[Price Description of Universal Beijing Resort Tickets]

Standard ticket: Age 12 (inclusive) to 64 (inclusive) on the day of ticket purchase

Children: 3 years old (inclusive) to 11 years old (inclusive) on the day of ticket purchase

Elderly: 65 years old and above on the day of ticket purchase

【Special Note】

If there are elderly people aged 65 and above among the travelers, please make a note when placing the order, and we will contact you to refund the ticket price difference;

If there is a baby (age 2 and under) among the passengers, they also need to occupy a seat and need to pay the fare. Please consult customer service for the specific amount before placing an order.

Day 1: 🚗24h private car pick-up and drop-off at the airport/station - free activities after arriving at the hotel

Day 2: ✨1 full day of crazy fun at Universal Beijing Resort (special car transfer) (no tour guide service today)

Time: Unlimited: 🔔【Required for entering the park】
1. Designated one-day tickets and masks for Universal Studios Beijing​
2. Valid ID card/Enter the portrait information in advance with the text message or official app to purchase tickets, and compare the portraits to enter the park​
3. Scan the QR code of Beijing Healthbao on site to register, and show the green code to pass
🔔【Safe Travel Tips】
In order to ensure the health and safety of every visitor and staff member, please pay attention to the official app safety guidelines of Universal Beijing Resort before entering the park. The staff will make reasonable adjustments to the operation arrangement according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.
Before starting to play, download the official app of Universal Beijing Resort in advance, or use the WeChat/Ali applet, which will not only let you know the location of each scenic spot at a glance, but also quickly and easily inquire about the waiting time, performances and meetings of the amusement facilities Will start time and other information, grasp the park dynamics anytime, anywhere, don't miss every exciting!

🔥Popular project check-in route🔥
Transformers Base → Jurassic World Isla Nublar → The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ → Future Water World → Kung Fu Panda's Greatest Land → Minion Land → Hollywood
👫Buddhist Family Walking Route👫
Transformers Base → Kung Fu Panda Great Land → The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ → Jurassic World Isla Nublar → Minion Land​ → Hollywood

There is a stroller rental service near the main entrance of the Universal Beijing Resort theme park, making it easier for the whole family.​
In order to ensure the safety of children, some amusement facilities have height restrictions. Please choose the project experience that is suitable for children.
The height limit of the project is as follows (for reference only, please refer to the actual arrangement of the park on that day):

project height limit Children under height must be accompanied by a caregiver
Despicable Me Minion Fallout 102cm 102-122cm
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ 122cm ---
Eagle Flight™ 99cm 99-122cm
fly over the jurassic 100cm 100-122cm
Dragon Warrior Journey 80cm 80-122cm
Hornet Gyro --- less than 122cm
The Battle for the Source of Fire 102cm 102-122cm

For specific itinerary planning, please refer to the waiting time and opening hours of scenic spots to plan your itinerary. Visitors may not be able to experience all of the rides during a day of theme park operation. Whether tourists can experience various attractions depends on specific safety rules (such as height restrictions, physical health restrictions, etc.). Extreme weather, severe weather or air quality conditions will affect the operation of the park (such as: encountering rain, snow, hail, lightning, sandstorms, air pollution, etc.), or due to the carrying capacity of the park, health and safety needs, special events or Considering other necessary reasons, part or all of Beijing Universal Studios may be changed or closed from time to time.

Time: 09:00: Activity time: about 3 hours 📍[First stop: Transformers Base]
Enter the gate of Universal Studios Beijing, turn left after crossing the star-studded avenue, you can go straight to the Transformers Base! This is a scenic spot built on the theme of Transformers, hiding the headquarters of the Beijing Lair Force. The Autobots are waiting for you to connect. Are you ready to become an agent to perform exciting tasks?​
🔥 Decepticon Roller Coaster
Dare you be the first to challenge this tricky task? You need to enter the body of the diamond devil, and if you are not careful, you will wake up the behemoth in the locked mode! If you are brave enough, you will know once you try it!
🔥Battle for Tinder Source
Hop aboard the Transformers EVAC-turned-invisible transport robot and watch Decepticons and Optimus Prime battle alongside you!

📍[Second stop: Jurassic World Nubra Island]
Leaving the Transformers base, you can immediately travel to a completely different space. Let's step into the Jurassic era 65 million years ago and start a thrilling adventure!
🔥Jurassic World Adventure
This highlight is worth a good experience for you. You will take the All Terrain Automatic System (A.T.L.A.S.) into the core area of ​​Jurassic World Isla Nublar, and get up close and personal with your favorite dinosaurs!
🔥 Fly through the Jurassic
Board a self-propelled glider and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the entire Jurassic World Isla Nublar at an altitude of eight meters! Taking off from indoors to the open outdoors, climbing over mountains and waters, with the 360° rotation, you can have a panoramic view of all the beautiful scenery. This must be a visual feast you can't miss!

