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Configure local exclusive tourist car + professional driver guide for you, flexible tour time, generally arrange tour guide and driver for less than 6 people (inclusive) (rich experience in leading a group with a formal tour guide certificate, will enter the scenic spot to explain), arrange tour guide for more than 6 people and driver.



Day 1: To Beijing - 24-hour private car pick-up/pick-up

Day 2: Universal Beijing Resort.Have fun for a whole day

Time: 00:00: Activity time: about 1 hour 🔥[Playing Tips]
1. Download the official APP "Beijing Universal Resort" (you can search and download it in the mobile app store) or the official WeChat applet, you can view the navigation in the park, see the queuing time of each project and the start time of performance projects.
2. You can get [Beijing Universal Resort Guide] and [Beijing Universal Resort Timetable] at the place where you pick up the tickets.
3. The security check at Universal Beijing Resort is relatively strict, and the ticket check time is relatively long. It is recommended to queue up as soon as possible to avoid delaying the play time!

Time: 08:00: 🔥 Go to Universal Studios and start a dream journey! Staying at NUO Resort Hotel can enjoy the experience of entering the park 1 hour in advance, and various projects can be played first!

Time: 08:00: Activity time: about 8 hours 🔥[Recommended play route X2]
[Vitality Full Score Route]
Transformers Base → The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ → Jurassic World Isla Nublar → Futurama Waterworld → Kung Fu Panda's Greatest Land → Minion Land → Hollywood
[Warm parent-child route]
Transformers Base → Kung Fu Panda Great Land → The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ → Jurassic World Isla Nublar → Minion Land → Water World → Hollywood

时间: 08:00: 活动时间:约1小时 ❤️前往霍格沃茨™城堡探寻魔法秘境,在霍格莫德™巫师村参观魔法商店,或是品尝一下有名的黄油啤酒™!更多精彩纷呈的游乐设施与层出不穷的神奇冒险,将一步步带领你进入一个惊险刺激又妙趣横生的魔法世界!
[Recommended items]

[Three Broomsticks™]
Harry Potter™ tasted Butterbeer™ for the first time here, from delicious grilled chicken, pork ribs, desserts, salads, to signature fish and chips, dinner platters, shepherd's pie, from fragrant Pumpkin juice, delicious fresh soup, the famous butter beer™, etc., must be included in your must-punch list!

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 1 hour 🎉[隐藏彩蛋]🎉

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 1 hour 🎉[Buy your exclusive magic wand and discover extra surprises! ]🎉
Buying exclusive wands at the Ollivander Wand Shop is also a must-see experience for many Harry Potter fans. If you can be selected by Mr. Ollivander, the experience of choosing a wizard with a wand is simply amazing!
🔥Ps: If you buy an interactive wand, you can "cast magic" in many places in the park. Waving the wand and chanting spells will have unexpected effects. By the way, interactive wands are universal, so just bring some with you.

Time: 10:00: Activity time: about 1 hour ❤️If you are ready to become an agent, then accept the recruitment of Optimus Prime, join the Beijing Lair Force, fight side by side with the Autobots, fight against the Decepticons, and protect the earth!
[Recommended items]
1. Decepticon roller coaster: The entire Beijing Huanying is a thrilling project, and it only takes 2 seconds to increase the speed from 0 to 65km/h. Enter the body of the diamond devil, and observe the operation of the energy crystal in it up close!
2. The battle for the source of fire: 4D indoor rides, large immersive screens, 4D vibrating carriages, shuttling through the fierce battle between Decepticons and Autobots, the experience is realistic. Defeat Megatron and stop their evil plan to snatch the last piece of fire source, jump on the invisible transport robot transformed from Transformer Evac, and fight with Optimus Prime to protect the fire source!

Time: 13:00: Activity time: about 1 hour ❤️The Jurassic era 65 million years ago has finally reappeared. When you step into the iconic Jurassic World door, you can see all the visions of John Hammond about the Jurassic era. All have been realized one by one! Full of unknown tropical rain forests, spectacular waterfalls and mysterious lagoons, and of course... those prehistoric dinosaurs that have been "awakened" to reappear!
[Recommended items]
1. Jurassic Adventure: Dark Riding Project, officially enter the Jurassic World on Nublar Island by taking an off-road vehicle. Lifelike Tyrannosaurus rex appears from time to time in the dark. It is very experiential and recommended 2 brushes. 2. Flying over the Jurassic: Board the self-propelled paraglider of "Flying over the Jurassic", 8 meters high, 360-degree panoramic view, flying in the sky, overlooking the magnificent scenery of the entire land from the perspective of pterosaurs.

