[Hotel] If the hotel room is full, we will negotiate to change the hotel of the same level. If you have a designated hotel, we can change it for you. If there is a price difference, you need to negotiate to make up for it

[Itinerary] Relaxed and free

[Use of car] The car will be assigned the corresponding seat car according to the number of people ordering. At least two people can book, and the car will be used according to the scenic spots in the itinerary every day. You can enjoy dinner directly after visiting the scenic spots, or you can go back to the hotel first and then free activities to enjoy dinner by yourself

[Attraction] If the scenic spot cannot be entered due to policy reasons, the itinerary will be adjusted according to the situation

[Service] No shopping and hidden consumption in the whole process, no meal package, pay for the meal, eat as you like, travel comfortably and rest assured

Day 1: Designated places in Beijing City - Gubei Water Town - Riyue Island Square - Eight Banners Guild Hall - Zhenyuan Escort Bureau - Simatai Great Wall [special car]

Day 2: Sima Small Wine Shop - Yongshun Dyeing Workshop - Yinghua Academy - Hilltop Church - Hotel [excluding car guide]

Day 3: Beijing International Flower Port - Designated places in Beijing [special car]