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Day 1: Arrive in Shanghai

Time: Unlimited: Arriving in Shanghai by high-speed rail/high-speed train, it is recommended that you choose the train that leaves early and returns late.
After exiting the station, take Metro Line 2, transfer to Metro Line 4, and get off at Tangqiao Station to arrive at the hotel.

Time: Unlimited: Check in at the hotel first. If you arrive earlier and cannot check in, you can store your luggage at the front desk of the hotel now for your convenience.

Time: Unlimited: Activity time: About 3 hours First come and experience the old Shanghai Amusement Park, looking for the feeling of childhood!

Day 2: Tianzifang-Chenghuang Temple-The Bund-Nanjing Road

Time: 09:30: Meal time: about 1 hour Enjoy a rich breakfast in the hotel

Time: Unlimited: You can take Line 9 and get off at Dapuqiao Station

Time: 10:30: Activity time: about 2 hours and 30 minutes
The atmosphere of the market is still the same, Shikumen downstairs is an exquisite cafe, and upstairs is the bed sheets and clothes just washed by the resident grandmother.

Visit the special creative shops, you can buy retro glasses, old-fashioned music boxes or Hong Kong-style trendy clothing here.

Opposite Tianzifang is the Shanghai Liuli Art Museum, and not far away is the ASE Shopping Center. Lunch can be enjoyed at ASE

Time: 13:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Recommended dining: Opposite Tianzifang is the Shanghai Sun Moonlight Shopping Center, which is an entertainment business district integrating catering, shopping and entertainment. There are many delicacies from various countries, you can choose according to your own taste~

Time: 20:30: Take bus No. 24 and get off at Fuxing East Road Guangqi Road (Yu Garden) stop.

Time: 14:30: Activity time: about 3 hours

Time: 17:30: Meal time: about 1 hour. It is recommended that you dine in Chenghuang Temple, where there are many old restaurants and snack bars - Nanxiang Xiaolongbao, Green Wave...there will be something that suits your taste~

Time: Unlimited: You can take Metro Line 2 and Line 10 to Nanjing East Road Station (walk about 600 meters to the Bund after exiting the station)

Time: 18:30: Activity time: about 2 hours

Time: 20:30:

Day 3: Shanghai Disney Resort

Time: Unlimited: Meal time: About 1 hour Enjoy a rich breakfast in the hotel

Time: Unlimited:
Head to Disneyland for a crazy day!
You can take Shanghai [Metro Line 2], [Metro Line 6] [Metro Line 8] and transfer to [Metro Line 11] to Shanghai Disney Resort, get off at the terminal [Shanghai Disneyland Station], and then [Metro Line 4] Number port] out.
[Self-driving] Tourists who drive to Shanghai Disney Resort can park their cars in the [Disney P] tourist parking lot, 100 yuan/day.
About 100 yuan/time by taxi

Time: Unlimited: Activity time: About 10 hours Go to Disneyland and start a crazy day trip!
Disneyland is divided into six theme parks:
[Mickey Avenue][Garden of Imagination][Adventure Island][Tomorrowland][Treasure Cove][Dream World]

[Popular recommendation]
[Fly over the horizon] (Adventure Island) The queue time is about 120 minutes
[Tron Light Wheel] (Tomorrow time) the world premiere, the queue time is about 60 minutes
[Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle for the Sunken Treasure] (Treasure Cove) world premiere, the queue time is about 30 minutes
[Nightlight Phantom Show] (Fantasy Fairy Tale Castle) The queue time is about 10 minutes
[Alice in Wonderland Maze] (Dream World) is specially designed for Shanghai Disneyland. The queue time is about 5 minutes
[Mickey's Fairy Tale Special Train - Float Parade] (Garden of Imagination) No need to line up, but grab a seat
[Thunder Mountain Rafting] (Adventure Island) The queue time is about 120 minutes

[Little book to avoid queuing]
07:00 departure
Transportation: Take Metro Line 11 to [Shanghai Disneyland] Station, and exit at [Metro Exit 4]
08:45 Disneyland opens
08:50-09:00 Go to [Adventure Island] to get the FP fast pass of [Soaring Over the Horizon]
09:20-10:30 Go to [Adventure Island] to play [Thunder Mountain Rafting]
11:10-12:00 Go to [Adventure Island] and use the FP Fast Pass to play [Soaring Over the Horizon]
12:00-12:40 [Garden of Imagination] Watch [Mickey's Fairy Tale Special Train - Float Parade]
13:00-13:30 Go to [Dream World] to get [Tron Speed ​​Light Wheel] FP fast pass
13:30-14:30 [Dream World] Take photos and play [Alice in Wonderland Maze]
15:00-16:00 Go to [Tomorrowland] and use FP to play [Tron Speed ​​Light Wheel]
16:00-16:30 [Tomorrowland] Receive [Seven Dwarfs Mine Truck] FP
16:30-17:30 [Treasure Bay] Line up to play [Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle of the Sunken Treasure]
17:30-19:00 [Garden of Imagination] Play and take pictures [Marvel Headquarters]
19:00-20:00 [Dream World] Play with FP [Seven Dwarfs Mine Cart]
20:00-21:00 [Fantasy Fairy Tale Castle] Watch [Night Light Phantom Show]
21:10 Disneyland is closed, the tour is over, return to the hotel