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 1 hour ❤️Authentic Chinese elements must be checked in, step into this ancient place like a paradise, enjoy the art of light and shadow, discover the Jade Palace, Panda Village, Wisdom Fairy Peach Tree in "Kung Fu Panda"... Pavilions, The small bridge and flowing water are full of ancient style. Immediately immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Hero Festival, and explore your own kung fu in the world of Kung Fu Panda!
[Recommended items]
1. Kung Fu Panda Dragon Hero Journey: This is a water ride. The scenery and pictures are very beautiful. Using 4D effects, it runs through the scene of defeating the villain Tiansha in the movie. It is very worth experiencing.

Time: 15:00: Activity time: about 1 hour ❤️Welcome to Minions Paradise of Lighting Entertainment, a colorful world full of joy! These mischievous Minions are roaming the streets, the harbor and the city center at the moment, having fun all over the world with no limits!
1. Despicable Me's Minion Fallout: Indoor theater, ultra-high-definition visual equipment. The audience shrinks and transforms into minions, and embarks on a wonderful journey with all the minions, Gru and the three daughters.
2. Minions meet and greet: In the center of Super Cute Island, the minions can't wait to make friends with you! Don't call "eggplant" when taking pictures, remember to call the minions' drunk love - "BANANA"!
3. The Voice of Joy Tour: Don't miss the energetic "The Voice of Joy" tour, which is a "crazy" musical performance for men, women and children alike!

Time: 16:00: Activity time: about 1 hour ❤️ Lighting, camera, start shooting! Participate in the behind-the-scenes process of a big-budget special effects movie, linger in classic Hollywood scenes, jump out of ordinary daily life, step into the light and shadow of the screen, and have a full "star addiction"!

Time: 17:00: Activity time: about 1 hour ❤️ Watch a water blasting stunt show! From the thrilling stunts of jet ski dives to the thrilling crash scene of an airplane, you can experience the thrilling life-and-death struggle from zero distance.

Download the official app "Universal Beijing Resort" (you can search and download it in the mobile app store) or the official WeChat applet, and you can check the start time of the performances.

Time: 18:30: Activity time: about 1 hour ❤️When night falls, the light and shadow projected on the Hogwarts™ castle will be accompanied by music, presenting you with a magnificent chapter about the four houses of Hogwarts™, with fantastic colors and brilliant lights and shadows!
[Viewing Tips]
Please pay attention to the official APP/small program of Universal Beijing Resort, check the specific performance time of the day at any time, and watch SHOW easily.Remember to reserve a seat in advance.

Time: 20:00: Activity time: about 2 hours [City Avenue Raiders]
City Avenue is the only way to come to Beijing Universal Resort. It is also an area that will continue to open after the completion of the park project. It is a comprehensive place integrating high-quality catering, shopping and entertainment. Including a super-large 〖IMAX Laser Cinema〗, everything you want is here!
〖Gourmet articles〗Per capita: 150-200 yuan
●Cool-Chocolate - Chocolate Shop and Delicious Feast Kitchen: A "steampunk" style restaurant with retro ornate decorations everywhere, as if you are in a "chocolate factory". It is recommended to check-in super high-value, artistic-level Internet celebrity milkshakes (Ps: the cup can be taken away directly), a variety of chocolate desserts, burgers, etc.
●Neon Street Market: A gathering place for Asian delicacies, satisfying all your needs!
●Pi Ye Coffee: If you love coffee, you must come to see Pi Ye Coffee in Asia!
●Forrest Gump Shrimp Restaurant: The design of classic benches, Forrest Gump playing table tennis, and Forrest Gump running seems to be in the movie "Forrest Gump".
●Travel.Grandma's Flagship Store
●Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
●Xifenglou Selected Store
●Cute beef fish sushi burger dining bar
●Red Oven Pizza Bakery
●Five cups of gourmet craft wine

Time: 08:00: Activity time: about 2 hours ❤ Universal City Avenue tips ❤

〖Shopping--Universal Studios Store〗
Here you can buy a lot of movie-themed peripheral products without entering the theme park, including Harry Potter, minions, Kung Fu Panda, etc. Ps: The benefits for Harry Potter fans are here! You can buy magic robes and magic wands here in China!
〖Shopping--Other Stores〗
●Huamei flagship store: HARMAY Huamei, this trendy new internet celebrity check-in place has also settled in, and it is a flagship store!
●Coco Friends Beijing Flagship Store: A variety of limited edition blind boxes and peripherals.
●Bubble Mart Global Concept Store
●Swarovski new concept store
●Kuqiao--Chocolate Candy Shop

Day 3: Tiananmen Square - Ice Cellar Restaurant - Forbidden City + Shichahai

Day 4: Prince Kung's Mansion - Badaling Great Wall Mutianyu Great Wall (choose one) - Bird's Nest/Water Cube/Ice Ribbon (exterior)

Day 5: Summer Palace+Temple of Heaven+Qianmen Street/Dashilan

Day 6: Full-day free activities - drop off/station - return to warm home