Longfeng Mountain, with its beautiful mountains, strange caves and long-standing temples, has become one of the scenic spots in western Liaoning, which is fascinating. Surrounded by mountains, Longfeng Mountain belongs to the Songling Mountains, with a forest coverage rate of 98%. Longshou Peak is the highest peak with an altitude of 865 meters. There are more than 70 caves of different sizes in Longfeng Mountain. Tiantai Temple was built in Chaoyang Cave, more than 300 years ago, which is rare in the world. A large number of Hongshan cultural artifacts have been unearthed in Shuangshi Cave, and Jinchan Cave opened its huge mouth and smiled at the sky. The natural ancient cypresses all over the slopes and ridges are rooted on strange rocks, swinging in the wind like phoenix feathers, and shining like dragon scales in the sun. The age of the trees is more than 800 years. It is recognized by forestry experts as "the first cypress in Kanto" The second cypress stands in front of the main hall of Tiantai Temple. All the cypresses hold rocks and hold stones, all of which have double hearts, which is particularly unique. Since the second year of Kangxi's reign, Chaoyang Cave has produced many eminent monks, and many moving legends have been born, such as the legends of Shafu riding a tiger, Fohong Yuanbi, golden horse, golden rabbit, and golden pigeon.

opening hours

08:00-17:30 throughout the year (last admission 17:00); the opening hours of the scenic spot are updated frequently, please consult the official website of the scenic spot before travelling.

Preferential treatment policy

Supplementary Note:1. Ticket-free policy: Children under 1.2 meters (not included), elderly people over 70 years old (included), disabled people, active soldiers, tour guides, travel agency managers, journalists, and photographers are exempt from tickets with valid certificates. 2. The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the disclosure of the specific information on the day of the scenic spot. 3. Preferential policies: Students from colleges and universities can buy at the scenic spot at half price with their student ID cards, and senior citizens aged 60-69 (inclusive) with their own ID cards.