[Play Tips]
1. Download Disney's official APP [Shanghai Disney Resort] to keep track of the queuing status of various projects, locate your location, reserve restaurants, etc.
2. Unopened food and beverages can be brought into the park. Unopened food and beverages are not allowed to be brought in. Self-bred fruits are not allowed to be brought in.
3. Items such as play equipment with pulleys, large tripods, selfie sticks, stools and folding chairs are not allowed to be brought into the park
4. You can get [Park Guide] and [Park Timetable] at the place where you pick up the tickets
5. The following items provide FP services (limited number per day):
[Tron Speed ​​Light Wheel] [Buzz Lightyear Interstellar Rescue] [Seven Dwarfs Mine Cart] [Peter Pan Sky Adventure] [Thunder Mountain Rafting] [Flying Over the Horizon] [Rotating Crazy Honey Pot]

Time: Unlimited: Meal time: about 1 hour
--Outside Paradise--
★[Disney Town]
Within ¥100 per capita:
DONDONYA / Dondon House; Starbucks / Starbucks Coffee; Ippudo; Dashidai;
KOKIO / Cool Kitchen; BreadTalk / Bread Talk; Toast Box / Toast Talk;
Nanxiaoguan; Xinwang Tea Restaurant; Dock Deli & Bar
Per capita ¥101-300:
Bluefrog / Blue Frog Western Restaurant and Bar; The Cheesecake Factory / Cheesecake Restaurant;
Hatsune / Hidden Spring; Emerald Dream Paradise; Coconut Paradise (Thai cuisine); New Elements;
The Urban Harvest / Extreme Food; Wolfgang Puck Kitchen & Bar; The BOATHOUSE? / Boat House
Per capita ¥301-500:
Shanghai Xiaonanguo

--In Paradise--
[Treasure Bay]: Tutujia style (must eat recommended roasted turkey legs, on sale at 14 o'clock, each person is limited to 2 pieces, ¥55/piece); Barbosa barbecue; sea monster snacks; sailor food stall
[Dream World]: Banquet Plaza; Old Vine Tree Food Stack; Magician's Secret Snacks; Pinocchio Country Kitchen; Fairy Godmother Wonderful Cupboard; Bardic Flavor; Royal Banquet Hall
[Mickey Avenue]: Mickey's friends delicious market;
[Tomorrowland]: Star Terrace Restaurant;
[Garden of Imagination]: Delicious Flowers; Manyue Pavilion; Timothy Snacks
[Adventure Island]: Tribal Abundance Hall; Piranha bites

Time: Unlimited: Take Metro Line 4, get off at Tangqiao Station, and exit at Exit 3 to arrive at the hotel.

Time: Unlimited:

Day 4: Shanghai--Return to a warm home

Time: 09:00: Meal time: about 1 hour Enjoy a rich breakfast in the hotel

Time: 14:30: If you choose an earlier train, it is recommended that you check out after breakfast and go to the train station.
If you choose the train departing later, we recommend you to visit the following attractions.

Time: 10:00: Activity time: About 2 hours Rockbund Art Museum opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00- 18:00 (ticket sales end at 17:30)
Closed on Monday

Tickets: Purchase on site. Students and teachers can purchase discounted tickets with a valid student ID or teacher ID.

Free ticket policy:
The elderly over 70 years old, children under 7 years old, the disabled, and soldiers can visit for free with valid certificates.
RAM members visit for free

(The above is for reference only. The specific opening hours and ticket policies are subject to the disclosure of the scenic spot.)

Time: Unlimited: Activity time: about 1 hour

Time: 14:30: According to your return trip time, return to your warm home. I hope our itinerary recommendation can better help you enjoy the bustling "Ten Mile Foreign Market" Shanghai and enjoy Shanghai's international architecture and modern metropolis I believe you will never forget this wonderful and shocking trip~

Warm reminder from the editor: It is recommended to travel at least 1 hour earlier to avoid congestion!