In the mountain depression above 3,800 meters above sea level on the northeast side of the main ridge of Laojun Mountain, there are dozens of lakes and swamps distributed in clusters along streams, known as "Ninety-nine Dragon Pools". On the way to Jiujiulongtan, you will see nine beautiful boulders with different shapes and thick and mysterious. The local people call them "Nine Son Stones".

Ninety-nine Longtan and three pools depend on each other, so it is also called "Three Eyes Pool". The pool water comes from snowmelt in spring and rainfall in summer, which is clear and cold with excellent water quality. After the lake overflows, it merges into creeks, waterfalls, and small rivers, passing through virgin forests, and finally rushing to Jinsha River and Lancang River. These ice-eroded lakes have different shapes, deep lakes and ninety-nine Longtan mysterious lakes, showing brilliant colors of blue, orange, yellow and green under the reflection of sunlight and flowers and trees. Among them, the biggest one is Huanglongtan, which is unfathomable. In the pool, there is a red coral tree protruding from the water, and red waves appear from time to time. Ninety-nine Longtan is also a good place to appreciate the original ecological landscape, the mysterious beauty of Longtan and the beauty of the rhododendron forest. Ninety-nine Longtan in winter is covered with ice edges, which is a natural world of ice sculptures, very beautiful.

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