The Wenbi Tower is 49 meters high. The tower is octagonal, with seven floors and eight warped floors, and layers of heavy pavilions. It is simple and elegant.

There are poems and paintings inside and outside the tower, carved beams and painted buildings, full of gold and color, full of wit and wit. And the corners of the tower are hung with strings of bells, and whenever the wind blows, they will make a tinkling and melodious sound. Looking around along the body of the tower, to the south is Jin Cikun's "Wen Shi Zhuang, Mountains and Rivers, Far to the Sky, Greenery and Mang, and the Brushstrokes are outstanding in ancient and modern times, Fang Shi, Han and Qing Dynasties.

"In the north, there is Yang Xingyue's "Get two mountains to make writing brushes and wash jade inkstones, and get a river of purple to set up Xihua to wash Cuiwei. In the southwest, there is Dai Guanglu's "Writing pens through ancient and modern history, brilliant people, mountains and rivers reflect the sun, moon, material, and land spirit". Several couplets express the essence, energy, and spirit of Wenshan, and describe the momentum of the Wenbi Tower.