

6. Experience: There will be more beautiful experiences in the itinerary, allowing you to let yourself go!

7. Gifts: masks, 1L portable oxygen tank, glucose, pick-up/station Hada, mineral water, hot water; use provided: U-shaped pillow

emegency notice:

     Following the notice from the Natural Resources Bureau (Forestry and Grassland Bureau) of Bango County: Since the north bank of Namtso (Sacred Elephant Tianmen) is managed as a protected area, it involves a buffer zone, which is prohibited from human activities in accordance with the National Nature Reserve Regulations, so The north bank of Namtso (Holy Elephant Gate) will be closed from now on. According to relevant requirements, the reserve needs to be adjusted and optimized, and ecotourism can be carried out after the optimization is in place. At present, the specific time cannot be determined, and the announcement will be made after the next step of adjustment and optimization is completed.

    During this itinerary, the north bank of Namtso (Holy Elephant Tianmen) is temporarily changed to the south bank of Namtso (Tashi Peninsula), and there is no fee refund, please know!




Day 1: Flying around - Arrive in Chengdu (Pick-up)

Day 2: Chengdu-Wenchuan-Li County-Miyaluo Town (visit when the red leaves are in full bloom in autumn, not at other times)-Guanyinqiao Town

Day 3: Guanyinqiao Town - Wengda - Dong* Temple - Seda · Free activities

Day 4: Seda County - Ganzi - Manigange - Xinluhai (Yulong Lacuo) - Queer Mountain - Dege County

Day 5: Dege County - Jiangda - Qamdo - Jambalin Monastery

Day 6: Qamdo - Zhujiao Lashan Tunnel - Zizhu Temple - Dingqing County

Day 7: Dingqing County-Baqing-Ru Skull Wall-Ru County

Day 8: Ru County - Sapu Mountain - Ru County

Day 9: Ru County-Palajing Tower-The 1st Bay of Nu River-Naqu City-Dangxiong County

Day 10: Damxung County - Namtso - Bamtso - Bango County

Day 11: Bangor - Serincuo - Dazecuo - Ni* County

Day 12: Ni* County-Wenbunan Village-Zarinanmucuo-Cuoqin

Day 13: Coqin - Zabuye Chaka Salt Lake - Rendo

Day 14: Renduo-Renqing Xiubu Co-Angla Ren Co-Geji County-Shiquan River

Day 15: Shiquan River - Ritu Rock Paintings - Pangong Tso - Shiquan River

Day 16: Shiquan River - Guge Dynasty Ruins - Zada ​​Earth Forest - Zanda

Day 17: Zanda County - Gang Rinpoche - Tarqin

Day 18: Tarqin - Gang Rinpoche - Laangcuo - Namunani Peak - Mapang Yumco - Saga County

Day 19: Saga County - Pekutso - Mount Shishapangma - Everest Base Camp

Day 20: Mount Everest Base Camp - Gawula Mountain - Tingri County - Shigatse

Day 21: Shigatse - Gyantse Castle - Manla Reservoir - Karola Glacier - Yamdrok Yongcuo - Lhasa

Day 22: Potala Palace - Jokhang Temple - Barkhor Street

Day 23: Lhasa flight - sweet home