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Beijing Trendy Landmark:

Hot~Sanlitun - a benchmark fashion trend center, gathering all kinds of trendy nightclubs.


Today's Sanlitun has become a landmark of Beijing's fashionable life. The famous bar street and nightclubs here are the main destinations for night entertainment of young people in Beijing. Gradually built shopping malls and trendy boutiques make this a pioneer area leading the fashion of the capital.



Hot~Forbidden City-·Punch in the Internet celebrity Treasure Mouse·Explore the Chinese Dragon Vein·View more than 1.86 million precious collections·"New Forbidden City" shooting location

Founded in 1925, the Palace Museum is built on the basis of the Forbidden City, the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties. After six hundred years of ups and downs, the gates of the imperial palace are finally open to the public.

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Hot~798 Art District-Wenqing gathering place, gallery, exhibition hall, art center

798 Art Zone is a new landmark in Beijing and a gathering place for young artists, as well as a creative park transformed from old factories. There are many galleries, exhibition halls and independent artists stationed in the 798 Art District. The buildings here are also very cutting-edge and fashionable, with a full sense of design, and there are many characteristic shops. It is a wonderful place for young people to feel the atmosphere of literature and art.


Courtyard hotel recommendation:

Manxin Beijing Qianmen Courtyard Hotel

The hotel is located in Dajiang Hutong, Qianmen East Road in the city center, close to Liulaogen Grand Stage; about 500 meters away from Zhushikou Subway Station, which is convenient for business travel. Dajiang Hutong is about 600 meters long, and it is a shortcut from Qianmen Street to Zhushikou East Street. In the fan-shaped area surrounded by Dajiang Hutong, there used to be guild halls and theater buildings in the capital, Guozi Market, Buxiangzi, Xiuhua Street and Old Bingjiao, all of which are vivid portrayals of life in old Beijing.



Longzhutang Courtyard Hotel (Beijing Tiananmen)

The hotel is located at No. 34, Dongxinlianzi Hutong, North Xinhua Street, Xicheng District, Beijing. It is adjacent to Zhongnanhai in the north, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the National Grand Theater in the east, and Quanjude Hepingmen Main Store in the south. You can walk to Dashilan, Liulichang, and Xidan Shopping Street.
She is a typical old Beijing courtyard house. Its architectural composition is unique, the courtyard is spacious and sparse, the houses on all sides are independent, and there are verandas connecting each other. It is convenient for living, and the ventilation and lighting are ideal! 
The entire courtyard is a brick and wood building in the first year of the Republic of China. After long-term care and renovation, the original flavor of the ancient building is preserved. Every decoration has been carefully decorated by designers. In order to let you enjoy Chinese classical culture, we have carefully designed every wall and even every corner. Here you can not only feel the long history and culture of Beijing, but also let you get the tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. When you are sitting under the grape trellis, tasting tea and chatting leisurely, you can truly appreciate the ancient people's sentiment of "stealing half a day's leisure".


Day 1: Various places—Beijing, enjoy Qianmen/Nanluoguxiang

Day 2: The ancient culture of the capital, the beautiful Forbidden City

Day 3: Cultural Landmark, Scenic Spot Royal Garden

Day 4: Badaling Great Wall

Day 5: Take a quick tour and return to the starting point