📍【Station 3: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™​】
If you are a "Half fan", you must have imagined how interesting it would be to enter the magical world, right? Next let you open your eyes!
🔥Harry Potter with™

Here you will gain a full sensory experience that is more shocking than movies. Get on your broom and join Quidditch™ to catch the Snitch™! Along the way you'll follow Harry Potter™ as you go head to head with dangerous magical creatures! The exciting experience may make you scream again and again!

Time: 14:00: Activity time: about 6 hours 📍【Fourth stop: Future Water World​】
Reluctantly leaving the magic world, what will challenge your imagination ahead? In fact, there is still a future hidden near here. This is the last terrestrial refuge for mankind. Wonder what it will look like? Ready to go, leave the familiar dry land and go to this mysterious new world of water.
🔥 Futuristic water world stunt show

Next, you will watch Universal Studios' water blasting stunts and participate in the life-and-death struggle! Speeding jet skis, thrilling high-altitude diving, and big explosions that shake the senses are all within easy reach! Warriors who have the courage to sit in the front row can experience a "wet body" journey!
Atoll Islanders Tips: Performance times: 09:30, 11:00, 12:30, 14:30, 17:30 (The time listed here is for reference only, please refer to the actual arrangement of the park on that day for the specific time

), you can check the time of each performance through the official app of Universal Beijing Resort or the Ali/WeChat applet!

📍【Fifth stop: Kung Fu Panda's Unrivaled Land​​】
After leaving the future water world, go to the right, and you will find the Kung Fu Panda Land full of strong Chinese cultural charm. When you step into this ancient place like a paradise, you will find that it is a legendary place that combines the beauty of nature and craftsmanship. The lively Hero Festival is being held here, go and explore your own Kungfu right away!
🔥Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Warrior Journey
Hey, Po is waiting for you to board the boat! The evil Tian Sha returned to the world, and he vowed to take revenge on Dragon Warrior and Furious Five! And you, do you have the courage to face Tiansha, stand with Po, and help them fight against the dangerous and evil "Kung Fu Master" in history? Let's go on a boat with Po to overcome obstacles all the way!

📍[Sixth stop: Minions Paradise​​]
Next, go straight to the little fairy paradise, which is irresistible for both adults and children. This is a colorful world full of joy! At this moment, these naughty minions are walking around the streets and alleys, having fun all over the world without restraint!
🔥Super Mole Island
Super Mole Island is a lively playground! The inspiration here comes from the scene of the boardwalk carnival in "Despicable Me", you can have unlimited fun like the Gru family!
🔥 Despicable Me Minion Fallout
Want to be a Minion? Come to Gru's house and follow the little yellow man to experience an adventurous journey full of laughter and constant surprises!

📍[Seventh stop: Hollywood]
This is a place of pilgrimage that every movie fan must come to! Jump out of the ordinary daily life and step into the light and shadow of the screen. Here you will be able to feel the infinite charm of the flashy city!
🔥Lighting, camera, start shooting!

If you want to personally participate in the behind-the-scenes process of a big-budget special effects movie, then hurry up and enter the studio, and follow two special guests to start a thrilling journey of movie special effects!

📍【Other exciting things not to be missed​​】

🔥world tour
The world tour is not to be missed, come and have a carnival with your favorite movie characters! A number of floats with different themes will bring you a colorful experience. Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and other popular movie characters created by DreamWorks Animation, as well as the mischievous minions from Illumination Entertainment, Can't wait to meet you!
🔥Hogwarts™ Castle Night Lights Celebration
When night falls, the magic of light and shadow will bloom in the sky! You can put on a relaxed mood and enjoy a brilliant light show at Hogwarts™ Castle in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! The light and shadow projected on the Hogwarts™ castle will be accompanied by music, presenting you with a magnificent chapter about the four houses of Hogwarts™. Fantastic colors, bright light and shadow, in an instant, you will feel The castle standing quietly seems to have life!
Viewing Tips: The times listed here are for reference only, please keep an eye on Universal Beijing Resort’s official App or WeChat/Ali Mini Program to check the specific schedule on the day of the show, plan ahead, and watch “Show” easily.

Day 3: Badaling/Juyongguan/Mutianyu Great Wall 3 choose 1 🚗Bird's Nest Water Cube

Day 4: Forbidden City (if there is no ticket, replace it with other attractions) 🚗 [24h private car pick-up/station]

Time: 08:00: Activity time: about 3 hours 🔔【Play Tips】
1. The Palace Museum and Prince Kung’s Mansion are closed every Monday (excluding national statutory holidays), and the number of daily tickets is limited. If the museum is closed or there is no ticket on the day of the itinerary, we will change attractions or adjust the itinerary for you(Maybe need to make up the price difference of Universal Beijing Resort)

, please know;

2. Please carry your valid ID card with you during the trip. If you are unable to visit or stay in the hotel due to your own reasons, you will bear the consequences yourself. Please understand.