【Itinerary】Classic scenic spots, unique experience, niche secrets, easy itinerary, don't get up early, don't hurry, sleep until you wake up naturally

[Private tour] Special car guide, private butler full follow-up service, independent tour, do not join the group with strangers, core attractions are equipped with professional guides, and the length of the scenic spot tour can be freely controlled 

[Attractions] Covering characteristic elements such as humanities, nature, history, architecture, etc., it has the characteristics of old Beijing and modern art elements

[Transparent] There is no shopping or hidden consumption in the whole process. Meals are paid in cash. You can eat comfortably and travel comfortably. You can ask the driver or tour guide to recommend local authentic food according to your preferences

[Experience] Stay in a Ctrip five-star diamond hotel for the whole journey, in the city center, near attractions, convenient for dining and shopping


[Some important reminders from the product manager before your trip]


[Itinerary] The Forbidden City, National Grand Theater, Red Brick Art Museum, Song Art Museum, China Railway Museum, and Ancient Observatory are closed on Mondays. If the museum is closed and other itineraries are reversed, if it cannot be avoided, other attractions will be exchanged. If guests arrive Or if the itinerary cannot be arranged at the drop-off time or the guest requests to cancel part of the itinerary, the tickets for the scenic spots in the itinerary will not be refunded;

[Certificates] ID cards, passports and other valid ID cards must be carried with you when you travel. Most scenic spots, museums, etc. need to show the ID card to enter;

[Services] The special car guides marked in the itinerary are all Chinese-language tour guides and Chinese drivers. If you need a foreign-language tour guide to consult customer service, you need to pay an additional price difference; in addition to scenic spots, the itinerary involves museums, planetariums, science and technology museums and other venues, university campuses and amusements , Entertainment places are not accompanied by tour guides;

[Meals] The hotel includes breakfast throughout the journey, please take care of lunch and dinner by yourself, the tour guide and driver will recommend local specialties for you according to your taste, and the meals are paid in cash;

[Hotel] If the hotel room is full, we will negotiate to change to a hotel of the same level. If you have a designated hotel, we can change it for you. The resulting price difference needs to be negotiated to make up for it; the general check-in time of the hotel is after 14:00 or 15:00 , if you arrive early, you can store your luggage at the front desk, stroll around the hotel and wait for a while. When you check in, please bring your credit card or cash to pay the hotel check-in deposit. There is no consumption in the hotel when you check out, and the deposit will be refunded normally. Double bed room/twin bed room will be arranged randomly. If you need to specify, please note when placing an order, try to meet, but not guaranteed.
[Use of car] Cars will be dispatched according to the number of people in the order. The minimum order is two people, and the car will be used according to the attractions in the itinerary every day. For the part of car use beyond the itinerary and more than 9 hours/day, the overtime pay-as-you-go driver is 50 yuan/hour; After the visit, go back to the hotel and then free activities, enjoy dinner by yourself;

【Airports】At present, most domestic flights in Beijing take off and land at Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing Airport, and Beijing Nanyuan Airport. Among them, Capital International Airport is the closest and most convenient to the city, for your reference;

[Children] If the scenic spot cannot be entered due to policy reasons, the itinerary will be adjusted according to the situation. Children (under 12 years old (not included)) price does not include tickets, breakfast, and only includes tourist parking space fees and tour guide fees. Due to the different standards set by scenic spots for children, we cannot predict the judgment of specific children in scenic spots. Therefore, children's tickets must be purchased on the spot or purchased by a tour guide. If there are children traveling, please select the number of children as usual in the number of people. If you are 12 years old or above, please purchase according to the adult price;

[Preferential treatment] Holders of military officer ID, old age ID, student ID and other tickets that meet the preferential policies of the scenic spot, please carry the relevant ID and inform the tour guide in advance, please purchase it by yourself at that time, please contact our company for refund after forming a group matters. Please bear the responsibility for the relevant price loss caused by not carrying the relevant documents.

Day 1: All over the country - Beijing [Pick-up by private car/Pick-up]

Day 2: [Beijing] Forbidden City - Bell and Drum Tower - Yandai Xiejie - Shichahai - Nanluoguxiang [special car guide]

Day 3: [Beijing] Temple of Heaven - Zhengyangmen - Beijing Square - National Center for the Performing Arts - Tiananmen Square - Great Hall of the People - Monument to the People's Heroes [special car guide]

Day 4: 【Beijing】New location of CCTV - Blues Lavender Manor - Ancient Observatory - Wangfujing - Wangfujing Catholic Church [special car transfer]

Day 5: 【Beijing】Red Brick Art Museum or Song Art Museum - Eastern Suburbs of China Railway Museum - 798 Art District - Sanlitun [special car transfer]

Day 6: Bird's Nest - Water Cube - Gubei Water Town [special car transfer]

Day 7: Simatai Great Wall + free activities [special car transfer]

Day 8: Beijing - all over the country [dedicated car to airport/station]