[Hotel] Yanqi Lakeside 5 Diamond Hotel, with beautiful scenery, beautiful environment and nearby attractions;

[Itinerary] Don't rush or get up early, pure holiday experience, free activities in the afternoon can arrange scenic spots along the way back, Beijing is so big to go to the inconvenient long grass independently, just make up for it on the way back;

[Car] Shuttle by private car, form an independent group, do not join a group with strangers, no waiting time, high degree of freedom in tour time and tour routes, free control of the length of tour time at scenic spots, and exclusive butler service throughout the process;

[Attractions] There are activities, visits, leisurely play, and you can also enjoy flowers and shoot blockbuster movies. Maybe the next angle of the Internet celebrity check-in is from you;

[Meals] You can freely arrange everything except breakfast, you can eat whatever you want;

[Reminder] Revisiting the APEC itinerary requires an appointment in advance, and the number of places is limited. Please consult before placing an order.

Remarks: Affected by the epidemic, the scenic spot may be temporarily closed. In this case, we will negotiate with you to replace other scenic spots. Please know and forgive me.

Day 1: [Designated pick-up point in Beijing - Hongluo Temple] [Private car pick-up]

Day 2: Review the APEC itinerary - Yanqi Lake [dedicated car transfer]

Day 3: Beijing International Flower Port - Delivery to the designated place in Beijing [special car transfer]