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Beijing Van Gogh Starry Sky Art Museum

Beijing Van Gogh Starry Sky Art Museum Location: Van Gogh Starry Sky Art Museum, B2, New Yansha Shopping Center, Wangfujing Street  

Beijing Van Gogh Starry Sky Art Museum is a large-scale Van Gogh light and shadow interactive entertainment, with 50+ themed scenes, you can take pictures of various themes, and there are also sets created by Van Gogh's famous paintings, so you can fully experience the infinite charm of the game.


Located on the east side of the Forbidden City, Wangfujing refers to an area centered on Wangfujing Street. There are many large-scale shopping malls here, and it is an old shopping resort in Beijing. In addition, there is a snack street that gathers delicacies from all over the world, and the Wangfujing Church with a long history. It is a popular place for shopping and tasting delicacies in Beijing.


The traffic in the Wangfujing area is very convenient, you can reach it by Metro Line 1 and Line 5, and there are many bus lines nearby. Arriving at Wangfujing, the first thing many tourists do is to go shopping. In the Wangfujing area, there are many large-scale shopping malls such as Oriental Plaza, APM, Yintai, and Beijing Department Store, which gather international and domestic brands of stores and many restaurants, making shopping and dining very convenient. There are also Ruifuxiang, Neiliansheng, Shengxifu and other centuries-old groups, which make people feel the strong folk customs.


In addition to shopping, tasting food is also the focus of visiting Wangfujing. There is Wangfujing Snack Street on the north side of Dashamao Hutong, and the famous Donghuamen Night Market a little further north. On the street, there are old Beijing-style fried liver, fried belly, tofu brain, and candied haws. There are Goubuli steamed buns from Tianjin, haggis soup from Northwest and other local delicacies. There are even heavy-tasting foods such as fried scorpions and insects. If you are interested You can go to taste. Street snacks often have melodious and wonderful shouts, which is also a unique scene.


In the Wangfujing area, there are a number of ancient buildings such as the Wangfujing Church and the former residence of Lao She. Among them, the Wangfujing Church is more famous in Beijing, and it is a good place to take night scenes when it is lit up at night.


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Day 1: Everywhere—Beijing, enjoy Shichahai/Nanluoguxiang + Van Gogh Starry Sky Art Museum

Day 2: The ancient culture of the capital, the beautiful Forbidden City

Day 3: Badaling Great Wall

Day 4: Cultural Landmark, Scenic Spot Royal Garden

Day 5: Prince Gong's Mansion - Lama Temple - Guozijian Street

Day 6: Goodbye Beijing, return to the starting point